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Dangerous Serial Killers You’ve Never Heard Of (9 pics)

The infamous killer Jack the Ripper may have recently had his identity released but these serial killers aren’t quite as famous. Just because they aren’t as famous doesn’t mean they aren’t as creepy.


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Naomi Kizhner’s Jewelry Uses Energy From Your Body (7 pics)

Industrial designer Naomi Kizhner has developed a concept for some pretty far out jewelry. It attaches to your body and converts your own kinetic energy into electricity. We’re not sure if that’s cool or just straight up weird.


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This Gang Has A Game Of Thrones Style Arsenal (8 pics)

This British gang got busted by the police and you won’t believe what they had in their car. These weapons are brutal. The Fiat Punto the Gazette reports:

“It’s an object more suited to an episode of Game Of Thrones than the streets of Guisborough,” said prosecutor Paul Newcombe at Teesside Crown Court. “It’s a very threatening and dangerous weapon.”


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Tips To Help You Become A Real Man (30 pics)

Are you a real man? A real man follows these tips and shows off his manliness every single day.


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Serial Killers That Were Set Free From Prison (20 pics)

Prison is a place where serial killers should be locked up for the rest of their lives. It’s crazy to think that there are convicted serial killers currently roaming around after they’ve already been to prison, but sometimes they find a way to get out.


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Totally Bad Ass Facts That Are Totally True (12 pics)

These facts are simply bad ass. If you mess with the people behind these facts, they will make you regret it.


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Citizens Of The Amazon Jungle Go To War With Loggers (20 pics)

The people of the Amazon jungle are having their home destroyed by loggers. They report the loggers to the authorities and the authorities do nothing. That’s why they’re taking the fight into their own hands.


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Adventures At Disneyland Back In The Day And Today (3 pics)

Kids grow up so fast don’t they?

Ages 7


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What Burglars Look For When They Break Into A Home (9 pics)

Is your home a potential target for a burglar? You might not think so but there are a lot of things that burglars look for that you probably didn’t know about. Read on and learn how to protect yourself.


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Woman Gets Robbed And Doesn’t Even Know It (8 pics)

These two thieves are definitely talented. They end up stealing right from this woman’s purse and she has no idea.


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The Correct Way To Punish Your Kids (2 pics)

Don’t scold your kids and don’t ground them. Use this technique and they’ll never act up again.


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10 Terrifying Sleep Disorders (10 pics)

If you thought you were having a tough time sleeping lately just be glad you don’t have any of these sleep disorders. All of them are terrifying but some of them could be deadly.


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Haunted Cemeteries (11 pics)

Stories about haunted cemeteries. Creepy.


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Insane Medical Practices That Used To Be Common (13 pics)

After you read through these descriptions you will wonder how anyone ever thought that these medical practices would work. These descriptions sound insane but what’s more insane is that people actually did these things.


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The Greatest Unsolved Mysteries We’re Still Trying To Solve (20 pics)

These mysteries may never get solved, but it won’t stop us from trying.


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