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Surreal Pictures Turn Istanbul Into Something Out Of Inception (10 pics)

At first glance these might look like pictures from the movie “Inception” but they’re actually modified photos of Istanbul. Here’s Istanbul like you’ve never seen it before.


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It’s Almost Impossible To Tell Which One Is The Real Taylor Swift (20 pics)

Kietra Jane is a 21 year old student from the University of Utah and she looks almost exactly like Taylor Swift. She’s built up a big following online thanks to her good looks and she can even sing too. She shares such a distinct resemblance to Taylor Swift that it’s become really difficult for people to tell them apart.


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Ditch The Flowers And Get Your Date A Star Wars Bouquet For Valentine’s Day (10 pics)

Flowers are a thing of the past now that Think Geek has invented the Star Wars bouquet. Make sure you do right by your date this year by getting them one of these epic bouquets because the force is strong with this gift.


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It’s Hard To Believe That There’s Six People In This Picture (6 pics)

Australian woman Kimberley Tucci is currently a mother of two but she’s got more kids on the way. Kim recently took part in a photo shoot to show off her baby bump. It might not look like it, but there’s actually six people in this photo because Kimberley is pregnant with quintuplets.


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Car Crash Survivor Turns Her Back Brace Into Steampunk Armor (5 pics)


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This Dad Spent 18 Months Turning His Daughter’s Room Into A Real Fairytale (12 pics)

Reddit user radamshome recently decided to share his story about how he transformed his daughter’s room into a living, breathing fairytale. It took 18 months, 350 hours and over $4,000 to make it happen. But in the end it was all worth it.


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Awesome Microwave Hacks That You Need To Be Using (20 pics)

There’s almost nothing that your microwave can’t do.


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Now You Can Enjoy A Cup Of Coffee As You Drink It From A Zombie Head (10 pics)

Kevin “Turkey” Merck likes zombies, coffee and pottery. When you put all three of those things together you get these awesome zombie coffee mugs that he designed. Merck’s mugs are all hand made and he sells them for the low price of $220. That’s a small price to pay to drink your morning coffee from the head of a zombie.


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Photos That Will Instantly Satisfy Anyone Who Works In IT (23 pics)


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Guy Turns Old Book Into An Awesome Kindle Case (15 pics)

This guy decided to make a custom kindle case for his girlfriend. He took an old book and transformed it into something that can carry a kindle and make it look classy.


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The Bimota DB1SR Is Like Something Out Of A Time Capsule (13 pics)

The Bimota company has always made unique motorcycles and the DB1SR is no exception. This motorcycle was the result of the Bimota company trying to create the perfect frame and judging from the pictures they came pretty close.


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This Is Why The Galapagos Islands Are A Must See Travel Destination (26 pics)

The Galapagos Islands are one of the most beautiful places on Earth. If you’ve never been there before, this is what you’ve been missing out on.


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Impressive 8-Bit Dioramas Recreate Scenes From Classic Video Games (11 pics)

If you want to capture a scene from one of your favorite video games so you can hang it on your wall, an 8-bit diorama is the way to go.


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Kazakhstan Has Some Creative Mechanics (8 pics)

When these mechanics in Kazakhstan have old parts laying around the shop they don’t let them go to waste, they get creative.


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Photographer Captures Soap Bubbles Freezing In Warsaw, Poland (5 pics)

Pablo Zaluska is a photographer and he knows that winters get very cold in Warsaw, Poland. He decided that he was going to photograph soap bubbles freezing at -15 Celsius and the pictures he captured are absolutely stunning.


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