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Friendly Passenger Takes His Cab Driver To Theme Park For The First Time (5 pics)

Liam Murphy was on a work trip and wanted to visit Ferrari World so he decided to take a cab. He found out his cab driver Shakiha had never been to a theme park before and that he usually waits in the cab for over 4 hours when he takes his passengers to theme parks. Liam thought it would be a fun idea to take Shakiha along with him to the park so he bought him the $61 ticket and showed him the time of his life.


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Man Builds Incredible Toy Gun Using Only Legos (12 pics)

Imgur user RedTec spent three and a half years building a toy gun out of Legos. From the looks of the gun it was time well spent.


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He Pulled A Secret String In The Attic And Found Something Incredible (12 pics)

Rudi Schlattner and his family left their home in Czechoslovakia after World War II and he didn’t return for 70 years. When he did he return he found a secret string in the attic that he decided to pull and on the other side of it was something he never expected.

This is the house that Rudi Schlatnner and his family fled after World War II. He hasn’t been back for over 70 years


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Concept Art Shows What The New NFL Stadium In Los Angeles Could Look Like (4 pics)

A promotional video showing off concepts for the new Los Angeles NFL stadium in Carson recently hit the Internet. Some of the features include a giant Lombardi Trophy, 7 huge screens and more.


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Jurabbit Park Recreates Famous Scenes From Jurassic Park Using A Rabbit (9 pics)

Matt Christensen and his pet rabbit, Roger, knocked it out of the park with this photo series. They recreated famous scenes from “Jurassic Park” but this time around Roger was the star of the film.


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Roads That Will Charge Electric Cars Are Being Tested In The UK (3 pics)

Stopping at a gas station to refuel your car could become a thing of the past if Highways England has anything to say about it. They’ve created a road that will charge an electric car simply by driving the car over it. The technology uses special electromagnetic field generating equipment to keep electric cars going in hopes of making a more sustainable road network for England.

Highways England plans to test this technology over 18 months before a decision is made to move the project to public roads


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Simple Things That Humanity Can’t Seem To Figure Out (19 pics)

The human race has achieved some pretty incredible things over the years. But there are still so many simple things that we just can’t seem to get right. You would think we would have figured these out by now.


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Real Life Advice And Quotes Spoken By Fictional People (6 pics)

Sometimes fictional characters just know how to say things better than any real person ever could.


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This Beautiful McDonald’s Worker From Taiwan Is Becoming An Internet Sensation (12 pics)

This gorgeous woman is known as Weiwei and she works in the most unlikeliest of places. She works at a McDonald’s in Taiwan and men everywhere are flocking to her store to get a look at her. She’s become the newest Internet sensation as people are now calling her the McDonald’s Goddess.


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Take A Look At The Most Haunted Locations On The Planet (13 pics)

These places have many ghost stories and urban legends attached to them. If you get spooked easily you might want to avoid these locations when traveling.


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Stop Sending Your Enemies Glitter Because Now You Can Ship Them Potatoes (3 pics)

Alex Craig told his girlfriend that he wanted to open a business where he shipped potatoes with messages on them and his girlfriend thought it was stupid. Apparently Alex had the right idea though as he’s been making $10,000 a month since launching Potato Parcel in May and people seem to love the idea.


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Educate Yourself And Entertain Your Brain With These Fun Facts (20 pics)

This information might seem a little random, but you never know when you might need it.


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Giant Silk Web In London Looks Like Something Out Of A Horror Movie (4 pics)

It might look like the set of a horror movie but this giant silk web is completely real. It was found at a roundabout in London where it was reportedly created by caterpillars but it looks like the spiders have claimed it as their own.


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Prepare To Have Your Mind Blown By These Genius Shower Thoughts (16 pics)

It’s hard not to relate to these profound shower thoughts. We’ve all probably found ourselves thinking about these things at one point in our lives.


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Sometimes Getting Yourself Motivated Is Impossible (7 pics)

We’ve all been here before. You have something extremely important to do but you just can’t seem to find the motivation. No matter how hard you try you just can’t win this battle with yourself.


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