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Paralyzed Groom Dances With His Bride (8 pics)

27 year old Sergeant Joey Johnson is paralyzed from the waist down but he didn’t let that stop him from dancing with his bride on his wedding day. This might be the most magical wedding moment ever.


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Survive The Apocalypse By Moving Into One Of These Condos (13 pics)

If you’re worried about surviving the apocalypse, one of these underground condos might just be the place for you.


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This Pistol Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand (14 pics)

If you’re looking to protect yourself but also want to carry something compact, this pal protector pistol is just what you’re looking for.


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This Is The Batman Themed Wedding Everyone Wishes They Could Have (14 pics)

Ali Butrym and Ryan Jeziorski got married over the weekend in Fort Worth, Texas, but their wedding was unlike any other. They had a Batman themed wedding and were even nice enough to invite some other comic book characters along.


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This Real Life “Back To The Future” DeLorean Is A Dream Come True (10 pics)

This is a pretty strong contender for coolest car ever.


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Daredevil Pilot Photobombs Other Planes While Flying Upside Down (11 pics)

Rob Holland has worked on his signature trick of flying upside down for so long that he’s perfected it. He’s now using it to fly at 150 mph and photobomb other planes. Job well done Rob, job well done.


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Say Hello To The Brikk Lux Nikon DF The $42,000 Dollar Camera (5 pics)

This is the Brikk Lux Nikon DF it’s worth $ 41,395 and it’s probably the coolest looking camera ever.


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This Human Sized Nest Is The Cure For The Common Couch (6 pics)

Are you getting bored with sitting on a normal couch all the time? It might be time to step up your game and buy one of these giant nests.


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This Couple Built The Most Epic Game Room Ever (10 pics)

This couple saved for five years so that they could create a gamer’s paradise and they succeeded in every single way possible.


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What You Should Be Using Your Refrigerator’s Ice Dispenser For (4 pics)

This will change your life for the better.


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New Ambulances in Dubai are Some of the Top Luxury Cars (29 pics)

Medical services in the United Arab Emirates have introduced some of the fastest “super cars” as their emergency transportation. The latest cars to be used for this job are the Lotus Evora and the Ford Mustang, which are able to travel two to three times faster than normal coach ambulances and are reportedly able to reach a patient in less than four minutes. The cars are equipped with medical supplies such as oxygen bags, cardiac defibrillators, means for applying plaster casts and are doctors will be trained on how to drive these cars safely.


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How To Build A Boat Bed From Scratch (12 pics)

You could buy a boar bed from the store but we guarantee it wouldn’t look as good as this one. These parents decided to build a custom boat bed for their son and it may possibly be the coolest boat bed ever.


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Very Interesting Photos (21 pics)


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Scary Missing Eye Makeup DIY (4 pics)

Halloween season is upon us and everyone is getting ready to put a costume together. These pictures should provide you with a little bit of inspiration if you’re trying to go the scary route.


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Pets That Got Lost And Made Their Way Back Home (7 pics)

All animal lovers know that there’s nothing worse than losing your pet. When your pet gets lost it’s devastating. Sometimes they’re lost forever but these are the amazing stories of animals that found a way to get back to the people they love.


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