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It’s Almost Impossible To Tell Which One Is The Real Taylor Swift (20 pics)

Kietra Jane is a 21 year old student from the University of Utah and she looks almost exactly like Taylor Swift. She’s built up a big following online thanks to her good looks and she can even sing too. She shares such a distinct resemblance to Taylor Swift that it’s become really difficult for people to tell them apart.


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Adressa Damiani Is Brazil’s Human Barbie Doll (9 pics)

Andressa Damiani is often referred to as Brazil’s human Barbie doll. She has a 20-inch waist and 32F bra size and she wears contacts that give her a blank stare. Some people find her scary but she’s become famous in her home country where people on the street call her Elsa thanks to her resemblance to the “Frozen” character.


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Woman Gets A Nice Surprise After Leaving A Note For A Stranger (2 pics)

This woman recently came home to find that her reserved parking spot had been taken by a stranger. She sucked it up and parked elsewhere but that caused her to get a parking ticket. She left a note for the stranger who parked in her space and much to her surprise, the stranger left her $100 in cash.

After someone stole her parking space, this women decided to leave this note


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Father Saves His Son’s Life By Breaking The Law (4 pics)

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

A man, George Pickering took a gun to a hospital and had a stand-off with police for three hours. George’s son also named George had been declared brain dead by doctors after suffering a massive stroke in January this year. The 27 year old man had been on life support till doctors decided on a ‘terminal wean’ – whereby life support is slowly withdrawn to end a life. Pickering’s ex-wife and other son had agreed to the move and the young man had been placed on the organ donation register. Pickering 59, didnt agree to the move. ‘They were moving too fast. The hospital, the nurses, the doctors. I knew if I had three or four hours that night that I would know whether George was brain-dead’, he said to news men.


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Two Australians Went On An Incredible Adventure To Find A Girl In India (23 pics)

Chris Bray and his wife Jess recently visited India and they were on a very specific mission. They were trying to find a girl from a picture and they ended up on a very special adventure.


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Heartwarming Stories To Remind You That Some Great Things Happened in 2015 (28 pics)

Sure, there were some terrible things that happened in 2015. But it wasn’t all bad.


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These Heartwarming Drawings Will Take You Through A Dog’s Entire Life (16 pics)

Dogs are the most loyal pets on the planet. After spending many years with your loyal pup it can be hard to say goodbye when it’s their time to go. That’s why the people at Anything Comic have put these nice little illustrations together. As much as it hurts to say goodbye, you know that your dog will be happy when they pass on.


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A Homemade Periscope Allows This Man To See The Eiffel Tower From His Bed (12 pics)

You really can’t argue with this awesome view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Especially when you can see it from your bed.


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Beautiful Moments In Life(24 pics)


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Teenage Girl Uses Her Battle With Cystic Fibrosis To Inspire Others (15 pics)

This girl was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis but she didn’t let that slow her down. She kept her head up high and a smile on her face in hopes of helping others find the strength to carry on.


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Man Uses Sunsets To Create Awesome Selfies (26 pics)

John Marshall decided he was sick of regular selfies so he decided to start a project called “sunset selfies” while living in a cabin on Frye Island in Maine. He used cardboard cut outs so that he could create some of the most unique selfies that this planet has ever seen.


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Mansory Knows How To Take Your Ride To The Next Level (18 pics)

Mansory is a luxury car modification studio based out of Germany and they’ve made quite the name for themselves. They know exactly how to give your car a makeover and take it from just another car on the road to one of a kind.


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This Woman Doesn’t Have Legs But She Makes $1,000 A Day Modeling Lingerie (11 pics)

Kanya Sesser, of Los Angeles, is changing the perception of what a model can be. She was abandoned on the steps of a Buddhist temple in Thailand when she was born without legs. Her adoptive parents moved her to the United States when she was five and she’s been pursuing her dreams ever since. Now she’s 23 years old and makes $1,000 a day as a lingerie model.


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Meet The Beautiful Model With A Bionic Arm (12 pics)

Rebekah Marine, 28, from Woodbury, New Jersey, has a bionic arm but she hasn’t let that stop her from pursuing her dream of modeling. She’s making quite a name for herself in the industry and her prosthetic limb only adds to her appeal.


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Unique Ferrari (6 pics)

This unique Ferrari was built Panther Westwinds in 1972.


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