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This Woman Bought A Toy Store So She Could Give All The Toys Away (5 pics)

This woman’s generosity knows no limits.

Carol Suchman regularly donates toys to disadvantaged kids but this year she decided to do it on an even bigger scale.


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Awesome Advice That Will Help You Navigate The Journey Of Life (29 pics)

Life is tough and everybody needs a little inspiration from time to time. Hopefully these quotes help you find what you’re looking for.


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Amy Schumer Got Down And Dirty For This Star Wars Themed Photoshoot (6 pics)

Amy Schumer is never afraid to push the envelope. Even if it means getting sexual with C-3PO on the cover of GQ.


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A Tribute To Celebrity Dads And Their Hilarious Tweets (12 pics)

It turns out celebrity dads go through all the same things that regular dads go through. The only difference is that celebrity dads make it seem a lot funnier.


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How Old Do You Think These Porn Stars Are? (18 pics)

Somebody decided to use the ‘How Old Do I Look?’ app to guess the age of these porn stars. Let’s take a look and see how accurate the guesses were.

Kim Kardashian – 34


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Inside The Diary Of A 12 Year Old Girl That Attempted Murder (8 pics)

Last summer two 12 year old girls from Waukesha, Wisconsin, tried to kill one of their classmates and claimed that they were doing it for the Internet character Slender Man. The case is now on trial and it’s only gotten creepier. The little girl’s diary was recently opened and there is some terrifying stuff inside of it.


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Hilarious Movie Reviews Found On Amazon (20 pics)

There’s a Twitter account called Amazon Movie Reviews that’s dedicated to sharing hilarious Amazon movie reviews with the world. We’re glad they’re bringing them to everyone’s attention because these reviews are spectacular.


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This Is How Mothers Are Supposed Look After Giving Birth (14 pics)

Photographer Jade Beall is trying to counteract the photoshopping craze by showing the world what mothers are really supposed to look like after giving birth. Her recent photo project shows women post pregnancy in their natural state. She says her goal is “ to build self-esteem in a world that thrives off women feeling insecure“ and “to inspire future generations of women to be free from the unnecessary self-suffering and embrace their beauty just as they are.“ It’s safe to say she’s accomplished her goal.


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Nice Little Trick With Cardboard Cut Out (4 pics)

There’s a surprise at the end and you’ll never see it coming.


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Disgusting Filthy Water In China (11 pics)

We can guarantee that you’ve never seen water this disgusting before.


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25 Most Shocking Murders That Will Haunt You (25 pics)

Murder is scary because it can happen at any time in any place. These 25 people did not deserve to die.


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These People Failed At Using The English Language (17 pics)

If you’re going to use the English language then you better do it right. Otherwise you’ll end up like one of these people.


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The Best Discoveries That Were Totally Accidental (25 pics)


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Hunger Games PSAs (7 pics)


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This Is Your Friend (7 pics)

1942 poster campaign.


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