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Give Your Brain A Good Workout With These Interesting Facts (34 pics)

Your brain is just like the rest of your body because it needs exercise. Give your brain what it needs with these fun facts.


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Lies About Your Own Body That You Need To Stop Believing (14 pics)

There’s a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to health and the human body. That’s why today we’re taking the time to separate the fact from fiction.


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Random Facts About Celebrities, Movies And TV Shows (16 pics)

Did you know that Harrison Ford and Tom Cruise were almost cast in “The Shawshank Redemption”? That’s just one of the many fun facts you’re about to learn.


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The Horrible Truth About Amusement Parks (8 pics)

Amusement parks can be a lot of fun but sometimes they’re more trouble than they’re worth.


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Not So Fun Facts About Marriage, Divorce And Affairs (25 pics)

These are some things you might want to consider if you’re thinking about getting married.


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These Celebrities Have Some Surprising Secrets (15 pics)

Celebrities spend so much time in the limelight that it can be hard for them to keep secrets. You will definitely be surprised by what you’re about to find out when it comes to these celebrities.


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Fun Facts About Famous Actors And Musicians (12 pics)

Who would have thought that Dexter was actually married to his sister in real life?


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Fun Facts You Probably Don’t Know About South Park (20 pics)

Did you know that the creators of South Park originally planned to kill of Kyle? That’s just one of the fun facts about ‘South Park’ that you’re about to learn.


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Fun Facts About Your Favorite Pornstars (20 pics)

Because pornstars are people too.


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Odd But True Facts About History (19 pics)

These facts make learning about history a lot more fun than it was in school.


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Amazing And Fun Facts About Alcohol (25 pics)

Alcohol makes the world go round. Sometimes for the better and other times, not so much. When it comes to alcohol there’s a lot to know. For example, did you know there’s alcohol in space? That’s just one of the many fun things you’re about to learn.


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True Facts About Crime All Over The World (25 pics)

Every country has crime. No matter how hard the police fight it, it will never truly go away. Still, some of these acts of crime make for awesome stories.


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Facts About Beer That You Need To Know (25 pics)

Beer is amazing. Everyone loves it and everyone drinks it. But there’s a lot about this tasty beverage you need to know. Do you know which beer has the most alcohol in it? Do you know which country drinks the most beer? You’re about to find out.


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The Truth About Christopher Columbus (11 pics)

The United States of America just celebrated Columbus Day but Christopher Columbus is not the man you think he is. The truth about Christopher Columbus is, he was kind of a jerk.


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10 Important Facts You Need To Know About Ebola (10 pics)

Ebola is a very hot topic lately as it’s popping up all over the world. Humans everywhere are terrified of it and doctors everywhere are trying to prevent a major breakout. When it comes to Ebola, you should educate yourself. Here are 10 things you need to know about the infamous disease.


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