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Ehtiopian Tribes Use Trash To Create Cool Headwear (12 pics)

The tribes of Omo Valley in Ethiopia are proving once and for all that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.


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Man Digs Up Gold And Creates Custom Engagement Ring For His Fiance (6 pics)

A Reddit user recently shared these photos of his buddy who went the extra mile when proposing to his girlfriend. He didn’t go to a jewelry store and pick out a generic ring, he took out his pick ax, found some gold and forged a ring with his own tools.


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Man Turns 800 Year Old Cave Into His Dream House (14 pics)

Angelo Mastropetro decided to go build his dream home after doctors diagnosed him with multiple sclerosis. He invested $150,000 an spent 8 months turning this 800 year old cave into his dream house and now it looks incredible.


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China Is Home To The World’s Longest Glass Bridge And It’s Insane (8 pics)

This glass bridge will offer you an absolutely breathtaking view of China, that is if you’re brave enough to cross it.


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Survival Tips That Will Improve Your Quality Of Life (25 pics)

When people think about survival tips they normally relate them to surviving in the wild. But you don’t need to be in the wild for these survival tips to come in handy. These tips are guaranteed to help you improve your normal everyday life.


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Man Uses Handmade Monopoly Board To Propose To His Girlfriend (7 pics)

Justin Lebon proposed to his girlfriend in a very unique way. He created his own monopoly board and hid the ring inside. This might be the one time that a game of Monopoly has had a happy ending.


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These Are The Top 10 Highest IQs in Human History (10 pics)

These are the people that pushed their brains to the limit and reached levels of intelligence most people could only dream of.


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Father Of The Bride Allows Stepdad To Walk With Them Down The Aisle (5 pics)

Being a stepdad is never easy. But Todd Bachman appreciates the work that Todd Cendrosky put into raising his daughter. On the bride’s wedding day Todd grabbed Todd and all three walked down the aisle together as a family.

“He came up to me, reached out and grabbed my hand and he said ‘hey, you’ve worked for this as hard as I have, you deserve this as much as I do”


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Guy Buys 9 iPhones To Get Back At His Ex Girlfriend (7 pics)

This Chinese man got dumped by his girlfriend last year over an iPhone 6. So he bought iPhone 6s 9 times and scratched a message into the screen for his ex so that he could show her how much money he’s been making and what she’s missing out on.


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How You Look At The World When You Grow Up Catholic (8 pics)

When you grow up Catholic it’s a totally different lifestyle than what most people are used to.


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Girls Reveal What They Want From A Man During Sex (14 pics)

These girls aren’t shy about what they want in bed. They revealed all of the intimate details about what they want from men between the sheets so that everyone can have a better time when things get hot and heavy.


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People Who Have Made Large Fortunes Off Of Their Inventions (21 pics)

It’s hard to imagine living in a world that doesn’t have these inventions. Many of them we use on a daily basis and they’ve made their inventors massive amounts of money.


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Guy Has Epic Response For His Cheating Ex-Girlfriend (3 pics)

This girl made the mistake of trying to get her ex-boyfriend back after she had cheated on him. His response makes it pretty clear that he’s not interested.


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Couple Makes Incredible Weight Loss Transformation (5 pics)

A couple from South Korea is blowing up on Instagram thanks to the extreme transformation they’ve made over the past 5 months.
Yo Song Jin and Shin Ji-ho have been hitting the gym twice a week for three hours of aerobic exercise and a half hour exercise with weights and they’re seeing amazing results.


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Fiance’s Ex-Girlfriend Was Just Minding Her Business When This Happened (5 pics)

This man has been broken up with his ex for a long time. But his new fiance just couldn’t resist the urge to let his ex know that she’s absolutely crazy.


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