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Secret Store in Boston (9 pics)

Let’s take a look inside.


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An Impressive Vintage Camera Coffee Shop (15 pics)

This South Korean family loved photography so much that they built a life-sized replica model of the Rolleiflex camera next to their family home. Called the “Dreaming Camera”, the building is actually a fully-functional coffee shop.


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A Homeless Couple’s Special Night on the Town (5 pics)

“This is Charrolette and Ken. They’re a homeless couple we met while doing some charity work at a Seattle tent city. In talking, we found out they had an anniversary coming up. Sadly in 14 years of marriage, they’ve never had a proper celebration. So we got some money together and changed that. First thing we did was buy Ken a new suit, and Charrolette a new dress. My girlfriend did her makeup and hair. They loved it.”


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Real-Life Inspiration For Tolkien’s ‘Lord Of The Rings’ (33 pics)


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Superheroes in Real Life (15 pics)

All these real people have real superpowers.


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How to Cook Popcorn Without a Microwave (9 pics)

Simple way to cook popcorn without a microwave. You will need an empty can.


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Holly Black’s Secret Library (7 pics)

One of the authors behind The Spiderwick Chronicles, Holly Black, shows her hidden library.


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Awesome Driver (4 pics)

A story about an amazing bus driver from India.


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Own Hobbit Hole (10 pics)

Dan Price lives in his own hobbit hole. And it’s pretty cool.


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Beautiful Game of Thrones Pop-Up Book (7 pics)

Game of Thrones fans will love it.


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How to Cover-Up an Old Tattoo (4 pics)


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An Awesome Chessboard That Is Totally Bad-Ass (5 pics)


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Injured Animals (15 pics)

Handicapped animals and their inspirational stories.


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Superhero Window Cleaners (12 pics)

Window cleaners in the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, Ann Arbor, Michigan, clean the windows dressed as superheroes.


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The Largest Insects (10 pics)


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