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Australia Has A Friendly Spider (2 pics)

This Australian spider is more friendly than he is harmful.


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These Cats Are Living The Dream In This Tower (15 pics)

A lot of work went into making this custom kitty tower but it was all worth it.


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Deer Guts For Dinner (12 pics)

A few friends put a motion sensing camera on a pile of deer guts. They quickly discovered that deer guts equal dinner for some of the other animals in the neighborhood.


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When You Run With The Bulls You Get The Horns (19 pics)

The Running of the Bulls festival is a well known event but you have to be brave to participate. You never know when you’re going to get the horns.


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What It Looks Like When Hedgehogs Get Anesthesia (10 pics)

If you don’t think this is adorable, there’s something wrong with you.


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These 10 Dogs Are Heroes (10 pics)

There’s a reason they say that a dog is man’s best friend and these loyal pets are that reason.


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This Dog Gets An Epic Last Meal (6 pics)

Meeka the dog was 16 years old when she had to be put down but before she passed on she got one last meal.


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Man Slaps Possum Turns Out To Be Porcupine (5 pics)

This man found out the hard way that the possum he slapped turned out to not be a possum at all.


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These Woodpeckers Are Packing Heat (5 pics)

Those look like bullet holes don’t they? Well, they’re not. Just the work of some angry woodpeckers.


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These Eels Will Haunt Your Dreams (5 pics)

You normally wouldn’t think that an eel could be so intimidating but the Saber-toothed moray is a whole different story.


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Nothing Says Cool Like A Cat With A Jetpack (11 pics)

Because what cat doesn’t need a jetpack?


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This Turtle Is A Total Wedding Crasher (5 pics)

A wedding on the beach sounds so perfect and romantic doesn’t it? It’s all fun and games until a turtle crashes the party.


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This Mouse Does Battle With A Mousetrap (25 pics)

The price of cheese is high but it’s a price that mice are willing to pay. When a mice do battle with a mousetrap sometimes they lose but sometimes they actually win.


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Dog Gets Bit By Rattlesnake Trying To Save Owner (7 pics)

Rattlesnakes are vicious and you better hope you never come across one. If you do ever cross paths with a rattlesnake make sure to bring this brave and loyal dog along with you. He might save your life.


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Hilarious Life Hacks For Dogs (7 pics)

If you’re a dog owner you might have a tough time trying to figure out what your dog is saying from time to time. Don’t worry these pictures should help.


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