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These Are The 20 Richest Athletes In The Entire World (20 pics)

There are a lot of rich athletes in the world but you have to be worth a lot of money to be in the top 20 richest athletes. These are the people that made the cut.


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These Pictures Captured Some Of The Most Epic Moments In Sports (24 Pics)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but these epic sports photos are worth a whole lot more than that.


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The Best Memes From Super Bowl XLIX (21 pics)

It was a great game. Here are the best post-game memes.


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This Cheerleader Almost Got Trampled By The Ohio State Football Team (4 pics)

This girl is lucky to be alive after the Ohio State football team almost squashed her like a bug.


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UFC Fighters Before And After A Fight (15 pics)

If you don’t like getting hit in the face then you should probably stay away from the UFC.


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12 Sports Records That Are Unbreakable (12 pics)

These people will hold a special place in sports history for a long time to come. It would take a miracle for someone to break these incredible records.


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Leslie Smith’s Ear Explodes At UFC 180 (5 pics)

Jessica “Evil” Eye hit Leslie Smith in the wrong spot at UFC 180. As you’re about to see, her ear has practically fallen right off. Graphic!


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Celebrities That Went From Riches To Rags (15 pics)

Going from rags to riches isn’t easy but going from riches to rags obviously is.


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This Is What it Takes To Become A Sumo Wrestler (8 pics)

Becoming a sumo wrestler isn’t as easy as you think it is. Most people just assume you eat a ton of food and then push people around but that’s not the case. Sumo wrestlers have to attend sumo school for six months and not only do you have to train, but you also have to get an education.


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Drinks That Were Inspired By Your Favorite NFL Team (16 pics)

Football season is finally back which means it’s time to root for your favorite team. Nothing says team spirit like a nice mixed drink. Here are the officially unofficial mixed drinks of your favorite NFL teams.


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Natural Born Prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy (20 pics)

Everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame and Russian prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy was lucky enough to get his during the World Cup.


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When MMA Crosses Over Into Adult Films (15 pics)

A MMA based porno movie actually makes a lot of sense. How come no one thought of this before?

On the set of “Tuff Love,” a mixed martial arts-themed action porn, as seen from writer-director Derrick Pierce’s point of view.


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The Mystery Of The Mario Götze Jersey (16 pics)

Were you wondering why Mario Gotze kept waving around a jersey that didn’t belong to him at the World Cup? Don’t worry, we’ve got the answer.


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Poses Every Sports Fan Does Without Knowing It (7 pics)

Whether you know it or not, you do these poses too, every single time a game is on.


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10 Hilarious Quotes From Chael Sonnen (10 pics)

Chael Sonnen has been forced to retire from MMA and there’s not much chance we’ll see character like this rise to the top of the sport again anytime soon.


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