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The 10 Most Insane Methods Of Execution (10 pics)

If you thought inmates on death row had it bad you haven’t seen anything yet.


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Beer Prices At MLB Stadiums Ranked Most Expensive To Least Expensive (3 pics)

If you’ve ever been to a MLB stadium you know that beer isn’t cheap. Not every stadium has outrageous prices though. These infographics will help you educate yourself so you know where to get the best deals on beer during baseball season.


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Thoughts About Life That Might Change The Way You See Things (17 pics)

Life is all about perspective.


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Ice Cream Flavors That Describe What PMS Feels Like For Women (10 pics)

Parker Jones, a graphic designer based in Texas, created these fictional ice cream flavors to try and help women describe what PMS feels like. None of the flavors are real but you can bet that if they were women all over the world would be binge eating them.


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Vintage Crime Scene Photos From Back In The Day (10 pics)

These vintage crime scene photos help to show the origins of investigation tactics that police still use to this day.

This photo was used as an example for how to properly position the victim’s body to capture a shot from the side


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Phrases People Used To Say That No One Would Get Today (15 pics)

Why would you need 50 cents to call someone?


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Experimental Self Portraits At Joshua Tree National Park (7 pics)

Last week this photographer headed to Joshua Tree National Park to take some self portraits. He got creative using only a camera, a mirror and a tripod. Some of the pictures turned out to be pretty psychedelic.


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A Look Back At The Creepy History Behind Planking (5 pics)

Planking wasn’t just a stupid modern day fad, there’s actually a pretty bizarre history behind it.


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Surprising First Jobs Of 25 World Famous Billionaires (25 pics)

Not everyone is lucky enough to be born into money. If you want to become a billionaire sometimes you have to start at the bottom and work your way up and that’s exactly what most of these people did.


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When A Nymphomaniac Sits Next To A Nervous Man On An Airplane (4 pics)

You never know who you’re going to meet when you board an airplane.


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Truths About Life That You Just Can’t Argue With (29 pics)

Life, it’s a lot like this.


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Identical Triplets Get Married On The Same Day At The Same Time (6 pics)

Being with an identical triplet must get confusing at times but these girls decided to make it even more confusing for their three future husbands. These three identical sisters not only got married on the same day at the same time, but they also word the same exact dress. These husbands had to be on their game at the wedding because one wrong move could have quickly turned that marriage into a divorce.


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Man Knocks Down Wall And Finds An Underground City Beneath His House (6 pics)

People have been known to find strange things when moving into new places but a hidden underground city has to be the strangest of them all.

While redoing his house in 1963, a man in the Nevsehir Province of Turkey, in an area known as Cappadocia, knocked down a wall. He was probably not thinking that much of it. However, instead of seeing something expected, he found himself looking into a tunnel.


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The Last Thing You Ever Want To Find In Your Home (6 pics)

Redditor Tallest_Waldo was remodeling his home a few years ago when he stumbled across a secret basement. It got even worse once he decided to explore the secret room which seems to have been used for some sort of satanic ritual.


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This Is The Most Depressing Job In The World (19 pics)

These people are known as Japan’s Lonely Death Squad’s. They come in and clean out the homes of people who passed away but went unnoticed by their families and friends for days, weeks and sometimes even months. It takes a special kind of person to do something like this.


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