Parents Who Owned Their Kids On Facebook (24 pics)

Parents just shouldn’t be allowed on Facebook, it’s not fair.



All Aboard The BBQ Train (7 pics)

A man known as “Illinois Slim” created one of the coolest grills of all time. It took him two years to put it together, but he can now grill his meat to perfection.



This Teacher Just Failed Hard In Front Of The Whole Class (3 pics)

This teacher had no idea that his computer was linked to the big screen in the classroom. That also means he had no idea that the whole room knew he was stalking a student on the Internet. Very classy.



How To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Blacklight (7 pics)

Do you want a portable blacklight that you can use on the go? You will definitely find this trick useful.



This Real Life Vampire Is Just Real Life Crazy (10 pics)

Rod Ferrall, a teenager from Kentucky, formed a small vampire cult called “The Vampire Clan.” They drank blood and thought they were vampires but their story actually gets much creepier than that.



How People Used To Carry Around Their Book Collection (12 pics)

Nowadays you can just download a book on your smartphone or kindle and be on your way. Back in the 17th century if you wanted to carry your books around, it was a lot harder to do so.



An Inside Look At How American Currency Is Printed (16 pics)

Every single day the US Bureau of Engraving and Printing prints 35 million banknotes of various denominations for a total of 640 million US dollars. Some serious time and effort goes into making that money. See how it’s done.



Fisherman Finds Something Shocking In The Belly Of A Shark (5 pics)

This is why you need to stay away from sharks. They don’t like humans.



This Homemade Flight Simulator Is Amazing (15 pics)

53-year-old Igor Pernet, wanted to fly planes all his life. So he bought a decommissioned Cyprus Airways plane and turned it into a flight simulator. It took him two and a half years of work but it looks like it was worth it.



These Are The Things That Every College Guy Must Have In His Dorm (6 pics)

If you’re going to college, you’ve got to make sure you have the essentials.



Iceland Eats Some Strange Food (6 pics)

We’ve heard of people eating strange food before but a sheep’s head? That’s just bizarre.



Times And Places When It’s Ok To Approach Women (8 pics)

There are certain times and places when it’s ok to approach women and there are other times that it’s not. If you’re having a tough time figuring out the difference, these tips should help you out.



How to Make a Thin Hamster (11 pics)

First you need a normal hamster…



Planting A Flower In Your Hand (5 pics)

Spanish artist David Kata cut his palm and then planted a flower in there. We have reason to believe this man might not be sane.



What Ian McKellen Looked Like In 1981 (3 pics)

Ian McKellan is known all over the world for playing older characters such as Gandalf and Magneto. But back in 1981, he was a much younger man.