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A 200 Year Old Giant Salamander Has Been Discovered In China (4 pics)

Near the city of Chongqing in central China a very large 200 year old salamander has been discovered. The scientists who discovered him were amazed to see how big he is citing that discoveries like this are very rare.


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China Is Facing The Smog With Stylish Masks (22 pics)

China has a big pollution problem. In some Chinese cities the air has become so polluted with smog that residents have to wear special face masks so they don’t inhale it. Now Chinese citizens have decided to turn their masks into a fashion accessory so that they can look a little cooler when they face the smog.


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Man Tries To Extort Money From Driver By Jumping In Front Of Their Car (7 pics)

This guy was so desperate for money that he decided to throw himself in front of a car. He had hope to extort money for the driver but unfortunately for this scammer, the whole incident was caught on camera.


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China Makes Special Lane For Smart Phone Addicts (5 pics)

The city of Chongqing, China has made a special lane for people who can’t be bothered to look up from their smart phone while they’re walking. It’s nice of China to do this for people that just want to walk but it just goes to show how out of control people are with their smart phones. Put the phone down and enjoy the world around you.


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Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About China (29 pics)

China has a very interesting culture and it’s a unique place to live. Unless you live there already, there’s a lot you probably don’t know about China, but that’s about to change.


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A One-of-a-kind Public Phone Booth Aquarium (6 pics)

An unused phone booth in Osaka was transformed into a goldfish tank by students in the area. Japanese believe gold fish bring good luck.

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Ride The Bus They Say, It Will Be Fun They Say (19 pics)

Chinese bus before the holidays is overrun with sheer volume of people trying to get on.

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Fake Numismatic Coins (9 pics)

Fake numismatic coin production in China.

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Who’s Eldest and Who’s Youngest? (5 pics)

6-year quadruplet brothers from China came to the school on the first day with the numbers shaven on their heads. So the teachers could tell the kids apart.

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Chinese Kids Taking a Nap at School (5 pics)

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Water Splashing Festival in China Turns into Chaos (11 pics)

Water Splashing Festival in China has turned into chaos when hundreds of men have gathered in the streets and attacked the girls with water balloons in order to undress them. Most of the girls could be saved by their friends and police officers but some of them were injured.

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1.8 Million LEGO Bricks Used to Create Map of Japan (19 pics)

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“Glamorous” Russian Social Network Girls (65 pics)

While these Russian women from social networks might think they are hot stuff what do you think about their unique style?

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Chinese Man Builds Himself Bionic Hands (7 pics)

51-year-old Chinese Man Sun Jifa lost his hand due to a bomb explosion when he was building a bomb for blast fishing. Now he has finally created a new pair of bionic hands after eight years of planning.

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Why Chinese Love IKEA (12 pics)

Many Chinese never buy anything by IKEA. But some of them come to the stores every morning and stay there until the stores close in the evening. Theyenjoy the air-conditioning on a hot summer day and take a nap on the comfy furniture on display. Security personal don’t bother them because the company sees these people as the future investment. Maybe one day the will come back again and buy something.

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