Hilarious Movie Reviews Found On Amazon (20 pics)

There’s a Twitter account called Amazon Movie Reviews that’s dedicated to sharing hilarious Amazon movie reviews with the world. We’re glad they’re bringing them to everyone’s attention because these reviews are spectacular.



These Little Kids Recreated Scenes From 2015 Oscar Nominated Movies (6 pics)

Sophia and Sadie are sisters and it looks like they’ve got a future career in the movie industry if they want it. With the help of their parents they recreated some scenes from movies that were nominated for Oscars this year and they knocked it out of the park.



This Is Husband Logic At Its Finest (14 pics)

Ladies if you want something done right, definitely don’t ask your husband to do it.



Fishermen Did Not See That Coming (8 pics)

These fisherman caught a giant load of fish but inside their net was something unexpected.



Fun Facts About Famous People, Famous Places And Famous Brands (34 pics)

There’s always more to know about celebrities, places and brands. It’s time to hook your brain up with some knowledge.



An Amazing Site In The Ocean (16 pics)

While traveling through the ocean on his boat this man came across something very unexpected. Not only did he see volcanic activity but he also got to see the creation of a brand new island.



Shoppers Who Have No Idea How To Use Shopping Baskets (5 pics)

Reddit user gatorb888 recently posted a photo of a woman dragging her Target basket along with the rack on the site when people started to notice a scary trend. It’s not just her, a lot of people are doing it.



This Fake Baby Will Help You Get Away With Drinking In Public (4 pics)

Simon Philion is out to make drinking in public the most adorable thing ever. He’s created a fake baby which he calls Cool Baby that can store 36 ounces of liquid. The idea is to use the baby to make it easier to get away with drinking in public. His Kickstarter campaign has currently reached a total of $14,000 and counting.



The Three Hidden Bosses You Need To Find In Skyrim (3 pics)

Do you consider yourself a big fan of Skyrim? Have you done all there is to do in the game? We’re here to tell you that if you’ve never beaten these three hidden bosses, then you definitely haven’t done it all.



It Turns Out There’s A Mummy Hidden In This 12th Century Buddha Statue (4 pics)

This 12th century Buddha statue was recently put on display at the Drents Museum in the Netherlands but when it was taken to the Meander Medical Center for a CT, something very unexpected was found inside. It turns out that this is much more than just a statue, it’s actually a mummy.



This Chicago Home Is A Lot Like A Time Capsule (16 pics)

This Chicago home was built in 1962 and later rediscovered by furniture collector Nathan Chandler 17 years ago. After decades of not being occupied the home was finally sold on February 15th. Walking into this house is like walking directly into the past.



This Man Became A Minor Celebrity In China Thanks To A Stolen iPhone (24 pics)

You might remember the guy who wrote an article that recently went viral titled ‘Who Is This Man And Why Are His Photos Showing Up On My Phone.’ Well it turns out that wasn’t the end of the story. He ended up becoming somewhat known in China thanks to his stolen phone. You can get all the details below.



These Hilarious Office Notes Make Work Worth Going To (27 pics)

Let’s face it, work isn’t always fun and it’s not supposed to be. But you can still have a good time around the office by putting up some passive aggressive notes that are sure to get a good laugh.



This Giant Cocaine Snorting Oscar Statue Has Taken Over Hollywood Boulevard (7 pics)

There’s probably not enough cocaine in Hollywood for this statue to get its fix. Street artist Plastic Jesus is trying to raise awareness about drug abuse in Hollywood and he’s certainly got everyone’s attention thanks to this giant cocaine sniffing Oscar statue. He placed the statue on Hollywood Boulevard at La Brea Avenue on Thursday morning which is where the street will be closed off for the big awards show. In recent years Plastic Jesus has pulled similar stunts even going so far as to showcase an Oscar statue with a heroin needle in its arm.



Teacher Uses Amazing Chalkboard Artwork To Inspire His Students (7 pics)

Reddit user Nate100100 has been posting these incredible chalkboard drawings he draws for his students as a way to motivate them. He’s a middle school art teacher from Wyoming and he seems to be making a big difference in the lives of his students. When asked how he feels about the art being erased, Nate seemed okay with it saying “There is something kind of nice about knowing that it will be erased. I don’t fret over supplies, paper, whether or not I should keep it… Kids see it and then it disappears.”