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Man Reveals Lesser Known Details About Japan During His Trip (18 pics)

If you’re traveling to Japan in the future you can find a lot of information about the country on the Internet. But these are the important things you need to know about that no one is going to tell you. Luckily this man spelled out the little things in detail.


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If Technology Was Actually Honest With Us (8 pics)

We interact with technology on a daily basis but it just doesn’t feel like technology is being honest with us. If technology does decide to just say what it really means someday, this is what it would look like.


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The Hitchhiking Robot Lasted Two Weeks In America Before It Was Murdered (4 pics)

Earlier this summer a Candian hitchhiking robot named hitchBOT traveled all throughout Canada without any issues. It was then that hitchBOT decided to try its luck in America, where it only lasted two weeks before someone decapitated it and left it for dead.


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The PlayBox Is The Console Every Gamer Needs In Their Life (11 pics)

Ed Zarick has created something really cool in his work shop. He’s created a system called the PlayBox which is a custom built video game console that features a built in HD monitor. He’s been making these devices when ordered by customers and has even gone so far as the combine a PS4 and Xbox One by putting them in the same console.


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Man Finds Long Lost’ Nintendo Sony Playstation’ Prototype In His House (6 pics)

Back in the early 1990s before they became competitors, Sony and Nintendo were working on a console together. The console was built to play cartridges as well as disks and only 200 of them have ever been made. A Reddit user recently found one that belonged to his dad while he was doing some cleaning in his own house and the Internet is going crazy over it.


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Fan Makes Working Replica Of The Pip-Boy 3000 From Fallout (16 pics)

Fallout fans will recognize the personal digital assistant Pip-Boy 3000 that this fan is wearing on his wrist. He built it himself and based it around the computer system Raspberry Pi. Not only does it look cool, it actually works as well.


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This 1980s Computer Controls Heat And AC For 19 Public Schools (4 pics)

This Commodore Amiga is a dinosaur in the computer world but it still serves a purpose. The computer controls heat and AC for 19 different public schools in Grand Rapids, MI. The people at the school say it would cost close to $2 million dollars to put in a new system which is why they still use this old thing.


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RealDoll Is Working On Artificial Intelligence For Their Sex Dolls (5 pics)

As technology advances, sex dolls become more and more real. RealDoll is a company that’s currently working to make their sex dolls more animated and more intelligent. RealDoll CEO says his goal is to make it so that the dolls arouse people on an emotional and intellectual level as well as physical.


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20 Year Old Inventor Creates Device That Will Help The Ocean Clean Itself (10 pics)

Boyan Slat is a 20 year old inventor from the Netherlands and his new device is going to make the ocean a much cleaner place. The Slat’s Ocean Cleanup Foundation has found a way to use the ocean currents and use floats to skim garbage from the ocean’s surface. It’s estimated that the device could clean up 70,320,000 kg worth of waste over the next ten years and it’s currently being tested in Japan.


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This Is What Happens When You Combine A Car With A Bike (9 pics)

Not too long ago a company called The Future People debuted this vehicle at the North American Auto Show in Detroit. It’s what you get when you combine an electric bike with a car body and it looks like it would be a lot of fun to drive.


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These Testicles Will Keep Cyclists Safe At Night (5 pics)

Heather and Scott are the founders of Bike Balls. They launched a Kickstarter a few weeks ago and surpassed their funding goal in only three days. Their goal is to keep cyclists safe at night by using something that gets the attention of drivers. These Bike Balls will make cyclists more visible and probably make quite a few people laugh in the process.


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9 Gadgets That Prove The Future Is Now (9 pics)

These devices used to be the type of things you would read about in science fiction. But you can forget science fiction because these gadgets are quickly becoming science fact.


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This Big Rig Is Road Legal And It Can Drive Itself (15 pics)

Freightliner recently unveiled the Inspiration Truck atop the Hoover Dam. This truck is the first self driving big rig and it’s street legal. Not only can this massive truck drive itself, it has also found a way to reduce CO2 emissions by 5 percent.


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9 People That Are Blurring The Lines Between Humans And Cyborgs (9 pics)

The line between man and machine is getting thinner and thinner with each passing day.

Nigel Ackland sports the most advanced cyborg arm on the planet. He can control each finger just like on a normal hand, and can even perfectly pour a glass of water.


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This Amazing Levitating Light Bulb Will Work Without Being Plugged In (6 pics)

Simon Morris dreamed of one day having a hover board which caused him to become fascinated with magnetic levitation. He then began experimenting with Nikola Tesla’s theories about wireless power and using that knowledge he created Flyte. Flyte is a wireless, floating light bulb that combines the technologies of levitation and induction to create something truly incredible.


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