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Company 3D Prints Old Photos So You Can Relive The Memory (11 pics)

“Touchable Memories” is a project that was started by the Singapore company Pirate 3D. They hope to change the way that people experience old photographs by bringing them to life in a whole new way.


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Say Hello To The World’s First Real Hoverboard (6 pics + video)

Hoverboards aren’t just a figment of your imagination anymore, now they’re real. This is the Hendo, the world’s first ever hoverboard and the creators are currently running a kickstarter campaign so that they can mass produce this glorious creation. For the price of $10,000 you can own your very own hoverboard to go along with your self tying shoes.


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10 Insane Facts About The Internet (10 pics)

These facts are pretty crazy when you stop and think about it.


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An Exploding Samsung Galaxy S4 (8 pics)


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The Goodyear Inflatable Plane (16 pics)

Wouldn’t it be cool if someone created an inflatable airplane? Yes it would be cool, that’s why Goodyear already did it. During World War II the United States military was trying to find a way to solve the problem of soldiers having their plane attacked and then falling to their death. The answer was the inflatable plane.


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Cars Aren’t The Only Thing That Google Uses For Google Maps (12 pics)

The Liwa Desert in Abu Dhabi obviously isn’t the type of terrain a car can travel on. Sometimes you need to call in an all terrain vehicle, like a camel.


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Technology Back In The Day And Today (12 pics)

It’s crazy to think how much technology has evolved over time. Your cellphone is currently more powerful than the technology we used to send men to the moon back in the day. Let that sink in for a second.


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When Grandpas Start Googling (21 pics)

Do you ever wonder grandpas think about? Don’t worry, you’re about to find out.


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Comparing Every iPhone Model Ever (4 pics)

All iPhones are not created equal.


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Bendgate. Bending iPhone 6 Plus (15 pics)

Bending iPhone 6 Plus becomes is a new Internet meme called #Bendgate.


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The iPhone 6 Plus Is Bending In People’s Pockets (3 pics)

This man drove to a wedding and then back later that night. He had his iPhone 6 in his pocket the whole time and when he finally got home then sat down to relax, he noticed something strange. The iPhone was bent simply from sitting in his pockets. Apparently Apple didn’t test that one.


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People Still Fall For The iPhone In The Microwave Prank (5 pics)

The iPhone has been out for a very long time now but yet people out there still believe they can charge their phone quickly by placing it in the microwave. It doesn’t help that some trolls have recently released this handy guide that explains why you should do it.


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The Inside Of A Fake iPhone (9 pics)

The iPhone 6 just sold 4 million units in a 24 hour time period. But be careful, there are a lot of scammers out there. Don’t get stuck with a fake iPhone like this one.


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Amazing Plane Built For Pro Athletes (8 pics)

An interior plane design company by the name of Teague recently put together a concept design for a plane that’s built for professional athletes. Most athletes already get to travel in style but this thing is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.


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Face Timing With Your Twin Brother (13 pics)

This is why it’s great to have a twin.


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