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Abandoned Olympic Sites in Athens (21 pics)

Greece spent about $15 billion to build the Olympic sites for Athens 2004. Now, many of them stay abandoned and forgotten.


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California Couple Finds $10M in Gold Coins (11 pics)

California couple finds $10M worth of gold coins in the backyard.


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The History of Music (12 pics)

The most popular words in music.


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Ring Gun (4 pics)

Vintage ring gun that could protect a girl from an attacker. It says Femme Fatale.


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The Most Unique Restaurants (25 pics)

These restaurants are not only about food.


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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Filmography (15 pics)

There’re 28 movies if I counted it right. Yes, he deserves Oscar.


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Cabin in the Woods (12 pics)

ESCAPE cabin by Kelly Davis.


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Awesome Sporting Event Signs (26 pics)

Funny and good sporting event signs.


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A Rooftop Racetrack of Lingotto Facotry (21 pics)

Lingotto is a district of Turin, Italy, and the location of the Lingotto building in Via Nizza. This building once housed an automobile factory built by Fiat. Construction started in 1916 and the building opened in 1923. Finished cars emerged at rooftop level, where there was a rooftop test track. It was the largest car factory in the world at that time. The factory became outmoded in the 1970s and the decision was made to finally close it in 1982.


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How to Live Longer (26 pics)

These simple ways will help you to live longer.


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Healthy Life Hacks (19 pics)

These life hacks can make you healthier.


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Faith in Humanity Restored (21 pics)


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Girl Proposes to Her Boyfriend (5 pics)

The guy looks so happy! LOL


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This Girl Scout Has a Brilliant Business Idea (4 pics)

Smart girl.


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Pope Francis Doesn’t Like Wind (6 pics)

And we can see why.


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