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Nursing Home In Seattle Doubles As A Kindergarten (9 pics)

A building in Seattle has decided to put a nursing home and a kindergarten under the same roof. Over 400 adults live in the nursing home and they’re now being visited by children 5 days a week. The adults love the company and the children get to do arts and crafts, read and socialize.


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This Is What Pilots Dropped Before They Dropped Bombs (10 pics)

Before the invention of the bomber aircraft during the World War II era, pilots dropped these brutal darts on opposing soldiers. The darts were invented in France but later made popular by the Germans


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23 Emotions People Feel But Probably Can’t Name (8 pics)

We all know the common emotions, joy, anger, happiness and grief. But there are a lot of other emotions we often feel that we can’t name. This is what they’re called.


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Lies All Web Designers Tell Their Clients (15 pics)

There’s a big difference between what web designers tell you and what they actually mean.


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Ohio Police Officer Pays It Forward And Helps Little Girl Achieve Her Goal (3 pics)

Gabriella Garcar recently set up a lemonade stand hoping to make enough money to purchase an iPad. A local police officer admired the fact that she was willing to work hard for what she wanted so he went out of his way to help her achieve her goal.


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20 Surprisingly Inspirational Quotes From Sci-Fi And Fantasy (6 pics)

Not only do science fiction and fantasy writers have big imaginations, they also have a knack for writing inspirational quotes.


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Creepy Horror Movies That Were Based On Real Life Events (12 pics)

The horror of these movies goes far beyond the films.

The Strangers – The director of the movie, Bryan Bertino, has claimed that the premise for this house invasion story was based on real break-ins that took place in his neighborhood growing up. The house intruders were inspired by the Manson Family murders of the 1970s.


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Vintage Ads That People Would Find Offensive Today (16 pics)

The people who made these vintage advertisements definitely didn’t care about being politically correct.


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The Famous Kissing Couple From The Vancouver Riots Are Still An Item (8 pics)

You probably recognize this famous photo from the Vancouver riots not too long ago. It turns out this couple’s story has a happy ending as they’re still together and very much in love.

These two love birds met in the midst of a chaotic Vancouver riot and a picture of them kissing went viral soon afterwards.


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12 Differences That Separate Men From Women (12 pics)

Men and women just have a very different way of doing things.


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Homophobe Gets Owned By Arnold Schwarzenegger On Facebook (3 pics)

A fan on Facebook got upset after Arnold Schwarzenegger changed his Facebook profile picture so Arnold dropped a classic Terminator quote on him.


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OkCupid Users That Prove True Love Is Only One Click Away (12 pics)

These OkCupid users are just too charming to resist.


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Sex Positions That British People Can’t Get Enough Of (11 pics)

If you’re going to have sex with a British person, you better make sure you’re doing it right.


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This Massive Antarctic Snow Cruiser Was A Massive Failure (12 pics)

In 1939 this Antarctic Snow Cruiser was built to be used as a vehicle that would allow people to explore Antarctica. Unfortunately it didn’t make it very far once it arrived in Antarctica before it broke down. The diesel-electric hybrid powertrain was thought to be too fragile causing the breakdown. Now its exact whereabouts are unknown but it’s believed to be buried somewhere in the Antarctic.


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New Food Scandal Uncovers 40 Year Old Meat In China (6 pics)

Authorities in China have recently uncovered a smuggling ring that was smuggling 40 year old meat. The meat was frozen during the 70s and 80s and some of it has ended up on tables in China. Users of social media have dubbed it “Zombie Meat” and it’s not hard to understand why.


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