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Meet Travers Beynon Better Known As Australia’s Hugh Hefner (19 pics)

Meet Travis Beynon, he’s a former AFL player and tobacco tycoon and he has the life most men can only dream about. He often gets compared to Hugh Hefner because he lives the lifestyle of a playboy. He’s got his own mansion, massive amounts of money and he’s always surrounded by beautiful women.


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Surprising Facts About The Adult Film Industry (11 pics)

How much do you know about the adult film industry?

Mobile porn alone is expected to reach a $2.8 billion profit in 2015.


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This Girl Has A Tongue That Could Set A World Record (12 pics)

Adrianne Lewis is an 18 year old girl from Michigan and her tongue is extraordinarily long. The tongue is 4 inches long which is enough to beat the current world record holder who has a tongue that is 3.9 inches long.


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The Scary And Honest Truth About Makeup (4 pics)

Makeup has the power to make or break you.


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Universal Studios Has Recreated The Simpsons’ Hometown Of Springfield (20 pics)

Springfield is one of the most iconic towns in the history of television as it’s been home to “The Simpsons” for many years now. On Wednesday Universal Studios Hollywood will open a new attraction that brings Springfield to the real world so that people can finally see what it’s like to live in this fictional town.


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Things Got Wet At This Prada Party (12 pics)

Things didn’t go so well for people at this hangout hosted by Prada in Venice. They came to talk about their expensive accessories and instead they just got soaked.


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Teachers Who Have Also Starred In Adult Films (13 pics)

Everyone’s had a fantasy about sleeping with one of their teachers at one point or another. You might never get to sleep with them, but if one of your former teachers is on this list, you can at least see them naked.


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Things We’ve All Caught Ourselves Doing At Some Point (8 pics)

You know you’ve done these things. Every single one of them.


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This DIY Floating Cooler Is Perfect For Summer (10 pics)

Summer is just about here and that means you’re going to want to hang out by the pool and drink some ice cold beverages. In order to do that you’re going to need this floating cooler, which you can make yourself for a small amount of money.


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These Pictures From The 90s Will Make You Feel Old (23 pics)

This is a sad reminder that you 90s kids aren’t kids anymore.


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Graduation Caps That Tell It Like It Is (15 pics)

Congratulations you’ve graduated high school. Now prepare to drown yourself in debt when you enter college.


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Ridiculous News Stories That Should Be Fake But Aren’t (13 pics)

Don’t adjust your computer screen, these news headlines are the real deal.


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Deep Thoughts That Could Only Happen In The Shower (27 pics)

The shower is obviously the place to go if you need to have an epiphany or revelation.


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Out Of Control Questions You Will Only Find On Yahoo Answers (24 pics)

If you want to lost faith in humanity all you have to do is spend a couple of minutes scrolling through Yahoo Answers.


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10 Natural Disasters That Could Happen At Any Second (10 pics)

Natrual disasters are called disasters for a reason. They destroy just about everything in their path and they’re terrifying. The worst part about these natural disasters is that they could happen at any time out of nowhere.


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