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This Guy Makes Epic Swords (24 pics)

We can guarantee you’ve never seen anything quite like this before.



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11 Things You Can Tell Yourself To Improve Your Life (6 pics)

Everyone could use a little more positive thinking in their life. Tell yourself these things every single day and you will definitely improve your mood.


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The Stupidest Driving Laws You Never Knew Existed (25 pics)

Who even comes up with this stuff?


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20 Unique Ideas For Your Next Party (2 pics)

We can guarantee that you’ve never partied like this before.


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This Date Doesn’t End Well (9 pics)

This cute couple met online. See how their date ended.

We Met Online


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This Is Why We’re Selling The Trampoline (6 pics)

Every parent has been through this. Your kids beg for you to buy them something, then they never use it.


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Protective Blankets That Could Save Lives (5 pics)

Unfortunately schools just aren’t as safe as they used to be. These protective blankets could go a long way when it comes to saving the lives of students.

Steve Walker said that tragedies like Sandy Hook and recent tornado outbreaks inspired this blanket.


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Amazing Underwater Photoshoot With A Shark (13 pics)

This gorgeous woman put her life on the line all so that she could have these amazing photos taken.


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The Most British Sounding Words You Can Ever Say (22 pics)

It doesn’t get much more British than these 22 words.


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The Best First Tweets Ever (11 pics)

When it comes to Twitter you’ve got to start somewhere. These tweets are the best ways that people have let the world know they’ve arrived on Twitter.


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Surprise You’ve Got A Pet Quail Now (6 pics)

This woman bought Quail eggs and decided to see if maybe one of them would hatch. What she got in return was something amazing.

Mandy bought a dozen quail eggs. She had 4 left over, and for some reason, she put them in an incubator just “to see what would happen.”


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This Real Life Jumanji Board Is A Work Of Art (10 pics)

Have you ever wondered if a real life Jumanji board actually exists? Well, wonder no more.


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This Portable Desk Makes Everyone’s Life Easier (6 pics)

This desk is perfect for anyone that needs one at home and at school.


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If It Says No Parking It Means No Parking (5 pics)

These people parked on sidewalks and lawns just outside of a city hospital. Obviously you’re not supposed to park there. If they want to disobey the law then it’s not going to end well for them.



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See What’s Inside This Cold War Fallout Shelter (8 pics)

This Wisconsin family lived in this house for 10 years before they were brave enough to open up the fallout shelter in their backyard. They finally opened it up in 2010. See what was inside.


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