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Bizarre But True Historical Facts For You To Stash In Your Brain (18 pics)

The more you know about world history, the better off you’re going to be.


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Amazing And Entertaining Facts About Eyes (17 pics)

You use your eyes all the time but there’s probably a lot that you don’t know about them. But that’s about to change thanks to these fun facts.


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Interesting Facts You Probably Never Knew About The Viking Lifestyle (27 pics)

Vikings led a legendary lifestyle many years ago and today you’re going to learn all about it.


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Important Things You Need To Know About Deadpool Before You See His Movie (16 pics)

It’s been a long wait, but the “Deadpool” movie finally hits theaters next month. If you’re not familiar with the character you will be by the end of this post. Here’s some fun information about Deadpool that will help make your viewing experience a little bit better when you go see his movie on the big screen.


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Kiss Your Mind Goodbye, It’s About To Be Blown Away By These Fun Facts (22 pics)

A few more fun facts to blow your mind.


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It’s Time To Educate Yourself With These Interesting Facts (21 pics)

These fun and random facts are definitely worth your time.


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Out Of This World Facts About Space And The Universe Itself (16 pics)

Space, there’s a lot of it and there’s a lot to know about it.


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Fun And Fascinating Facts For You To Share With Your Friends (20 pics)

The more facts you know the smarter you’re going to sounds. Impress your friends and family with these fascinating facts.


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Interesting Information About The UK That Might Surprise You (31 pics)

How well do you know the United Kingdom?


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Prepare To Feel Old Thanks To These 19 Harry Potter Facts (19 pics)

Harry Potter is a series that people all over the world adore. To some of us it seems like Harry Potter was just becoming popular a few years ago, but to others Harry Potter has been around for their entire lives. These 19 facts are going to make you realize that Harry Potter has actually been a part of pop culture for a lot longer than you think.


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Strange, Bizarre And Entertaining Facts For Your Brain (19 pics)

Some of these facts might be a little strange but one thing’s for sure, they’re definitely entertaining.


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Fascinating Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About El Chapo (10 pics)

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about Mexican drug lord El Chapo in the news lately, but you might not know much about who he is and where he comes from. Today you’re going to learn all about the life of the man they call El Chapo.

Today Mexican authorities claim they have captured the escaped drug lord “El Chapo”. Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera was born in a small town of La Tuna, Badiraguato, Sinaloa, Mexico, into extreme poverty. He worked on the family farm and sold oranges in order to eat.


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Strange But True Facts About North Korea (27 pics)

These facts might sound strange, but what makes them more bizarre is the fact that they happen to be true.


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Scintillating Sex Facts Brought To By Science (10 pics)

Sex is amazing and that’s a fact. But today you’re going to learn a whole lot more about something you probably spend a good amount of your time thinking about.


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Fast Food Facts And Stats To Quench Your Thirst For Knowledge (15 pics)

Knowledge is like a snack for your brain and fast food is like a snack for your soul which is why fast food and facts make the perfect combo.


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