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These People Built A Giant SOS And It Saved Their Lives (4 pics)

You’ve probably seen people building an SOS on the beach in TV shows or maybe a movie and thought something like that would never work in real life. Think again. These people got stranded on an island, built a giant SOS and it ended up getting them rescued. When it doubt, build an SOS.


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Get An Inside Look At What It’s Really Like To Live In Iran (25 pics)

These pictures will give you an inside look at what it’s really like to live in Iran. Get ready, a lot of these are going to surprise you.


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Learn How The Way You Sleep Effects You When You’re Awake (8 pics)

Did you know that the way you sleep could be effecting how you feel when you’re awake? Check out the pictures below, find your favorite sleeping position and find out what it’s doing to your health.


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Grandpa’s Wallet (9 pics)

One guy has found his Great Great Grandpa’s wallet from 1924-1925. It has KKK and Masonic membership cards inside.


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Roma Thieves Stealing Money from a Tourist (4 pics)

It’s happening in many EU cities after Romania became a member of the EU. Aggressive gang of Roma surrounds someone near an ATM and steals money. These photos were made near Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.


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Why North Korea is Perfect for American Tourists (10 pics)

What a great country.


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Funny and True Graphs (31 pics)


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A Well in the Middle of the Kitchen (2 pics)

An old man wanted to have a house with a well in the middle of the kitchen.


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Beautiful Places That Can Disappear (20 pics)

These places on Earth are slowly disappearing. You may want to visit them before it’s too late


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Things Proven by Science (25 pics)

We know these things. And science has proven that they are true.


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Drug Poem (3 pics)

A poem about crystal meth.


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Why Online Dating Is Trickier Than It Seems (15 pics)

With online dating, sometimes you find a pic of a beautiful girl that makes you want to date her immediately….


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A Poster with a Secret Message (4 pics)


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Stop Smoking Now with These Great Tips (25 pics)


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A Story That Will Break and Warm Your Heart (3 pics)


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