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Astronauts Describe What It’s Like To Be In Outer Space (8 pics)

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be in outer space? Don’t worry, these astronauts are here to tell it like it is.


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Artist Uses His Latest Work To Expose Everyday Lies (16 pics)

Justin Barker is an artist that’s looking to expose everyday lies. We all tell lies like these ones even if we don’t want to own up to it.


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One Star Uber Reviews That Are Absolutely Hilarious (12 pics)

When it comes to Uber drivers you just never know what you’re going to get.


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Take A Look At Soccer Commentator Nick Barnes’ Cheat Sheet (10 pics)

Hey go easy on the guy, Nick Barnes has a lot of information to remember. There’s not shame in using a cheat sheet in the world of professional sports commentary.


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This Guy Really Wants To Give An Ass Kicking (9 pics)

How could you turn down such an inviting offer?


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Important Life Lessons Someone Should Have Taught You (18 pics)

You learn a lot of things over the course of your life but things would have been a lot easier if someone had just taught you these important life lessons.


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Christina Milian Hangs Out On The Beach In A Soaking Wet Bikini (5 pics)

Christina Milian recently took a trip to the beach and she’s looking better than ever. She put on a bikini and a #WCW necklace then got wet in the Miami water. Wet is definitely a good look for her.


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15 Fascinating Facts For You To Feed Your Brain (15 pics)

Facts are food for your brain and your brain is going to think that these ones are delicious.


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School Bully Apologizes To His Victim After 20 Years (3 pics)

It took 20 years but this bully finally decided to grow up. Better later than never.


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Useful Pieces Of Information That You Need To Know (16 pics)

This post is full of information that’s storing in that brain of yours. You never know when it might come in handy.


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Annoying Client E-Mails That Designers Have To Put Up With (11 pics)

If you’re going to go into the design industry you better be prepared to put up with a lot of e-mails like these ones. Clients seem to know exactly how to do your job, even though they’ve never done it before.


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A Closer Look At The Motorcycles From Mad Max: Fury Road (15 pics)

“Mad Max: Fury Road” is seeing a lot of success at the box office and there’s a big buzz around the film. One of the things people are talking about is how cool the vehicles look in the film, especially the motorcycles.


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Man Builds A Sculpture And Leaves It In The Ocean To Get Covered By Corals (5 pics)

This man works as a Reef Conservation Instructor and Sculptor in Thailand and he recently spent 4 months building a new sculpture. After it was completed he placed it 5 meters deep in the ocean with the hopes that colorful corals will eventually cover it and turn it into something beautiful.


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Honest Food Pyramids That Perfectly Describe Adulthood (5 pics)

Don’t grow up, it’s a trap.


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Masked Billionaire Spends $5 Million To Buy A Porn Star Personal Assistant (10 pics)

A rich businessman in a mask recently gave Takizawa Rola an offer she couldn’t refuse. This billionaire signed Rola to a $5 million dollar contract with the clause that she be exclusive to him for 15 years. He’s also agreed to help her pursue an acting career. It looks like money really can buy happiness.


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