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Rabbit Turd Earrings (8 pics)

Beautiful rabbit turd earrings. Wait… What?


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Gyaru Makeover is a Popular Trend in Japan (16 pics)

Gyaru is a youth subculture in Japan. Here are examples of Gyaru makeover.


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Lingerie Fashion Show (28 pics)

Fashion show in Paris.


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What Will Joffrey Baratheon Say? (3 pics)

Natalie Dormer aka Margaery Tyrell from “The Game of Thrones” shaved off half of her hair.


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Rose Leslie in a See-Thru Dress (6 pics)

Rose Leslie, also known as Ygritte from the Game of Thrones, was wearing a see-thru dress at the 2014 SAG Awards.

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How Makeup Can Change a Chinese Girl (8 pics)

Here is an example of how a makeup can change the way a girl looks like.

With makeup:

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Fashion Advices for Men (5 pics)

Do, Don’t and Please Don’t for men.

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How Ordinary Men Would Look in Underwear Ads (5 pics)

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Miranda Kerr Has the Sexiest Dress Ever (6 pics)

Photos of Miranda Kerr at Paris Fashion Week

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Transform a Turtleneck Dress into a Sexy Mini in a Few Simple Steps (15 pics)

This blonde bombshell shows us how it’s done.

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Here’s How to Wear Your Shorts as a Slinky Dress Instead (11 pics)

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The Necronomicon Bikini (5 pics)

The Necronomicon bikini by Bloodlust Productions is made out of silicon. A girl who wears it could scare the hell out of me.

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Lagos Calling (17 pics)

“Lagos Calling” is an African skinhead fashion from the early seventies. The photos were made in Nigeria.

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Walking Dead Boots (7 pics)

Pretty cool Walking Dead boots created by Ruth Tyson.

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How Much Does a Pair of These Sneakers Cost? (4 pics)

They may look old, dirty and ugly, but they are really expensive.

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