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Bad Guys Flipping Over Smart Cars In San Francisco (8 pics)

Someone is flipping Smarts in San Francisco.


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Wrecked Lamborghini Aventador in London (12 pics)

What a loss.


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Mercedes CS50 Versailles Edition (24 pics)

Mercedes CS50 Versailles Edition by a German car tuning manufacturer Carlsson. The car that has 278 gold parts will cost around $500,000.


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Nate Robinson’s Cars (21 pics)

Garage of Denver Nuggets’ Nate Robinson. There Porsche Panamera, Range Rover Sport, Cadillac CTS, Pontiac Firebird and other great cars.


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The Worst but Still Nice Self Made Yacht Ever (17 pics)

All you need is a van, old sofa and a boat. And a vision, of course.


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Car Mechanics’ Secrets (25 pics)

Got a car? Read it.


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Fully Functional Truck Made From Ice (9 pics)

A Canadian ice sculpture company called Iceculture has built an 11,000 pound (5,000 kg), fully functional and drivable ice truck.


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Tattooed Ferrari F430 (8 pics)

By Philippe Pasqua.

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Packard Cavalier 1953 (4 pics)

This Packard Cavalier 1953 has a parking wheel.


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Lamborghini Roasted Turkey (5 pics)

Using Lamborghini Aventador exhaust system to roast turkey.

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Paul Walker’s Car Collection (21 pics)


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VIP Amored Car (18 pics)

Custom Russian armored vehicle BTR, an 8×8 wheeled amphibious armored personnel carrier.

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The Real Story behind a Buried Ferrari (8 pics)

A metallic green Dino 246 GTS was uncovered in the yard of a Los Angeles home in 1978 when kids came across it while digging in the mud. At the time, the car’s estimated worth was $18,000 and investigators discovered that it was bought in 1974 by Rosendo Cruz of Alhambra, California who had reported the car stolen.


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Solid Gold Aventador LP 700-4 Model (13 pics)

This solid gold Aventador LP 700-4 model is on sale for $400,000.


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Anti-Zombie Car (18 pics)

This anti-zombie car was spotted at the San Diego Comic-Con. The best vehicle for a zombie apocalypse.


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