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Beautiful Moments In Life(24 pics)


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Teenage Girl Uses Her Battle With Cystic Fibrosis To Inspire Others (15 pics)

This girl was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis but she didn’t let that slow her down. She kept her head up high and a smile on her face in hopes of helping others find the strength to carry on.


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Man Uses Sunsets To Create Awesome Selfies (26 pics)

John Marshall decided he was sick of regular selfies so he decided to start a project called “sunset selfies” while living in a cabin on Frye Island in Maine. He used cardboard cut outs so that he could create some of the most unique selfies that this planet has ever seen.


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Mansory Knows How To Take Your Ride To The Next Level (18 pics)

Mansory is a luxury car modification studio based out of Germany and they’ve made quite the name for themselves. They know exactly how to give your car a makeover and take it from just another car on the road to one of a kind.


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This Woman Doesn’t Have Legs But She Makes $1,000 A Day Modeling Lingerie (11 pics)

Kanya Sesser, of Los Angeles, is changing the perception of what a model can be. She was abandoned on the steps of a Buddhist temple in Thailand when she was born without legs. Her adoptive parents moved her to the United States when she was five and she’s been pursuing her dreams ever since. Now she’s 23 years old and makes $1,000 a day as a lingerie model.


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Meet The Beautiful Model With A Bionic Arm (12 pics)

Rebekah Marine, 28, from Woodbury, New Jersey, has a bionic arm but she hasn’t let that stop her from pursuing her dream of modeling. She’s making quite a name for herself in the industry and her prosthetic limb only adds to her appeal.


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Unique Ferrari (6 pics)

This unique Ferrari was built Panther Westwinds in 1972.


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World’s Largest Flower Parade In The Netherlands (14 pics)

These floats were inspired by Vincent Van Gogh.


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Extremely Rare Fire Rainbow Spotted In The Skies Of South Carolina (6 pics)

People in Isle of Palms, South Carolina got a nice surprise a few days ago when they say a rare fire rainbow in the sky above. Technically these rainbows are referred to as circumhorizontal arcs and they are created by high level cirrus clouds made up of tiny ice crystals.


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This Beautiful McDonald’s Worker From Taiwan Is Becoming An Internet Sensation (12 pics)

This gorgeous woman is known as Weiwei and she works in the most unlikeliest of places. She works at a McDonald’s in Taiwan and men everywhere are flocking to her store to get a look at her. She’s become the newest Internet sensation as people are now calling her the McDonald’s Goddess.


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This Guy Lost His iPhone In The Ocean Then Got It Back Over A Month Later (8 pics)

If you lost your phone in the ocean you would probably just assume that thing was gone forever. But this guy got lucky when a scuba diver came across his phone in the water and then returned it to him.


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Man Spends 4 Years Growing A Live Tree Church In New Zealand (7 pics)

New Zealander Brian Cox’s owns a company called Treelocations which specializes in tree placement. With his vast amount of knowledge on the subject Brian was able to create a beautiful church made out of an iron frame and live trees over the course of 4 years.


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Widower Is Blown Away When His Wife’s ‘Miracle Dollar’ Finds Its Way Home (5 pics)

Peter Biello lost his lovely wife years ago after she passed away due to a battle with cancer. She may be gone, but she’s still helping Peter out in mysterious ways.


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California Couple That Had Been Married For 75 Years Died In Each Other’s Arms (7 pics)

Alexander (95) and Jeanette (95) had been dating since they were only 8 years old and they got married in 1940. After spending 75 years as a married couple their bodies finally gave out on them as they passed away in each other’s arms.

After 75 years of marriage, this couple died in each other’s arms


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Is This The Most Beautiful Motorcycle In The World? (5 pics)

This motorcycle has a one of a kind paint job, it’s a pleasure to look at and the lights are equipped to illuminate and city street. The bike is definitely fun to ride but it’s even more fun to look at.


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