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These Estonian Students Built Giant Wooden Megaphones, Find Out Why (10 pics)

A group of interior architecture students along with the help of designers Tõnis Kalve, Ahti Grünberg have built something very unique in the forest of Estonia. They built giant megaphones that allow nature lovers to listen to the sounds of the forest and they also provide a nice little spot to get some rest.


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Compassionate McDonald’s Worker Helps Man Who Can’t Feed Himself (5 pics)

This kind McDonald’s worker took a little bit of time out of his day to help someone in need. Now the worker’s compassionate gesture is blowing up all over the Internet.


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This Woman Doesn’t Have Legs But She Makes $1,000 A Day Modeling Lingerie (11 pics)

Kanya Sesser, of Los Angeles, is changing the perception of what a model can be. She was abandoned on the steps of a Buddhist temple in Thailand when she was born without legs. Her adoptive parents moved her to the United States when she was five and she’s been pursuing her dreams ever since. Now she’s 23 years old and makes $1,000 a day as a lingerie model.


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Domino’s Driver Accidentally Delivers A Stack Of Cash To A Customer’s Door (5 pics)

This Domino’s delivery driver made a big mistake when he dropped off an order on his way to the bank. The customer he was delivering the food too ended up discovering a box full of $1,300 dollars when he was just hoping to get some chicken wings.

This driver mistakenly delivered a box of cash to a customer but thankfully his $1,300 mistake didn’t end up as badly as it could have.


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Russian Billionaire Unveils Massive 300 Foot Tall Yacht With 8 Floors (8 pics)

Russian billionaire Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko is not messing around with his new super-yacht. This thing cost him $260 million and it sits at 300ft tall with 8 floors. This yacht has everything you could ever need.


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Meet The Man Who’s Been Dubbed The Real Life Tarzan (5 pics)

Michael Peter Fomenko is 84 years old and he decided to leave society 60 years ago to live in a rainforest between Cape York and Ingham in north Queensland
Bushman. He’s been dubbed the “real life Tarzan” as he lives in the wild and feeds off of boars and crocodiles that he kills with his bare hands.


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Coloring for Adults (9 pics)


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New Japanese Aircraft Debuts With A Star Wars Theme (13 pics)

The Japanese airline All Nippon Airways recently introduced a new Boeing 787 with a Star Wars theme. The plane is the result of a year contract between All Nippon Airways and Disney. It’s truly unlike any other plane you’ve ever seen before.


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Birthday Present For Their Son Who Turned 13 (12 pics)

Nice room makeover.


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Unique Ferrari (6 pics)

This unique Ferrari was built Panther Westwinds in 1972.


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World’s Largest Flower Parade In The Netherlands (14 pics)

These floats were inspired by Vincent Van Gogh.


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The Story Of Dashrath Manjhi (6 pics)

Dashrath Manjhi, also known as “Mountain Man”, was a poor labourer in Gehlaur village, near Gaya in Bihar, India, who carved a path through a 360 ft long, 30 ft wide and 25 ft high hillock using only a hammer and chisel. After 22 years of work, Dashrath shortened travel between the Atri and Wazirganj blocks of Gaya town from 55km (34mi) to 15km (9mi).

Dashrath Manjhi ran away from his home at a young age and worked at Dhanbad’s coal mines. He returned to his village and married Phalguni Devi. While crossing Gehlour hills to bring him lunch, she slipped and seriously injured herself that eventually led to her death. Manjhi was deeply disturbed and that very night decided to carve a path through the Gehlour hills so that his village could have easier access to medical attention.


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Amazing Lunchboxes (16 pics)

One dad creates these awesome lunchboxes for his kids.


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Interesting Facts About The Lightsabers (4 pics)

All you ever wanted to know about the lightsabers.


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Bryan Ware Knows How To Reuse Leftover Crayons From Restaurants And Schools (10 pics)

Bryan Ware came up with the idea in 2011 when celebrating his birthday at a restaurant. His waiter had brought his two sons some crayons, and he wondered where the crayons go after they’re done with them. His discovery that they get thrown out led to the Crayon Initiative, which delivers crayons to hospitals throughout California.


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