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These Actors Went To Extreme Lengths To Prepare For These Roles (23 pics)

When it came to getting ready for these roles, the actors listed below took no chances. This is method acting at its finest.


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Kanye West Texts Beck Demanding He Gives His Grammy To Beyonce (8 pics)

Kanye West just isn’t going to let this one go.


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Uma Thurman Doesn’t Look Like Herself Anymore (5 pics)

When Uma Thurman showed up at The Slap premiere in New York City on Monday night she got a lot of people talking. Her face was looking quite different which has caused a lot of speculation that the 44 year old actress recently had plastic surgery.


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Rowan Atkinson Should Have Been The Terminator Instead Of Arnold Schwarzenegger (5 pics)

Sorry Arnold but these pictures prove that Rowan Atkinson was the best man for the job.


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Celebrities Who Got Caught Doing The Walk Of Shame (14 pics)

Sometimes it’s nice to know that celebrities are normal people just like the rest of us. They have the same problems we all go through and they even have to do the walk of shame every once in a while.


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Lauren Stoner Shows Off Her Body At The Beach (12 pics)

She wasn’t prepared for a photo shoot but the paparazzi managed to get these sexy shots of Lauren Stoner anyway.


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The Little Girl From The Missy Elliott Videos Back In The Day And Today (4 pics)

She grew up to be quite the looker.


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Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Eminem (6 pics)

Eminem is arguably the most famous rapper in the world. But how much do you really know about Slim Shady?


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Proof That Daniel Radcliffe Is Awesome (2 pics)

Most celebrities probably wouldn’t be so excited about this, but Daniel Radcliffe isn’t most celebrities.


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Kim Kardashian Poses In A Furkini For Kanye West (3 pics)

Kim Kardashian wants to keep her man Kanye West happy. When he asked her to put on a furkini and head onto into the snow for a little photo shoot, she gave him exactly what he wanted.


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When Characters From The Hunger Games Get On Tinder (16 pics)

Wouldn’t you just kill to date some of these people?


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What Macaulay Culkin Is Really Up To Nowadays (8 pics)

A lot of rumors get spread around about Macaulay Culkin and his lifestyle. But the truth is he’s doing just fine and having a lot of fun with his band The Pizza Underground.


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Mayra Hills, aka Beshine, Has Giant Tits (14 pics)

Mayra Hills, aka Beshine is an adult model who has the biggest boobs in the world. There are 20 liters of saline in her breast sand and they weigh 40 lbs (18 kg). Her bra size is 32Z and her chest is 4’11” around.


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Famous Celebrities That Have Diseases (17 pics)

These celebrities may have a lot of things that you want, but you definitely don’t want these diseases.


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Hot Pictures Of Pamela Anderson On The Set Of Baywatch (24 pics)

Pamela Anderson was the first crush of many men as they started growing up. No one will ever forget the sight of her running up and down the beach on “Baywatch.”


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