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These Actors Aren’t Just Heroes In Movies They’re Heroes In Real Life Too (16 pics)

It takes a lot of hard work to be a hero on the big screen but it’s even harder to be a hero in real life. But somehow these famous actors make it look so easy.


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Fun Facts About The Legendary Jackie Chan (23 pics)

You probably know a few things about Jackie Chane but we’re here to let you know that there’s a very long list of impressive things he’s done that you didn’t know about, until now.


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This Man Makes Six Figures A Year Pretending To Be Alan From The Hangover (4 pics)

Thaddeus Kalinoski let himself go after his marriage fell apart and he began to notice something strange. He looked in the mirror and realized he looked just like Zack Galifianakis’ character Alan from “The Hangover.” He then left his job in Philadelphia and headed for Las Vegas. Now he makes over $200,000 and parties with beautiful women every single day.

Which one is which?


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Pamela Anderson Recently Hit The Red Carpet And She Looks Stunning (8 pics)

Even as she gets older Pamela Anderson is still just as sexy. She recently hit the red carpet for the premiere of the film “Gunman” with her son and she managed to turn quite a few heads. She wasn’t shy about showing off more than a little bit of cleavage either.


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Harrison Ford Crash Landed On A Gold Course To Keep Others Safe (10 pics)

There has been a lot of information going around about Harrison Ford’s now infamous plane crash and some people may be wondering how he ended up at the Penmar Golf Course in Santa Monica. When Ford realized his engine had failed he had to make a quick decision on where he was going to land. He had to choose between a crowded neighborhood or a golf course and he chose the golf course so that he wouldn’t injure anyone other than himself.


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Kate Moss Got Messy When She Partied With Lady Gaga (7 pics)

Kate Moss was headed into Club Haussmann on Friday night to party with her pal Lady Gaga when she ran into a group of photographers. She ended up attacking one of the photographers and a bodyguard had to separate her from the man. It’s not easy to shock Lady Gaga but even she looked stunned after the incident.


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It Looks Like Ed Sheeran Partied A Little Too Hard After The BRIT Awards (10 pics)

Ed Sheeran was nominated for a total of four BRIT Awards this year and he managed to win two of them. After the show he hit several after parties in London and continued to rage until 6 in the morning. It looks like his body gave out before his spirit did because his security team had to carry him back to his car.


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Christina Milian Shows Off A Whole Lot Of Sideboob On The Red Carpet (12 pics)

Christina Milian tried her best to hold her sideboob in place during the LA premiere for Focus but her strategically placed tape had other plans. Eventually the tape gave up on her, exposing a lot more of her sideboob than she probably wanted to show.


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These Actors Went To Extreme Lengths To Prepare For These Roles (23 pics)

When it came to getting ready for these roles, the actors listed below took no chances. This is method acting at its finest.


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Kanye West Texts Beck Demanding He Gives His Grammy To Beyonce (8 pics)

Kanye West just isn’t going to let this one go.


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Uma Thurman Doesn’t Look Like Herself Anymore (5 pics)

When Uma Thurman showed up at The Slap premiere in New York City on Monday night she got a lot of people talking. Her face was looking quite different which has caused a lot of speculation that the 44 year old actress recently had plastic surgery.


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Rowan Atkinson Should Have Been The Terminator Instead Of Arnold Schwarzenegger (5 pics)

Sorry Arnold but these pictures prove that Rowan Atkinson was the best man for the job.


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Celebrities Who Got Caught Doing The Walk Of Shame (14 pics)

Sometimes it’s nice to know that celebrities are normal people just like the rest of us. They have the same problems we all go through and they even have to do the walk of shame every once in a while.


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Lauren Stoner Shows Off Her Body At The Beach (12 pics)

She wasn’t prepared for a photo shoot but the paparazzi managed to get these sexy shots of Lauren Stoner anyway.


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The Little Girl From The Missy Elliott Videos Back In The Day And Today (4 pics)

She grew up to be quite the looker.


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