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These People Used Makeup To Transform Into Comic Book Characters (13 pics)

When it comes to makeup transformations, the person behind bringing these comic book characters to life has some serious skills.


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Satoshi Araki Recreates A Scene From Batman With An Awesome Diorama (6 pics)

Japanese artist Satoshi Araki has some serious skills when it comes to building dioramas. You would be forgiven for thinking that these pictures are real as his attention to detail is uncanny.


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Rare Video Games That Are Worth A Small Fortune (12 pics)

If you’ve got one of these video games hanging around, you might be sitting on a goldmine.


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What The New Canadian Passport Looks Like Under A Black Light (18 pics)

These definitely have to be the coolest passports ever.


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This Mercedes Is Ready To BBQ (18 pics)

When it comes to cool custom barbecues this one is pretty close to the top of the list.


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Simple Math Tricks That Will Help You Solve Any Problem (14 pics)

Are you bad at math? Don’t worry a lot of people are. These tricks will help you hack any match problem and turn you into a math genius in no time.


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This Guy Definitely Has The Coolest Scotch Collection Ever (8 pics)

Reddit user BigPapiC-Dog posted some photos of his impressive scotch collection. His collection is pretty but what’s even cooler is where he stashes it.


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How To Make A MP3 Player Out Of A Cassette Tape (14 pics)

It doesn’t get much cooler than this.


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Survive The Apocalypse By Moving Into One Of These Condos (13 pics)

If you’re worried about surviving the apocalypse, one of these underground condos might just be the place for you.


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The Ultimate Pocket Watch Stash (17 pics)

This guy’s grandfather was retired and loved working on and collecting watches. Unfortunately he recently passed away so his grandchildren took some awesome photos of his most prized possessions.


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This Is The Batman Themed Wedding Everyone Wishes They Could Have (14 pics)

Ali Butrym and Ryan Jeziorski got married over the weekend in Fort Worth, Texas, but their wedding was unlike any other. They had a Batman themed wedding and were even nice enough to invite some other comic book characters along.


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Cool Inventions That Were Created By Kids (10 pics)

The good thing about kids is that they have big imaginations. Sometimes those big imaginations manage to create some of humanity’s best inventions.


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Say Hello To The Brikk Lux Nikon DF The $42,000 Dollar Camera (5 pics)

This is the Brikk Lux Nikon DF it’s worth $ 41,395 and it’s probably the coolest looking camera ever.


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This Couple Built The Most Epic Game Room Ever (10 pics)

This couple saved for five years so that they could create a gamer’s paradise and they succeeded in every single way possible.


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What You Should Be Using Your Refrigerator’s Ice Dispenser For (4 pics)

This will change your life for the better.


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