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Now You Can Enjoy A Cup Of Coffee As You Drink It From A Zombie Head (10 pics)

Kevin “Turkey” Merck likes zombies, coffee and pottery. When you put all three of those things together you get these awesome zombie coffee mugs that he designed. Merck’s mugs are all hand made and he sells them for the low price of $220. That’s a small price to pay to drink your morning coffee from the head of a zombie.


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The Bimota DB1SR Is Like Something Out Of A Time Capsule (13 pics)

The Bimota company has always made unique motorcycles and the DB1SR is no exception. This motorcycle was the result of the Bimota company trying to create the perfect frame and judging from the pictures they came pretty close.


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Impressive 8-Bit Dioramas Recreate Scenes From Classic Video Games (11 pics)

If you want to capture a scene from one of your favorite video games so you can hang it on your wall, an 8-bit diorama is the way to go.


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Artist Turns Pop Culture Icons Into Awesome Children’s Books (30 pics)

If only children’s books were as cool as artist Joey Spiotto makes them look.


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Girls Just Can’t Refuse These Geeky Engagement Rings (30 pics)

If you have a geeky girlfriend, you’ve got to go the extra mile when proposing to her.


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Man Uses Sunsets To Create Awesome Selfies (26 pics)

John Marshall decided he was sick of regular selfies so he decided to start a project called “sunset selfies” while living in a cabin on Frye Island in Maine. He used cardboard cut outs so that he could create some of the most unique selfies that this planet has ever seen.


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The Most Epic Facial Hair From The 2015 World Beard And Moustache Championships (15 pics)

The 2015 World Beard And Moustache Championships, held in the town of Leogang in the Austrian mountains was a big hit this year. Over 300 men from over 20 countries all gathered to show off their epic facial hair and it was truly a sight to see.


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Artist Uses Field To Recreate Van Gogh’s 1889 Painting ‘Olive Trees’ (5 pics + video)

Stan Herd is a 64 year old artist that used a field in Eagan, Minnesota as his canvas. He dedicated six months of his life to recreating one of of Van Gogh’s most famous paintings and he nailed it. He took an ordinary field and transformed it into a masterpiece.


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Makeup Artist Turns Himself Into Superheroes (15 pics)

Argenis Pinal doesn’t need a costume to look like a superhero.


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DIY Batman Armor (9 pics)

French cosplayer, NightCold Créations, has created an incredible batman armor from Batman Beyond.


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Never Tie Your Shoes Again With These Shoes That Wrap Around Your Feet (6 pics)

Italian shoe maker Vibram, has come up with something incredible called Furoshiki Shoes. With these shoes you’ll never have to worry about your laces coming untied because these shoes wrap all the way around your feet to keep them safe and secure at all times.


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Hip Grandpa Dresses Better Than Most People Half His Age (15 pics)

Günther Krabbenhöft likes to look and feel good. He’s redefining style and showing that grandpas can be just as cool if not cooler than their grandchildren. Some people on the Internet believe Gunther to be 104 years old but it turns out he’s closer to 70 but much younger at heart.


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This Luxury Ford F-750 Is The Only Truck You’ll Ever Need (13 pics)

This luxury Ford F-750 is often referred to as the “yacht on wheels” and it’s not hard to see why. The truck has everything you could ever need, including a toilet.


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Friendly Passenger Takes His Cab Driver To Theme Park For The First Time (5 pics)

Liam Murphy was on a work trip and wanted to visit Ferrari World so he decided to take a cab. He found out his cab driver Shakiha had never been to a theme park before and that he usually waits in the cab for over 4 hours when he takes his passengers to theme parks. Liam thought it would be a fun idea to take Shakiha along with him to the park so he bought him the $61 ticket and showed him the time of his life.


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This Mom Created The Coolest Hearing Aids Ever For Her Hearing Impaired Son (8 pics)

When this mom found out that her son was going to have to wear hearing aids, she worried that he would feel different at school. She wanted to make him feel comfortable wearing them so she stepped up big time and created some truly amazing hearing aid designs.


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