The Story of Melissa Dohme (14 pics)

Melissa Dohme was stabbed 30 times by her ex-boyfriend when she was 20 years old but even this horrific story has a silver lining.

When paramedics came to Dohme’s rescue, one of the first responders was Cameron Hill who told Tampa Bay Time, “You couldn’t tell she was blond” because she was so drenched in blood.



Woman Shows The Dangers Of Tanning With Graphic Selfie (5 pics)

Tawny Willoughby is a 27 year old woman from Alabama who’s currently undergoing treatment for skin cancer. She recently posted a selfie of her skin cancer treatment to Facebook to warn people about the dangers of tanning and it’s quite graphic. She definitely gets her message across and her picture will making you think twice about laying down in a tanning bed.



How Fake Reality TV Shows Trick You Into Thinking They’re Real (14 pics)

When it comes to reality TV, things are never what they seem.



German Animal Names With Funny English Translations (10 pics)

Whatever you do make sure to stay away from the spiny pig and the naked snail.




Make Yourself Smarter By Learning These Fun And Interesting Facts (20 pics)

If you’re on a quest for knowledge, look no further. These facts are exactly what you need.



Thoughts We’ve All Had While Working At The Office (14 pics)

Is it time to go home yet?



Chinese Businessman Takes 6,400 Workers To France (9 pics)

A Chinese businessman wanted to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his company and he did, by taking 6,400 of his workers on a holiday to France. It’s estimated that the four day trip will cost somewhere in the range of $9.5 million dollars.



What Governor Chris Christie Has Been Spending Taxpayer Money On (9 pics)

It was recently revealed that New Jersey governor Chris Christie spent over $82,000 worth of taxpayer money on food and alcohol at NFL games but that’s not all he was spending the money on. Some receipts from his more extravagant purchases have also surfaced and you won’t believe what he got away.



Fun Facts You Can Use To Impress Your Friends (27 pics)

They say that knowledge is power and learning these fun facts will give you the power to impress your friends and family.



Texas Man Finds Hidden Treasure At An Estate Sale (3 pics)

Emil Knodell of Bellville, Texas went to an estate sale and bought this piece of furniture for $100. But what he found inside was worth much more.



Woman Tries To Smuggle Her 8 Year Old Son Into Spain Using A Suitcase (4 pics)

A 19 year old Moroccan woman recently got busted for trying to smuggle her 8 year old son into Spain by stuffing him into a suitcase. She didn’t get very far as her son was quickly picked up by the x-ray scanners at the airport.



This Tokyo Apartment Is A Super Mario Fan’s Dream Come True (12 pics)

This apartment is available to rent on Airbnb for anyone that’s traveling to Tokyo in the near future. It’s decorated from top to bottom with Super Mario Bros. memorabilia and set up so you can play classic games all day.



The Difference Between Successful And Unsuccessful People (5 pics)

It’s not hard to see how different successful people are when you compare them to unsuccessful people.



Millions Of Coins Spill On To The Streets Of England (16 pics)

A truck carrying millions of pounds worth of coins was recently driving through the English town of Swindon when it got into a car accident. The accident caused the coins within the truck to spill out on to the streets and the streets had to be closed down until all of the coins could be collected again.



Someone Needs To Get These Moms Off Of Facebook Right Away (16 pics)

Moms just love to embarrass their kids on Facebook.