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Inspirational Man Accomplishes Incredible Things Without Hands (14 pics)

24-year-old Singh Dzhagvinder has with a genetic disorder that caused him to be born without arms. But he hasn’t let that slow him down one bit. He’s managed to become a cyclist as well as an art teacher and his accomplishments are an inspiration to people all over the world.


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Is This The Most Beautiful Motorcycle In The World? (5 pics)

This motorcycle has a one of a kind paint job, it’s a pleasure to look at and the lights are equipped to illuminate and city street. The bike is definitely fun to ride but it’s even more fun to look at.


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Fan Makes Working Replica Of The Pip-Boy 3000 From Fallout (16 pics)

Fallout fans will recognize the personal digital assistant Pip-Boy 3000 that this fan is wearing on his wrist. He built it himself and based it around the computer system Raspberry Pi. Not only does it look cool, it actually works as well.


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Designer Makes His Dream Come True By Building The Ultimate Tree House (19 pics)

Foster Huntington is a designer who used to work at Ralph Lauren in New York. One day he decided to leave it all behind, hop in his van and head out into the wilderness. Eventually he found the perfect place to call home so he settled there and built the tree house of his dreams.


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What It Looks Like When A Monster Truck Becomes A Limousine (9 pics)

Big Toyz Racing (BTR) Motors, based in Hawaii, recently put their Bigfoot limousine up for sale. The vehicle is a cross between a monster truck and a limousine so that you can run other cars over but also do it with class.


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Man Uses A Basketball Hoop To Pull Off The Ultimate Act Of Kindness (2 pics)

This Facebook user who wants to remain anonymous decided to setup a basketball hoop for a kid that lives close by simply because the kid needed one. This is the type of kindness that will restore your faith in humanity.

The first one reads:


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A Pilot Shares His Secret “Cockpit” View with the World (6 pics)

Chris Manno is a pilot who decided to give us mere mortals a taste of what he sees everyday outside his cockpit window with this narrated picture story of a trip between Dallas and Seattle.


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Hawaii Is Going To Convert Old Buses Into Homeless Shelters (4 pics)

Architecture firm Group 70 International wants to turn all the old buses in Hawaii into homeless shelters. They’re currently looking for volunteers and donations this summer and hope to renovate at least one bus every weekend. The project has a total of 70 buses and the buses will serve different purposes ranging from living spaces to recreation.

Up to 70 retired buses in Hawaii will be converted into homeless shelters


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This Elder Scrolls Fan Spent $50,000 To Remodel His Basement (9 pics)

Tyler Kirkham is a comic book artist and he’s also a massive fan of Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls series. He spent $50,000 to remodel his basement so that it looked like Elder Scrolls’ Old World and it is quite the sight to see.


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The Cleveland Browns Signed A 9 Year Old To A Contract To Grant His Wish (4 pics)

Dylan Sutcliffe is a 9 year old boy who was diagnosed with ataxia telangiectasia. It’s always been his dream to play for the Cleveland Browns so the team granted his wish and signed him to a NFL contract.


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1967 Mohs Ostentatienne Opera Sedan Looks Amazing When It’s Restored (19 pics)

Bruce Mohs built these unique sedans between 1967 and 1979. They were a limited production and it’s rare to see them nowadays. This man got his hands on one and restored it. Now it’s one of the coolest looking cars on the road.


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A Closer Look At The Motorcycles From Mad Max: Fury Road (15 pics)

“Mad Max: Fury Road” is seeing a lot of success at the box office and there’s a big buzz around the film. One of the things people are talking about is how cool the vehicles look in the film, especially the motorcycles.


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Man Builds A Sculpture And Leaves It In The Ocean To Get Covered By Corals (5 pics)

This man works as a Reef Conservation Instructor and Sculptor in Thailand and he recently spent 4 months building a new sculpture. After it was completed he placed it 5 meters deep in the ocean with the hopes that colorful corals will eventually cover it and turn it into something beautiful.


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Tanya Heath Has Come Up With A Genius High Heel Design For Women (6 pics)

Tanya Heath has just given high heels the upgrade they desperately needed. She designed a pair of shoes that allows women to detach the heel so that they can become regular shoes in a matter of seconds.


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Girl Makes $5,000 Prom Shoes On A $40 Budget (12 pics)

When it comes to prom shoes if you want them done right, sometimes you just have to make them yourself.


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