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Wrecked Lamborghini Aventador in London (12 pics)

What a loss.


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Terrible Crash With No Causalities (7 pics)

Orlando Pirates’ defender, Rooi Mahamutsa, crashed his BMW 33i in South Africa. Unbelievable, but Rooi Mahamuts walked away uninjured.


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Courtney Stodden Fell Off Her Bike (7 pics)

When Courtney Stodden falls off her bike it looks kind of sexy.


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Playboy Golf Photo Shoot Fail (5 pics + video)

28-year-old model Elizabeth Dickson is suing both Playboy and radio host Kevin Klein for an incident at a 2102 golf event, when DJ miss-hit golf ball perched on her backside leaving a massive bruise.


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Balloonfest 1986 Disaster (9 pics)

On Saturday, September 27, 1986, more than 1.5 million balloons were released on Cleveland’s Public Square to set a world record. But the balloons came down on Burke Lakefront Airport, on a pasture in Medina County, on Lake Erie, blanketing the water just as a Coast Guard helicopter arrived to search for two missing boaters who would later be found, drowned, etc.


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Chinese Woman Survives a Terrible Crash (9 pics)

35-year-old Chinese woman was trapped in her car in Fuzhou, Fujian province after a lorry shed cement all over her vehicle. She was trapped beneath the crushed roof for 40 minutes. As the rescuers began clearing the vehicle of cement they heard her moaning and 40 minutes later were able to pull her free. The woman was left with little more than a few cuts and bruises as a result of the accident.


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Snoop Dogg and Firefighters (7 pics)

Firefighters were called to the Melbourne hotel at around 10am local time on Friday. When they entered the hotel room they were surprised to find a grinning Snoop Dogg. Having quickly established there was no fire, the group began posing for pictures, which later found their way onto the internet. The rapper said that he always wanted to be a firefighter.


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Porcupine Falls from a Lamp Post onto Woman (6 pics)

Sandra Nabucco from Rio de Janeiro, was walking her dog when a porcupine fell from a lamp post onto her head. 52-year-old taken to hospital and 272 needles were removed from her head. Housewife is now on antibiotics following painful incident.


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Accident in Australian Subway (3 pics)

A rail pierced a subway car in the Australian subway. Luckily, nobody got hurt.


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Car Crash (7 pics)

Vertical landing after a car crash in Brazil. The driver survived.


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A Multi-Million-Dollar Superyacht Caught Fire (5 pics)

A yacht at the East Cowes Marina destroyed by fire.


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Couple Survives a Terrible Crash (8 pics)

It looks like no one could survive such crash but this lucky couple was pulled out of the wreck alive.


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Bridge Collapses in China (9 pics)

Dozens of tourists have ignored the ‘maximum capacity of 40′ warning sign to get a better view of Lushan Mountain in Jiujiang city, eastern China.

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Crane Demolishes the Roof of a McDonald’s Restaurant (5 pics)

Refrigerator delivery gone wrong. It happened in the UK.

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This Must be the Luckiest Girl in the World (8 pics)

This Chinese woman was driving behind a truck carrying a huge container when suddenly the container fell directly on top of her car. It took a giant crane to remove the container and rescuers were shocked to find the woman was still alive and completely unharmed.

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