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Ordinary Women In Their Underwear (26 pics)

German lingerie brand Triumph did something different for this photo shoot. Instead of hiring a bunch of expensive models for it, they hired ordinary women to pose in their underwear. The results were something special. Aren’t these women beautiful?


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Pure Gold Bikini (6 pics)

This bikini is worth almost $170,000 and the woman wearing it is worth just as much.


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A Beauty Secret For Your Eyes (6 pics)

Asian women are known for having beautiful eyes and this is the secret they use to get that signature look. Anyone can do this with just a band aid and without plastic surgery.


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Wear Your Canada Shirt With Pride (11 pics)

These people are definitely making Canada proud.


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These Vagina Panties Show You What’s Underneath (3 pics)

Artist Eleanor Beth Haswell has created these”vagina panties” to show you what’s really underneath that underwear.


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Check Out Citylegs (33 pics)

Citylegs is an Instagram project of photo editor for the newspaper “New York Times” Stacy Baker. She takes photos of people’s legs as they walk through New York City then posts them on the internet. Is this cool or weird?


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Fashion Back In The Day And Today (5 pics)

Fashion like most things evolves over time.


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Duct Tape Prom Outfits Steal The Show (8 pics)

This couple decided to make their own prom outfits out of duct tape. The results were something epic. Not only do they look cool but they glow in the dark too.


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This Is Why Designer Bikinis Will Never Be In Style (6 pics)

There’s a reason why people don’t wear these things.


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Can’t Decide If This Swimsuit Is Cool Or Creepy (9 pics)

One thing is for sure, this swimsuit is definitely one of a kind. But is it cool or is it creepy? What do you think?


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Rabbit Turd Earrings (8 pics)

Beautiful rabbit turd earrings. Wait… What?


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Gyaru Makeover is a Popular Trend in Japan (16 pics)

Gyaru is a youth subculture in Japan. Here are examples of Gyaru makeover.


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Lingerie Fashion Show (28 pics)

Fashion show in Paris.


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What Will Joffrey Baratheon Say? (3 pics)

Natalie Dormer aka Margaery Tyrell from “The Game of Thrones” shaved off half of her hair.


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Rose Leslie in a See-Thru Dress (6 pics)

Rose Leslie, also known as Ygritte from the Game of Thrones, was wearing a see-thru dress at the 2014 SAG Awards.

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