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Japanese Girl Cooks A Meal That Looks Like It Was Possessed By A Demon (3 pics)

It’s safe to say that this girl should probably never cook ever again.


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British Baker Creates A Cake That Looks Exactly Like Prince George (10 pics)

British baker Lara Clarke of Tasty Cakes has entered the 2015 Cake International competition this year and it will be a shame if she doesn’t win. She’s entered the contest for the past three years and this year she made a lifelike cake of Prince George and it’s impressive to say the least.


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Real McDonald’s Meals That You Can Get Around The World (25 pics)

In various countries around the world you can get location exclusive items off the McDonald’s menu. Tread lightly though, these menu items are a long way from a Big Mac.


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How To Make Bacon Wrapped Onion Bombs (5 pics)

The bacon wrapped onion bomb is a delicious treat that’s perfect for any occasion. The trick is to hollow out some onions, stuff them with beef, then wrap the onions in bacon. Set it in the oven, let it cook for a little while then sit back and enjoy.


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This Is The Craziest Blood Mary Ever (8 pics)

This world has seen some pretty crazy Bloody Mary’s over the years but Luke Wholey’s Wild Alaskan Grille took things to a whole new level. The drink comes topped with celery, two shrimp, and an entire soft shelled crab. Sure to cure any hangover.


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The Pizzadilla Is Without A Doubt The Perfect Snack (6 pics)

For those tough times when you can’t decided if you want a pizza or a quesadilla, you can always rely on the pizzadilla to satisfy both cravings.

Start out with 2 large flour tortillas, pizza sauce, and mozzarella cheese.


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10 Interesting Facts About The Delicious Food Known As Bacon (11 pics)

Every slice of bacon is like a little slice of heaven.


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The Top 17 Most Dangerous Foods In The Entire World (18 pics)

If you value your health, it’s probably a good idea to stay very far away from these foods.


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Amazing Lunchboxes (16 pics)

One dad creates these awesome lunchboxes for his kids.


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How To Skin A Watermelon (10 pics)

Skin A Watermelon party trick explained.


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Manly Guide To Grilling Steaks (13 pics)

You will learn how to grill your steaks like a real man.


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World’s Largest Food Records From Around The World (14 pics)


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What Americanized Food Is Like Compared To The Real Deal (5 pics)

Just know that one of these things is authentic and way more delicious.


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Cup Noodle Ice Cream With Shrimp And Egg Is Now Being Served In Japan (4 pics)

There are some weird food combinations out there in the world, but shrimp, egg and ice cream is definitely the weirdest.


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10 McDonald’s Food Hacks That You Never Knew You Needed (10 pics)

After you learn these McDonald’s food hacks you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.


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