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From Basement To Man Cave For Only $107 (21 pics)

Just because you have a limited budget that doesn’t mean you should have to cast aside your desires to build a man cave. These people proved that you can actually build a pretty epic man cave for only $107.


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Epic Domed House Is Saving The Planet (9 pics)

Do you need a new house? Good because you should let Solaleya Designs build you new home. This domed house doesn’t only look cool but it also runs on solar energy so you can get off the grid and give the planet a rest.


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Famous Last Words Spoken By Famous People (8 pics)

Some of these quotes are powerful and some of them are sad but all of them have one thing in common, they were all spoken by famous people before they passed. The legacy of these people will live on forever and so will their famous last words.


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Very Interesting Photos (23 pics)


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Crazy Laws You Won’t Believe Exist (25 pics)

These laws are outdated and crazy but the craziest part is that they still exist today.


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Secret Messages Hidden In Famous Paintings (8 pics)

You don’t need x-ray vision to uncover these secrets. Famous painters have been leaving hidden messages in their work forever and now you’re going to get the inside scoop on a few hidden messages you might have missed.


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Smart Minds From The Past That Predicted The Future (7 pics)

People say you can’t predict the future but obviously this post proves them wrong.


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Meet A Ghost At One Of These Haunted Hotels (8 pics)

Are you looking for a little extra adventure on your next vacation? The hotels below are just a few destinations you can visit if you want to make contact with the other side.


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Epic Photos From History (17 pics)

In order to build a better future, you must remember your past.


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Girl Finds Creative Way To Say I Love You (18 pics)

When you drop the “L bomb” on someone it’s usually a big deal. In order to make the moment special, this girl made a literal “L bomb.”


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The Strangest Conditions And Defects People Are Born With (8 pics)

These are the birth defects that doctors can’t seem to figure out how to prevent. Will these people ever be cured?


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10 Products From Famous Companies That Failed (10 pics)

Remember the Zune? Of course you don’t. You probably won’t remember most of the products on here because they didn’t last very long.


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Josef Rarach Is The King Of The Zombies (11 pics)

Josef Rarach went through 5 days of planning and five days of work to look like the king of the zombies. It was definitely worth it. This is undeniably the best zombie costume of all time.


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How To Propose Using 1,001 Hot Dogs (6 pics)

28-year-old Wang proposed to his girlfriend Chen by spelling out “LOVE” on the floor. He used 1,001 hot dogs to spell it which makes this one of the most unique proposals ever. If hot dogs aren’t a symbol of love, then we don’t know what is.


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This Abandoned Theme Park Is Definitely The Devil’s House (8 pics)

The Lake Shawnee Amusement Park in West Virginia is your destination if you want to summon Satan. We’re pretty sure he lives here. It’s that creepy.


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