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The Famous Kissing Couple From The Vancouver Riots Are Still An Item (8 pics)

You probably recognize this famous photo from the Vancouver riots not too long ago. It turns out this couple’s story has a happy ending as they’re still together and very much in love.

These two love birds met in the midst of a chaotic Vancouver riot and a picture of them kissing went viral soon afterwards.


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12 Differences That Separate Men From Women (12 pics)

Men and women just have a very different way of doing things.


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Sex Positions That British People Can’t Get Enough Of (11 pics)

If you’re going to have sex with a British person, you better make sure you’re doing it right.


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This Massive Antarctic Snow Cruiser Was A Massive Failure (12 pics)

In 1939 this Antarctic Snow Cruiser was built to be used as a vehicle that would allow people to explore Antarctica. Unfortunately it didn’t make it very far once it arrived in Antarctica before it broke down. The diesel-electric hybrid powertrain was thought to be too fragile causing the breakdown. Now its exact whereabouts are unknown but it’s believed to be buried somewhere in the Antarctic.


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New Food Scandal Uncovers 40 Year Old Meat In China (6 pics)

Authorities in China have recently uncovered a smuggling ring that was smuggling 40 year old meat. The meat was frozen during the 70s and 80s and some of it has ended up on tables in China. Users of social media have dubbed it “Zombie Meat” and it’s not hard to understand why.


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Smugglers Try To Use Motorized Surfboard To Hide Drugs (6 pics)

Mexican police found a motorized surfboard containing $100,000 US dollars worth of methamphetamine on the shores of Tijuana. It was a nice attempt by the drug smugglers but unfortunately for them it just wasn’t good enough.


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Being A Merman Is The Newest Trend As Men Dye Their Hair Crazy Colors (17 pics)

The latest trend for men is being called the ‘merman’ trend and it’s where men dye their hair all sorts of strange colors to look like a creature from the sea. Let’s just hope this trend fades away fast.


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22 Problems All People With Siblings Go Through (22 pics)

There’s nothing easy about living life with siblings.


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This Is What The Cast Of Forrest Gump Looks Like 21 Years Later (8 pics)

It’s been 21 years since the release of “Forrest Gump” and this is what the cast looks like now compared to how they looked in 1994.

Tom Hanks


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Norwegian Man Spends 6 Years Crocheting A Map From Super Mario Bros. 3 (10 pics)

When it comes to Nintendo games “Super Mario Bros. 3″ is one of the most beloved games of all time. This man used his crocheting talents to express his love for the game as he spent six years putting together this replica of a map from the game. His attention to detail is uncanny as it looks just like the real thing.


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This Oh, The Places You’ll Go Parody Breaks Down The Reality Of Adult Life (21 pics)

When you’re a kid you want to be an adult. When you’re an adult you want to be a kid again. It’s a vicious cycle.


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French Words And Phrases That Every Language Needs To Adopt (13 pics)

When it comes to these words and phrases, the French absolutely nailed it.


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Dedicated Fan Wants To Use 7 Years Worth of Bottle Caps To Pay For Fallout 4 (5 pics)

This fan had spent 7 years of his life saving bottle caps which are used as currency in the Fallout universe. When Bethesda announced that Fallout 4 was being made the fan sent the company 7 years worth of bottle caps hoping to use them as a way to pre-order the game. We’ll have to wait and see how that works out for him.

For one dedicated fan, $60 is not enough to pay for a copy of Fallout 4.


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Thoughts And Facts That Will Blow Your Mind With One Sentence (20 pics)

Be ready to have your mind blown by the time you make it to end of these sentences.


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Tinder Users You Would Definitely Swipe Right For (14 pics)

These girls have mastered the art of getting right swipes and they’ve got it down to a science.


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