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What Nationality Is Your Dog? (15 pics)

Do you know what nationality your dog is? Are you unsure? These pictures should help you figure it out.


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5 Creepy Spiders You Don’t Want To Mess With (5 pics)

Spiders have a reputation for being creepy, but these spiders, they’re taking it to a whole new level.


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The Waldrapp Team Brings An Extinct Bird Back To Life (4 pics)

Waldrapp Team is a group of dedicated individuals who worked to bring this species of bird back to life. All of their hard work has paid off because the population of this species is slowly growing.


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Strange Facts About Animal Pregnancies (10 pics)

All human births pretty much happen the same way but the same can’t be said about animal births. Each animal has their own way of experiencing the miracle of childbirth and some of them are really weird.


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Giant Anaconda Snake (10 pics)

39-year-old Sebastian Baskule working as a mathematics teacher in French Guiana, and he went fishing one day. He was hoping to catch a big fish but instead he caught something else entirely.


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This Dog Loves To Go Skydiving (8 pics)

You can’t get most humans to jump out of a plane but Riley is stepping up where most humans won’t This dog fears nothing and he’s more than willing to jump out of a plane with his owner. What a brave dog.


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Cute Critters That Are Deadly (10 pics)

You might look at any of these creatures and think they are cute, but don’t let them fool you. They’re all more than capable of killing you and if you get on their bad side they might do just that.


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The Greatest Shark Throw Ever (5 pics)

What do you do when you come across a shark in shallow water? You wind up and toss that thing as far as you can.


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Ancient Animals That Once Ruled The Earth (15 pics)

After you read this post you will definitely be thankful that these animals are now extinct. There’s no way you would be able to outrun one of these things.


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Interesting Story About the Bullet Ant (7 pics)

Brazilian Indians call it Tucandeira.


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Alien from the Ocean (5 pics)

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Alien” then this small guy should look pretty familiar.


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Cute Animals That Were Once Gigantic (6 pics)

Most of these animals are cute and cuddly but you won’t believe how terrifying their ancestors were.


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1,000 Pound Alligator (13 pics)

Mandy Stokes and four members of her family spent ten hours chasing down this alligator in Alabama. It weighs over 1,000 pounds and it put up quite the fight.


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These Birds Are Natural Born Killers (11 pics)

If you come across any of these birds, stay away from them. They don’t like you.


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See The Inside Of A Bear Den (3 pics)

Have you ever wondered where bears go when they hibernate all winter? Take a look at the inside of a bear den.


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