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Leslie Smith’s Ear Explodes At UFC 180 (5 pics)

Jessica “Evil” Eye hit Leslie Smith in the wrong spot at UFC 180. As you’re about to see, her ear has practically fallen right off. Graphic!


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Google May be Developing Real Life Terminators (5 pics)

Meet Ian. Ian is a robot that’s 6’2″ and weighs 330 lbs and can do a lot of things humans can do. He was created by Boston Dynamics which is owned by Google. Ian came in 2nd place at the Robo Olympics and he can drive a car, act like the karate kid and do so much more. It’s official, skynet is active.


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Rocket Powered Bicycle Sets World Record (10 pics)

Francois Gissy now holds the Guinness World Record for fastest bicycle. Francois’ bike is equipped with rocket power and can reach up to 207 mph. That’s pretty impressive.


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The Rosetta Probe Finally Lands On A Comet (23 pics)

It’s been years in the making but on November 12, the European Space Agency (ESA) reported successful undocking descent module “Fila” from the probe “Rosetta” as it landed on the surface of the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko. The probe was launched over 10 years ago and a lot of hard work has gone into making this happen.


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Just When You Think The Ocean Is Safe, A Shark Attacks (5 pics)

Ryan Hunt, a semi-professional surfer in Australia. He recently went out on the ocean to his some waves but instead a shark ended up hitting him. Ryan got away but not before the shark took a bite out of him.


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Cool Inventions That Were Created By Kids (10 pics)

The good thing about kids is that they have big imaginations. Sometimes those big imaginations manage to create some of humanity’s best inventions.


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This New Wallet Charges All Your Electronics (4 pics)

Are you one of those people that’s always worried about their phone dying? If you answered yes, then this is definitely the wallet for you.


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Marriage Proposal Gone Terribly Wrong (8 pics)

Xiong Chien, 22, wanted to propose to his girlfriend Cong Yen, 22 in the most romantic way possible. He arranged for some fireworks to go off as he did it but it didn’t go quite how he planned. The fireworks ended up burning down a nearby sports center and lighting up the sky with fire. Is that a good or bad sign for the marriage?


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Company 3D Prints Old Photos So You Can Relive The Memory (11 pics)

“Touchable Memories” is a project that was started by the Singapore company Pirate 3D. They hope to change the way that people experience old photographs by bringing them to life in a whole new way.


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Say Hello To The World’s First Real Hoverboard (6 pics + video)

Hoverboards aren’t just a figment of your imagination anymore, now they’re real. This is the Hendo, the world’s first ever hoverboard and the creators are currently running a kickstarter campaign so that they can mass produce this glorious creation. For the price of $10,000 you can own your very own hoverboard to go along with your self tying shoes.


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10 Insane Facts About The Internet (10 pics)

These facts are pretty crazy when you stop and think about it.


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An Exploding Samsung Galaxy S4 (8 pics)


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The Goodyear Inflatable Plane (16 pics)

Wouldn’t it be cool if someone created an inflatable airplane? Yes it would be cool, that’s why Goodyear already did it. During World War II the United States military was trying to find a way to solve the problem of soldiers having their plane attacked and then falling to their death. The answer was the inflatable plane.


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Freaks Of Nature You Didn’t Know Existed (21 pics)

Anything can be born deformed and that includes animals. You won’t believe some of these animals that you didn’t know existed. Although you’d probably be better off not knowing about the two headed snake.


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This Drug Dealer Is The Biggest Loser Ever (6 pics)

34-year-old Tabraiz Hussein was being chased by British police when he tried to throw his drug stash out the window but there was one problem, the window was closed. He ended up spilling $25,000 worth of heroin all over his car and the sidewalk. This man deserves a Darwin Award.


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