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Awesome Life Hacks To Use In The Microwave (22 pics)

Life hacks always come in handy and the microwave is one powerful tool. We’ll bet that you’ve never heard of these life hacks before though.


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Everything You Need To Know About Game Of Thrones (15 pics)

Just getting started with Game of Thrones? Been watching for a while now but still find it confusing? No matter what level Game of Thrones fan you are, these infographics will explain everything.


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Life Hack Fails Like You’ve Never Seen Before (21 pics)

Life hacks are supposed to improve your life but these life hacks are huge, huge failures.


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This Is What Poverty Truly Looks Like (14 pics)

You hear the word poverty get thrown around a lot but do you really know what it looks like? This is what it truly looks like to live in poverty.


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7 Versions Of Beer Pong You’ve Never Played Before (7 pics)

Beer pong is a fun game but they say that variety is the spice of life. Why not put a new twist on one of your favorite games.


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These Murderers Say They Wish They Killed More (6 pics)

This white supremacist and his woman killed a sex offender and his wife. When asked if they had any regrets they said that they wish they killed more.


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Vote Soviet Bear In For Student Council (16 pics)

There’s not much to say here. Who honestly wouldn’t vote Soviet Bear into student council? Just check out his posters. He was clearly born to do this job.


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Man Rememebers His Dog That Passed Away (16 pics)

This is Mason the dog and his owner really misses him. Poor Mason made it sixteen years in this world but sooner or later your time is up. His owner goes on an emotional journey remembering his beloved dog and the end is heartbreaking.


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See The Inside Of A Suicide Vest (3 pics)

Pakistani police discovered 70 kilograms of explosives in bags on the street and it’s a good thing they did because they found a suicide vest with it too.


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Watch Out For Stonefish They Come Out Of Nowhere (6 pics)

Have you ever heard of a Stonefish before? It’s a fish, that looks like a stone. We swear that’s a real thing and you’ll never see them coming.


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This Rocket Washed Up On To The Shore (12 pics)

Could you imagine walking along the beach and seeing debris from a space shuttle on the shore? That’s exactly what happened to the Reddit user who snapped these photos.

After posting these images online, it was discovered that this large piece of debris was actually from space.


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Completely Unethical Life Hacks (40 pics)

Life hacks are always cool but let’s face it, if you use any of these life hacks, you’re just a complete jerk.


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Old Man Leaves Behind Fascinating Treasure Trunk (35 pics)

Deaths in the family are never easy but this old man left behind some amazing things. Check out the secrets that were buried in this one of a kind treasure trunk.


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The Most Ironic Deaths Of All Time (25 pics)


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Was Hooking Up With This Chick Really Worth It? (2 pics)

The aftermath of this hookup is more than a little disgusting. Was it really worth it?


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