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Space Glass Is Quite Possibly The Coolest Thing Ever (10 pics + video)

Japanese man Satoshi Tomizu make some of the most unique souvenirs you’re ever going to see. He puts outer space inside a ball and calls it space glass and it’s unlike anything else you’ve ever laid your eyes on.


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Japan Now Has A Train Designed In The Style Of Evangelion Neon Genesis (9 pics)

Japan recently paid tribute to the popular anime Evangelion Neon Genesis launching a special train that looked like it was right out of the films.


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Smart Guy Turns A Jerry Can Into A Mini Bar (10 pics)

Mini bars come in all shapes and sizes and this one just so happens to use a jerry can. But looking cool isn’t the only thing it does right. It also allows you to make drinks on the go when you need them the most.


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Man Gets Saved By His Mobile Phone During The Paris Attacks (4 pics)

What happened in Paris recently was a complete tragedy. The attacks on the city caused many people to lose their lives and many others suffered injuries. However a man named Sylvestre made it through the attacks unharmed thanks to his cell phone. Sylvestre was finishing up a phone call when a suicide bomber killed himself. Sylvetre’s cell phone blocked a piece of shrapnel from hitting his head and effectively saved his life.


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This Guy Took His Love Of Adidas Home With Him (10 pics)

In the small Lithuanian town of Sujainiai lies a unique house. The house has the Adidas logo plastered on the side of it because the owner of the home is obsessed with the brand.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger Hid A Clever Message In One Of His Letters (3 pics)

Arnold Schwarzenegger was the Governor of California for a staggering 7 years and it wasn’t easy. He ended his run with record ow approval ratings of 23%. Over the course of his 7 year tenure as Governor he had to deal with a lot of hate. Lucky for him he knew exactly how to handle it.


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British Baker Creates A Cake That Looks Exactly Like Prince George (10 pics)

British baker Lara Clarke of Tasty Cakes has entered the 2015 Cake International competition this year and it will be a shame if she doesn’t win. She’s entered the contest for the past three years and this year she made a lifelike cake of Prince George and it’s impressive to say the least.


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How To Make A Chinese Knot Ball Step By Step (10 pics)

Chinese knot balls are cool when they’re finished but the process it takes to create one can be confusing. This is how it’s done.


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The Rock Rat River Raider Is A Vehicle Built For The Apocalypse (10 pics)

The “Rock Rat River Raider” is a custom vehicle which was created by Hauk designs. The vehicle is rugged and built to survive whatever the apocalypse can throw at it.


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Self Inflating Giant Flowers Installed In The Streets Of Jerusalem (7 pics)

Last year this art display titled “Warde” was installed in Jerusalem’s Vallero Square. The giant flowers were setup as a way to lighten up the local space and make it look brighter.


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This Story Is Living Proof That Not All Cops Are Bad (5 pics)

This man recently had a run in with the cops involving a concealed weapon and things didn’t exactly go down how you would expect. He has a different opinion of cops after the encounter and he wants the world to know about it.


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Painter Gunduz Aghayev Imagines A Perfect World For Children (9 pics)

Painter Gunduz Aghayev is known for famous illustrations such “Holy Selfie,” “World Leader“, “Global Police” and “Just Leaders,” and he’s captivating the world once again with his new project called “Imagine.” This time the illustrations focus on what the world would look like if it was a perfect place for children.

Children in Vietnam


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This Awesome Japanese Invention Will Make You Want To Stay In Bed All Day (8 pics)

If you want to stay in bed all day you need this Japanese invention called a kotasu. The kotasu is an adjustable bed complete with blankets, its own heating system and a table. What more could you need?


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Man Cuts Down His Cost Of Living By Moving Into A Tiny House (9 pics)

This man didn’t want to pay high rent fees, so he moved into a tiny house. It may be small but it’s actually kind of awesome.

Joel Weber is a student in Texas who wanted to manage his student debts better from the outset so he decided to build his own 145-square-foot house on wheels to save on rent while he is studying.


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Japan Is Now Allowing Passengers To Fly On Star Wars Themed Planes (12 pics)

Regular planes are boring which is probably why All Nippon Airways (ANA) of Japan decided to spice things up. The airline is now flying Star Wars themed planes to make your trip a whole lot more exciting.


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