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What Do Men Really Like Better, Boobs Or Butts? (7 pics)

Pornhub is looking to answer the age old question as to whether men really like butts over boobs or the other way around.


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Just Because You Can Eat These 15 Insects Doesn’t Mean You Should (15 pics)

These insects are edible but we recommend you just stick with hamburgers and pizza because these things don’t look like they taste all that great.


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Messages That Show Tinder Can Be A Total Nightmare (25 pics)

Dating isn’t easy and Tinder hasn’t made it any easier. Tinder can actually turn into a nightmare pretty quickly and the Instagram account ‘Tinder Nightmares‘ is here to document that fact.


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Porn Protesters Sit On Each Other’s Faces In London (25 pics)

London lawmakers are considering banning porn in the UK. Protesters decided to gather in front of Parliament for one of the most unique protests ever.


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Norwegian Man Saves Duck From A Frozen Lake (4 pics)

This duck obviously wasn’t having the best day as it struggled to get free from the icy trap it had found itself in. Lucky for the duck a kind stranger was willing to jump right in and help.


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Snowflake Says Hello And Goodbye To A New Friend (2 pics)

When these people got their new hamster Snowflake, they hoped he would get along with the other animals in the house. Unfortunately for Snowflake the cat decided to eat him for breakfast.


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Man Thought He Had An Infected Foot But It Was Much Worse (4 pics)

We’re starting to think that an infected foot might have actually been better.


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Marriage Proposal With A Crane Goes Wrong (4 pics)

This guy thought it would be romantic if he was lifted up to his girlfriend’s window by a crane. He planned to propose as he sat in the window but instead of sitting in the window, he ended up crashing right through the house.


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This Cthulhu Themed Christmas Wreath Has So Many Tentacles (9 pics)

A couple of LEGO octopuses and carefully placed LED lights make this Cthulu themed Christmas wreath one to remember.


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The Most Insane Syrian Weapon (7 pics)

Soldiers resistance Free Syrian Army have created a new weapon called “a hell of a weapon.” The weapon shoots propane tanks and just looks pretty insane.


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Disney Animators Using Their Reflections To Draw Their Characters (12 pics)

When you’re trying to draw a certain face sometimes you need a reference. What better reference could you use for facial expressions than the look on your own face? That’s exactly what these Disney animators did as they created some of animation’s most iconic characters.


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Interesting Historical Photos (20 pics)

Selection of interesting historical photos.


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This Is A Pretty Crappy Gift (11 pics)

Nobody on Earth would be happy if they opened up a gift and this was inside.


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Go Inside The Mind Of A Stoner With These Stoner Confessions (27 pics)

Stoners just don’t live in the same world as the rest of us.


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How To Make A Giant Blanket Step By Step (7 pics)

Because it’s winter and you can never have enough blankets.


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