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15 Different Cultures That Say Hello 15 Different Ways (15 pics)

People and their cultures are unique so if you’re going to be traveling the world anytime soon you’re going to need to know to greet people in different countries. This is how it’s done.


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Man Invites Everyone Over For A Surprise Party To Catch Cheating Wife (6 pics)

If you’re going to catch your wife cheating you might as well go big.


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People Try To Smuggle Things In The Weirdest Places (10 pics)

We’ve heard some pretty crazy smuggling stories before but hiding crack rocks in the foreskin of your penis? That’s just insane.

A 27 year old lady from Scranton, Pennsylvania proved to have an impressive treasure trove in her vagina. It contained 54 bags of heroin, 31 empty baggies, 8.5 Xanax pills, and $51.22.


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ISIS Fighters Flee Battlefield Dressed as Women (3 pics)

Iraqi forces caught the men who tried to escape northern Iraq in dresses and make-up.


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What Your Hands Look Like After They Get Frostbite (7 pics)

If you don’t know what frostbite looks like you’re about to find out. But we’re warning you, these images can’t be unseen.


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Smuggler Gets Caught With $200,000 Worth Of Cocaine In Her 46D Bra (4 pics)

Nola Williams recently got busted with $200,000 worth of cocaine after her flight arrived in Gatwick. She tried to stash it in her bra but really she should have known better. If you’ve got a bra size of 46D people are going to be looking at your chest.


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Life’s Lil Pleasures Is A Tiny Book With A Big Heart (10 pics)

Evan Lorenzen is a Colorado based artist and he’s just released a tiny book called “Life’s Lil Pleasures.” The book is smaller than a thumbtack but it has a whole lot to say. It serves as a reminder that sometimes the little things in life can also be the most beautiful.


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This Blind Man And His Friend With No Arms Planted 10,000 Trees In China (7 pics)

Jia Haixa and Jia Wenqi are an unlikely pair but they make a great team. One of them is blind and the other has no arms. Together they’ve planted 10,000 trees in rural China over the course of 10 years. The way they have managed to work together in order to accomplish that goal is simply inspiring.


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Smuggler Gets Busted With 146 iPhones Taped To His Body (3 pics)

Chan Shih got a rude awakening when he thought he was going to be able to smuggle 146 iPhones from Hong Kong to the Chinese mainland. He had 126 phones taped to his waist with another 20 wrapped around his legs when he got caught. A spokesman from customs said it was his loose fitting clothing that made him look suspicious.


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10 Things From History That Your Teachers Got Really Wrong (10 pics)

Teachers have a tough job so you can’t expect them to get everything right all the time. Still, they led you down the wrong path when it comes to history.


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Man Finds Something Very Disturbing In His Crawl Space (4 pics)

Reddit user apis_cerana was checking his Facebook one day when he saw a post from a friend that caught his attention. The post was about bones that his friend had found in the crawl space of his home and apis_cerana looked into it right away. He and his friends belong to a skull and bone collecting Facebook group and were able to determine what type of species the bones came from.

The Facebook friend of apis_cerana found this pile of bones in his crawl space.


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How To Get Cash In Somaliland (8 pics)

Somliland is a de facto independent state that is separate from Somalia and they have an interesting way of handling money. They have no safes, ATMs or security. Instead they keep all of their money out in the open in the capital of Hargeisa.


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The Science Behind Human Decapitation (10 pics)

Death by decapitation is one brutal way to end a life but it’s an execution style which is a common part of human history. When the human head is separated from its body some pretty interesting things happen from a biological standpoint and you’re about to find out exactly what they are.


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What Rio Looks Like 17 Months Before The Olympic Games (10 pics)

There are only 17 months to go until the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As you can see the city has a lot of cleaning up to do before the games arrive.


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Every NBA Team Got A Letter From This Little Kid But Only One Responded (7 pics)

Connor is a young basketball fan from Washington state and he’s trying to choose a favorite NBA team. He wrote a letter to every NBA franchise asking them why he should become a fan and the only one that wrote back was the Minnesota Timberwolves. Timberwolves President Chris Wright actually took the time to respond to Connor. Hopefully it pays off.


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