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What You Should Be Using Your Refrigerator’s Ice Dispenser For (4 pics)

This will change your life for the better.


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How To Build A Boat Bed From Scratch (12 pics)

You could buy a boar bed from the store but we guarantee it wouldn’t look as good as this one. These parents decided to build a custom boat bed for their son and it may possibly be the coolest boat bed ever.


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Complete Compact Survival Kit (13 pics)

This survival kit has everything that you would ever need to survive if you got lost in the woods. The coolest part about it is that everything is stored in one compact tube.


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This Is The Biggest Homer Simpson Fan On The Planet (7 pics)

This guy covered his body in tattoos of Homer Simpson and now he holds the world record for most tattoos of one cartoon character on a person’s body.


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Make Your Own Nintendo Table (18 pics)

As long as you have this table in your living room, Mario Kart will be there for you.


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Incredible Lightning Cloud Lamp (4 pics)

Richard Clarkson created a lamp that mimics a lightning storm. This is pretty much the coolest thing ever.


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Get A Look At The First Electric Harley-Davidson (7 pics)

Who would have thought that we would ever see an electric Harley Davidson? It didn’t seem likely a few years ago but it looks pretty cool.


Harley Davidson Unveils Electric Motorcycle
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Alten Foersterei Stadium Turned Into A Movie Theater (6 pics)

This is amazing. Who wouldn’t want to see a movie here?


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Graffiti Artists Paint The Coolest Plane Ever (18 pics)

Os Gêmeos is a graffiti artist duo and they decked out the the plane for Brazil’s soccer team so they can go to the World Cup in style.


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Turn Your Staircase Into A Slide (6 pics)

Sliding down the stairs is something we’ve all wanted to do and now our prayers have been answered this invention turns any staircase into a slide.


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Awesome Invention For Hiding Valuables On The Beach (5 pics)

Do you ever get worried that someone is going to sneak up and steal your stuff while you’re lounging on the beach? Thanks to this amazing invention you can relax because no one will steal your stuff if they can’t find it.


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Awesome Replica Of Han Solo In Carbonite (22 pics)

Great things come from humble beginnings. It might not look like much at the start but the end result is something special.


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See What’s Stashed In This Bike’s Secret Compartment (2 pics)

Trust us. Your bike and every other bike in the world needs one of these.


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Old Tires Can Make Your Sneakers Brand New Again (16 pics)

Hold on. Before you throw out those old sneakers with the worn down tread on the bottom take a look at this.


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Creepy Bookcase (5 pics)

DIY coffin bookcase.


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