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Epiphanies That Will Change Everything You Know About Life (15 pics)

Are you ready to have your mind blown?


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5 Controversial Videos You Will Never Get To Watch (5 pics)

These videos are full of controversial moments and it’s very unlikely that you will ever get to watch them. After you read the descriptions you’ll probably realize you’re better off if you never see them.


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This Asian Woman’s Letter To The Passenger From Hell Is Hilarious (8 pics)

24-year-old Lau Yun Mee recently got stuck with the passenger from hell on an airplane. She recalled the trip in a hilarious letter that’s now gone viral.


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If Guys Took Selfies The Same Way Girls Do (8 pics)

These guys wanted to poke a little fun at girls who take selfies by doing it themselves. They nailed it but there’s no doubt that they just don’t look as good as the ladies do.


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If Vice Covered Stories Throughout History (11 pics)

If VICE existed throughout history and reported on all the hot topics it would probably look a lot like this.


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9 Things You Can Do To Become The Creepiest Person On Facebook (10 pics)

If you want to freak people out or just feel like trolling on Facebook, this is how you do it.


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These Are The Most Popular Theme Parks In The World (25 pics)

These theme parks see millions of visitors every single year. People travel from all over the world to visit these parks and have a good time. How many of them have you been to?


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12 T-Shirts That Tell It Like It Is (12 pics)

These t-shirts will help you say everything you need to say and you won’t even have to speak a word.


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The Story of Melissa Dohme (14 pics)

Melissa Dohme was stabbed 30 times by her ex-boyfriend when she was 20 years old but even this horrific story has a silver lining.

When paramedics came to Dohme’s rescue, one of the first responders was Cameron Hill who told Tampa Bay Time, “You couldn’t tell she was blond” because she was so drenched in blood.


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Woman Shows The Dangers Of Tanning With Graphic Selfie (5 pics)

Tawny Willoughby is a 27 year old woman from Alabama who’s currently undergoing treatment for skin cancer. She recently posted a selfie of her skin cancer treatment to Facebook to warn people about the dangers of tanning and it’s quite graphic. She definitely gets her message across and her picture will making you think twice about laying down in a tanning bed.


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How Fake Reality TV Shows Trick You Into Thinking They’re Real (14 pics)

When it comes to reality TV, things are never what they seem.


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Make Yourself Smarter By Learning These Fun And Interesting Facts (20 pics)

If you’re on a quest for knowledge, look no further. These facts are exactly what you need.


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Thoughts We’ve All Had While Working At The Office (14 pics)

Is it time to go home yet?


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Chinese Businessman Takes 6,400 Workers To France (9 pics)

A Chinese businessman wanted to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his company and he did, by taking 6,400 of his workers on a holiday to France. It’s estimated that the four day trip will cost somewhere in the range of $9.5 million dollars.


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What Governor Chris Christie Has Been Spending Taxpayer Money On (9 pics)

It was recently revealed that New Jersey governor Chris Christie spent over $82,000 worth of taxpayer money on food and alcohol at NFL games but that’s not all he was spending the money on. Some receipts from his more extravagant purchases have also surfaced and you won’t believe what he got away.


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