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We All Know How This Is Going To End (3 pics)


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DIY Coiled iPhone Cable (6 pics)

How to make a coiled cable for your gadget. All you need is a cable, a pen and a dryer.


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How to Fry Eggs with Your PC (8 pics)

Frying eggs with your PC looks easy.


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Things iPhone’s Headphones Can Do (8 pics)

In case you didn’t know about them.


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3D-Printed Skull for a Crash Victim (5 pics)

29-year-old Stephen Power, who is from Wales, was given a set of custom printed implants to repair impact injuries he sustained during a motorcycle accident in 2012.


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Iphone in Ice (4 pics)

This iPhone is still working after several weeks spent in ice.


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Transhumans (27 pics)

Transhumans and transhumanist technologies.


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If There Were No Visual Effects (42 pics)

What movies would look like without visual effects.


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Back To The Future Power Laces (4 pics)

Nike designer confirms the “Back To The Future” power laces for 2015.


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Evolution Door is the Coolest Door Ever (3 pics)

Evolution Door by an Austrian artist Klemens Torggler.


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Forgot Your Password? (5 pics)

It will help.


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Amazing Case Mod (15 pics)

Beautiful case mod by Hiroto Ikeuchi.


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Fat Star Octa 8x SST-90 Colossus Led Flashlight (23 pics)

One guy from Germany has built this amazing flashlight. He named it Fat Star. It has 18,000 Lumens.


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Stop Carrying Your Phone in the Back Pockets (11 pics)

Carrying your phone in the back pockets is not a good idea. It can be easily stolen or broken. Here we’ve got examples of the broken phones.


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Gamer’s Dream Come True (30 pics)

The Best way to play Gran Turismo 5.

The empty corner of the studio.


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