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Mickey Rourke Is 62 And He Beat Up A 29 Year Old Boxer (13 pics)

At 62 years old Mickey Rourke is in better shape then most men in their prime. On Friday, in Moscow, Mickey Rourke beat 29-year-old Elliot Seymour, an American professional boxer, in the second round.


Бокс. Тренировка Руслана Проводникова и Луиса Кастильо
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20 Celebrities In 1994 And In 2014 (20 pics)

Like a fine wine, most of these celebrities only got better with age.


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What Ian McKellen Looked Like In 1981 (3 pics)

Ian McKellan is known all over the world for playing older characters such as Gandalf and Magneto. But back in 1981, he was a much younger man.


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Taylor Momsen Has Changed So Much Over The Years (6 pics)

You won’t even believe that the girl in the first picture is the same girl in the last picture.


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Keira Knightley Posing Topless Is The Internet’s Newest Meme (9 pics)

Keira Knightley recently made headlines as she posed topless for Interview Magazine and insisted that none of her photos be photoshopped. Well the originals might not be photoshopped but the Internet is having a great time turning the original photos into a meme.


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The Cast Of “Napoleon Dynamite” Back In The Day And Today (11 pics)

It’s been over 10 years since “Napoleon Dynamite” became a pop culture phenomenon and as you’re about to see, a lot can change in 10 years.


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Celebrities You Never Knew Were Related (16 pics)

There are so many celebrities in this world that it’s hard to keep up with all of them and even harder to figure out who’s related to who. Prepare to be surprised when you find out which celebrities are actually members of the same family.


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These Celebrities Have Some Surprising Secrets (15 pics)

Celebrities spend so much time in the limelight that it can be hard for them to keep secrets. You will definitely be surprised by what you’re about to find out when it comes to these celebrities.


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Fun Facts About Famous Actors And Musicians (12 pics)

Who would have thought that Dexter was actually married to his sister in real life?


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Famous Actors That Had Famous Roommates (14 pics)

It’s not easy to make it big in the entertainment industry so sometimes you need to move in with a roommate to split the bills. These famous friends helped launch each other’s careers by making their financial burden a little bit easier.


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WWE Superstars Before They Became Famous Wrestlers (19 pics)

In the wrestling business, it’s a long way to the top. You’ve got to spend years in the business paying dues to become a superstar but big things come from humble beginnings.


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Tom Cruise Performs Death Defying Stunt For New Mission Impossible (18 pics)

Tom Cruise is known for being a little crazy because he likes to do some of his own stunts. Recently while filming the new Mission Impossible movie he held onto the door of a Airbus A400M Atlas as it flew 5,000 feet above the British countryside. This man is insane.


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The Cast Of “I Know What You Did Last Summer” Then And Now (8 pics)

A lot can change in 17 years.


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Robert Downey Jr’s Trip To The DMV Is Now A Meme (11 pics)

Robert Downey Jr. recently took a trip to the DMV and he’s created the Internet’s newest meme. Is there anything this man can’t do?


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Fun Facts About Your Favorite Pornstars (20 pics)

Because pornstars are people too.


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