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Crazy Food Found On The Streets Of China (14 pics)

Chinese people eat some weird stuff.


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Impersonate Cool Characters And Get Discounted Food (12 pics)

This is the best way to get discounts.


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The 10 Most Expensive Burgers On Planet Earth (10 pics)

You won’t believe how much some of these burgers cost. Some of them look good but some of them also look like they could give you a heart attack.


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How To Barbecue With Lava (6 pics)

You might have some great tips for how to build the ultimate barbecue but we’re willing to bet that you never planned on using lava to cook your food.


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Dining Tips For Eating In Different Countries (13 pics)

Different countries have different dining etiquette. Remember these dining tips when you travel.


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This Is How You Make Fried Ice Cream (6 pics)

Follow these steps and you’ll be eating fried ice cream in no time.


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You Will Never Eat Leftover Pizza The Same Way Again (8 pics)

Everything you know about leftover pizza is about to change.


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The Daily Diet Of A Sumo Wrestler (3 pics)

Sumo wrestlers are known for being gigantic but you won’t believe how much they eat in one day.


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Why Are These Foods So Expensive? (7 pics)

If you’re going to pay $2,000 for a steak it better be the best steak ever.


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How To Cut A Cake The Right Way (7 pics)

Just so you know, you’ve been doing it wrong.
Cake being cut the wrong way. Look familiar?


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This Crystal Ball Is Actually A Cake (4 pics)

This crystal ball is actually a cake and it’s predicting your future. The cake predicts that you will eat it and that it will be delicious.


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Fast Food Ads, Expectations Vs Reality (7 pics)

Have you ever noticed how fast food advertisements make the food look a lot better than it actually looks in real life? These infographics sum up the experience perfectly.


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Man Leaves A Surprise In The Secret Food Stash (6 pics)

Could you imagine if you went to eat your secret snacks and found this instead?


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The Most Expensive Foods You Can Buy In Japan (10 pics)

This food is expensive, but it’s worth every penny.


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Breakfast Style Sushi (11 pics)

Do you want sushi for breakfast but think it’s a bad idea? Think again. We can guarantee you’ve never had sushi like this before.

He started with the essential, and grilled the normal breakfast meats.


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