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The Kylo Ren Cat Has Finally Been Adopted (4 pics)

This 2 year old Oriental Shorthair tabby named Corey recently became an Internet phenomenon thanks to the fact that he looks a lot like Kylo Ren from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” He looks like the type of cat that you would want to take home but don’t get too excited. Corey has already been adopted and he starts his Sith training next week.


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Owners Shaming Their Pets Is The Most Hilarious Punishment (20 pics)

If only these pets could read they would be laughing too.


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Important Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Cats (21 pics)

Cats might seem crazy at times but there’s a method to their madness. If you live with one long enough, you can actually learn a thing or two from a cat.


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How To Give A Snake Anesthesia (10 pics)

As you’re about to see, there are several different ways to give anesthesia to a snake.


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Meet The Cat That Takes Better Selfies Than Most People (8 pics)

Manny the cat has become an Instagram celebrity thanks to his awesome selfie taking skills. Manny figured out how to use a GoPro camera after playing with it for so long and now he’s perfected the art of taking a selfie. You might notice that he has quite the posse in some of the pictures and that’s because his owner @yoremahm says that he’s the “boss of the dogs.”


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Meet The Cat That Thinks He Lives In A Supermarket (6 pics)

Olly Oliver is a six year old cat who lives next to the Sainsbury’s in Brockley, but you can’t tell him that. He seems to think that he’s actually supposed to be living inside the store. Security has had him removed from the property before but he just keeps coming back.


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The Animal Kingdom Reveals Their New Year’s Resolutions For 2016 (10 pics)

Everyone’s trying to improve themselves in 2016, even the animals. These are some of the best resolutions that the animal kingdom has made for the new year.


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We Rate Dogs Is The Twitter Account The Animal Kingdom Needed (18 pics)

On Twitter there’s an account called We Rate Dogs that gives honest descriptions of your furry friends. See how some of the dogs have ranked so far.


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Pacific Shark Research Center Discovers A New Type Of Shark (6 pics)

American researchers from the Pacific Shark Research Center have found a new type of shark and they are calling the new species the shark-ninja according to the Journal of the Ocean Science Foundation.


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A 200 Year Old Giant Salamander Has Been Discovered In China (4 pics)

Near the city of Chongqing in central China a very large 200 year old salamander has been discovered. The scientists who discovered him were amazed to see how big he is citing that discoveries like this are very rare.


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Alternate Names For Animals That We Should Consider Using (29 pics)

These alternate names for animals just make way too much sense.


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Stray Dogs Ride The Subway In Moscow (11 pics)

They might not have homes, but these dogs are far from stupid. They’ve figured out how the subway system works and they use it everyday like clockwork.


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Cone Snails Are Deadly Assassins (5 pics)

Cone snails seem harmless but they are actually one of the most dangerous creatures in the water. They hide in the darkness and wait for the perfect moment to pick off their prey.


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Upset Animals Open Up And Talk About Their Problems (16 pics)

Artist Ricardo Cabrita is trying to give animals a voice so he created some illustrations showing what certain animals would say if they could talk.


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Funny Snapchat Pics That Are Perfect For Dog Lovers (15 pics)

Snapchats usually disappear forever when you’re done with them but luckily for dog lovers everywhere, these ones made it out alive.


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