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Today You Will Learn Something New (27 pics)

You learn something new every day but today you are going to learn many new things.


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Scary Makeup Thats Gory And Horrifying (23 pics)

These makeup artists take these regular people and turn them into something straight out of a horror movie.


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China Has Some Dirty Beaches (16 pics)

This is not what people picture in their head when they say they’re going to spend a day at the beach.


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Students Build An Amazing Boat Out Of Plastic Bottles (15 pics)

This is the best way to make use of your trash. These students used 50,000 plastic bottles to build a boat and it’s pretty impressive.


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The Rules Of Fight Club Are Finally Revealed (20 pics)

Everyone knew that “Fight Club” had rules but no one really knew what they were, until now.


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Dutch Citizens Honoring Passengers Of Flight MH17 (24 pics)

The story of MH17 is a tragedy. It’s nice to see people in the Netherlands pay tribute to the people who lost their lives.


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The Truth About Marriage (18 pics)

Love is great, while it lasts.


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The Krusty Krab From Spongebob Is Opening Soon (6 pics)

Salta Burgers is bringing SpongeBob Squarepant’s favorite restaurant to life. Next time you visit Palestine, stop by.


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Women’s Logic Will Never Be Explained (27 pics)

Women’s logic will just never make sense to men, or women for that matter.


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13 Tips That Will Help You Sleep Better (13 pics)

There are quite a few people out there who have trouble getting a good night of sleep but these 13 tips will not only help you get better sleep, but you’ll feel rested when you wake up as well.


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The Most Ridiculous X-Rays You’ll Ever See (22 pics)

Seriously though, how do these people get these things inside of themselves?


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Different Hat Styles From Around The World (7 pics)

You can tell a lot about someone by the hat they wear.


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Custom Built DIY Swimming Pool (20 pics)

These people decided to build their own swimming pool and it ended up looking a lot cooler than any swimming pool they could have purchased.


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World War II Bombs That Left Holes In The Earth (8 pics)

When the bombs were dropped in World War II it wasn’t just people that had to suffer. The Earth itself still has scars from the devastation.

Henning Rogge, “#45 (Bulau)” (2013), Analogue C-print, 24 x 29 1/8 inches


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See The Inside Of Japanese Love Hotels (21 pics)

Japanese “Love Hotels” have become quite popular. Over 40,000 of them exist today and people are putting them to good use. When couples want to get romantic these are the rooms they rent.


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