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The Rock Rat River Raider Is A Vehicle Built For The Apocalypse (10 pics)

The “Rock Rat River Raider” is a custom vehicle which was created by Hauk designs. The vehicle is rugged and built to survive whatever the apocalypse can throw at it.


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This Mad Max Style Car Is Roaming The Streets (8 pics)

The owner of this car must either really like the Mad Max movies or he’s preparing for the zombie apocalypse.


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The Interior Of An Aston Martin Lagonda Is Out Of This World (5 pics)

Aston Martin Lagonda was only made between 1974 and 1990, the the car’s interior has left quite the lasting legacy.


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One Man Is Pimping Out People’s Cars With Cardboard (8 pics)

Max Siedentopf, a photographer from the Netherlands has taken it upon himself to pimp out the rides of strangers. He’s making people’s cars way cooler and he’s using cardboard to do it.


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27 Year Old Chinese Engineer Builds Homemade Super Car (14 pics)

27-year-old Chen Yan Xi is a Chinese engineer with a passion for cars. He recently showed off his latest creation at the 2015 Hainan International Automotive Industry Exhibition and it looks like a dream come true. He built it with his own two hands and it looks like it could hold its own against any Lamborghini or Ferrari.


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Lamborghini Aventador Gets Cut In Half (5 pics)

The owner of this Lamborghini Aventador is trying to sell his car but isn’t having much luck. Perhaps it’s because he’s only trying to sell half a car. His Lamborghini was ripped apart a few years ago and now he’s trying to get what he can out of it. The only problem is, no one wants to buy half a Lamborghini for $125,000.


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Mansory Knows How To Take Your Ride To The Next Level (18 pics)

Mansory is a luxury car modification studio based out of Germany and they’ve made quite the name for themselves. They know exactly how to give your car a makeover and take it from just another car on the road to one of a kind.


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Man Proposes To Girlfriend In A Heart Made Of Exotic Cars (5 pics)

This man wanted to propose to his girlfriend but he wanted to make the proposal extra special. He got some friends together, had them bring their coolest cars and put them in the shape of a heart. This is sure to be a moment that neither one of them will ever forget.


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The 1957 Aghnides Rhino Is Truly An All Terrain Vehicle (4 pics)

Forget the four wheel drive vehicles that you’re used to. The Aghnides Rhino can travel on land, water and even overcome steep climbs at an angle up to 65 degrees. The vehicle is a beast but it never caught on the way the creators hoped it would because at over 5 tons, it’s just too heavy.


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These Chinese Cars Look Very Familiar (7 pics)

Visitors to the Frankfurt Auto Show quickly noticed that some of the Chinese cars on display looked familiar, a little too familiar. These companies hired an entire team of designers to create new cars and all they got were blatant rip offs of cars that already exist.


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Unique Ferrari (6 pics)

This unique Ferrari was built Panther Westwinds in 1972.


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Floyd Mayweather Buys New $4.8 Million Dollar Car (5 pics)

Floyd Mayweather spent $4.8 million dollars to purchase a Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita on Saturday. Mayweather, who is the highest paid athlete in the world right now says the car is only 1 of 2 models of the vehicle that have ever been made.


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This Luxury Ford F-750 Is The Only Truck You’ll Ever Need (13 pics)

This luxury Ford F-750 is often referred to as the “yacht on wheels” and it’s not hard to see why. The truck has everything you could ever need, including a toilet.


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This Bus Is A Bachelor Party On Wheels (13 pics)

This bus is locked and loaded with party supplies and plenty of guns. It’s the ultimate bachelor party on wheels.


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Buick Riveria Gets An Extreme Makeover (7 pics)

JF Launier bought bought what was left of this 1964 Buick Riveria for only $400. It didn’t look like much to start but he spent a lot of time and a lot of money restoring the vehicle and it’s not a very impressive custom car. The cars value has skyrocketed after Launier spent $300,000 on the restoration.


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