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Stray Dogs Ride The Subway In Moscow (11 pics)

They might not have homes, but these dogs are far from stupid. They’ve figured out how the subway system works and they use it everyday like clockwork.


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Cone Snails Are Deadly Assassins (5 pics)

Cone snails seem harmless but they are actually one of the most dangerous creatures in the water. They hide in the darkness and wait for the perfect moment to pick off their prey.


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Upset Animals Open Up And Talk About Their Problems (16 pics)

Artist Ricardo Cabrita is trying to give animals a voice so he created some illustrations showing what certain animals would say if they could talk.


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Funny Snapchat Pics That Are Perfect For Dog Lovers (15 pics)

Snapchats usually disappear forever when you’re done with them but luckily for dog lovers everywhere, these ones made it out alive.


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This Story Is Proof That Elephants Never Forget (9 pics)

It’s not just a popular phrase, it’s actually true. Elephants never forget.


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Dumb Animals (4 pics)


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Unusual Cat Species (15 pics)


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Amazing Facts About Animals (10 pics)


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The Cutest Looking Mixed Breed Dogs On The Planet (11 pics)

When you take one breed of dog and mix it with another, this is what you get.


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You’ll Be Surprised By How Smart These Animals Actually Are (15 pics)

You might be under the impression that they’re simple minded, but these animals are a lot smarter than you think.


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This 18 Foot Monster Shark Will Keep You Out Of The Ocean For Life (2 pics)

This photo of an 18 foot shark is quickly going viral. This monster of the deep blue sea is enough to convince you that you never want to go swimming again.


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Fun And Interesting Facts About Sloths (17 pics)

Sloths may be slow and lazy but they also happen to be awesome.


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10 Animals With Mouths That Will Haunt Your Dreams (10 pics)

Animals have to be built tough so that they can survive in the wild. But these ones look like they came directly from hell.


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Terrifying Facts About Animals That Will Make You Fear Wildlife (10 pics)

To sum things up, pretty much every animal that isn’t a house pet wants to kill you.


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The Saddest Cat On The Internet (14 pics)

Meet Luhu form Beijing. Looks like we found the saddest cat on the internet.


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