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People Who Missed Out on a Fortune (16 pics)

These people turned down great offers.


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Steve Jobs Was a Genius But He Was Not Always the Nicest Guy Around (12 pics)


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Sad Love Story Told through Facebook Updates (14 pics)

After her marine boyfriend’s death, this girl’s 10-year Facebook “A Look Back” video is a lot more than just boring status updates


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People are Awesome (28 pics)

These photos prove it.


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Strong Man Joshua Sundquist (16 pics)

Motivational speaker Joshua Sundquist has only one leg, but it could never stop him. He was competing in the Paralympic Games and even won he Body-for-Life Contest in 2006.

Joshua’s Halloween costumes


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Katerina Zemanova at Hardcore Party? (6 pics)

Katerina Zemanova is a 19-year-old daughter of the Czech Republic’s president Milos Zeman. Recently a girl who looks very similar to her was spotted in one of the videos. Katerina Zemanova denies it, but a lot of sites have pointed out the similarity between markings on her face and that of the woman in the video.

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Technological Predictions That Never Came True (25 pics)

In the past, famous people predicted what the future would look like and here are some of the few examples of where they got it totally wrong.

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The House That the Yahoo CEO Is Not Buying (17 pics)

Marissa Mayer has denied reports that she and her husband Zack Bogue have bought this fabulous Tudor-style $30 million mansion.

It recently sold for about $29.5 million.

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Freaks of the Past (17 pics)

Photos of freaks by a famous New York photographer Charles Eisenmann. The photos were made during the late 1880s when he worked in the Bowery district.

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This Man Literally Can’t Get Fat Even When He Tries To (25 pics)

23 year old Tom Staniford is a keen cyclist who shares something in common with only seven other people in the world…

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A Street Beggar Who Is Really an Angel in Disguise (10 pics)

This 98 year street beggar walks the streets of the Bulgarian village of Dobri Bail. Known to all as Grandpa Dobri, he uses all his available money to help others and lives on the streets so that he has an opportunity to meet generous individuals who he can talk to about God. In 2010 he made a donation of 40,000 euros to a Bulgarian Cathedral and he has also helped pay for utilities in a local orphanage. For the local community, he is a true saint and the ultimate symbol of goodness.

Djado Dobri ot selo Bailovo
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Kevin Briggs, the Man Who Saved Hundreds of Lives (4 pics)

Kevin Briggs has saved hundreds of lives over the last 26 years. He is a California Highway Patrol Sergeant who patrols the Golden Gate Bridge and helps people who want to jump from there. In the first photo Kevin Berthia shakes the hand of Kevin Briggs, the officer who talked him down from throwing himself off San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge in 2005.

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A Real-Life Coconut Peeler (12 pics)

64 year old Andres Gardin is from Panama and has become well-known for his skill as a coconut peeler. He is so popular that he makes public appearance in Rio Alejandro and is hoping to be included in the Guinness Book of World Records in the future.



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A Living Incarnation of “Popeye the Sailor Man” (11 pics)

Mustafa Ismail is a 24 year old Egyptian bodybuilder who has earned the nickname of Popeye due to his large biceps. His biceps measure a massive 78 cm in circumference! Unlike the cartoon character though, he is actually allergic to spinach.

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Things Found in Robert Swift’s Foreclosed House (27 pics)

Robert Swift once was an NBA professional player. In 2013, it was reported that Swift was refusing to vacate his foreclosed home, which had been bought by a new owner. The new owner bought the house in Sammamish, Washington in January 2013 for half the price paid in 2006. Swift eventually left the home, which was reportedly riddled with animal feces, guns, bullets, beer bottles, and garbage, as well as old letters from some of the top college basketball programs in the country trying to recruit him, before he went straight to the NBA from high school.


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