Brotherly Love (2 pics)

One guy was in critical condition, so his brother got a tattoo of him on his ass. He is doing better now.



Facts About Mosquitos (5 pics)

Get ready for summer.



The First-Ever Mugshots (23 pics)

Vintage mugshots of British criminals that were taken at the Bedford Prison in 1859-1876.



We All Know How This Is Going To End (3 pics)



How to Use a Toilet Paper Roll (10 pics)



Blind Daughter Bucket List (13 pics)

Molly Bent knows that one day she will be blind because she has a rare genetic condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa. Her parents Chris and Eve want to make the most of Molly’s time left with sight, so they are helping her with a bucket list.



DIY Coiled iPhone Cable (6 pics)

How to make a coiled cable for your gadget. All you need is a cable, a pen and a dryer.



Saying Goodbye to Their Dog (9 pics)



Airlines Secrets (18 pics)

Secrets the airlines don’t want you to know.



Photos of Rosie Jones, the Sexiest Brunette in the World (13 pics)

The Nuts magazine crowned Rosie Jones the sexiest brunette on the planet. Let’s see why.



Girl Meets Johnny Depp (4 pics)

One girl flew to Hollywood from Denmark to live out her great plan.

The plan



Hidden Safe (6 pics)

One family moved into a new house and found a well hidden safe.



The Little Boy who Begged to Die (9 pics)

Chen Xiaotian was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of seven at roughly the same time that his mother was diagnosed with kidney disease. When they both got very ill, Chen gave his life so that his mother would live.

Chen Xiaotian was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor just months before his own mother discovered she had kidney disease.