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What It Looks Like When A Monster Truck Becomes A Limousine (9 pics)

Big Toyz Racing (BTR) Motors, based in Hawaii, recently put their Bigfoot limousine up for sale. The vehicle is a cross between a monster truck and a limousine so that you can run other cars over but also do it with class.


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This Is What Happens When You Combine A Car With A Bike (9 pics)

Not too long ago a company called The Future People debuted this vehicle at the North American Auto Show in Detroit. It’s what you get when you combine an electric bike with a car body and it looks like it would be a lot of fun to drive.


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1967 Mohs Ostentatienne Opera Sedan Looks Amazing When It’s Restored (19 pics)

Bruce Mohs built these unique sedans between 1967 and 1979. They were a limited production and it’s rare to see them nowadays. This man got his hands on one and restored it. Now it’s one of the coolest looking cars on the road.


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This Porsche Is Owned By The Last Person You Would Expect (4 pics)

This Porsche 918 is one of the most powerful and fastest cars on the planet. Recently it’s been spotted cruising around the streets of Florida being driven by an old lady. Who says old women can’t have cool cars too?


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When A Mercedes Collides With A Jaguar (9 pics)

A $4 million dollar Mercedes recently crashed into a $1 million dollar Jaguar during a race at Goodwood Circuit in the United Kingdom. Fans in attendance were stunned as these two classic cars collided and both took some serious damage. The repairs are estimated to cost well over $100,000 dollars to restore the cars back to prime condition.


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Plymouth Duster Goes From Hunk Of Junk To Award Winning Car (25 pics)

This Plymouth Duster wasn’t much to look at when it was first purchased, but now it’s a whole new car. It went from a piece of junk in the garage to a car that has appeared in magazines and even won awards.


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Well That’s One Way To Destroy Your Ferrari F430 (10 pics)

This guy has the worst luck ever as he managed to land his Ferrari F430 in a Chinese river. It’s going to take a lot of money to get that thing back on the road.


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John Collins Buys Aladdin’s Cave Of Classic Cars For $20 Million (13 pics)

John Collins recently bought a collection of 27 cars which includes Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche and Lamborghini models. He’s now the owner of some of the most incredible cars on the planet. This $20 million dollar purchase is one of the biggest deals in British history.


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SPECTRE – Stunt Car Setup (6 pics)

One the set with Daniel Craig.


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US President’s Car (9 pics)

The limousine used to transport the President of the United States was built by the secret service and it costs a pricey $1.5 million. The car is bullet and bomb proof and made of steel, titanium, aluminium and ceramic materials. It is officially called “Cadillac One” but nicknamed “The Beast”.


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The Dealer Wanted $4400 But He Found A Cheap Fix For His Toyota Hybrid (12 pics)

This is proof that you can’t always trust what the dealer says. Sometimes it’s better to do your own research when it comes to car maintenance.


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This Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG Limo Is Ballin (8 pics)

If you’ve got $1 million dollars to spare this Mercedes Benz armored limo is exactly what you need. It says you mean business on the outside but you want to party on the inside. You can kick back some cocktails all while withstanding small arms fire. What more could you ask for?


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This Homemade Batmobile Is Legit (9 pics)

It took 9 years to build this Batmobile and from the looks of it, it was worth every second.


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Driver Destroys A $1 Million Dollar McLaren P1 (6 pics)

This guy destroyed his brand new million dollar McLaren P1. The worst part is that he didn’t even get to enjoy it before it was destroyed because he crashed it the same exact day he bought it.


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Police Confiscate Very Expensive Sports Cars (16 pics)

Hong Kong police have recently been cracking down on street racing and their putting together quite the collection by impounding exotic sports cars.


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