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Interesting Facts About Famous Movies, Actors And Actresses (16 pics)

When it comes to famous movies you can never know too much about them.


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This Is What The Cast Of Forrest Gump Looks Like 21 Years Later (8 pics)

It’s been 21 years since the release of “Forrest Gump” and this is what the cast looks like now compared to how they looked in 1994.

Tom Hanks


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The Rock Makes a New Friend after Bashing His Car into Him (2 pics)


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10 Celebrity Sex Scenes That Are Awkward And Cringeworthy (10 pics)

We always wanted to see these celebrities in sexy positions, but not like this.

Jane March in Color Of Night (1994) – starring alongside Bruce Willis, the 20 year old March might have thought it was the key to her movie career. Quite the contrary, the risque scenes, showing explicit nudity, were a career killer for her, as she hasn’t made a single impactful appearance since


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Secret Celebrity Appearances You Never Noticed In Movies And TV Shows (20 pics)

You probably didn’t spot these celebrities the first time around. But now that you know they’re in there, you’ll never watch these scenes the same way again.


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Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Pass On First Class As They Fly To Paris (14 pics)

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are two of the most famous people on the planet but they’re still very down to Earth. They recently took their six children on a trip to Paris. But instead of flying on a private jet or even first class, they decided to fly economy just like the rest of us do.


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Johnny Depp Takes Time To Meet Fans While Dressed As Jack Sparrow (6 pics)

Johnny Depp was making his way to the “Pirates of the Caribbean 5″ set in Queensland, Australia when he was greeted by a group of fans. He took time out of his day to stop and talk with as many as he could and all the fans that talked to him said that they couldn’t believe how nice he was in real life.


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Cool Facts About The People’s Champion Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (12 pics)

The Rock has been and always will be The People’s Champion and these facts tell the story of how he became the man he is today.


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8 Actors Who Play Tough Guys On The Big Screen But Nice Guys In Real Life (8 pics)

We often associate certain actors with certain characters but these actors couldn’t be any different from the people they play on the big screen.


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Jessica Alba Looks Hotter Than Ever As She Shows Off Her Body In A Bikini (10 pics)

Jessica Alba just keeps getting hotter as time goes on. She recently did a photo shoot where the showed off her bikini body and it’s absolutely perfect.


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10 Actors Who Went To Extreme Lengths To Get Into Character (10 pics)

You can call these actors crazy all you want, but no one’s ever going to say that they weren’t dedicated to making these characters come to life.

Robert De Niro: Before starring in “Taxi Driver,” De Niro became an actual New York cabbie for a few weeks to get a feel for their day-to-day.


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Ryan Reynolds Granted This Boy’s Wish When He Visited The Deadpool Set (2 pics)

Ryan Reynolds doesn’t just play a hero on the big screen, he’s also a hero in real life. Tony Acevedo is currently battling cancer and he also happens to be a huge Deadpool fan. When the Make A Wish Foundation offered to bring Tony to the set of “Deadpool” Ryan Reynolds was more than happy to make his day. Ryan made him feel right at home and even let him wear Deadpool’s mask and gloves.


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Christina Milian Hangs Out On The Beach In A Soaking Wet Bikini (5 pics)

Christina Milian recently took a trip to the beach and she’s looking better than ever. She put on a bikini and a #WCW necklace then got wet in the Miami water. Wet is definitely a good look for her.


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Meet Bradley Cooper’s Girlfriend Irina Shayk (18 pics)

Irina Shayk is a Russian model and actress who’s very easy on the eyes. She’s getting a lot of attention lately thanks to her relationship with famous American film star Bradley Cooper. Hopefully this means we’ll be seeing a lot more of Irina Shayk in the near future.


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Will Smith And Margot Robbie Get Wet On The Set Of Suicide Squad (14 pics)

Will Smith and his co-star Margot Robbie recently got wet and wild on the set of “Suicide Squad” in Toronto. A very lucky Will Smith who plays Deadshot in the film got the chance to hold Margot Robbie decked out in full Harley Quinn gear in his arms.


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