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Hot Cleavage Serving Cocktails (26 pics)

I’m envious! I wanna try that too

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Hot Body Shot Babes (36 pics)

Alcohol is their drugs!

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The Fun At Celebrating Parties (28 pics)

A collection of funny pranks and embarrassing moments during party celebrations. Enjoy!

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This Is How I Celebrate Party With The Celebrities (12 pics)

I want to look cool, though these were just photoshopped. . .

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Night of the Radishes (4 pics)

Noche de Rabanos or Night of the Radishes takes place in Oaxaca,Spain, on the 23rd of December. Special large radishes are grown especially for the celebration. They are an elongated variety up to 2 feet in length and weighing as much as 10 pounds. These are carved and used to create religous or cultural figures and scenes.

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Juggalo Festival (44 pics)

Compilation juggalo festival pictures

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2010 SF Medical Cannabis Competition (31 pics)

Welcome to 2010 SF Medical Cannabis Competition in San Francisco.

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The All Saints Day Giant Kite Festival of Guatemala (7 pics)

Every November 1st, the people of Santiago Sacatepéquez , Guatemala celebrate the Day of the Dead by flying giant colorful kites, during the All Saints Day Kite Festival.

Known as “barilletas gigantes” in Spanish, the giant kites of Santiago Sacatepéquez are masterpieces that take great skill and patience to complete. Months before the Kite Festival, teams of people begin work on the colorful kites that will bring them great honor and the respect of their peers, on the big day. A giant kite is made of cloth and paper tied to a bamboo frame, and features a colorful design, usually with a religious or folkloric theme. In recent years, designs have been hinting at the ever-growing corruption of the Guatemala government.

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Giant Pumpkin Boat Race (7 pics)

The Pumpkin Boat Race of Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival has people racing each other in hollowed out pumpkins, across Ludwigsburg Lake.

Known as the biggest pumpkin related event in the world, the Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival draws in pumpkin enthusiasts from all around the globe, every year. They travel to the small German town to see over 500,000 pumpkins, from 450 different varieties, arranged in all kinds of different shapes, from animals to abstract sculptures.


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Redheads Celebrate Red Head Day in Holland (6 pics)

Thousands of redheads gathered in the Dutch city of Breda, for the fifth edition of the Red Head Festival. Participants were asked to come dressed in white, a color that really compliments their hair color, and were able to take part in all kinds of fun activities, workshops and even a fashion show.


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Panjat Pinang (16 pics)

Panjat Pinang is a very unique way of celebrating Indonesia’s Independence Day. Every year, in towns and villages around the country, tall nut-trees are chopped down and their trunks placed vertically, in the center of each settlement. A wheel full of prizes is placed on top, before the trunk is covered with oil or other lubricants, and young men are invited to try and reach the prizes.


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The Frog Jumping Festival of Valley City (8 pics)

Over 2,000 fun-loving people take part in the Frog Jumping Festival of Ohio, every year, eager to watch the annual Frog Jump Contest, participate in a series of games, or simply spend some quality time with family and friends. Attending the festival is free, but those who want to enter the Frog Jump Contest have to pay a $3 fee.


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Toro Jubilo Festival (6 pics)

This savage bull run is known as Toro Jubilo, and the bull is called Toro de Fuego, which translates as “bull of Fire”. As the pitch burns like a bonfire on the horns, it scorches his eyes and face causing it unspeakable pain. Disoriented and in agony, the bull often runs into walls and hurts himself even more, while the crowd run around him and cheers.


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Ostrich Festival (8 pics)

The annual Ostrich Festival (formerly referred to as the Chandler Ostrich Festival) has been recognized as one of the “Top 10 Unique Festivals in the United States” with its lanky ostriches, multiple entertainment bands and many special gift and food vendors. It is truly a unique festival, and suitable for the entire family.


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Panic at German Music Festival (17 pics)

A mass panic took place on Saturday at a techno festival Love Parade 2010 in the German city of Duisburg. At least 19 people died and 342 had been injured when crowds of people were crushed in a tunnel leading to the event grounds.


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