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Photos That Prove Australia Is The Most Terrifying Place Ever (22 pics)

If you’ve seen something terrible in your nightmares chances are high that it lives in Australia.


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Easter Cards With A Great Sense Of Humor (18 pics)

These cards are trying to make laughter synonymous with Easter and they’re succeeding with flying colors.


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What It’s Really Like To Live With Depression (9 pics)

Time to Change has launched “Get the Picture”, which is a campaign that shows real life people dealing depression. It’s a great look at something that a lot of people don’t understand.


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Myths People Believe About Weed That Just Aren’t True (14 pics)

Marijuana is always going to be a hot topic. Many people all over the world smoke it often while others think of it as some evil drug. No matter where you stand on the issue you need to educate yourself and stop buying into the marijuana myths.


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An Inside Look At Heir Force One (10 pics)

This is Heir Force One, the luxury Airbus A320 that Prince Charles and Camila take to the United States. It’s got everything you could ever want including recliner seats, a double bed and even a shower room. The aircraft is designed to transport 26 people and it transports them with style.


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The Modern Tanks That Occupy The Battlefield (10 pics)

Tanks have come a long way since they were first invented. Thanks to innovative minds and technological advances they’re now deadlier than ever.


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This Guy Is Leaving Hilarious Fake Self Help Books At A Local Bookstore (15 pics)

Jeff Wysaski is known for pulling elaborate public pranks and this might be his best one yet. He’s man behind the “Obvious Plant” fake publishing company and now he’s planting fake self help books in his local bookstore. He’s placing fake book covers on real books but the covers he’s using are just plain hilarious.


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First World Problems (19 pics)

First world problems in pictures.


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What Happened To The The Lord Of The Rings Characters After The Movies (23 pics)

Have you ever wondered what happened to your favorite characters from “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” after the movies ended? You’re about to find out


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Mothers Share The Picky Eating Habits Of Their Kids (21 pics)

Kids can be picky eaters sometimes so these mothers decided to have a little fun with the situation. If you can’t make them eat the right food you might as well get a good laugh out of it.


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Artist Burns Famous Movie Characters Onto Wood (14 pics)

Rick Merian is an artist that specializes in pyrography which is the art of wood burning. He’s got some pretty serious talent as he’s brought the image of many famous movie characters to life with his art style. His attention to detail is uncanny.


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15 Different Cultures That Say Hello 15 Different Ways (15 pics)

People and their cultures are unique so if you’re going to be traveling the world anytime soon you’re going to need to know to greet people in different countries. This is how it’s done.


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Larry Dixon Walks Away From A Brutal Crash In Gainesville (5 pics + video)

Top Fuel driver Larry Dixon crashed close to the finish line during his qualifying session at the Amalie Motor Oil NHRA Gatornationals. His car was totaled but the amazing this is that he was able to walk away from the incident under his own power.


NHRA: Gatornationals-Qualifying
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Man Invites Everyone Over For A Surprise Party To Catch Cheating Wife (6 pics)

If you’re going to catch your wife cheating you might as well go big.


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Amazing And Entertaining Facts That You Can Feed Your Brain (34 pics)

These facts are brain food and your brain is hungry.


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