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1967 Mohs Ostentatienne Opera Sedan Looks Amazing When It’s Restored (19 pics)

Bruce Mohs built these unique sedans between 1967 and 1979. They were a limited production and it’s rare to see them nowadays. This man got his hands on one and restored it. Now it’s one of the coolest looking cars on the road.


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A Closer Look At The Motorcycles From Mad Max: Fury Road (15 pics)

“Mad Max: Fury Road” is seeing a lot of success at the box office and there’s a big buzz around the film. One of the things people are talking about is how cool the vehicles look in the film, especially the motorcycles.


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Man Builds A Sculpture And Leaves It In The Ocean To Get Covered By Corals (5 pics)

This man works as a Reef Conservation Instructor and Sculptor in Thailand and he recently spent 4 months building a new sculpture. After it was completed he placed it 5 meters deep in the ocean with the hopes that colorful corals will eventually cover it and turn it into something beautiful.


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Tanya Heath Has Come Up With A Genius High Heel Design For Women (6 pics)

Tanya Heath has just given high heels the upgrade they desperately needed. She designed a pair of shoes that allows women to detach the heel so that they can become regular shoes in a matter of seconds.


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Girl Makes $5,000 Prom Shoes On A $40 Budget (12 pics)

When it comes to prom shoes if you want them done right, sometimes you just have to make them yourself.


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Man Creates The Perfect Chair Out Of Cardboard (17 pics)

Cardboard is a pretty valuable resource and there’s a lot you can do with it. This man and his friend decided to put their cardboard to good use and build the ultimate lounge chair. You’ll be shocked at how comfortable it looks when it’s finished.


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Boston Bombing Survivor Hits The Ground Running To Finish The Race (5 pics)

On April 15th, 2013 a tragedy took place during the Boston marathon. The Tsarnev brothers detonated a bomb that killed 3 people and wounded 260 runners. Rebekah Gregory was one of the wounded runners who lost a leg but she isn’t letting that stop her. This year she got back into the race and ran the last 3.5 miles of the Boston Marathon with the help of her prosthetic leg which she’s named Felicia.

Rebekah Gregory lost her leg and was fighting for her life after the Boston marathon bombing


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Ubari Is An Incredible Oasis In The Sahara Desert (10 pics)

In the Libyan section of the Sahara Desert lies Ubari. Ubari is a desert oasis that’s located between the Messak Sattafat plateau and Idhan Ubari erg sand dunes and lakes. Despite the fact that Ubari is located in one of the hottest, most dry locations in the world, the water there still manages to look beautiful.


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How To Make Your Very Own Cookie Monster Rug (14 pics)

Cookie Monster from “Sesame Street” is one of the most popular characters of all time. People all over the world and of all ages know who he is and he actually makes for a pretty comfortable rug. With just a little bit of fabric, yarn and time, you can have your own Cookie Monster rug. Find out how to make it below.


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This Invention Will Charge Your Electronics Using Water (4 pics)

This is the “Blue Freedom.” It’s a hydroelectric charger that uses water to charge your electronic devices. This device is definitely a must have for anyone that loves the outdoors but can’t live without their electronic devices.


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Man Invents Shoes That Grow 5 Sizes In 5 Years (5 pics)

Inventor Kenton Lee has created The Shoe That Grows in an effort to make sure children in impoverished nations don’t have to walk about barefoot. His shoes are designed to grow with the person that wears them and can expand up to five sizes over the course of five years. Anyone can purchase these shoes but Kenton is trying to encourage people to buy a pair and help send them to countries where people truly need them.


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Revatu Customs Built An Epic Looking Steam Powered Motorcycle (10 pics)

Dutch engineers Revatu Customs recently built a steam powered motorcycle and named it “The Black Pearl”. It works the same way that a steam powered locomotive does and it looks really cool. Unfortunately at this point it can’t go over 10 kilometers per hour.


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This Is What Happens To People Who Share Their Names With Celebrities (8 pics)

Humans of New York recently shared a picture o a girl named Beyonce who talked about how tough it can be living with the same name as a celebrity. After she told her story many people left a response letting her know she wasn’t alone and some of their comments are hilarious.

On Saturday, ‘Humans Of New York’ shared a photo of a girl named Beyoncé:


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Boy With Autism Draws Amazing World Map Entirely From Memory (4 pics)

Autism creates challenges for people who have it but it also sometimes enhances their abilities. A New York professor recently brought her 11 year old autistic son to class and everyone in attendance sat back and watched him draw a detailed map of the entire world completely from memory. One of the students took pictures, posted them on Reddit and not this talented young boy is going viral.


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Man Reunites With Nurse That Changed His Life 40 Years Later (5 pics)

Gary Bentley reunited with a nurse that changed his life at Vulcan Park Sunday afternoon. When he was a kid he had open heart surgery and he always remembered Nurse Kathy for being so nice to him during his hospital stay. He spent a lot of time trying to track her down and 40 years later he found a way to express his gratitude.


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