Divorce Settlement Paid In Pennies (2 pics)

A wife had to pay her ex-husband $50.12 for a divorce settlement. She didn’t want to make anything easy for him so she paid it all in pennies. It’s safe to say this unhappy couple won’t be patching things up anytime soon.



Polish Pimps Tattoo Prostitutes as Property (5 pics)

70 women were rescued from a brothel in Gdansk, Poland. Three brothers – Leszek Baranowski, 26, Pawel, 34, and Olek, 31, ran the business. They tatted their names on the girls’ bodies to mark them. One woman sported a “faithful b—h to Leszek” tattooed down her body, with a second reading “I love my Lord and Master, property of Leszek,” running down her leg. One prostitute had the lyrics to Bryan Adams’ ‘Please Forgive Me’ and the names of three brothers written down her back.



9 Year Old Kid Writes Extremely Creepy Essay (2 pics)

When your 9 year old starts writing about the topic of “If I Died” you should probably take him to see a shrink.



Celebrities That Went From Riches To Rags (15 pics)

Going from rags to riches isn’t easy but going from riches to rags obviously is.



This Is Why You Hate Going To The Gym (10 pics)

Everyone needs to exercise but going to the gym isn’t always fun. Let’s face it, going to the gym can suck sometimes and these are the reasons why.



This $95 Million Dollar Manhattan Apartment Is Fit For A King (12 pics)

If you want the best view of New York City, it’s going to cost you, $95 million to be exact.



Husband Leaves Clever Note For His New Wife (2 pics)

This note proves that sometimes, things aren’t what they appear to be.



When National Parks Get Bad Reviews On Yelp (10 pics)

People nowadays just can’t take the time to appreciate the beauty of the world around them. But they can definitely find the time to complain about a national park on Yelp.



Everyday Objects That Were Used As Murder Weapons (10 pics)

It’s not everyday that you hear about someone murdering someone else with a jar of pickles. But apparently it does happen from time to time



This Man Took In 20 Puppies (6 pics)

Greg Zubiak went hunting in the woods when he stumble upon a box filled with 20 puppies. He knew he couldn’t just leave the puppies there to fend for himself so he took them in. This man definitely deserves some sort of award for having such a kind heart.



Ebola Is Making Our Population Dumber (12 pics)

We have unlimited access to information thanks to the internet and these people still can’t figure out how to educate themselves when it comes to Ebola.



These Are Some Serious First World Problems (15 pics)

Everyone put your life on hold so we can deal with these intense first world problems. The struggle is real.



Freaks Of Nature You Didn’t Know Existed (21 pics)

Anything can be born deformed and that includes animals. You won’t believe some of these animals that you didn’t know existed. Although you’d probably be better off not knowing about the two headed snake.



This Is What it Takes To Become A Sumo Wrestler (8 pics)

Becoming a sumo wrestler isn’t as easy as you think it is. Most people just assume you eat a ton of food and then push people around but that’s not the case. Sumo wrestlers have to attend sumo school for six months and not only do you have to train, but you also have to get an education.



Bengals Linebacker Sheds Tears On The Field (4 pics)

Football is all about competition but the New England Patriots decided to help out their opponents for a good cause. Devon Still’s daughter Leah is currently fighting cancer and the Patriots paid tribute to her which brought Devon to tears.