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Pixel Underwear (12 pics)


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Now You Can Sleep Anywhere Thanks To This Inflatable Sleep Hoodie (6 pics)

The Hypnos sleep hoodie is everything you’ve always wanted in a hooded sweatshirt. The hoodie was designed by Josh Woodle and comes with a blow up pillow inside the hood itself. All you have to do is blow up the pillow, lay down and then enjoy a nap at any time in any place.


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China Is Facing The Smog With Stylish Masks (22 pics)

China has a big pollution problem. In some Chinese cities the air has become so polluted with smog that residents have to wear special face masks so they don’t inhale it. Now Chinese citizens have decided to turn their masks into a fashion accessory so that they can look a little cooler when they face the smog.


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Mermaid Hair Is The Latest Fashion Trend For Women (12 pics)

Mermaid hair is in right now. Women all over the world are trying to their best mermaid impression and this is how it looks.


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Plastic Bag Photos Is A New Trend In Asia (6 pics)

Crazy trend in Asia has people posting photos in nothing but a plastic bag.


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Bangs In The Form Of Hearts Is A New Fashion Trend In South Korea (14 pics)

South Korean girls are getting into a new trend with their hair. They’ve been shaping their bangs into the form of a heart but everyone just keeps noticing that it looks more like a butt than anything else.


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Panties For Special Days (16 pics)


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Alicia Arden Shows Off Her Butt In Bottomless Jeans (6 pics)

Baywatch actress Alicia Arden recently did a photo shoot wearing bottomless jeans and she made them look amazing. Xpoz Jeans recently told Styliete that they plan on selling these jeans before 2015 is over. They look great on Alicia, but if these jeans were around the wrong waist, it could be a disaster for everyone’s eyes.


Alicia Arden's sexy photo shoot for backless XPOZ Jeans campaign
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Hairstyles Of Famous Characters That You Can Do Yourself (18 pics)

Are you trying to get the same hairstyle as a movie star or popular TV character? This is how it’s done.


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How To Turn A Man’s Shirt Into A Dress (10 pics)

When it comes to fashion choices, sometimes girls have to improvise.


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This Lingerie Glows In The Dark (9 pics)

This lingerie only gets cooler when the lights go out.


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Charli XCX Walks The Red Carpet In A Revealing Dress (17 pics)

22-year-old British singer-songwriter Emma Charlotte Aitchison, who performs under the name Charli XCX got a lot of people talking after she wore a very revealing dress to a recent red carpet appearance. What’s she wearing under there?


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See The Dress That’s Made Out Of Using 3,000 Skittles (5 pics)

Sarah Bryan is a British beautician that really loves skittles. She took that love to a whole new level when she created a dress made out of 3,000 skittles and it looks delicious.


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This Zipper Mouth Cat Sweater Is Something You Need To Make (15 pics)

Instructables user Hellovillain has created quite possibly the coolest cat sweater of all time. It’s safe to say you’re going to want to make one of your own after you see it.


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This Scooter Turns Into A Belt (7 pics)

Have you ever wished that you could turn your razor scooter into a belt? Well, it looks like your prayers have been answered.


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