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Insane Procedures Doctors Used To Perform On Patients (6 pics)

It’s safe to say the medical field has come a very long way.


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Put This Under Things You Should Never Say To The Police (2 pics)

Talking to the police, yeah you’re doing it wrong.


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Florida State University Shooting Victim Saved By A Backpack (11 pics)

Perhaps your teachers weren’t lying when they said books can change your life, or in this case, save it.


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This Rapper Is Facing Life In Prison Because Of His Album Cover (3 pics)

Thanks to his album cover police believe Tiny Doo was part of a conspiracy to carry out some deadly gang related shootings. He’s currently facing some major jail time all because of one little picture. He’s being charged with conspiracy even though prosecutors says he never fired a gun.


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People Used To Do A Lot Of Strange Things With Dead Bodies (5 pics)

Normally when someone dies they either get cremated or their body gets buried. But that isn’t always the case.


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Benedict Cumberbatch Gets The Meme Treatment (13 pics)

Everyone loves Benedict Cumberbatch but one of his latest photos made it really hard to resist turning it into a meme. This Internet had their way with this one and all we can say is, job well done Internet, job well done.


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You Will Find This Guide To Life Very Helpful (18 pics)

These are the things you really need to know, that no one is going to tell you.


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The Dark Web Is A Scary Place (10 pics)

You might not know this but you don’t see all of the Internet. The Internet has its own version of the black market and the things that happen there are absolutely terrifying. Welcome to the Dark Web aka the Darknet


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The Truth About Pittsburgh’s Creepy ‘Green Man’ Legend (5 pics)

Every town has its own local legend and for Pittsburgh it’s the Green Man. A lot of stories have gone around over the years regarding the Green Man, but the truth is, he’s not who you think.


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All Aboard The BBQ Train (7 pics)

A man known as “Illinois Slim” created one of the coolest grills of all time. It took him two years to put it together, but he can now grill his meat to perfection.


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This Teacher Just Failed Hard In Front Of The Whole Class (3 pics)

This teacher had no idea that his computer was linked to the big screen in the classroom. That also means he had no idea that the whole room knew he was stalking a student on the Internet. Very classy.


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This Real Life Vampire Is Just Real Life Crazy (10 pics)

Rod Ferrall, a teenager from Kentucky, formed a small vampire cult called “The Vampire Clan.” They drank blood and thought they were vampires but their story actually gets much creepier than that.


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How People Used To Carry Around Their Book Collection (12 pics)

Nowadays you can just download a book on your smartphone or kindle and be on your way. Back in the 17th century if you wanted to carry your books around, it was a lot harder to do so.


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An Inside Look At How American Currency Is Printed (16 pics)

Every single day the US Bureau of Engraving and Printing prints 35 million banknotes of various denominations for a total of 640 million US dollars. Some serious time and effort goes into making that money. See how it’s done.


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Fisherman Finds Something Shocking In The Belly Of A Shark (5 pics)

This is why you need to stay away from sharks. They don’t like humans.


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