You Won’t Believe How Old This Woman Is (5 pics)

This is Melissa. She’s from a small town in Tennessee and she runs a blog about beauty tips. It’s hard to believe when you look at her but Melissa is 60 years old and the mother of two children as well as a grandmother to seven children.



A New Gravity Defying Fitness Trend Is Taking Over The Streets Of Palestine (17 pics)

Move over parkour because a new trend is sweeping the streets in Gaza City. Groups of people are getting together in Palestine to take park in a fitness routine that they call street workout. According Palestinian photographer Mohammed Abed the workout is becoming very popular among the youth in Gaza City as it’s said to make them feel empowered.



This Luxury Ford F-750 Is The Only Truck You’ll Ever Need (13 pics)

This luxury Ford F-750 is often referred to as the “yacht on wheels” and it’s not hard to see why. The truck has everything you could ever need, including a toilet.



The Cutest Looking Mixed Breed Dogs On The Planet (11 pics)

When you take one breed of dog and mix it with another, this is what you get.



London’s Alcoholic Architecture Lets You Breathe In A Cloud Of Alcohol (9 pics)

A new monk-themed cocktail bar called Alcoholic Architecture has opened up in London and it’s unlike any bar you’ve ever seen before. The bar pumps a combination of alcohol and mixers into the air through heavy duty humidifiers which allow you to walk in a cloud made out of a breathable cocktail.



This Is What Women Search For When They Watch Porn (13 pics)

Have you ever wondered what women are searching for when they watch porn? Lucky for you the people are Pornhub have people together some handy infographics that will answer that question once and for all.



Virgin Airlines Has Their Own In Flight Messaging System And It’s Hilarious (11 pics)

For the past few years Virgin America has been offering an in flight messaging system that allows you to communicate with other passengers on the plane. Some hilarious conversations have taken place on this messaging system and they can get out of control quickly.



Couple Kissing On The Beach Asks The Internet For Photoshop Help (18 pics)

A woman posted this photo online and asked the Internet to use photoshop and remove the boy playing with a ball in the background. This is what she got in response.



The Sail Amsterdam Festival Kicks Off With A Massive Gathering Of Boats (7 pics)

Amsterdam holds the Sail Amsterdam Festival every five years in August. Boats from all over the world gather in the bay to participate in this massive spectacle.



Dumbledore Shows Off His Sassy Side In These Funny Harry Potter Comics (15 pics)

Harry Potter fans know Dumbledore as one of the greatest and most powerful wizards of all time. But one artist from Germany decided to put together some comics that show a very different side of Dumbledore.



Friendly Passenger Takes His Cab Driver To Theme Park For The First Time (5 pics)

Liam Murphy was on a work trip and wanted to visit Ferrari World so he decided to take a cab. He found out his cab driver Shakiha had never been to a theme park before and that he usually waits in the cab for over 4 hours when he takes his passengers to theme parks. Liam thought it would be a fun idea to take Shakiha along with him to the park so he bought him the $61 ticket and showed him the time of his life.



Cup Noodle Ice Cream With Shrimp And Egg Is Now Being Served In Japan (4 pics)

There are some weird food combinations out there in the world, but shrimp, egg and ice cream is definitely the weirdest.



You’ll Be Surprised By How Smart These Animals Actually Are (15 pics)

You might be under the impression that they’re simple minded, but these animals are a lot smarter than you think.



Man Builds Incredible Toy Gun Using Only Legos (12 pics)

Imgur user RedTec spent three and a half years building a toy gun out of Legos. From the looks of the gun it was time well spent.



He Pulled A Secret String In The Attic And Found Something Incredible (12 pics)

Rudi Schlattner and his family left their home in Czechoslovakia after World War II and he didn’t return for 70 years. When he did he return he found a secret string in the attic that he decided to pull and on the other side of it was something he never expected.

This is the house that Rudi Schlatnner and his family fled after World War II. He hasn’t been back for over 70 years