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Dank Memes That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Day (32 pics)

These are the memes that step up to deliver the laughs when you need them.


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Memes That Were Made To Tickle Your Funny Bone (28 pics)

Don’t be afraid, it’s just a little tickle.


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Picture Perfect Laughs From The Meme Stream (28 pics)

It’s time for you to enjoy a nice healthy serving of laughter.


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This Guy Fell Asleep At Work So His Colleagues Turned Him Into A Meme (20 pics)

When this guy woke up from his nap, he found out that he didn’t just nap on the couch, he napped in many different places all around the world thanks to his co-workers and a little help from photoshop.


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Robert Mugabe Has Become A Sensational Meme With #MugabeFalls (20 pics)

During his return to Zimbabwe from Ethiopia on Wednesday Mugabe fell down some steps. His security crew tried to force photographers to delete images of the incident but as you can see, they didn’t get them all.


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This Mom Became A New Meme By Shielding Her Son From Seeing Boobs (10 pics)

This mother was being all motherly as she was watching TV with her son. A scene came on TV that featured boobs on display so she decided to cover it up. The problem is her son is 22 years old and gay. Now the jokes on her as she’s become an Internet sensation over night.


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Robert Downey Jr’s Trip To The DMV Is Now A Meme (11 pics)

Robert Downey Jr. recently took a trip to the DMV and he’s created the Internet’s newest meme. Is there anything this man can’t do?


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New York City Raccoon Becomes Internet Sensation (20 pics)

A raccoon broke into a Bronx beauty shop Saturday. The cops caught and caged it. But the story did not end there.


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People From Popular Memes Then And Now (8 pics)

Have you ever wondered what Bad Luck Brian is up to nowadays? Well, you’re about to find out.


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Cameron Diaz And Jimmy Fallon Turn Into A Meme (22 pics)

Your never safe when the internet sees a good opportunity to make a meme.


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Nothing Is More American Than America (21 pics)

Patriotism isn’t only strong on the 4th of July, it’s strong all year round.


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The Best Brazil Vs Germany Memes From The World Cup (25 pics)

Sometimes you get beat and sometimes you get crushed.


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Boy Eating a Banana Is The Newest Meme Sensation (28 pics)

You never know what’s going to be the next big meme. This one is proof that even a picture of a little kid eating a banana can take the world by storm.


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Ashley Wagner Olympic Meme (14 pics)

American figure skater Ashley Wagner is a new Olympic meme.


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The 60 Year Old Child (15 pics)

The 60 year old child is a new meme spreading across the web.


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