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Makeup Artist Turns Himself Into Superheroes (15 pics)

Argenis Pinal doesn’t need a costume to look like a superhero.


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DIY Batman Armor (9 pics)

French cosplayer, NightCold Créations, has created an incredible batman armor from Batman Beyond.


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Never Tie Your Shoes Again With These Shoes That Wrap Around Your Feet (6 pics)

Italian shoe maker Vibram, has come up with something incredible called Furoshiki Shoes. With these shoes you’ll never have to worry about your laces coming untied because these shoes wrap all the way around your feet to keep them safe and secure at all times.


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Hip Grandpa Dresses Better Than Most People Half His Age (15 pics)

Günther Krabbenhöft likes to look and feel good. He’s redefining style and showing that grandpas can be just as cool if not cooler than their grandchildren. Some people on the Internet believe Gunther to be 104 years old but it turns out he’s closer to 70 but much younger at heart.


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This Luxury Ford F-750 Is The Only Truck You’ll Ever Need (13 pics)

This luxury Ford F-750 is often referred to as the “yacht on wheels” and it’s not hard to see why. The truck has everything you could ever need, including a toilet.


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Friendly Passenger Takes His Cab Driver To Theme Park For The First Time (5 pics)

Liam Murphy was on a work trip and wanted to visit Ferrari World so he decided to take a cab. He found out his cab driver Shakiha had never been to a theme park before and that he usually waits in the cab for over 4 hours when he takes his passengers to theme parks. Liam thought it would be a fun idea to take Shakiha along with him to the park so he bought him the $61 ticket and showed him the time of his life.


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This Mom Created The Coolest Hearing Aids Ever For Her Hearing Impaired Son (8 pics)

When this mom found out that her son was going to have to wear hearing aids, she worried that he would feel different at school. She wanted to make him feel comfortable wearing them so she stepped up big time and created some truly amazing hearing aid designs.


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Designer Makes His Dream Come True By Building The Ultimate Tree House (19 pics)

Foster Huntington is a designer who used to work at Ralph Lauren in New York. One day he decided to leave it all behind, hop in his van and head out into the wilderness. Eventually he found the perfect place to call home so he settled there and built the tree house of his dreams.


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Man Moves Into Fort Kick-Ass After Girlfriend Calls Him Childish (4 pics)

This man’s girlfriend called him childish so he did what any grown man would do in that situation, he built a fort. He’s currently looking for roommates to move into Fort Kick-Ass. Applicants with pizza go to the front of the line.

A man has put up a craigslist ad trying to find a roommate for Fort Kick-Ass. His girlfriend has been kicked out because she wanted to have a conversation about “being too childish”.


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French Mailman Spends 33 Years Building A Palace With Pebbles (10 pics)

This is the Palais Ideal. It’s a beautiful palace which was built by French postman Ferdinand Cheval. He spent 33 years between 1879 and 1912 building the palace using only cement and rocks he found on his mail route. This landmark is a must see if you ever take a trip to France.


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Tips From A Photographer On How To Take The Perfect Photo (10 pics)

Award winning photographer, Steve McCurry wants to help you up your photography game. Follow these tips and you’ll be a professional in no time.

#1 Rule of Thirds
Place points of interest on intersections


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Artist Burns Famous Movie Characters Onto Wood (14 pics)

Rick Merian is an artist that specializes in pyrography which is the art of wood burning. He’s got some pretty serious talent as he’s brought the image of many famous movie characters to life with his art style. His attention to detail is uncanny.


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Barack Obama and Kim Jong Un Impersonators Stroll Through L.A. Together (7 pics)

What would you do if you say these two just randomly hanging out together in downtown L.A.? You would probably think hell had frozen over.


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This Taiwan Hotel Spent $150,000 On A Slide For Their Guests (6 pics)

The hotel RedDot in Taichung, Taiwan just became the coolest hotel in the country after installing a 30 meter long sling so that their guests can have fun as they make their exit. The slide was designed by hotel General Manager Stephen Wu who says got the inspiration from designs at the Google offices.


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You Won’t Believe What Rufus From Bumfights Looks Like Today (6 pics)

A lot of you out there might remember Bumfights. It was a video series where the creators filmed bums fighting each other and they managed to make a lot of money off of the footage. Rufus was featured in some of the videos and since then he’s managed to turn his life around in a big way.


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