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Proof That Tumblr Is The Funniest Place On The Internet (23 pics)

Sometimes the people of Tumblr know just what to post to get everyone laughing.


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19 Year Old Instagram Star Essena O’Neill Reveals Why She’s Quitting Social Media (11 pics)

Essena O’Neill is a 19 year old Instagram model from Australia and she’s become a very hot topic on the Internet. After building up a following of 750,000 people on Instagram and 250,000 people on YouTube, Essena has decided to quit social media. She says she feels like social media isn’t authentic and she’s altered her perfect photos and added captions that tell the truth about what was really going on.


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Ricky Gervais Used Twitter To Save Hundreds Of Dogs (10 pics)

A shelter in Odai, Romania recently received 650 dogs but they needed $30,000 to give the dogs everything they need. The shelter was having a hard time raising money until comedian Ricky Gervais stepped in. He retweeted the fundraising campaign’s original message and now the shelter is close to reaching their goal.


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Instagram Makes Everything Appear More Glamorous (6 pics)

You can’t always trust what your eyes see, especially if it’s on Instagram.


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How To Turn Your Facebook Profile Picture Into A GIF (6 pics)

Facebook is stepping up its game by allowing users to upload short videos and use them as their profile pictures. If you want to add a little more life to your Facebook profile picture, this is how it’s done.


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Anna Kendrick Has The Most Entertaining Profile On Twitter (16 pics)

If you’re ever in need of a good laugh, just open up Twitter and look at Anna Kendrick’s profile. She always knows how to say the right things at the right time.


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Facebook Fails That Will Make You Lose Faith In Humanity (15 pics)

If you want to continue believing that there’s hope for the human race, you better stay off Facebook.


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Chris Pratt Asked The Internet To Design His Facebook Header Image (11 pics)

Chris Pratt asked the Internet for a little bit of help updating his Facebook header image. He asked for a new header image, but what he got in return was a barrage of masterpieces.


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Awkward And Embarrassing Celebrity Tweets That Had To Be Deleted (11 pics)

These celebrities posted these embarrassing tweets and then quickly realized they made a mistake. Unfortunately for them the damage had already been done.

Unfortunately, she gained less than 2,000 retweets and deleted the tweet next day. Later she posted “When it’s ready we will drop music!”


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Twitter Users Tell The World What They Really Think About Facebook (19 pics)

There are two types of people in this world. People who use Facebook and people who use Twitter.


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Cheaters Who Got Called Out On Tinder (6 pics)

If you’re going to cheat and use Tinder to do it, you better be ready to get caught.


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50 Shades Of Grey Author Gets Burned To The Ground During Twitter Q & A (9 pics)

E.L. James the author of “50 Shades of Grey” gave Twitter permission to ask her anything and she was immediately filled with regret.


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Former Baltimore Cop Confirms Corruption In The Police Force (18 pics)

People have been accusing the Baltimore police force of being corrupt for a long time. No one would speak up about it until this brave man came forward and confirmed everyone’s suspicions.


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Comedians Use Twitter To Let The World Know What Parenting Is Really Like (19 pics)

If you’re not a parent yet, you might not want to have kids after reading these tweets. But at least they’ll make you laugh.


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Funny Guy On Twitter (22 pics)


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