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Lucky Woman Finds A Fortune Hidden Inside Her Lunch (3 pics)

Toni Elliott got much more than she bargained for when she ordered oysters for lunch. While she was eating them she found a collection of pearls worth a small fortune.


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Cheating Husband Gets Busted On Snapchat (7 pics)

This woman set a trap for her friend’s cheating husband and he took the bait then got himself busted.

Well, this is tempting to any man’s eyes..


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Former Teacher Being Investigated For Sex Crimes In Kansas (4 pics)

Things aren’t looking good for former teacher Kourtnie A. Sanchez of Eureka, Kansas. Her snapchats are being used in an investigation as she’s currently being accused of being a sex criminal and might be looking at some serious jail time.

25-year-old Kourtnie A. Sanchez of Eureka, Kansas, was arrested following a lengthy investigation. She was booked for electronic solicitation, unlawful sexual relations, solicitation of unlawful sexual relations, and three counts of promoting obscenity to a minor.


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Girls With Tinder Bios That Are Too Tempting To Resist (15 pics)

Admit it, if you read these Tinder bios you would definitely be swiping right.


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Eerie Facts About The Bubonic Plague (18 pics)

Back in the century “Black Death” which is more commonly known as the bubonic plague wiped out around 60 percent of Europe’s population. Millions lost their lives between 1346 and 1353 due to this deadly disease.


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Fun Facts That Will Quench Your Thirst For Knowledge (19 pics)

If you’re thirsty for a little knowledge then you’ve come to the right place. These fun and interesting facts are worth memorizing. You never know when they might come in handy.


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These People Definitely Shouldn’t Have Credit Cards (9 pics)

Owning a credit card is a big responsibility. In the hands of some a credit card is a useful financial tool. In the hands of others, it’s a disaster waiting to happen.


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Man Voted Least Likely To Get A Girlfriend Scored Two Beautiful Women (17 pics)

In high school Adam Lyons was voted least likely to get a girlfriend. Now at 34 years old he’s enjoying every man’s fantasy as he is part of a “throuple” which includes him and two gorgeous women.

When he was growing up in the UK, Adam didn’t have much success with women.


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Annoying Habits That Drive People Absolutely Crazy (12 pics)

Everyone has a pet peeve or an annoying habit that they just can’t stand. It’s hard living with people that grind their teeth or don’t refill the ice tray. So don’t be that person. If you’ve got one of these annoying habits, it’s time to break it.


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Unusual Porn Fetishes That Get People All Hot And Bothered (15 pics)

Everyone has different sexual interests but some people get turned on by some straight up bizarre stuff. These are some of the weirdest porn fetishes known to man.


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Everyone’s Going Crazy Trying To Solve This Math Problem (2 pics)

A TV presenter in Singapore recently brought up this math problem and people on the Internet have been going crazy trying to solve it. Do you have what it takes to find the answer?


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Revatu Customs Built An Epic Looking Steam Powered Motorcycle (10 pics)

Dutch engineers Revatu Customs recently built a steam powered motorcycle and named it “The Black Pearl”. It works the same way that a steam powered locomotive does and it looks really cool. Unfortunately at this point it can’t go over 10 kilometers per hour.


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This Real Life Spider-Man Climbed Dubai’s Twisted Tower (10 pics)

On April 12 Alain Robert did the unthinkable when he climbed the Cayan Tower in Dubai, also known as the “Twisted Tower.” The 52 year old man began climbing at 8pm and made it to the top just after 9:30pm. Local residents flocked to the balconies of the building to get a glimpse of the man attempting this seemingly impossible feat. Alain Robert says that he was very anxious while climbing but that his dream has finally come true.


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When You Work In Customer Service You Can’t Make Everyone Happy (5 pics)

Everybody makes mistakes.


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Impress Your Friends And Family With These Interesting Facts (30 pics)

The good thing about interesting facts is that if you know a lot of them people might think you’re interesting too.


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