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What A 140 MPH Super Typhoon Looks Like From Space (6 pics)

ISS astronauts recently captured the 140 mph super typhoon, Maysak hovering over the Philippines. They captured these amazing photos while orbiting 255 miles above Earth.


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Experts Still Can’t Figure Out What They Found In This Mysterious Cave (5 pics)

Divers have recently been exploring a submerged cave near the Caribbean Sea on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and they were shocked by what they found. The researchers found a human skull in the cave. These experts are convinced that if they can verify the age that the remains may very well be the oldest discovered remains of an American human.


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Every Year These Towns Get Flooded By A Swarm Of Insects (7 pics)

Every year towns near the Tisza River in Hungary get overwhelmed by swarms of Palingenia longicauda or the Tisza mayfly as the creatures have come to be known. This creature has a life cycle that allows them to live underground as a larvae for 3 years but when they surface they mate in large groups. This mating ritual ends up flooding the towns of Hungary with a swarm of insects that’s impossible to avoid.


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Photographer Captures Incredible Frozen Ocean Waves Off The Coast (5 pics)

Jonathan Nimerfroh is a photographer and surfer who says he’s obsessed with the ocean. He happened to be in the right place at the right time recently while walking along the coast of Nantucket. He happened to capture some waves that were nearly frozen and he managed to snap a few unique pictures. The temperature on this day was 19 F and -7 C which caused the waves to freeze but not completely.


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The Beetle Looks For A Mate, A Nature Story (9 pics)

These are the types of things you learn about while watching David Attenborough’s ‘Life.’ You will never look at nature the same way again.


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The Upside Down Iceberg (4 pics)

Photographer from San Francisco Alex Cornell captured something extremely rare when he came across this inverted iceberg.


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10 Days Of Extreme Weather Turn A Mountain Into Sheer Ice (15 pics)

Slovenian photographer Marko Korošec set out to Mount Javornik during a period of extreme weather. The pictures he captured are unlike anything else ever seen on Earth.

“I love extreme weather and seen a lot, but this was just above my imagination what I experienced earlier this week” says Korošec.


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10 Winter Storms That Will Convince You To Stay Inside This Winter (10 pics)

Winter is a tough season and sometimes it can get straight up deadly. We suggest that you stay inside until spring comes.


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This Giant Tree Is A Sight To See (4 pics)

This Giant Sequoia National Park of America, has shared its name with the Civil War hero General Sherman is the largest tree in the world. It’s the largest tree in the world and it’s over 2,000 years old.


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Freaks Of Nature You Didn’t Know Existed (21 pics)

Anything can be born deformed and that includes animals. You won’t believe some of these animals that you didn’t know existed. Although you’d probably be better off not knowing about the two headed snake.


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Tidal Wave In China Catches Citizens By Surprise (19 pics)

These people were passing by the The Qiantang River when suddenly they were hit with a massive tidal wave. As you can see, everyone was more than a little surprised.


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Beautiful Shots Of The Sun From Manhattan (19 pics)

Manhattan is a magical place but it becomes simply stunning when you can catch a glimpse of a beautiful sunset like the ones below.


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This Sinkhole Ate The End Zone (7 pics)

Austin Peay State University unfortunately has a giant sinkhole problem right in the end zone of their football field. Could you imagine going for a touchdown and running straight into this thing?


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Old Douglas Fir Woodpeckers Covered With Acorns (5 pics)

Acorn woodpeckers spend their time collecting acorns, drilling holes in firs, and then popping the acorns in the holes for safe keeping.


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When Our Sun Will Begin to Die (8 pics)

The death of the Sun will be devastating for our planet. But we still have over 1 billion years to deal with it.


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