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Truck Driver Discovers Massive Amounts Of Money On Fire (6 pics)

American Eric Royster noticed that his truck was on fire. When he went back to see what was burning, he noticed that he had been transporting over $700,000 without even knowing it.


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This Is A Good Reason Not To Smoke Electronic Cigarettes (4 pics)

25-year-old Terry Skinner from Kent, England, decided to switch out regular cigarettes for the electronic ones. It sounded like a good idea until the thing exploded, burnt down his house and left his family homeless.


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Christmas Eve And The Michigan Mining Tragedy Of 1933 (7 pics)

The mining town of Calumet, Michigan definitely didn’t have a holly jolly Christmas in 1933. That year on Christmas Eve, tragedy struck and the town was never the same again.


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Samsung Phone Explodes While The Owner Is Sleeping (13 pics)

It’s not every night you go to sleep and get woken up by an exploding Samsung GALAXY S4. This woman said she thought a gun had gone off when she was woken up by a very loud noise. The phone flew around the room, landed on her mattress and then started burning it.


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Driver Destroys A $1 Million Dollar McLaren P1 (6 pics)

This guy destroyed his brand new million dollar McLaren P1. The worst part is that he didn’t even get to enjoy it before it was destroyed because he crashed it the same exact day he bought it.


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A Beautiful Lamborgini Burns To The Ground (4 pics)

This Lamborghini Miura SV 1971 is extremely rare. It’s so rare that you can’t even get parts for it anymore. A mechanic who worked on it installed the wrong spark plugs and this is what happened.


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Leslie Smith’s Ear Explodes At UFC 180 (5 pics)

Jessica “Evil” Eye hit Leslie Smith in the wrong spot at UFC 180. As you’re about to see, her ear has practically fallen right off. Graphic!


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Just When You Think The Ocean Is Safe, A Shark Attacks (5 pics)

Ryan Hunt, a semi-professional surfer in Australia. He recently went out on the ocean to his some waves but instead a shark ended up hitting him. Ryan got away but not before the shark took a bite out of him.


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Marriage Proposal Gone Terribly Wrong (8 pics)

Xiong Chien, 22, wanted to propose to his girlfriend Cong Yen, 22 in the most romantic way possible. He arranged for some fireworks to go off as he did it but it didn’t go quite how he planned. The fireworks ended up burning down a nearby sports center and lighting up the sky with fire. Is that a good or bad sign for the marriage?


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An Exploding Samsung Galaxy S4 (8 pics)


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Why You Shouldn’t Smoke E-cigarettes (4 pics)

48-year-old Dave Aspinall was recently the victim of an e-cigarette explosion. He was hit with some shrapnel and his apartment almost burned down after his e-cigarette overheated and exploded. The doctor compared the injury to a gunshot wound.


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Don’t Touch The Actors At The Haunted House (4 pics)

You got to a haunted house for the actors to scare you, not so you can scare them.


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Hot Babe Gets A New Car (3 pics)

The car in the first frame could probably be fixed, but why fix it when you can get a whole new car?


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Scary Motorcycle Collision (12 pics)

These two motorcyclists were drag racing when something went terribly wrong. Luckily for them both they’re still alive. When one driver fell off his bike, he landed on the bike of his opponent. This was definitely his lucky day.


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Roommate Gets His Skull Crushed By A Hammer (3 pics)

18-year-old Connor Huntley had his life changed forever by 21-year-old Joseph Williams. He said something that pissed him off and then Joseph proceeded to hit him with a hammer. This is what he looks like now.


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