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Heartbreaking Photos Show A $6 Million Dollar Yacht Sinking Into The Water (9 pics)

This $6 million dollar yacht recently feel into a watery grave near the owner’s favorite Greek island of Mykonos. The $6 million dollar yacht hit a reef off the coast and then quickly started getting weighed down by water. Check out the heartbreaking photos below.


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Extremely Rare Fire Rainbow Spotted In The Skies Of South Carolina (6 pics)

People in Isle of Palms, South Carolina got a nice surprise a few days ago when they say a rare fire rainbow in the sky above. Technically these rainbows are referred to as circumhorizontal arcs and they are created by high level cirrus clouds made up of tiny ice crystals.


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Man Reveals Lesser Known Details About Japan During His Trip (18 pics)

If you’re traveling to Japan in the future you can find a lot of information about the country on the Internet. But these are the important things you need to know about that no one is going to tell you. Luckily this man spelled out the little things in detail.


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The Animas River Is Running Orange (9 pics)

According to the Environmental Protection Agency an estimated 1 million gallons of waste water spilled out of an abandoned mine causing the Animas River to turn orange. The waste water leaked from the mine after a mistake made by federal cleanup crew and now citizens of Durango, Colorado are getting to see the Animas River like they’ve never seen it before.


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Delta Pilot Makes Emergency Landing After Plane Is Damaged By Hail (4 pics)

This delta airplane flying from Boston to Salt Lake City had to make an emergency landing thanks to some golf ball sized hail. The hail damaged the windshield and limited the pilot’s visibility forcing him to land basically blind.


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If Technology Was Actually Honest With Us (8 pics)

We interact with technology on a daily basis but it just doesn’t feel like technology is being honest with us. If technology does decide to just say what it really means someday, this is what it would look like.


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Man Hires Workers In China To Paint A 900 Foot Cliff Green (4 pics)

A man in China named Yang Zhigang recently hired some workers to paint a 900 ft cliff green because he said the original white color was affecting his fung shui. It took over a week for the workers to paint the cliff and some local residents aren’t happy about the color change.


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Train Derails After A Brutal Collision With A Timber Truck (13 pics)

This Australian timber truck got stuck at a railroad crossing as a massive freight train was approaching. Both the truck and the train ended up taking significant amounts of damage.


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The Hitchhiking Robot Lasted Two Weeks In America Before It Was Murdered (4 pics)

Earlier this summer a Candian hitchhiking robot named hitchBOT traveled all throughout Canada without any issues. It was then that hitchBOT decided to try its luck in America, where it only lasted two weeks before someone decapitated it and left it for dead.


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The PlayBox Is The Console Every Gamer Needs In Their Life (11 pics)

Ed Zarick has created something really cool in his work shop. He’s created a system called the PlayBox which is a custom built video game console that features a built in HD monitor. He’s been making these devices when ordered by customers and has even gone so far as the combine a PS4 and Xbox One by putting them in the same console.


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Playboy Model Sent Back To Bosnia After Being Linked To Murders And Robberies (7 pics)

Former Miss Bosnia Slobodanka Tosic, 29 recently returned to Bosnia after being arrested in Croatia. She’s been linked to several murders and robberies and things aren’t looking very good for her future.


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Man Finds Long Lost’ Nintendo Sony Playstation’ Prototype In His House (6 pics)

Back in the early 1990s before they became competitors, Sony and Nintendo were working on a console together. The console was built to play cartridges as well as disks and only 200 of them have ever been made. A Reddit user recently found one that belonged to his dad while he was doing some cleaning in his own house and the Internet is going crazy over it.


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Local Pizza Boy Becomes A Local Hero After Saving Someone’s Life (4 pics)

Anson Lemmer was just out on his delivery route doing his duty as a pizza delivery boy. He had no idea that his next delivery would turn him into a hero.


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Woman Uses Her Breast Implants To Try And Smuggle Cocaine (5 pics)

This 22 year old woman tried to use her breast implants to smuggle 3 pounds of cocaine. As you can imagine, it didn’t end well.


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Fan Makes Working Replica Of The Pip-Boy 3000 From Fallout (16 pics)

Fallout fans will recognize the personal digital assistant Pip-Boy 3000 that this fan is wearing on his wrist. He built it himself and based it around the computer system Raspberry Pi. Not only does it look cool, it actually works as well.


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