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SPECTRE – Stunt Car Setup (6 pics)

One the set with Daniel Craig.


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US President’s Car (9 pics)

The limousine used to transport the President of the United States was built by the secret service and it costs a pricey $1.5 million. The car is bullet and bomb proof and made of steel, titanium, aluminium and ceramic materials. It is officially called “Cadillac One” but nicknamed “The Beast”.


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The Dealer Wanted $4400 But He Found A Cheap Fix For His Toyota Hybrid (12 pics)

This is proof that you can’t always trust what the dealer says. Sometimes it’s better to do your own research when it comes to car maintenance.


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This Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG Limo Is Ballin (8 pics)

If you’ve got $1 million dollars to spare this Mercedes Benz armored limo is exactly what you need. It says you mean business on the outside but you want to party on the inside. You can kick back some cocktails all while withstanding small arms fire. What more could you ask for?


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This Homemade Batmobile Is Legit (9 pics)

It took 9 years to build this Batmobile and from the looks of it, it was worth every second.


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Driver Destroys A $1 Million Dollar McLaren P1 (6 pics)

This guy destroyed his brand new million dollar McLaren P1. The worst part is that he didn’t even get to enjoy it before it was destroyed because he crashed it the same exact day he bought it.


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Police Confiscate Very Expensive Sports Cars (16 pics)

Hong Kong police have recently been cracking down on street racing and their putting together quite the collection by impounding exotic sports cars.


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This Real Life “Back To The Future” DeLorean Is A Dream Come True (10 pics)

This is a pretty strong contender for coolest car ever.


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New Ambulances in Dubai are Some of the Top Luxury Cars (29 pics)

Medical services in the United Arab Emirates have introduced some of the fastest “super cars” as their emergency transportation. The latest cars to be used for this job are the Lotus Evora and the Ford Mustang, which are able to travel two to three times faster than normal coach ambulances and are reportedly able to reach a patient in less than four minutes. The cars are equipped with medical supplies such as oxygen bags, cardiac defibrillators, means for applying plaster casts and are doctors will be trained on how to drive these cars safely.


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Hot Babe Gets A New Car (3 pics)

The car in the first frame could probably be fixed, but why fix it when you can get a whole new car?


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The Vehicles Of The Mexican Drug War (14 pics)

If you’re going to try and smuggle drugs in Mexico, you’ve got to get creative when it comes to the vehicles you use.


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If You Own A Car You Need To Know These Tips (24 pics)

If you’re a car owner you probably want to get the most out of your vehicle. Help keep your car in good shape by following these tips.


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The 26 Most Expensive Cars Ever Sold At An Auction (26 pics)

If you’re going to an auction in hopes that you will find a cheap car for a good price, stay away from these ones.


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Old Pontiac Sells For Over $200,000 (20 pics)

The owner of this Pontiac LeMans Tempest Super Duty had know idea what he had with this car. He inherited it thinking it was a piece of junk but he was so wrong. He put it on eBay for $500 and it ended up selling for $226,521. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure right?


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Arab Super Mercedes (4 pics)

This super Mercedes was flown from Kuwait to London for the low price of $33,000.


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