This Man Makes Six Figures A Year Pretending To Be Alan From The Hangover (4 pics)

Thaddeus Kalinoski let himself go after his marriage fell apart and he began to notice something strange. He looked in the mirror and realized he looked just like Zack Galifianakis’ character Alan from “The Hangover.” He then left his job in Philadelphia and headed for Las Vegas. Now he makes over $200,000 and parties with beautiful women every single day.

Which one is which?



ISIS Amputates Hand Of A Motorbike Thief (8 pics)

Suspect was apparently convicted after a trial at an Islamic State court. He was doused in sterilising fluid from a water bottle before having his hand hacked off on a chopping board.



This Adorable Dog Is Living A Full Life With No Eyes (10 pics)

This is Smiley. Smiley is a golden retriever that was born without any eyes. He was discovered by Joanna George who runs a dog training facility in Canada and she took him in. Joanna trained him to be a therapy dog and now he spends his time helping people with mental and physical disabilities.



Pamela Anderson Recently Hit The Red Carpet And She Looks Stunning (8 pics)

Even as she gets older Pamela Anderson is still just as sexy. She recently hit the red carpet for the premiere of the film “Gunman” with her son and she managed to turn quite a few heads. She wasn’t shy about showing off more than a little bit of cleavage either.



Barack Obama and Kim Jong Un Impersonators Stroll Through L.A. Together (7 pics)

What would you do if you say these two just randomly hanging out together in downtown L.A.? You would probably think hell had frozen over.



How To Get Cash In Somaliland (8 pics)

Somliland is a de facto independent state that is separate from Somalia and they have an interesting way of handling money. They have no safes, ATMs or security. Instead they keep all of their money out in the open in the capital of Hargeisa.



Well That’s One Way To Destroy Your Ferrari F430 (10 pics)

This guy has the worst luck ever as he managed to land his Ferrari F430 in a Chinese river. It’s going to take a lot of money to get that thing back on the road.



Wealthy Man Gives $25,000 Tip To Waiter So He Can Fix His Teeth (7 pics)

If This doesn’t restore your faith in humanity than nothing will.



This Taiwan Hotel Spent $150,000 On A Slide For Their Guests (6 pics)

The hotel RedDot in Taichung, Taiwan just became the coolest hotel in the country after installing a 30 meter long sling so that their guests can have fun as they make their exit. The slide was designed by hotel General Manager Stephen Wu who says got the inspiration from designs at the Google offices.



The Science Behind Human Decapitation (10 pics)

Death by decapitation is one brutal way to end a life but it’s an execution style which is a common part of human history. When the human head is separated from its body some pretty interesting things happen from a biological standpoint and you’re about to find out exactly what they are.



Danny Quirk Reveals What’s Under Human Skin With Paint And Markers (13 pics)

Artist Danny Quirk has been getting a lot of attention recently for his anatomical illustrations. He uses acrylic paint and a special set of markers to draw on the human body and make it look as if the skin has been ripped away. It’s an interesting look at what goes on underneath the skin of a human.



Every Female Character In Disney Pixar Films Shares The Same Face (9 pics)

Someone recently noticed that the female characters in Disney Pixar films look quite similar. When you look close you notice that they definitely share a likeness, but do they really have the same face?



What Rio Looks Like 17 Months Before The Olympic Games (10 pics)

There are only 17 months to go until the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As you can see the city has a lot of cleaning up to do before the games arrive.



Every NBA Team Got A Letter From This Little Kid But Only One Responded (7 pics)

Connor is a young basketball fan from Washington state and he’s trying to choose a favorite NBA team. He wrote a letter to every NBA franchise asking them why he should become a fan and the only one that wrote back was the Minnesota Timberwolves. Timberwolves President Chris Wright actually took the time to respond to Connor. Hopefully it pays off.



The Best Way To Spam People Who Send Spam Mail (4 pics)

If you send spam mail, you’re going to get what you deserve.

The offender.
“So I get Junk Mail from this company 4-5 times per week… it’s really annoying. So inspired by that whole “Mail Your Enemies Glitter” campaign I decided to follow suit.”