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Bathroom Selfies with an Artistic Twist (19 pics)

This Instagram user named Mirrorsme has put her own creative take on taking selfies in the bathroom.


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That Awkward Moment When You Send Nudes To Dad (8 pics)

Sending nudes is risky business in general but when you accidentally send a nude to your dad, it’s a disaster.


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Nothing Is More American Than America (21 pics)

Patriotism isn’t only strong on the 4th of July, it’s strong all year round.


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The Best Brazil Vs Germany Memes From The World Cup (25 pics)

Sometimes you get beat and sometimes you get crushed.


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The Best First Tweets Ever (11 pics)

When it comes to Twitter you’ve got to start somewhere. These tweets are the best ways that people have let the world know they’ve arrived on Twitter.


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These Tumblr Posts Were Perfectly Timed (29 pics)

You know you love it when two perfectly timed Tumblr posts come together on your dashboard. It’s like magic.


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Boy Eating a Banana Is The Newest Meme Sensation (28 pics)

You never know what’s going to be the next big meme. This one is proof that even a picture of a little kid eating a banana can take the world by storm.


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Peter Griffin Is The Coolest Person On Instagram (16 pics)

Peter Griffin is an icon in his own right but he’s taking his icon status to a whole new level on Instagram.


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The Сoolest Blunts on Instagram (27 pics)


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Instagram After Sex (23 pics)

Is it a new Instagram trend? People make selfies after sex.

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Shooting Someone For 100 Retweets (2 pics)

Police arrested a man for tweeting he’d shoot someone for 100 retweets. Los Angeles police said 20-year-old Dakkari McAnuff accused of tweeting photos of a firearm pointed at streets has been arrested.


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Police Girl Mistake (6 pics)

Funny Los Angeles court police girl mistake.


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Ashley Wagner Olympic Meme (14 pics)

American figure skater Ashley Wagner is a new Olympic meme.


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The Rock is Rocking the Instagram (18 pics)

Everybody should follow The Rock on the Instagram. It’s one of the best celebrity’s blogs on the net.


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Facebook Gems (21 pics)

Facebook posts worth reading.


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