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5 Bizarre Missing Persons Cases That May Never Get Solved (5 pics)

People go missing all the time never to be heard from again. Sometimes a case gets cracked but other cases like these ones remain unsolved mysteries.


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The Perfect Way To Smuggle Vodka (6 pics)

Prison in Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, is designed to house the elderly and disabled. It’s made it easy for these prisoners to get around as they serve the rest of their sentences.


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5 Year Old Girl Says Something Priceless To A Construction Crew (4 pics)

49-year-old Lee Lyangbin from the village Lichzhuan Dingtao County, Shandong Province, is a kung fu master. He’s put in a lifetime of hard work so that he could do sweet moves like this.


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This Kid Is Living The Life (4 pics)

He’s making us jealous because we all wish we could do this.


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How Cuban Wrestlers Train (14 pics)

Wrestling is one of the most popular sports in Cuba and this abandoned school gym in Havana has become a very popular place to train.


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These People Definitely Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Become Mothers (10 pics)

These women take stupid to a whole new level.


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You Would Never Know This Is A Knife (4 pics)

This fifty cent coin is a lot cooler than most coins. This one is secretly a knife. You never know when something like this might come in handy.


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This Doctor Fell In Love With His Patient And Became Obsessed (4 pics)

Carl Tanzler was a radio technologist who had a special relationship with his patient Helen de Hoyos. He became obsessed with her when she died and his obsession quickly became creepy.


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One Of The Scariest Things You Could See On A Plane (3 pics)

Halfway through this man’s flight he heard a loud pop and noticed a bolt that broke the outer pane of a window he was sitting right next to. That’s got to make you more than a little uneasy.


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This Is Why You Need Yik Yak (25 pics)

Yik Yak is a messaging app is blowing up right now. If you download it, you can look forward to hilarious messages like this.


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London’s Tower Bridge Glass Walkway Smashed By Beer Bottle (4 pics)

Only two weeks after its completion, London’s Tower Bridge walkway is having some serious problems because someone needed to catch a buzz.


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Amazing Moments From History Captured In Photographs (18 pics)

Thanks to the power of photographs you can now relive some of the most important moments from human history.


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Famous Houses With A Dark Past (6 pics)

Most of these houses are beautiful and anyone would want to live in them. Unless of course they all about the dark secrets that live inside of the walls.


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This Teacher Taught His Class A Very Valuable Lesson (8 pics)

What an interesting way to teach.


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Insane Procedures Doctors Used To Perform On Patients (6 pics)

It’s safe to say the medical field has come a very long way.


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