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A Quick Lesson On How To Prevent Driving Accidents (7 pics)

Driving is something most of us do and most us do it well. Some of us however aren’t that great at driving and need some tips to help us along the way. If you’re one of those not so great drivers, take the time to read everything you see below so you can help prevent traffic accidents.


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Truths About Boobs (16 pics)

Honest things about boobs.


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Yes It’s True, These Everyday Things Are Dirtier Than Your Toilet (23 pics)

You will never look at these items the same way again.


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These 6 Children Were Raised By Wild Animals (6 pics)

Kids be raised by wild animals sounds like something you would read in a fictional book. It turns out, these things actually do happen and these 6 kids are proof.

Vanya Yudin “Bird Boy”: A Russian boy was found in an apartment filled with caged birds at the age of seven. His mother neglected him and he was raised without any human communication. During this time he embraced his feathered friends around him and learned to communicate with the birds. He picked up a variety of mannerisms and chirping noises even flapping his arms when flustered. In 2008, the State took custody of him and he is currently in rehabilitation.


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Is This Pennsylvania House Really Cursed? (5 pics)

York County, Pennsylvania may not be as infamous as Salem but it had its fair share of witches and magic too. To this day the murder of Nelson Rehmeyer in 1928 and everything else that happened in this house continues to haunt the county.


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School Girls Claim To Have Captured A Ghost On Film (2 pics)

These girls were just taking pictures at Hampton Court when they noticed something scary in one of their photos. They seem to have captured what appears to be the infamous Grey Lady ghost in one of the pictures. What do you think, is it legit?


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These Were The Last Words Of Death Row Inmates (10 pics)

Being on death row gives you a lot of time to think about what is you did that got you there. Before their time on Earth was over, these inmates made one final statement.


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There’s Something Evil Lurking In The Background Of These Photos (10 pics)

People constantly debate the existence of ghosts. Regardless of what you believe when it comes to the existence of ghosts, these pictures are sure to creep you out.

Hello shadowy figure at the end of the hallway.


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These People Aren’t Suicidal, They’re Trying To Heal (5 pics)

Normally when people willingly sit on train tracks they are trying to commit suicide but that’s not the case here. Back in July of 2011 in Rawa Buaya, in Indonesia’s West Java, dozens of people started lying down on the rails but why? These people believe that the electrical currents that run through the rails could be used to cure illnesses. Still, probably not the safest way to heal yourself.


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11 Real Japanese Customs You Will Probably Think Are Ridiculous (11 pics)

Did you know that in Japan it’s considered polite to slurp your food? It just goes to show that cultures around the world can be very different from one another. That’s just one of the Japanese customs you’re going to learn about that might surprise you.


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The World’s Smallest Semi Automatic Pistol (7 pics)

Austrian firearms designer Franz Pfannl was born in 1867 in Stein, Austria, Pfannl. He became a watchmaker and then later designed what is thought to be the world’s smallest semi automatic pistol, the 2.7 Grabner Selbstlade Pistole, firing the 2.7 x 9mm Kolibri cartridge.


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A Hitman Advertised Himself On Facebook Like An Idiot (4 pics)

This is Johnathan Giraldo who gave himself the alias Tony Garcia along with nickname Anthrax. Regardless of what you want to call him, he’s not too bright. He advertised himself as a hitman on Facebook, showing off his guns and cash on the social network. It didn’t take long for the police to bang down his door and put him in cuffs. Just remember, if you’re going to kill people for money, don’t advertise on Facebook.


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16 Simple Life Hacks That Are Perfect For Every Woman (17 pics)

Life hacks are usually great for everyone but these ones were specifically designed for women. If you’re a woman reading this you’re going to wonder how you ever got by without these awesome hacks.


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Explorers Found Something Very Odd In An Abandoned Chinese House (9 pics)

Explorers in China stumbled upon this abandoned house and they found something very odd inside. The writing on the walls covers nearly the entire house and ever people who speak Mandarin are having a tough time figuring out what it means. What in the world would possess someone to do this?


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An Amazing Site In The Ocean (16 pics)

While traveling through the ocean on his boat this man came across something very unexpected. Not only did he see volcanic activity but he also got to see the creation of a brand new island.


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