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When Cheaters Get Exposed On Facebook (22 pics)

Information moves fast in the age of social media. Chances are that if you cheated on your significant other, Facebook is going to find out about it.


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Funny Moments And Fails You Will Only See On Facebook (12 pics)

Facebook is a magical place filled with laughter and some of the best fails on the Internet.


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People Who Lost Their Jobs Because Of Social Media Posts (29 pics)

Being friends with your boss on social media is probably a bad idea if you’re going to post stuff like this.


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The Truth About Parenting Summed Up In A Series Of Tweets (19 pics)

Parenting isn’t easy. It’s like several full time jobs all wrapped into one. It’s hard to describe what goes into it but these parents managed to sum it all up with these tweets.


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This Is Why You Should Always Log Out of Your Facebook Account (29 pics)

It’s safe to say that if you forget to log out of your Facebook account, someone out there is going to mess with you.


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This Tinder Conversation Ends With An Insane Plot Twist (22 pics)

After you get to the end you will never trust Tinder again.


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It’s Hilarious When People Take The Onion Seriously On Facebook (20 pics)

It takes a special kind of person to think that The Onion is real. Lucky for the rest of us, we just get to sit back and laugh.


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These Unlucky People Were Born With Really Awkward Names (24 pics)

It must be really hard for people to take you seriously when your name is Dr. Rick Titball.


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Stupid Criminals That Confessed Their Crimes On Facebook (22 pics)

Let this be a lesson to all you criminals out there. If you brag about your crimes on Facebook, you’re going to get caught and we’re all going to laugh at you.


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Moms That Should Be Banned From Facebook (14 pics)

Sometimes moms and Facebook just aren’t a good mix.


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People Who Shared Way Too Much Information On Facebook (15 pics)

In the hands of these people a keyboard is a weapon of mass stupidity.


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Cheaters Who Got Outed On Facebook (7 pics)

We live in the age of social media so if you get caught cheating, prepare to get slammed in someone’s Facebook status.


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Twitter Users Reveal Their Bizarre Spending Habits (14 pics)

Everyone has some sort of bizarre spending habit. We all spend our money on something we don’t need at some point. The users of Twitter recently revealed what their odd spending habits are and some of the answers might surprise you.


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This Is What Happens When You Leave Your Facebook Logged In (13 pics)

Leaving your Facebook logged in is like giving someone an open invitation to potentially ruin your life.


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Robert Mugabe Has Become A Sensational Meme With #MugabeFalls (20 pics)

During his return to Zimbabwe from Ethiopia on Wednesday Mugabe fell down some steps. His security crew tried to force photographers to delete images of the incident but as you can see, they didn’t get them all.


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