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What A 140 MPH Super Typhoon Looks Like From Space (6 pics)

ISS astronauts recently captured the 140 mph super typhoon, Maysak hovering over the Philippines. They captured these amazing photos while orbiting 255 miles above Earth.


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Drunk Driving Female Poses For A Selfie (6 pics)

This young lady got drunk and decided to go for a joyride around China. She took out a guardrail and drove around for a while dragging it underneath her car. When police finally caught up with her all she wanted to do was take a selfie.


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China’s 1st 3D Printed Car Is Now On The Road (5 pics)

A company called Sanya Sihai has created a 3D printed, electric powered car and it’s very impressive. It took a month and a half to build and the 3D printing process itself took 5 days. The car weighs 1102 pounds and recently took a road trip across the streets of Sanya City in China.


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Experts Still Can’t Figure Out What They Found In This Mysterious Cave (5 pics)

Divers have recently been exploring a submerged cave near the Caribbean Sea on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and they were shocked by what they found. The researchers found a human skull in the cave. These experts are convinced that if they can verify the age that the remains may very well be the oldest discovered remains of an American human.


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Every Year These Towns Get Flooded By A Swarm Of Insects (7 pics)

Every year towns near the Tisza River in Hungary get overwhelmed by swarms of Palingenia longicauda or the Tisza mayfly as the creatures have come to be known. This creature has a life cycle that allows them to live underground as a larvae for 3 years but when they surface they mate in large groups. This mating ritual ends up flooding the towns of Hungary with a swarm of insects that’s impossible to avoid.


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When A Mercedes Collides With A Jaguar (9 pics)

A $4 million dollar Mercedes recently crashed into a $1 million dollar Jaguar during a race at Goodwood Circuit in the United Kingdom. Fans in attendance were stunned as these two classic cars collided and both took some serious damage. The repairs are estimated to cost well over $100,000 dollars to restore the cars back to prime condition.


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This Is What The Inside Of A CPU Circuit Looks Like (20 pics)

This little circuit is so important to our everyday lives but many people have no idea how it works. They may be small but when it comes to CPU circuits it’s not their size that matters, it’s what they do with it.

Intel Pentium III™
The blue part in the middle is the actual chip. It needed to be removed in order to further inspect the CPU.


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It’s A Plane, It’s A Car, It’s The AeroMobil (9 pics)

This is the AeroMobil. It’s half car, half plane and all awesome. The people behind this innovative automobile hope to make it available for purchase in the next two to three years so if you want one you better start taking flying lessons now.


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Amazing Scientific Discoveries That Happened In 2014 (8 pics)

We may be a few months into 2015 but 2014 was a revolutionary year for science. Here are a few of the incredible scientific discoveries that you might have missed last year.


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Larry Dixon Walks Away From A Brutal Crash In Gainesville (5 pics + video)

Top Fuel driver Larry Dixon crashed close to the finish line during his qualifying session at the Amalie Motor Oil NHRA Gatornationals. His car was totaled but the amazing this is that he was able to walk away from the incident under his own power.


NHRA: Gatornationals-Qualifying
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ISIS Amputates Hand Of A Motorbike Thief (8 pics)

Suspect was apparently convicted after a trial at an Islamic State court. He was doused in sterilising fluid from a water bottle before having his hand hacked off on a chopping board.


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Well That’s One Way To Destroy Your Ferrari F430 (10 pics)

This guy has the worst luck ever as he managed to land his Ferrari F430 in a Chinese river. It’s going to take a lot of money to get that thing back on the road.


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Olympic Heroes Killed During Helicopter Crash In Argentina (10 pics)

Gold medallist swimmer Camille Muffat, Olympic boxer Alexis Vastine and champion sailor Florence Arthaud have passed away after being involved in a tragic helicopter crash in Argentina. Two helicopters were flying over the mountains in the La Rioja province filming footage for a television show called “Dropped” when they collided. The accident claimed 10 lives and unfortunately there were no survivors.


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Harrison Ford Crash Landed On A Gold Course To Keep Others Safe (10 pics)

There has been a lot of information going around about Harrison Ford’s now infamous plane crash and some people may be wondering how he ended up at the Penmar Golf Course in Santa Monica. When Ford realized his engine had failed he had to make a quick decision on where he was going to land. He had to choose between a crowded neighborhood or a golf course and he chose the golf course so that he wouldn’t injure anyone other than himself.


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Just Another Reason Not To Drink And Drive (3 pics)

Some people just don’t understand the damage they can do when they drink and drive. What might be a fun little cruise for you could end up turning into the worst night of someone else’s life.


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