The Incredible Story Of The Man That Needed A Kidney (13 pics)

Kevin Campbell was diagnosed with a kidney disease which left him with only 4% use of the vital organs. He didn’t let that bring him down though. He kept on going and held out hope. Luckily for him, someone came to his rescue.



These People Got Creepy With Plastic Surgery (7 pics)

Plastic surgery can sometimes be great for people that need to fix a legitimate problem with themselves. Other people just take it way too far and make themselves look incredibly creepy.



What Your Favorite Childhood Actors Are Doing Now (11 pics)

These people became famous pretty quick when they were childhood actors. The Hollywood lifestyle isn’t for everyone though and these people walked away when the time was right.



Roommate Gets His Skull Crushed By A Hammer (3 pics)

18-year-old Connor Huntley had his life changed forever by 21-year-old Joseph Williams. He said something that pissed him off and then Joseph proceeded to hit him with a hammer. This is what he looks like now.



How To Fake Travel Like A Boss (11 pics)

Zilla Van Den Borne made ​​people believe on social media that she was traveling in Asia, but that was a total lie. As part of a university project she got handy with photoshop and took a few pictures in the right places. She never even left her home country of Amsterdam but these pictures are pretty convincing.



These Are The Things Your Kids Will Never Understand (20 pics)

It’s a totally different world compared to the one we lived in 20 years ago. Kids nowadays will never understand what it was like to do any of these things.



Hidden Portrait Of Jules Verne (2 pics)

This artist has hidden a portrait within a portrait. When placed in a normal position this looks like a portrait of a shipwreck but when it’s placed in a cylinder, it’s a portrait of Jules Verne.



The 26 Most Expensive Cars Ever Sold At An Auction (26 pics)

If you’re going to an auction in hopes that you will find a cheap car for a good price, stay away from these ones.



Couples That Mysteriously Disappeared (7 pics)

It’s strange when someone disappears but it’s even stranger when two people disappear together



Dangerous Serial Killers You’ve Never Heard Of (9 pics)

The infamous killer Jack the Ripper may have recently had his identity released but these serial killers aren’t quite as famous. Just because they aren’t as famous doesn’t mean they aren’t as creepy.



Fascinating Facts About Your Favorite Celebrities (14 pics)

Sometimes the stories that these celebrities tell off camera are even better than the ones they tell on camera.



Naomi Kizhner’s Jewelry Uses Energy From Your Body (7 pics)

Industrial designer Naomi Kizhner has developed a concept for some pretty far out jewelry. It attaches to your body and converts your own kinetic energy into electricity. We’re not sure if that’s cool or just straight up weird.



This Gang Has A Game Of Thrones Style Arsenal (8 pics)

This British gang got busted by the police and you won’t believe what they had in their car. These weapons are brutal. The Fiat Punto the Gazette reports:

“It’s an object more suited to an episode of Game Of Thrones than the streets of Guisborough,” said prosecutor Paul Newcombe at Teesside Crown Court. “It’s a very threatening and dangerous weapon.”



Gouy Zhingzhing Tests The Firmness Of Her Breasts (5 pics)

A website in China challenged fitness model Gouy Zhingzhing to test the firmness of her breasts. It turns out, those things are pretty damn strong.



More Fun Facts To Make You Look Smart (15 pics)

You can never know too many fun facts. Busting these out when you’re with friends or on a date will always make you seem smarter than you really are.