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This Girl Checked Off Everything On Her Bucket List (11 pics)

Emma Whitfield knew that she only had so much time left with her daughter. She made sure that her daughter was going to live her life to the fullest before she passed and she did just that.


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Interesting Historical Coincidences (24 pics)


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The Incredible Story Of The Man That Needed A Kidney (13 pics)

Kevin Campbell was diagnosed with a kidney disease which left him with only 4% use of the vital organs. He didn’t let that bring him down though. He kept on going and held out hope. Luckily for him, someone came to his rescue.


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Complete Compact Survival Kit (13 pics)

This survival kit has everything that you would ever need to survive if you got lost in the woods. The coolest part about it is that everything is stored in one compact tube.


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Amazing Products That Everybody Needs (29 pics)

You didn’t know you needed these awesome product but after you see them, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.


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Josef Rarach Is The King Of The Zombies (11 pics)

Josef Rarach went through 5 days of planning and five days of work to look like the king of the zombies. It was definitely worth it. This is undeniably the best zombie costume of all time.


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Chinese Man Builds Giant Transformers Replicas (9 pics)

We can guarantee you’ve never seen Transformers like this before. Some of these replicas are 52 feet tall and if you want to buy one you can, they only cost $16,000.


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Make Your Own Nintendo Table (18 pics)

As long as you have this table in your living room, Mario Kart will be there for you.


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Incredible Lightning Cloud Lamp (4 pics)

Richard Clarkson created a lamp that mimics a lightning storm. This is pretty much the coolest thing ever.


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Interesting Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The English Language (25 pics)


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Get A Look At The First Electric Harley-Davidson (7 pics)

Who would have thought that we would ever see an electric Harley Davidson? It didn’t seem likely a few years ago but it looks pretty cool.


Harley Davidson Unveils Electric Motorcycle
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The Most Epic Zombie Costume Of All Time (15 pics)

You will most likely see a lot of zombie costumes in your lifetime but we can guarantee that none of them will look this good


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These Colored Pencil Portraits Look Real (22 pics)

20 year old artist Heather Rooney is the mastermind behind these amazing colored pencil portraits. They may only be drawings but they look so real!


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This Man Has A Completely Street-Legal Batmobile (8 pics)

Zac Mihajlovic is a huge Batman fan and he put a lot of hard work into building this Batmobile. He did everything he had to in order to make sure that this amazing vehicle is street legal. That means he can hit the McDonald’s drive-thru with this thing anytime he wants.


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Amazing Solar Powered Plane (13 pics)

This is the Solar Impulse 2. It’s as large as 747 and powered by 17,248 solar panels. The plane is scheduled to fly around the world in 2015 and you can see in these pictures that it’s one incredible achievement.


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