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This Is The Grossest Nose Modification Ever (13 pics)

Emilio Gonzalez needs an intervention when it comes to body modification. Seriously though, what the heck is up with his nose?


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This Doctor Fell In Love With His Patient And Became Obsessed (4 pics)

Carl Tanzler was a radio technologist who had a special relationship with his patient Helen de Hoyos. He became obsessed with her when she died and his obsession quickly became creepy.


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Iceland Eats Some Strange Food (6 pics)

We’ve heard of people eating strange food before but a sheep’s head? That’s just bizarre.


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The Man Who Has a Bizarre Connection to Cars (24 pics)

Edward Smith is a man who loves cars but he actually has a weird fascination about them that makes him react in quite an interesting way.


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Ethiopian Girl Has A Very Unique Talent (9 pics)

A film crew recently stumbled upon 20-year-old girl named Athy Eligidagne in Ethiopia and you aren’t going to believe what she can do with her mouth.


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These People Got Creepy With Plastic Surgery (7 pics)

Plastic surgery can sometimes be great for people that need to fix a legitimate problem with themselves. Other people just take it way too far and make themselves look incredibly creepy.


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Crazy Conspiracy Theories That People Believe Are True (8 pics)

All of these conspiracy theories sound like the plot to some weird sci-fi movie but some people don’t feel that way. Conspiracy theorists across the world believe that these aren’t just conspiracy theories and that they’re events that actually have happened or will happen.


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Disgusting Bugs You Didn’t Know You’ve Been Eating (8 pics)

You probably don’t know you eat disgusting bugs almost everyday. It’s gross but it happens more often than you think.


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10 Weird Ice Cream Flavors You Never Want To Eat (10 pics)

You have to wonder who would even be dumb enough to invent these flavors.


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Man With The Biggest Earlobes (6 pics)

Kala Kaiwi recently became the Guinness World Records holder as the person with the most non-surgically stretched earlobes. The diameter of the holes is 109 mm (4.3 inches), pretty gross.


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Only The Japanese Would Use A Vagina As A Kayak (11 pics)

Thanks to the technology of 3D printing you can now get a kayak that’s an exact replica of your vagina. We’re not sure why you would want to, but you can.


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When Going To The Hospital Goes Wrong (10 pics)

If you need medical attention and you decide to go to the hospital, you’re putting your life in the hands of someone else. Sadly, you can’t always trust the doctors and nurses at the hospital to do their job the right way. These are just a few of the horror stories that have happened to people when they visited the hospital.


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He Wanted To Shower With A Girl So He Built One (15 pics)

This 19 year old is too shy to talk to girls but that didn’t stop him from building his own so that he could take a shower with her.


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The Strangest Museum Ever (13 pics)

Japan has an entire museum based on bathroom habits. We’re not sure what’s stranger, the fact that it exists or the fact that people actually go there.


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Is This Doll Cursed? (3 pics)

This may very well be the creepiest doll ever. Singapore locals thing it may be cursed or haunted and we’re not going to disagree with them.

This is how the doll was found. By herself, next to a tree.


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