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50 People Try To Save A Beached Whale (12 pics)

This huge 18-meter whale washed ashore Popoyo beach on Friday morning in the city of Tola. 50 local residents got together to try to get the whale back in the ocean but unfortunately it just wasn’t enough.


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The Horrible Truth About Amusement Parks (8 pics)

Amusement parks can be a lot of fun but sometimes they’re more trouble than they’re worth.


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Real People Who Have Been Possessed By Real Demons (6 pics)

Demons don’t just possess people in movies, they do it in real life too. Consider yourself lucky if you’ve never been possessed by one of these evil things.


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Leslie Smith’s Ear Explodes At UFC 180 (5 pics)

Jessica “Evil” Eye hit Leslie Smith in the wrong spot at UFC 180. As you’re about to see, her ear has practically fallen right off. Graphic!


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The Vermont Town That Wanted To Go Under The Dome (6 pics)

Winooski, Vermont once tried to get a giant dome placed over their town in order to help with heating costs. The proposed plans look like something straight out of The Simpsons movie.


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Police Confiscate Very Expensive Sports Cars (16 pics)

Hong Kong police have recently been cracking down on street racing and their putting together quite the collection by impounding exotic sports cars.


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Getting Inside Siberia’s Mystery Crater (7 pics)

Explorers are finally exploring Siberia’s mystery crater. Get an inside look at the crater with these photographs of their descent.


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Paralyzed Groom Dances With His Bride (8 pics)

27 year old Sergeant Joey Johnson is paralyzed from the waist down but he didn’t let that stop him from dancing with his bride on his wedding day. This might be the most magical wedding moment ever.


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This Guy Has A Strange Way Of Getting Dates (4 pics)

You can forget Tinder and every other dating app for that matter. This guy is taking dating to a whole new level in New York City.


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This Little Girl Spoke Some Serious Truth To A Congressman (4 pics)

Kids just say the funniest things sometimes.


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Not So Fun Facts About Marriage, Divorce And Affairs (25 pics)

These are some things you might want to consider if you’re thinking about getting married.


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14 Alcoholic Drinks You Should Never Try (14 pics)

Because bacon goes good with alcohol, but there should never be such a thing as bacon flavored alcohol.


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How To Give Old Leather Belts A New Life (7 pics)

Designer Inghua Ting decided to do something a little different with their old leather belts. Instead of just throwing them they decided to make them into something new entirely.


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Pictures Of Famous Landmarks Before They Were Finished (7 pics)

Nowadays all of these landmarks are iconic and known all around the world, but it wasn’t always like that. Big things take a lot of time and effort to be completed.


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Man Builds Fallout Style Garage (9 pics)

This man is a huge fan of the video game Fallout so for his 30th birthday he decided to revamp his garage in the style of the game.


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