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A Man And His Son Are Helping Out The Homeless (6 pics)

This man’s son saved up a little bit of money and used it for a great cause. Instead of spending it on himself, he used it to put together many bag lunches and then gave them out to the homeless people in his city.


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This Purse Is Actually A Gun (10 pics)

This small box can be used as a purse and it’s perfect for anyone that needs to hide a weapon. The box can be used as a gun but you would never know from looking at the outside.


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Lingerie Thief Gets Busted (6 pics)

In the city of Yulin, Shaanxi Province, police have arrested a lingerie thief. He used a master key to go into 750 different apartments and steal over 2,000 pieces of lingerie. He’s going to be dreaming about that lingerie when he gets locked up in prison.


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Minecraft Creator Purchases $70 Million Dollar Mansion In Beverly Hills (17 pics)

Swedish programmer Markus Persson is best known for creating the game Minecraft but now he will be known for something else. He will be known as the man who outbid Jay Z and Beyonce and then bought the hottest mansion in Beverly Hills.


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Indonesian Authorities Warn Fishermen (3 pics)

Indonesia has a big problem when it comes to people fishing without a license. They’ve made it well known that they don’t want poachers working in their waters. They recently blew up a boat to send a message to other fishermen.


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Honest Truths About Everyday Life (31 pics)

You want the truth? Are you sure you can handle it?


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Inventions That Need To Be Created Right Away (12 pics)

We need everything in this post, like yesterday. Why aren’t we funding these ideas?


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Ukrainians Decorate Their Christmas Trees A Little Differently (7 pics)

Most people are used to decorating their Christmas tress with ornaments but Ukranians use spider-webs instead. Is this Christmas or the Nightmare Before Christmas?


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Interesting Items That Were Confiscated By The TSA In 2014 (24 pics)

What person in their right mind would ever try to bring these things on a plane?


TSA Displays Contraband AT JFK Airport In New York
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10 Things From Around The World Women Have Been Banned From (10 pics)

Some places are still living in the stone age as they band women from doing the strangest things.


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Why Adding A Horse To Your Wedding Pictures Is A Bad Idea (12 pics)

Lauren Maheyfi from California wanted to take some perfect pictures with a horse to show to her husband. As you can see, things didn’t go very well.


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Kastrup Has The Most Amazing Aquarium (18 pics)

If you ever find yourself in Denmark, you have to make it a point to visit the aquarium in Kastrup.


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Homeless Man Gave Woman His Last £3 And She Repaid The Favor (4 pics)

Dominique Harrison-Bentzen was just trying to get home when she realized she had no money for a taxi. A homeless man then gave her all the money he had. She didn’t take the kind gesture lightly. She setup a crowd funding page for the man and it looks like he’s got a whole lot of money coming his way.


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Smashing Coconuts On A Human Head (7 pics)

In Tamil Nadu, a southern Indian state, thousands of people gather to have a coconut smashed over their head every year. They believe that this will bring them success but in all reality all it does is give them a headache.


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Father Paints Amazing Mural For His Unborn Baby Boy (19 pics)

What baby wouldn’t want to live in this room?


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