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The Cutest Looking Mixed Breed Dogs On The Planet (11 pics)

When you take one breed of dog and mix it with another, this is what you get.


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You’ll Be Surprised By How Smart These Animals Actually Are (15 pics)

You might be under the impression that they’re simple minded, but these animals are a lot smarter than you think.


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This 18 Foot Monster Shark Will Keep You Out Of The Ocean For Life (2 pics)

This photo of an 18 foot shark is quickly going viral. This monster of the deep blue sea is enough to convince you that you never want to go swimming again.


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Fun And Interesting Facts About Sloths (17 pics)

Sloths may be slow and lazy but they also happen to be awesome.


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10 Animals With Mouths That Will Haunt Your Dreams (10 pics)

Animals have to be built tough so that they can survive in the wild. But these ones look like they came directly from hell.


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Terrifying Facts About Animals That Will Make You Fear Wildlife (10 pics)

To sum things up, pretty much every animal that isn’t a house pet wants to kill you.


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The Saddest Cat On The Internet (14 pics)

Meet Luhu form Beijing. Looks like we found the saddest cat on the internet.


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The Dong Tao Chicken Has Legs Like A Dragon (14 pics)

The Dong Tao chicken is a rare Vietnamese breed that’s know for its delicious tasting meat and thick legs. Their legs are often compared to dragon scales and can grow to be the size of a human wrist. This breed is in high demand and a pair of Dong Tao chickens can sell for up to $2,500 dollars.


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Animal Shelter Sends Cats To Yoga Class To Help Them Find Homes (7 pics)

The Homeward Bound animal shelter in Illinois recently sent six adult cats to hang out with the students at the Yoga at Connie’s studio. The event raised $500 for Homeward Bound animal shelter and one of the cats ended up with a new forever home.


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Local Pet Store Gets Hilarious New Labels With New Pet Names (8 pics)

Not too long ago a company called The Future People debuted this vehicle at the North American Auto Show in Detroit. It’s what you get when you combine an electric bike with a car body and it looks like it would be a lot of fun to drive.


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These Homeowners Found An Unusual Nest In Their Yard (6 pics)

These homeowners were just walking around their property when they noticed a nest in an unusual spot. When they went to check it out they found a nice fluffy surprise inside.


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German Animal Names With Funny English Translations (10 pics)

Whatever you do make sure to stay away from the spiny pig and the naked snail.



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Billions Of Blue Jellyfish Wash Up On The West Coast (5 pics)

It’s estimated that over one billion blue jellyfish known as Vellela velella washed up on the west coast of the United States recently. Scientists say this happens every three to six years when the wind and current change direction washing the animals up on to the shore.


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Real Life Kermit The Frog Discovered In Costa Rica (3 pics)

Kermit the Frog is so much more than just a muppet, he’s a real from. This live action Kermit was recently found in the jungles of Costa Rice and it’s a species known as “Diane’s Bare-hearted Glass Frog.” Scientists recently discovered the from who was living between 400m and 800m up in the mountains. They say it evaded discovery for so long because its mating call sounds similar to an insect’s call.


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This Is What A Baby Toucan Looks Like (7 pics)

Toucans are one of the world’s coolest looking birds and even as babies they still have giant beaks.


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