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How to Fry Eggs with Your PC (8 pics)

Frying eggs with your PC looks easy.


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The Curger (31 pics)

The curger is an awesome burger.


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Fruit Is Nature’s Greatest Gift (20 pics)


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Crazy Fast Food Creations Ever Concocted (20 pics)


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The Best of Vietnamese Food (18 pics)

I know what I am having tonight for dinner.


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Never Buy These Fast Food Items (14 pics)

You should never buy these food according to the employees there.


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Some of the Most Dangerous Drinks in the World (5 pics)

Drinks of mass destruction that can destroy your health.


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Breakfast Cupcake (13 pics)

Breakfast cupcakes look very delicious.


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This Is What a Meal at the Best Sushi Restaurant in the World Looks Like (24 pics)

Welcome to Sukiyabashi Jiro, a 3-star Michelin restaurant in Tokyo. A meal here consists of 21 courses, cost about $380 per person and lasted only 19 minutes.


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Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots (6 pics)

You must be extremely patient for it.


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How to Cook an Egg Inside a Condom (4 pics)

If you want to make a boiled omelette but don’t have a bag, you can use a usual condom. It works perfect.


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Food Replacement Hacks (18 pics)

Here are the substitutions for your everyday foods.


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How To Build A Super Bowl Snack Stadium (15 pics)

How to build a Super Bowl snack stadium for a Super Bowl party.


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Great Snack Made Out of Leftover Pizza (10 pics)

All you need is leftover pizza and a waffle iron.


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Burrito Vending Machine (5 pics)

Burrito vending machine in a Mobile gas station in West Hollywood. There are five different burrito options for $3 each.


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