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Christmas Eve And The Michigan Mining Tragedy Of 1933 (7 pics)

The mining town of Calumet, Michigan definitely didn’t have a holly jolly Christmas in 1933. That year on Christmas Eve, tragedy struck and the town was never the same again.


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Samsung Phone Explodes While The Owner Is Sleeping (13 pics)

It’s not every night you go to sleep and get woken up by an exploding Samsung GALAXY S4. This woman said she thought a gun had gone off when she was woken up by a very loud noise. The phone flew around the room, landed on her mattress and then started burning it.


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Driver Destroys A $1 Million Dollar McLaren P1 (6 pics)

This guy destroyed his brand new million dollar McLaren P1. The worst part is that he didn’t even get to enjoy it before it was destroyed because he crashed it the same exact day he bought it.


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A Beautiful Lamborgini Burns To The Ground (4 pics)

This Lamborghini Miura SV 1971 is extremely rare. It’s so rare that you can’t even get parts for it anymore. A mechanic who worked on it installed the wrong spark plugs and this is what happened.


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Sony Mavica MVC-FD88 (7 pics)

Sony Mavica MVC-FD88 is a 1.3MP floppy disc digital camera.


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The Dark Web Is A Scary Place (10 pics)

You might not know this but you don’t see all of the Internet. The Internet has its own version of the black market and the things that happen there are absolutely terrifying. Welcome to the Dark Web aka the Darknet


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How To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Blacklight (7 pics)

Do you want a portable blacklight that you can use on the go? You will definitely find this trick useful.


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This Homemade Flight Simulator Is Amazing (15 pics)

53-year-old Igor Pernet, wanted to fly planes all his life. So he bought a decommissioned Cyprus Airways plane and turned it into a flight simulator. It took him two and a half years of work but it looks like it was worth it.


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Leslie Smith’s Ear Explodes At UFC 180 (5 pics)

Jessica “Evil” Eye hit Leslie Smith in the wrong spot at UFC 180. As you’re about to see, her ear has practically fallen right off. Graphic!


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Google May be Developing Real Life Terminators (5 pics)

Meet Ian. Ian is a robot that’s 6’2″ and weighs 330 lbs and can do a lot of things humans can do. He was created by Boston Dynamics which is owned by Google. Ian came in 2nd place at the Robo Olympics and he can drive a car, act like the karate kid and do so much more. It’s official, skynet is active.


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Rocket Powered Bicycle Sets World Record (10 pics)

Francois Gissy now holds the Guinness World Record for fastest bicycle. Francois’ bike is equipped with rocket power and can reach up to 207 mph. That’s pretty impressive.


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The Rosetta Probe Finally Lands On A Comet (23 pics)

It’s been years in the making but on November 12, the European Space Agency (ESA) reported successful undocking descent module “Fila” from the probe “Rosetta” as it landed on the surface of the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko. The probe was launched over 10 years ago and a lot of hard work has gone into making this happen.


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Just When You Think The Ocean Is Safe, A Shark Attacks (5 pics)

Ryan Hunt, a semi-professional surfer in Australia. He recently went out on the ocean to his some waves but instead a shark ended up hitting him. Ryan got away but not before the shark took a bite out of him.


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Cool Inventions That Were Created By Kids (10 pics)

The good thing about kids is that they have big imaginations. Sometimes those big imaginations manage to create some of humanity’s best inventions.


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This New Wallet Charges All Your Electronics (4 pics)

Are you one of those people that’s always worried about their phone dying? If you answered yes, then this is definitely the wallet for you.


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