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When 50 People Enter A Room Filled With Balloons (2 pics)

This is what happens when you put 50 people and a whole lot of balloons in a room together.


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Stoners Break Into A School To Steal Snacks (5 pics)

If you’re going to go down for a crime you might as well go down with a full stomach.


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The Many Pieces Of A 1940s Film Projector (10 pics)

Nowadays when we want to watch a movie we just download it and stream it but in the 1940s the technology was very different.

Saw 2 mystery boxes on the street


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Don’t Ever Put These Things In The Microwave (13 pics)

If you put any of these 13 things in the microwave, you’re going to regret it.


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Athens Has An Amazing Abandoned Airport (33 pics)

International airport “Ellinikon” was a big hot spot in Athens until the new airport was built in 2001. Now it is just wasting away but it still looks pretty cool even though it hasn’t been maintained.


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A $1,000 Tip (5 pics)

This guy received a $1,000 tip.


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That Face You Make When You Lose The Race (9 pics)

You know you’ve been defeated, what do you do next?


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Homeless Hero Is Helping The World Read Books (3 pics)

In the modern age of technology people don’t read nearly as much as they should. This homeless hero is selling books to adults but encouraging children to read by giving them the books for free.


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You Should Never Ever Use These Life Hacks (21 pics)

When it comes to life hacks, it doesn’t get any worse than this.


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10 Secrets About 10 Big Companies (10 pics)

This companies are world famous but everyone has a secret to tell. Get the inside scoop about what really goes on at these companies from the people that have worked there.


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Pick Up Lines Guys Wish Every Girl Would Use (15 pics)

Cheesy pick up lines don’t work on girls but if the ladies decided to turn the tables and use these lines on the men, they could have any man they wanted in a heartbeat.


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The Strangest Gifts Given By The Government (10 pics)

The government does a lot of strange things but giving some of these items as gifts is just plain bizarre.


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When Going To The Hospital Goes Wrong (10 pics)

If you need medical attention and you decide to go to the hospital, you’re putting your life in the hands of someone else. Sadly, you can’t always trust the doctors and nurses at the hospital to do their job the right way. These are just a few of the horror stories that have happened to people when they visited the hospital.


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These Cards Are Both Offensive And Heartwarming (26 pics)

With these FINCHandHARE greeting cards you get the best of both worlds. At first they might offend you but once you unfold them you’ll see what they’re really trying to say.


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The Most Amazing Glass Treehouse On The Planet (6 pics)

Located in the mountains of Kazakhstan, this glass treehouse gets you in touch with nature and luxury at the same time.


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