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What Your Favorite Childhood Actors Are Doing Now (11 pics)

These people became famous pretty quick when they were childhood actors. The Hollywood lifestyle isn’t for everyone though and these people walked away when the time was right.


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Fascinating Facts About Your Favorite Celebrities (14 pics)

Sometimes the stories that these celebrities tell off camera are even better than the ones they tell on camera.


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The Secret Talents Of Celebrities (25 pics)

Who knew that Bob Barker could do karate? Don’t mess with that guy.


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Celebrity Yearbook Photos You Need To See (15 pics)

These celebrities are all now huge stars but they had to start somewhere. At one point or another we’re all just awkward high school kids and celebrities are no different. See what your favorite stars looked like in high school.


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Amber Rose Shows Up Half Naked To The VMAs (4 pics)

Amber Rose showed up to the VMAs wearing a dress that was very revealing. She let it all hang out and we aren’t complaining one bit.


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Sylvester Stallone’s 15 Best Character Names Ever (15 pics)

These names go from awesome to straight up amazing. How do we get names like these ones?


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Hollywood Movies That Are Definitely Cursed (12 pics)

People throw the word “cursed” around quite a bit but we’re not quite sure they know what it means. Anyone who has ever worked on one of these films can tell you everything you need to know about the word “cursed.”


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Famous People Who Got Shot And Lived (19 pics)

For years people have been talking about how 50 Cent got shot and lived, but he’s not the only famous person that’s been pumped full of led and lived to talk about it.


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Sylvester Stallone’s Mother Is Hardcore (19 pics)

Sylvester Stallone’s mother is intense. She’s 92 years old but age hasn’t slowed her down one bit. She can still go and she trains in crossfit gyms regularly.


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Facts You Didn’t Know About Guardians Of The Galaxy (24 pics)

Guardians of the Galaxy is quickly becoming the biggest movie of the summer but did you know these fun facts?


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Kim Kardashian’s Cleavage (12 pics)

Kim Kardashian is letting it all hang out. Even the cops want to inspect her cleavage.


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Memorable Moments From The Life Of Robin Williams (25 pics)

Robin Williams is gone way too soon. May he rest in peace.


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Fun Facts About The Late Great Robin Williams (25 pics)

Robin Williams may be gone but his legacy will live forever.


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The Evolution Of Chyna Over The Years (25 pics)

Chyna was so sensitive about her looks that she changed herself with plastic surgery. By the time you get to the end she doesn’t even look like the same woman.



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Katy Perry Loses Panties in a Water Park (8 pics)



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