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Turkey Has Uncovered These 2,000 Year Old Mosaics (14 pics)

These mosaics in Turkey were buried because of flooding but they’ve finally been uncovered and they look incredible.


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Paralyzed Groom Dances With His Bride (8 pics)

27 year old Sergeant Joey Johnson is paralyzed from the waist down but he didn’t let that stop him from dancing with his bride on his wedding day. This might be the most magical wedding moment ever.


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Brave Little Girl (6 pics)

After her young sister Natalie was diagnosed with cancer a 7-year-old Hannah Grosegnor decided to shave her head to show support.


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Pilot Captures Rare Celestial Phenomenon (4 pics)

Pilots have a great view of the world. While flying through Vivaro, Italy, during a thunderstorm a pilot recently snapped these photos of the red lights which is one of the rarest celestial phenomenons known to man. It looks great in pictures, we can only imagine how amazing it must have looked in person.


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10 Amazing Pools You Need To Swim In (10 pics)

Surely you have quite a few things on your bucket list already but after you see these amazing pools, you’re going to have to add swimming in them to your list.


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Andrea Calle May Be The Hottest Journalist Ever (11 pics)

It’s not often that you think of a journalist as a sex symbol but Andrea Calle is the exception.


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The Most Amazing Glass Treehouse On The Planet (6 pics)

Located in the mountains of Kazakhstan, this glass treehouse gets you in touch with nature and luxury at the same time.


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Strangers Were Asked to Photoshop a Photo of a 6-Week-Old Child (17 pics)

This one is tragic and touching. Nathan Steffel from Ohio asked strangers on Reddit to photoshop a photo of his 6-week-old daughter after she passed away. He wanted her medical tubing to be removed.


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Beautiful Shots Of The Sun From Manhattan (19 pics)

Manhattan is a magical place but it becomes simply stunning when you can catch a glimpse of a beautiful sunset like the ones below.


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What Beauty Looks Like In Different Countries (21 pics)

This is what all the countries around the world consider to be beautiful.


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If Elsa From Frozen Was Real And Super Hot (24 pics)

Anna Faith is a model that’s been getting a lot of attention lately because she looks like Elsa from Frozen. Let’s be honest though, Elsa wishes she looked this good.


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This Poor Girl Died In 1870 But Her Spirit Lives On (9 pics)

A man’s daughter sadly passed away from drowning back in 1870 and he needed a way to remember her. What he created in her memory is something the whole world can enjoy.


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Take A Look At Marlon Brando’s Private Island (16 pics)

The resort sits on a motus surrounding a three-mile wide lagoon. The whole property is privately owned and available exclusively to the resort’s guests and visiting researchers. The only access is by a 20-minute private flight from Tahiti.


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They Were the Love of Each Other’s Lives (5 pics)

Helen and Kenneth Felumlee, couple of 70 years, who never spent one night alone, died one day after the other.


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Beautiful Places That Can Disappear (20 pics)

These places on Earth are slowly disappearing. You may want to visit them before it’s too late


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