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Milla Jovovich Shows Off Her Old Alice Look From The Resident Evil Set (3 pics)

Milla Jovovich has transformed into an older version of her character Alice for the new Resident Evil movie. But when you remove all the makeup she still looks just as gorgeous as she always has.


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Photographic Proof That Katy Perry Still Looks Hot Without Makeup (8 pics)

People like to make a big deal about Katy Perry by saying that she only looks good when she wears makeup. Well, these pictures are living proof that they’re wrong.

With makeup


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10 Dirty Secrets High Profile Celebs Don’t Want You To Know (10 pics)

When you’re as famous as these people are you’re always in the public eye. That means hiding dirty little secrets can be a big challenge. Here’s a few of Hollywood’s biggest secrets that became public knowledge.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger Hid A Clever Message In One Of His Letters (3 pics)

Arnold Schwarzenegger was the Governor of California for a staggering 7 years and it wasn’t easy. He ended his run with record ow approval ratings of 23%. Over the course of his 7 year tenure as Governor he had to deal with a lot of hate. Lucky for him he knew exactly how to handle it.


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Abigail Breslin Has Grown Up To Be A Gorgeous Young Woman (7 pics)

Most people remember Abigail Breslin as the little kid from “Little Miss Sunshine” but now she’s all grown up and she’s turning heads.


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Robin Williams’ Widow Reveals Why He Took His Own Life (3 pics)

The world was saddened when Robin Williams took his own life in 2014 and there was a lot of mystery surrounding his death. Now his widow has come forward and revealed what really killed him.


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Photographer Uses Childhood Celebrity Photos To Make New Movie Posters (13 pics)

Photographer Leo Lardy came up with a great idea when he decided to use childhood photos of celebrities to recreate their famous movie posters. It’s a whole new look at some of Hollywood’s most famous movie posters and album covers.


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The Funniest Celebrity Quotes Of All TIme (19 pics)

Celebrities are just like regular people, only famous and way funnier.


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Ricky Gervais Used Twitter To Save Hundreds Of Dogs (10 pics)

A shelter in Odai, Romania recently received 650 dogs but they needed $30,000 to give the dogs everything they need. The shelter was having a hard time raising money until comedian Ricky Gervais stepped in. He retweeted the fundraising campaign’s original message and now the shelter is close to reaching their goal.


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Vin Diesel Reacts To People Saying He Has A ‘Dad Bod’ (7 pics)

Last week some pictures of a shirtless Vin Diesel hit the Internet. The pictures showed Diesel looking like he had packed on a few pounds prompting people to refer to his physique as a “dad bod.” Diesel is getting back at the body shamers by showing off his abs and what they look like now.



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People Who Wore The Perfect Shirts While Meeting Celebrities (15 pics)

When it comes to celebrity meetings, they don’t get much more perfect than this.


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Meet Naomi Scott The New Pink Power Ranger (12 pics)

Naomi Scott is a beautiful 22 year old actress who will be playing the role of Kimberly, better known as the Pink Ranger. in the “Power Rangers” movie reboot. After taking a second to admire her natural beauty, it’s not hard to see why she was cast in the role.


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Yoko Ono And Friends Celebrate John Lennon’s Birthday In New York City (5 pics)

Yoko Ono was joined by over 2,000 people on Tuesday in New York City’s Central Park. The large group came together to form a human peace sign in honor of the late John Lennon who would have been celebrating his birthday on Friday. A representative from Guinness World Records says they needed at least 5,000 people to set a new record and although they might not have made the cut, the effort still made for a memorable sight.


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Taylor Swift Donates $50,000 To Help A Kid With Cancer (5 pics)

Taylor Swift truly is a real life angel. She donated $50,000 to a GoFundMe campaign that was setup to help the nephew of one of her backup dancers who’s currently fighting cancer.

Kim ‘Toshi’ Davidson has an adorable 13-month-old nephew who was just diagnosed with cancer.


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Anna Kendrick Has The Most Entertaining Profile On Twitter (16 pics)

If you’re ever in need of a good laugh, just open up Twitter and look at Anna Kendrick’s profile. She always knows how to say the right things at the right time.


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