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Snowflake Says Hello And Goodbye To A New Friend (2 pics)

When these people got their new hamster Snowflake, they hoped he would get along with the other animals in the house. Unfortunately for Snowflake the cat decided to eat him for breakfast.


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You Won’t Believe What Was Found In This Snake’s Stomach (5 pics)

A group of scientists in Macedonia made a pretty gross discovery when they came across this snake. It looks like the snake just wanted a little snack but he got a whole lot more than that.


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This Deep Sea Catch Is Very Impressive (7 pics)

This creature is called the Black Swallower and it has a gigantic stomach. This can swallow fish whole and eat creatures much bigger than itself.


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This Woman Did Something Incredible For A Stray Dog (5 pics)

Scottish Cyclist Ishbel Taromsari is a world traveler so she sees many things. One day she came across a stray dog who was down on his luck but thanks to her, that all changed.


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That’s One Brave Dog (8 pics)

It takes a very brave dog to go toe to toe with a polar bear.


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A Great Use For IKEA Doll Beds (15 pics)

Some clever Japanese cat owners have hacked their IKEA doll beds. The dolls have been kicked out and the cats have taken over.


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How to Make a Thin Hamster (11 pics)

First you need a normal hamster…


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Giant Snake Fights A Crocodile Then Eats It (19 pics)

This 3 meter python definitely isn’t messing around. It’s not just out to kill this crocodile, it’s out to eat him for dinner.


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You Don’t Want To Run Into These Animals At Night (5 pics)

Photographer Larry Lynch thought it would be a good idea to take pictures of a swamp at night. Apparently the alligators didn’t think his idea was all that great.


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If You Thought Spiders Were Scary Wait Until You See This (10 pics)

Are you one of those people who thinks that spiders are scary? Say hello to the robber fly. Just know that this thing eats spiders for breakfast.


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Police Dog Gives A Hilarious Statement To Prosecutors (2 pics)

This just goes to show that some prosecutors need to be careful what they ask for, because they just might get it.


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Saying Goodbye To DiOGi The German Shepherd (8 pics)

In Holmdel, New Jersey, DiOGi was a hero. He was a K-9 police officer and when his time was up his co-workers and the local citizens had a tough time letting him go.


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This Abandoned Dog Has A Message (6 pics)

Just a heads up, this post will break your heart.


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Chinese Clinic Has A Special Helper To Calm People Down (4 pics)

This Chinese clinic wanted to keep their patients as calm as possible so they went looking for some extra help. They ended up finding the perfect creature for the job, it’s fluffy, has four legs and likes to take a lot of naps.


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Words That Originated With Animals (16 pics)

These words have interesting origins. The animals pictured below helped create these words and they didn’t even know it.


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