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These Pictures Are Guaranteed To Make You Feel Old (17 pics)

Where has the time gone?


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Largest Dinosaur Ever Gets Discovered In Argentina (11 pics)

Paleontologists recently discovered the largest dinosaur ever in Argetina. Dubbed the Argetinosaurus, this monster is estimated to have been 130 feet long, 65 feet tall and would have weighed 77 metric tons. Could you imagine having this thing for a pet?


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Very Rare Discoveries From Days Gone By (10 pics)

This list features some crazy stuff such as a 100 year old spider attack and a Megalodon jaw. It kind of makes you glad that these things no longer exist today.

A 100 million year-old spider attack, this spider was attacking its prey when it got caught in amber, the only preserved attack ever found. These bugs lived in the Hukawng Valley of Myanmar in the Early Cretaceous, between 97-110 million years ago.


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This Sinkhole Ate The End Zone (7 pics)

Austin Peay State University unfortunately has a giant sinkhole problem right in the end zone of their football field. Could you imagine going for a touchdown and running straight into this thing?


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Very Interesting Photos (20 pics)


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Learn The Secrets Of Body Language (14 pics)

Body language is a language all it’s own. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they position themselves. Educate yourself on the signs of body language so you can know what everyone is saying at all times even if they aren’t speaking.


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That’s A Lot Of Cocaine (8 pics)

Colombian police seized 2,350 kilos of cocaine they found on just one boat. That’s two tons of cocaine, enough to get you high for a lifetime. The police showed off their catch in public so they could let drug dealers know that no one escapes the law.


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Wack Facts That Might Blow Your Mind (13 pics)

These are some of the strangest facts you’ll ever read but all of them are totally true. The world is a strange place.


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Photographer Tries To Get Exlusive Up Skirt Pics (6 pics)

30-year-old actress America Ferrera got way more than she bargained for at the Cannes Film Festival. She was just there to have a good time but instead she had to fight off some guy who was trying to get up her dress.


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13 Great Things You Can Do With WD-40 (13 pics)

People underestimate the awesomeness of WD-40. It’s a very helpful tool. Did you know it can do all of these things?


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The Difference Between Rich And Poor In Mexico (4 pics)

A recent ad campaign put these pictures which show the homes of wealthy people next to the homes of poor people. The difference is unbelievable.


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This House Has A Star Trek And A Call Of Duty Room (23 pics)

This house in Florida is for sale for the cool price of $35 million. It’s the home of former Adult Friend Finder CEO and it has an epic Star Trek room as well as a Call of Duty room. When can we move in?


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25 Tips That Will Make You A Lot Healthier (25 pics)

You want to get healthy right? Of course you do, everyone does. Follow these tips and your body will be feeling better in no time.


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Outlandish Facts That Are Interesting and True (22 pics)


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Pictures Capture An Extreme Explosion (7 pics)

This is the before and after shots of what happens when 60 tons of explosives go off in Syria. By the end, there’s nothing left.


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