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Revatu Customs Built An Epic Looking Steam Powered Motorcycle (10 pics)

Dutch engineers Revatu Customs recently built a steam powered motorcycle and named it “The Black Pearl”. It works the same way that a steam powered locomotive does and it looks really cool. Unfortunately at this point it can’t go over 10 kilometers per hour.


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This Is What Happens To People Who Share Their Names With Celebrities (8 pics)

Humans of New York recently shared a picture o a girl named Beyonce who talked about how tough it can be living with the same name as a celebrity. After she told her story many people left a response letting her know she wasn’t alone and some of their comments are hilarious.

On Saturday, ‘Humans Of New York’ shared a photo of a girl named Beyoncé:


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Boy With Autism Draws Amazing World Map Entirely From Memory (4 pics)

Autism creates challenges for people who have it but it also sometimes enhances their abilities. A New York professor recently brought her 11 year old autistic son to class and everyone in attendance sat back and watched him draw a detailed map of the entire world completely from memory. One of the students took pictures, posted them on Reddit and not this talented young boy is going viral.


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Man Reunites With Nurse That Changed His Life 40 Years Later (5 pics)

Gary Bentley reunited with a nurse that changed his life at Vulcan Park Sunday afternoon. When he was a kid he had open heart surgery and he always remembered Nurse Kathy for being so nice to him during his hospital stay. He spent a lot of time trying to track her down and 40 years later he found a way to express his gratitude.


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French Mailman Spends 33 Years Building A Palace With Pebbles (10 pics)

This is the Palais Ideal. It’s a beautiful palace which was built by French postman Ferdinand Cheval. He spent 33 years between 1879 and 1912 building the palace using only cement and rocks he found on his mail route. This landmark is a must see if you ever take a trip to France.


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Plymouth Duster Goes From Hunk Of Junk To Award Winning Car (25 pics)

This Plymouth Duster wasn’t much to look at when it was first purchased, but now it’s a whole new car. It went from a piece of junk in the garage to a car that has appeared in magazines and even won awards.


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Tips From A Photographer On How To Take The Perfect Photo (10 pics)

Award winning photographer, Steve McCurry wants to help you up your photography game. Follow these tips and you’ll be a professional in no time.

#1 Rule of Thirds
Place points of interest on intersections


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Artist Burns Famous Movie Characters Onto Wood (14 pics)

Rick Merian is an artist that specializes in pyrography which is the art of wood burning. He’s got some pretty serious talent as he’s brought the image of many famous movie characters to life with his art style. His attention to detail is uncanny.


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Barack Obama and Kim Jong Un Impersonators Stroll Through L.A. Together (7 pics)

What would you do if you say these two just randomly hanging out together in downtown L.A.? You would probably think hell had frozen over.


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Wealthy Man Gives $25,000 Tip To Waiter So He Can Fix His Teeth (7 pics)

If This doesn’t restore your faith in humanity than nothing will.


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This Taiwan Hotel Spent $150,000 On A Slide For Their Guests (6 pics)

The hotel RedDot in Taichung, Taiwan just became the coolest hotel in the country after installing a 30 meter long sling so that their guests can have fun as they make their exit. The slide was designed by hotel General Manager Stephen Wu who says got the inspiration from designs at the Google offices.


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Inner City Treehouse Uses 150 Trees To Protect Residents From Noise (12 pics)

This apartment complex in Turin, Italy was designed by Luciana Pia to look like an urban treehouse. The complex is a mix of steel girders and trees and it helps keep the city’s air cleaner and also gives residents a break from inner city life as well.


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You Won’t Believe What Rufus From Bumfights Looks Like Today (6 pics)

A lot of you out there might remember Bumfights. It was a video series where the creators filmed bums fighting each other and they managed to make a lot of money off of the footage. Rufus was featured in some of the videos and since then he’s managed to turn his life around in a big way.


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No These Aren’t Cartoons, They’re Real Bags (11 pics)

Don’t adjust your eyes, these accessories aren’t cartoons, they’re real bags. The items are made by a company in Taiwan called JumpFromPaper. The bags are sold in multiple stores throughout Asia and Europe and they range from $89 to $149.


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This Military Tank Delivers Free Books (9 pics)

Raul Lemesoff is an artist ii Buenos Aires, Argentina. He’s putting a whole new spin on tanks and giving them a new purpose. Instead of battling armed forces, he wants to battle ignorance and spread knowledge. He turned a 1970 Ford Falcon into a vehicle that holds 900 books and now he drives around giving the books out for free.


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