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Let This Story Be A Reminder That You Should Always Use Caution On Tinder (19 pics)

Be careful what you say on Tinder because your words could end up getting you smacked in the face by a dildo.


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Dank Memes That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Day (32 pics)

These are the memes that step up to deliver the laughs when you need them.


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Memes That Were Made To Tickle Your Funny Bone (28 pics)

Don’t be afraid, it’s just a little tickle.


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Everybody On Facebook Could Learn A Thing Or Two From Bill (16 pics)

Be smart, be like Bill.


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What People Look Like On Tinder Compared To Real Life (10 pics)

Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by good looking Tinder profile pictures. Always be suspicious.


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#internetabook Has Become A Hilarious Trending Topic (18 pics)

Chris Hardwick and the team over at @midnight wanted to see if they could get the #internertabook hashtag to go viral and it looks like they’ve succeeded.


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Picture Perfect Laughs From The Meme Stream (28 pics)

It’s time for you to enjoy a nice healthy serving of laughter.


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Shameful Moments That Played Out On Facebook (21 pics)

If you want to see humanity at its worst, just log into Facebook.


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Proof That Tumblr Is The Funniest Place On The Internet (23 pics)

Sometimes the people of Tumblr know just what to post to get everyone laughing.


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19 Year Old Instagram Star Essena O’Neill Reveals Why She’s Quitting Social Media (11 pics)

Essena O’Neill is a 19 year old Instagram model from Australia and she’s become a very hot topic on the Internet. After building up a following of 750,000 people on Instagram and 250,000 people on YouTube, Essena has decided to quit social media. She says she feels like social media isn’t authentic and she’s altered her perfect photos and added captions that tell the truth about what was really going on.


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Ricky Gervais Used Twitter To Save Hundreds Of Dogs (10 pics)

A shelter in Odai, Romania recently received 650 dogs but they needed $30,000 to give the dogs everything they need. The shelter was having a hard time raising money until comedian Ricky Gervais stepped in. He retweeted the fundraising campaign’s original message and now the shelter is close to reaching their goal.


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Instagram Makes Everything Appear More Glamorous (6 pics)

You can’t always trust what your eyes see, especially if it’s on Instagram.


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How To Turn Your Facebook Profile Picture Into A GIF (6 pics)

Facebook is stepping up its game by allowing users to upload short videos and use them as their profile pictures. If you want to add a little more life to your Facebook profile picture, this is how it’s done.


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Anna Kendrick Has The Most Entertaining Profile On Twitter (16 pics)

If you’re ever in need of a good laugh, just open up Twitter and look at Anna Kendrick’s profile. She always knows how to say the right things at the right time.


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Facebook Fails That Will Make You Lose Faith In Humanity (15 pics)

If you want to continue believing that there’s hope for the human race, you better stay off Facebook.


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