You Probably Had No Idea You Were Making These Sex Mistakes (13 pics)

Don’t miss out on great sex. Avoid these common sex mistakes.

Opening the condom package with your teeth. Using your teeth (or other sharp things like knives or scissors) to open the wrapper makes it very easy to mistakenly poke a hole in a condom. (In one study, people who opened condoms this way were about three times more likely to encounter breakage. Eek!)



The PlayBox Is The Console Every Gamer Needs In Their Life (11 pics)

Ed Zarick has created something really cool in his work shop. He’s created a system called the PlayBox which is a custom built video game console that features a built in HD monitor. He’s been making these devices when ordered by customers and has even gone so far as the combine a PS4 and Xbox One by putting them in the same console.



The Laziest Foreign Language Translations You’ll Ever See (24 pics)

Learning a foreign language isn’t easy but judging from these pictures you don’t even need to learn a foreign language to be a translator.



Fun And Interesting Facts About Sloths (17 pics)

Sloths may be slow and lazy but they also happen to be awesome.



Legendary Films Is Bringing Warcraft Characters To Life (4 pics)

Legendary Films has worked on some big time movies such as “Avatar” and “The Hobbit.” Now they’re trying to bring characters from Warcraft to life on the big screen and these pictures give a behind the scenes look at their progress so far.



Charlie Bucket Back In The Day And Today (6 pics)

It’s been 10 years since “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” was released and the little boy who played Charlie Bucket isn’t so little anymore. Freddie Highmore was 13 when he played the timid young boy in the film opposite Johnny Depp but now he’s a full grown man.




Fun Facts To Help You Up Your Knowledge Game (18 pics)

It’s time to take your knowledge game to the next level.



The Internet Had Some Hilarious Things To Say About The Ashley Madison Hack (15 pics)

The infamous dating website for cheaters, Ashley Madison, has been hacked leaving a lot of unfaithful people exposed. In the wake of this event the Internet reacted accordingly.



Fun Pranks You Can Pull To Drive Other People Crazy (15 pics)

Need something to do? These pranks should keep you busy for a while.



The Government Has A Secret Airline And It’s Called Janet Airlines (9 pics)

The government uses a secret airline that’s hiding in plain sight to transport their employees to top secret bases. You’ve probably never heard of the airline before but after reading this you’ll know how to spot the planes.



10 Predictions That Could Come True In The Next 10 Years (20 pics)

The world is always changing and things move at a rapid pace. Here are just a few changes that could be happening over the course of the next 10 years.



Twitter Users Tell The World What They Really Think About Facebook (19 pics)

There are two types of people in this world. People who use Facebook and people who use Twitter.



15 Bizarre Ways People Eat Their Food (15 pics)

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to food, but the people who practice these eating habits are just straight up weird.

Even weirder, people eat peanut butter and PICKLE sandwiches



Witty YouTube Comments That Will Crack You Up (23 pics)

YouTube, you go for the videos, but you stay for the comments.



New Breed Of Raptor Discovered In China (5 pics)

A new breed of Raptor was recently discovered thanks to some fossils in China. As if raptors weren’t already terrifying enough, this one had feathers.