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An Amazing Site In The Ocean (16 pics)

While traveling through the ocean on his boat this man came across something very unexpected. Not only did he see volcanic activity but he also got to see the creation of a brand new island.


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This Fake Baby Will Help You Get Away With Drinking In Public (4 pics)

Simon Philion is out to make drinking in public the most adorable thing ever. He’s created a fake baby which he calls Cool Baby that can store 36 ounces of liquid. The idea is to use the baby to make it easier to get away with drinking in public. His Kickstarter campaign has currently reached a total of $14,000 and counting.


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It Turns Out There’s A Mummy Hidden In This 12th Century Buddha Statue (4 pics)

This 12th century Buddha statue was recently put on display at the Drents Museum in the Netherlands but when it was taken to the Meander Medical Center for a CT, something very unexpected was found inside. It turns out that this is much more than just a statue, it’s actually a mummy.


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This Chicago Home Is A Lot Like A Time Capsule (16 pics)

This Chicago home was built in 1962 and later rediscovered by furniture collector Nathan Chandler 17 years ago. After decades of not being occupied the home was finally sold on February 15th. Walking into this house is like walking directly into the past.


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This Man Became A Minor Celebrity In China Thanks To A Stolen iPhone (24 pics)

You might remember the guy who wrote an article that recently went viral titled ‘Who Is This Man And Why Are His Photos Showing Up On My Phone.’ Well it turns out that wasn’t the end of the story. He ended up becoming somewhat known in China thanks to his stolen phone. You can get all the details below.


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10 Disturbing Things Discovered By Archaeologists (10 pics)

Being an archaeologist can be fun sometimes but every once in a while you come across something very disturbing. The things that these archaeologists have dug up were probably better off underground.


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These People Came Out Of The Closet With Style Thanks To Text Messaging (16 pics)

If you’re going to come out via text message you better throw a meme or emoji in there somewhere.


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The Very First Air Force One Is Just Wasting Away In Arizona (7 pics)

The very first Air Force one now resides at the Marana Regional Airport in a field in Arizona. Named Columbine II it became the official presidential aircraft in 1953 before being replaced in 1954 and then eventually retired in 1968. This is the type of thing that belongs in the National Air and Space Museum, not in a field somewhere.


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Americans Eat Thousands Of Rattlesnakes At This Festival (13 pics)

The Festival of Rattlesnakes, is a celebration that takes place every year in Sweetwater, Texas. It’s used as a way to control the rattlesnake population and during the festival citizens eat thousands of these snakes.


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Beyonce Fans Are Furious After Untouched L’Oreal Photos Hit The Web (6 pics)

Over 200 photos claiming to be pre-photoshopped images featuring Beyonce from her 2013 L’Oreal advert have hit the web and her fans are furious. The images leaked on a site called The Beyonce World and many of her fans are claiming that they are fake. What do you think, are these images the real deal or is someone trying to mess with Beyonce?


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This Helpless Woman Got Something Very Unexpected (6 pics)

What goes around comes around.


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These Are Some Great Reasons To Be Afraid Mother Nature (10 pics)

The world is actually a pretty terrifying place when you stop to think about it.


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Meet The Man Who Keeps 200,000 Cockroaches In His Bedroom (4 pics)

Kyle Kandilian is a 20 year old student from Dearborn, Michigan, that is completely obsessed with cockroaches. He breeds them in his bedroom and currently has over 200,000 of them living in there. It’s safe to say he probably won’t be getting a chick in his bed any time soon.


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Incredible Photos That Captured Amazing Moments In History (24 pics)

It’s shocking now to look back and realize that these things actually happened.


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The 14 Secrets To Living A Longer Life (14 pics)

Have you ever wondered how humans can live to be 100 years old or possibly older? It turns out there are a few things you can do to increase you chances of living a longer life. If you want to live longer, follow these tips.


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