Milla Jovovich Shows Off Her Old Alice Look From The Resident Evil Set (3 pics)

Milla Jovovich has transformed into an older version of her character Alice for the new Resident Evil movie. But when you remove all the makeup she still looks just as gorgeous as she always has.



Photographic Proof That Katy Perry Still Looks Hot Without Makeup (8 pics)

People like to make a big deal about Katy Perry by saying that she only looks good when she wears makeup. Well, these pictures are living proof that they’re wrong.

With makeup



It Was So Cute When This Adopted Boy Met His New Grandpa For The First Time (8 pics)

This poor kid has had a rough life so far, but things are looking up. Since recently being adopted he’s become part of a loving family and they’re always going out of their way to make him smile.



You Can Cut The Tension In This Room With A Knife (8 pics)

This guy got shut down pretty hard, and then things just got awkward.



This Guy Is Giving His Sister The Ultimate 90s Care Package For Christmas (8 pics)

This guy says his older sister took care of him when he was a kid and now he’s returning the favor with the most epic car package of 90s swag that’s ever been put together.



Smart Guy Turns A Jerry Can Into A Mini Bar (10 pics)

Mini bars come in all shapes and sizes and this one just so happens to use a jerry can. But looking cool isn’t the only thing it does right. It also allows you to make drinks on the go when you need them the most.



12,000 Year Old Frozen Cats Found In The Siberian Cold (14 pics)

Scientists have dug up two extinct lion cubs that have been preserved in Siberian ice for over 12,000 years. The scientists say that these prehistoric cats are a once in a lifetime find.



Artists Put Together Simple But Hilarious Puns (25 pics)

Monika is a US-based artist behind the Tumblr “Pundemonium.” Her puns are simple but funny and they’re quickly spreading across the Internet.



Archaeologists Discover An Incredible Mosaic In Israel (7 pics)

You just never know what you’re going to find when you move a little dirt around. Archaeologists recently discovered a 1,700-year-old Roman-era mosaic in Israel that measured 36ft by 42ft. It was found in the courtyard of a villa and no one even knew it was there.



Girl With Autism Writes A Heartbreaking Letter To Her Mother (2 pics)

People often fear what they don’t understand and autism is no exception. This poor girl was convinced that she was hurting her parents by being autistic so she wrote a heartbreaking letter to her own mother. See what it said below.



Man Finds Fun Surprises In Nan’s Attic (12 pics)

This guy decided to explore his nan’s attic and after a little bit of searching, he finally hit the jackpot.



Incredible Facts That Are Strange But True (30 pics)

It might be hard to believe these odd facts, but they’re all true.



Life Is Tough When You Grow Up With Siblings (25 pics)

Growing up with siblings is an adventure. It’s one big, long, annoying adventure.



Only 90s Kids Can Appreciate Just How Awesome The 90s Really Were (10 pics)

Kids today just wouldn’t get it.



How Your 1st Date Compares To Your 21st Date (11 pics)

The longer you date the less you care.