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This Clock Is A Work Of Art (7 pics)

This piece of art is simply named The Clock. What you’re seeing is a blown up and more detailed version of what a microchip looks like inside of a wrist watch. This piece of art is complex and visually stunning but it’s also capable of telling time.


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This Man Became A Minor Celebrity In China Thanks To A Stolen iPhone (24 pics)

You might remember the guy who wrote an article that recently went viral titled ‘Who Is This Man And Why Are His Photos Showing Up On My Phone.’ Well it turns out that wasn’t the end of the story. He ended up becoming somewhat known in China thanks to his stolen phone. You can get all the details below.


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How To Log Into Any Admin Account On Any Computer (14 pics)

This trick is the skeleton key of computers.


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NASA Telescope Takes Its Its 100-Millionth Image (11 pics)

Solar Dynamics Observatory NASA began work in February 2010 and on January 19th they took their 100 millionth picture of outer space.

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Meet Kuratas The Million Dollar Robot (19 pics)

Kuratas is a 4 ton robot and for the low price of one million dollars you can control him with your iPhone. He’s capable of shooting 6,000 bullets per minute which could cause some major damage.


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This KeySweeper Is A Hackers Dream (5 pics)

This device looks like a USB charger bu it’s something so much more. When plugged in it sniffs out anything being typed into a wireless Microsoft keyboard and saves the information. A lot of damage could be done with one of these little things.


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What Multiplayer PC Gaming Looked Like In 1998 (5 pics)

Back in the day playing games with your friends took a lot more effort than turning on your PC and putting on a headset.


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17 Awesome Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone (17 pics)

Smartphones are all the rage nowadays as just about everyone owns one. There are so many things that your smartphone can do that you might not know about. It’s time to put these things to the test and make sure you’re using your smartphone to its full potential.


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This Japanese Scientist Has Created An Amazing Indoor Farm (7 pics)

Japanese plant physiologist Shigeharu Shimamura is changing the agriculture industry as we know it. Every single day he grows 10,000 heads of lettuce at his indoor farm. He’s truly at the forefront of an agricultural revolution.


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Back to the Future II’s Predictions for 2015 vs. Real Life (18 pics)


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The Magic Of 3D Printing (4 pics)

Is there anything that 3D printers can’t print?


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Samsung Phone Explodes While The Owner Is Sleeping (13 pics)

It’s not every night you go to sleep and get woken up by an exploding Samsung GALAXY S4. This woman said she thought a gun had gone off when she was woken up by a very loud noise. The phone flew around the room, landed on her mattress and then started burning it.


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Sony Mavica MVC-FD88 (7 pics)

Sony Mavica MVC-FD88 is a 1.3MP floppy disc digital camera.


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The Dark Web Is A Scary Place (10 pics)

You might not know this but you don’t see all of the Internet. The Internet has its own version of the black market and the things that happen there are absolutely terrifying. Welcome to the Dark Web aka the Darknet


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How To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Blacklight (7 pics)

Do you want a portable blacklight that you can use on the go? You will definitely find this trick useful.


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