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Little Girl Gets A Big Surprise After Biting What She Thought Was An Apple (5 pics)

This little girl searched through her kitchen to find an apple to eat. But little did she know that she actually grabbed an onion. She grabbed the round foot item, took a bite out of it and then found out the truth the hard way.


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This Is The Fluffiest Fish In The World (4 pics)

This mother went to the pet store to buy her kids a pet fish, and that’s exactly what she did.


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These Cat Purses Look Very Close To The Real Deal (10 pics)

These plush kitty handbags by Pico are so realistic that you might actually confuse them for real cats.


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The Cutest Looking Mixed Breed Dogs On The Planet (11 pics)

When you take one breed of dog and mix it with another, this is what you get.


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This Beautiful McDonald’s Worker From Taiwan Is Becoming An Internet Sensation (12 pics)

This gorgeous woman is known as Weiwei and she works in the most unlikeliest of places. She works at a McDonald’s in Taiwan and men everywhere are flocking to her store to get a look at her. She’s become the newest Internet sensation as people are now calling her the McDonald’s Goddess.


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The Saddest Cat On The Internet (14 pics)

Meet Luhu form Beijing. Looks like we found the saddest cat on the internet.


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How To Make Your Own Origami (18 pics)

You just never know when you might need to do a little origami.


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Uncle Wears Princess Costume To The Movie Theater To Comfort His Niece (3 pics)

Jesse Nagy might very well be the best uncle ever. His niece was too embarrassed to wear her princess costume to the movie theater so he decided to put one on too so that she wouldn’t feel so embarrassed. Together they went to see a movie dressed as two princesses.


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These Little Kids Recreated Scenes From 2015 Oscar Nominated Movies (6 pics)

Sophia and Sadie are sisters and it looks like they’ve got a future career in the movie industry if they want it. With the help of their parents they recreated some scenes from movies that were nominated for Oscars this year and they knocked it out of the park.


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Celebrities as Real-Life Disney Characters (22 pics)

Thomas Kurniawan imagines which celebrities might play some of your favorite Disney characters in real-life versions of the animated classics.

Scarlett Johansson as Elsa


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This Zipper Mouth Cat Sweater Is Something You Need To Make (15 pics)

Instructables user Hellovillain has created quite possibly the coolest cat sweater of all time. It’s safe to say you’re going to want to make one of your own after you see it.


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Chinese Clinic Has A Special Helper To Calm People Down (4 pics)

This Chinese clinic wanted to keep their patients as calm as possible so they went looking for some extra help. They ended up finding the perfect creature for the job, it’s fluffy, has four legs and likes to take a lot of naps.


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Cutest Lesson Ever (9 pics)


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Cute Spring Girls (41 pics)

Girls in spring dresses.


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Stray Puppies Trying to Stay Warm (5 pics)

Stray Puppies in the Jiulongjiang Forest Park, Rucheng County, China. It’s a harsh winter with bitter temperatures over there


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