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Kendra Sunderland Gets Caught Filming Porn In Her Former School’s Library (8 pics)

19-Year-Old Kendra Sunderland was arrested for filming porn in the library of Oregon State University. This week, she was charged with public indecency. She was cited, released, and will appear before a judge to determine if she will be convicted of a misdemeanor.


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How You Should Behave In A Movie Theater (6 pics)

Back in the day these people definitely had the right idea.


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Monemvasia Is A Hidden Town In Greece (22 pics)

If you’re traveling through Greece you probably wouldn’t notice Monemvasia unless you were looking for it. It’s a small little town on the side of a mountain and it’s one of Greece’s hidden gems.


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The Police Make Joey A Honorary Officer (7 pics)

Joey always wanted to be a policeman and when he was diagnosed with cancer the local police force made his dream come true by making him a honorary officer.


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Black Man Wears A White Mask To Commit Robberies (3 pics)


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Why Horcruxes From Harry Potter Ruin Everything (7 pics)

Stay away from horcruxes if you want to have a happy, go lucky life. These things bring nothing but bad luck.


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Hacks You Can Use On Your Body To Enhance Your Life (17 pics)

When it comes to life hacks that will come in handy someday, these are the ones you need to remember.


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Guy Gets Ex-Girlfriends To Write Tinder Reviews For Him (5 pics)

How do you make sure you get the right matches on Tinder? Get your ex-girlfriends to leave you a couple of positive reviews.


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That’s One Way To Teach Math (3 pics)

This teacher’s methods are sure to get the students motivated.


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Messy Graduation in Argentina (18 pics)

Dirty way to celebrate the University graduation.


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A Drug Carrying Drone (5 pics)

A shopping mall parking lot in the Mexican-American border town of Tijuana was the scene for a drone crash but this wasn’t any ordinary drone. This drone was carrying several pounds of a highly illegal and dangerous drug.


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Find Out How Long Your Country Lasts In Bed (10 pics)

How long does your country last in bed?


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This Hero Should Never Be Forgotten (5 pics)

This man is a true hero and the world should always remember him.


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Concentration Camp Survivor Meets the Soldier Who Liberated Him (4 pics)

Holocaust survivor Joshua Kaufman saluted World War II soldier Daniel Gillespie, who liberated him from a Nazi concentration camp 70 years ago. Powerful photos. Nice way to say THANK YOU!


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10 Body Functions That Continue To Work After Death (6 pics)

Just because you die it doesn’t mean your body stops working.


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