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These Birds Are Natural Born Killers (11 pics)

If you come across any of these birds, stay away from them. They don’t like you.


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See The Inside Of A Bear Den (3 pics)

Have you ever wondered where bears go when they hibernate all winter? Take a look at the inside of a bear den.


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Strange Animals You Won’t Believe Exist (25 pics)

You might think that some of these animals are too strange to really exist but they’re real and they’re out there.


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The Bobbit Worm Is Extremely Creepy (6 pics)

Do you remember the creatures from that movie Tremors? Yeah, this worm is a lot like that.


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Terrifying Ghost Animals Across The Globe (8 pics)

Do you think that humans are the only type of ghosts that haunt this planet? Think again. Animals have been known to haunt people long after they’re gone.


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Disabled Dog Gets A Second Chance (11 pics)

When Bentley’s owner discovered he was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy he stepped up to the plate to make sure that Bentley could still get around.


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Giant Chinese German Shepherd (12 pics)

German shepherds are normally pretty large but in China they’re just beasts.


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Disgusting Animals That People Eat For Dinner (17 pics)

They say that variety is the spice of life but some people take it too far. We don’t even want to know what these animals taste like.


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Australia Has A Friendly Spider (2 pics)

This Australian spider is more friendly than he is harmful.


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These Cats Are Living The Dream In This Tower (15 pics)

A lot of work went into making this custom kitty tower but it was all worth it.


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Deer Guts For Dinner (12 pics)

A few friends put a motion sensing camera on a pile of deer guts. They quickly discovered that deer guts equal dinner for some of the other animals in the neighborhood.


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When You Run With The Bulls You Get The Horns (19 pics)

The Running of the Bulls festival is a well known event but you have to be brave to participate. You never know when you’re going to get the horns.


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What It Looks Like When Hedgehogs Get Anesthesia (10 pics)

If you don’t think this is adorable, there’s something wrong with you.


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These 10 Dogs Are Heroes (10 pics)

There’s a reason they say that a dog is man’s best friend and these loyal pets are that reason.


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This Dog Gets An Epic Last Meal (6 pics)

Meeka the dog was 16 years old when she had to be put down but before she passed on she got one last meal.


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