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The Bobbit Worm Is Extremely Creepy (6 pics)

Do you remember the creatures from that movie Tremors? Yeah, this worm is a lot like that.


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Scary But Believable Alien Encounter Stories (7 pics)

You might not believe in aliens, but you will after you read this post.


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The Top 10 Locations Where Billionaires Hang Out (19 pics)

When you’re a billionaire you can pretty much do whatever the hell you want. You can go anywhere and see anything. These are the vacation spots where billionaires like to hang out.


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Facts You Didn’t Know About Guardians Of The Galaxy (24 pics)

Guardians of the Galaxy is quickly becoming the biggest movie of the summer but did you know these fun facts?


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Kim Kardashian’s Cleavage (12 pics)

Kim Kardashian is letting it all hang out. Even the cops want to inspect her cleavage.


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Old Wives Tales You Should Start Believing (13 pics)

Remember when your mom used to give you advice and you would just brush it off thinking it’s nonsense? Well it turns out she was right about all of these things?


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You Won’t Believe These Girls Are Sex Dolls (25 pics)

The sex toy industry is making big steps towards making sex dolls more realistic. It’s actually hard to believe that these women aren’t real and that they’re actually sex dolls.


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Snail Eggs Are A Delicacy (8 pics)

Snail eggs don’t really sound like something you would want as a snack, but in Europe, fifty grams of this delicacy sold at a price of $ 115. Do you think it’s worth it?


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The 20 Youngest Billionaires On The Planet (20 pics)

What are they going to do with all that money?


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Terrifying Ghost Animals Across The Globe (8 pics)

Do you think that humans are the only type of ghosts that haunt this planet? Think again. Animals have been known to haunt people long after they’re gone.


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The Largest Plane Ever (7 pics)

You could probably fit a plane inside of this plane. That’s how big it is.


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Inside Look At A Death Scene From Friday The 13th (3 pics)

This is how they shot a death scene in 1980.


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Pants Filled With Cocaine (4 pics)

Smuggling $1.4 million worth of cocaine in a few pairs of pants sounds like a good idea, until you get caught.


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People Who Lost Their Lives After Taking A Selfie (8 pics)

These selfies were the last thing that these people contributed to their lives on Earth.


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Secret Treasure Room (8 pics)

It’s every kid’s fantasy come true. A secret place in their bedroom.


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