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Watch Out For The Devil’s Fingers In The Forest (4 pics)

Clathrus archeri is a type of fungus that grows in the forest and it’s very unique. When it blooms it looks somewhat like a claw which is why it’s been given the nickname “devil’s fingers.”


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People Watch In Awe As Surfers Ride 100 Foot Waves (7 pics)

People passing by were recently treated to quite the show when they visited a Portugese beach. They looked out at the ocean to see waves that were 100 feet high with surfers taking them on without showing any fear.


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People Are Mistaking These Bizarre Russian Clouds For UFOs (6 pics)

These lenticular clouds hovering above Russia have often been mistaken for UFOs. The clouds form a circular shape that makes them look a lot like flying saucers causing the public to think an alien invasion is on the way.


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Madagascar’s Limestone Towers Are Completely Awe Inspiring (9 pics)

The Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park in Madagascar’s Melaky region is one of those places everyone should add to their buckey list. The UNESCO World Heritage Site covers hundreds of kilometers and is best known for the many limestone towers that can be found in the area. It is a place that is truly stunning to look at.


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These Gross Insects Look Like Pinecones (5 pics)

The Evergreen Bagworm is one of the worst pests in North America. They can be hard to spot when they infiltrate your landscape as they look very similar to pinecones.

These gross little worms aren’t actually worms, they’re moth larvae. Still, that doesn’t stop them from chowing down on unsuspecting trees.


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Extremely Rare Fire Rainbow Spotted In The Skies Of South Carolina (6 pics)

People in Isle of Palms, South Carolina got a nice surprise a few days ago when they say a rare fire rainbow in the sky above. Technically these rainbows are referred to as circumhorizontal arcs and they are created by high level cirrus clouds made up of tiny ice crystals.


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The Animas River Is Running Orange (9 pics)

According to the Environmental Protection Agency an estimated 1 million gallons of waste water spilled out of an abandoned mine causing the Animas River to turn orange. The waste water leaked from the mine after a mistake made by federal cleanup crew and now citizens of Durango, Colorado are getting to see the Animas River like they’ve never seen it before.


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Man Hires Workers In China To Paint A 900 Foot Cliff Green (4 pics)

A man in China named Yang Zhigang recently hired some workers to paint a 900 ft cliff green because he said the original white color was affecting his fung shui. It took over a week for the workers to paint the cliff and some local residents aren’t happy about the color change.


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Before And After Photos Of Nepal Show The Effect Of A Deadly Earthquake (5 pics)

Nepal was recently hit by a deadly earthquake that changed the landscape of Kathmandu. Some of the most famous landmarks have been all but destroyed after the catastrophic event.


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Stunning Photos Of Chile’s Calbuco Volcano Erupting (16 pics)

Calbuco is a volcano in Chile and it has erupted twice in the past day. Photographers are having a field day enjoying this excellent opportunity to snap photos of this breathtaking sight. Over 4,000 local residents have had to evacuate because of Calbuco’s eruption but it almost seems worth it to see this incredible once in a lifetime event.


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Ubari Is An Incredible Oasis In The Sahara Desert (10 pics)

In the Libyan section of the Sahara Desert lies Ubari. Ubari is a desert oasis that’s located between the Messak Sattafat plateau and Idhan Ubari erg sand dunes and lakes. Despite the fact that Ubari is located in one of the hottest, most dry locations in the world, the water there still manages to look beautiful.


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What A 140 MPH Super Typhoon Looks Like From Space (6 pics)

ISS astronauts recently captured the 140 mph super typhoon, Maysak hovering over the Philippines. They captured these amazing photos while orbiting 255 miles above Earth.


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Experts Still Can’t Figure Out What They Found In This Mysterious Cave (5 pics)

Divers have recently been exploring a submerged cave near the Caribbean Sea on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and they were shocked by what they found. The researchers found a human skull in the cave. These experts are convinced that if they can verify the age that the remains may very well be the oldest discovered remains of an American human.


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Every Year These Towns Get Flooded By A Swarm Of Insects (7 pics)

Every year towns near the Tisza River in Hungary get overwhelmed by swarms of Palingenia longicauda or the Tisza mayfly as the creatures have come to be known. This creature has a life cycle that allows them to live underground as a larvae for 3 years but when they surface they mate in large groups. This mating ritual ends up flooding the towns of Hungary with a swarm of insects that’s impossible to avoid.


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Photographer Captures Incredible Frozen Ocean Waves Off The Coast (5 pics)

Jonathan Nimerfroh is a photographer and surfer who says he’s obsessed with the ocean. He happened to be in the right place at the right time recently while walking along the coast of Nantucket. He happened to capture some waves that were nearly frozen and he managed to snap a few unique pictures. The temperature on this day was 19 F and -7 C which caused the waves to freeze but not completely.


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