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What Planet Earth Will Look Like In The Future (5 pics)

Earth and The Universe as a whole are going to go through some changes in the future. Things don’t look good for the future of Earth.

In 600 million years the sun will have caused so much carbon dioxide to be trapped in Earth’s crust that photosynthesis will cease says Hanson, leading to all multicellular life being eradicated. By the billion-year mark, all oceans and life will have disappeared from the surface of Earth, leaving it looking somewhat like Mars


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Products That Were Created By War (4 pics)

When it comes to war nobody wins. These products were created so that soldiers could survive. Discover the interesting origins of these 4 common products.


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The Coolest And Biggest Cruise Ships On The Planet (11 pics)

Cruise ships can be pretty amazing and also enormous. Some of these ships are bigger than the length of four football fields. Check out the biggest and baddest cruise ships currently out on the sea.


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Awesome Trick For Smuggling Alcohol (4 pics)

Do you need to smuggle alcohol into an event somewhere? Bottles always look suspicious but no one is ever going to look twice at this trick.


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Weight Lifting Mom Gets Ripped Right Before Birth (15 pics)

This mommy didn’t slow down one bit after getting pregnant. She even hit the weights just hours before her birth and in the last set of pictures she was actually 1 cm dilated at the time they were taken.


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This Is What Dried Human Tears Look Like (5 pics)

These pictures of dried human tears are pretty remarkable but they get even cooler when they’re broken down into individual emotions. See the big difference between happy tears and sad tears


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Humanity’s Worst Moments Caught On Camera (10 pics)

Human kind doesn’t always know how to treat each other equally. Sometimes people stoop to new lows for the worst of reasons. See humanity at some of its lowest points.


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Creepy Treasure Found In The Crawl Space (13 pics)

Could you imagine moving into a new house and then finding a safe with this locked inside?


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Unimpressive Guinness World Records For Food (10 pics)

The Guinness World Records book is home to some of the most fascinating records ever. None of which you will find here.


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Bullet Goes Straight Through The Bedroom Wall (6 pics)

This guy was just sitting in bed when a bullet from a nearby police shootout went straight through his wall. Luck certainly seems to be on his side. Maybe he should play the lottery.


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23 Life Hacks For Your Mind (5 pics)

Life hacks always come in handy but sometimes you need a little extra help in social situations. These life hacks for your mind have what you need to get ahead in the real world.


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Top Ten Mythical Places That Could Exist (10 pics)

As much as we know about our world there’s just as much that we don’t know. Could it be possible that there are unexplored places on our own planet? Decide for yourself.


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Things About Americans They Don’t Know Are Weird (2 pics)

Every country has its own quirks and America is no different. There are quite a few things about America that are weird that Americans don’t even notice.


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This Submarine Power Cable Is Worth A Lot Of Money (3 pics)

This submarine power cable is pretty impressive looking but it’s even more impressive when you find out that it’s worth $1400 per square foot.


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Former Playboy Model Now Has To Beg For Money (9 pics)

Contortionist Christa McKenna was once a Playboy model who was known all over the world. She was quite popular and made several television appearances. Now she has to resort to using her very flexible body as a means to beg for money.


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