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Australia Has A Friendly Spider (2 pics)

This Australian spider is more friendly than he is harmful.


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Custom Built DIY Swimming Pool (20 pics)

These people decided to build their own swimming pool and it ended up looking a lot cooler than any swimming pool they could have purchased.


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World War II Bombs That Left Holes In The Earth (8 pics)

When the bombs were dropped in World War II it wasn’t just people that had to suffer. The Earth itself still has scars from the devastation.

Henning Rogge, “#45 (Bulau)” (2013), Analogue C-print, 24 x 29 1/8 inches


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See The Inside Of Japanese Love Hotels (21 pics)

Japanese “Love Hotels” have become quite popular. Over 40,000 of them exist today and people are putting them to good use. When couples want to get romantic these are the rooms they rent.


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Handmade Suspension Bridge In Peru (22 pics)

Every year the citizens of Cuzco, Peru dedicated three days of their lives to rebuilding this 30-meter-long suspension bridge over the River Apurimac. They work hard for 12 hours a day three days straight and this has been a tradition for centuries now.


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The Hidden Meaning Behind Russian Prison Tattoos (15 pics)

Every tattoo tells a story.


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Wear Your Canada Shirt With Pride (11 pics)

These people are definitely making Canada proud.


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Church Gets Converted Into A Beautiful Home (12 pics)

A couple from Kyle Northumberland, UK, bought this old church and made it their home. After a little bit of work they turned it into a truly beautiful house.


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Supermodel Karlie Kloss Is Behind You (6 pics)

This woman thought it was her lucky day when she thought the paparazzi were taking photos of her. Little did she know they were trying to get to supermodel Karlie Kloss who was right behind her.


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Ford F-150 Converted Into A Hummer H1 (23 pics)

Sick of that old pickup truck you’ve got sitting in the driveway? Turn it into a Hummer!


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The Street Dentists of Delhi (7 pics)


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Couple Almost Boarded Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 (3 pics)

This couple attempted to get on Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 but were denied access because there was only one seat left. They should probably play the lottery because they just narrowly avoided disaster.


Couple who missed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17
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These Epic Résumés Put Yours To Shame (26 pics)

These people took their resumes to a whole new level. It doesn’t even matter if they’re qualified, they’re sure to get hired strictly based on how awesome these resumes are.


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When 50 People Enter A Room Filled With Balloons (2 pics)

This is what happens when you put 50 people and a whole lot of balloons in a room together.


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10 Things We Still Don’t Know About The Human Body (10 pics)

The human body is quite complex but over time humans have learned quite a bit about it. Still, there are things we don’t know and these are 10 of the most important questions we can’t answer.


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