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Prepare To Have Your Mind Blown By These 50 Travel Facts (9 pics)

The world is a big place and each country is full of fun and interesting facts. You’re about to learn a whole lot more about your own country and other countries as well.


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Fun And Interesting Facts About Sloths (17 pics)

Sloths may be slow and lazy but they also happen to be awesome.


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Fun Facts To Help You Up Your Knowledge Game (18 pics)

It’s time to take your knowledge game to the next level.


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Fun Facts Everyone Needs To Know About Butts (12 pics)

We spend a lot of time looking at and talking about butts so you might as well know all there is to know about those beautiful behinds.

Mooning people has been around since the Roman Empire, it is believed to have originated as a form of insult in the first century.


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You’ll Be Much Smarter After You Learn These Fun Facts (20 pics)

You just never know when these fun and random facts might come in handy.


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Awesome And Interesting Facts About Science That You Need To Know (23 pics)

If you liked science before, you’re going to love it after learning these fun facts.


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These Fun And Interesting Facts Will Give Your Brain Some Exercise (20 pics)

Stop what you’re doing. It’s time to give your brain a workout with these fun facts.


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10 Disturbing Facts You’ll Never Forget (10 pics)

Just a fair warning, these facts will change the way you look at the world around you. You’ve been warned.


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Your Mind Will Be Blown After Learning These Fascinating Facts (20 pics)

They say you learn something new everyday and with this post you’re going to learn a lot of new things.


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12 Things Every Person Needs To Know About Penises (12 pics)

The penis is arguably the most important appendage on the male body. In order to use the thing properly, you need to know all there is to know about it. Time to educate yourself.


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Stop What You Are Doing So You Can Feed Your Brain These Random Facts (20 pics)

Taking a break, it’s time to quench your thirst for knowledge.


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Creepy Horror Movies That Were Based On Real Life Events (12 pics)

The horror of these movies goes far beyond the films.

The Strangers – The director of the movie, Bryan Bertino, has claimed that the premise for this house invasion story was based on real break-ins that took place in his neighborhood growing up. The house intruders were inspired by the Manson Family murders of the 1970s.


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Interesting Facts About Famous Movies, Actors And Actresses (16 pics)

When it comes to famous movies you can never know too much about them.


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Time To Sit Back And Teach Yourself These Fun Facts (19 pics)

Sit back, relax and let your brain do all the work. It’s time to learn some fun facts.


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It’s Time To Load Your Brain Up With Some Fun Facts (20 pics)

Stop what you’re doing. Take a break so you can learn these fun and interesting facts.


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