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Beautiful Shots Of The Sun From Manhattan (19 pics)

Manhattan is a magical place but it becomes simply stunning when you can catch a glimpse of a beautiful sunset like the ones below.


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Incredible Lightning Cloud Lamp (4 pics)

Richard Clarkson created a lamp that mimics a lightning storm. This is pretty much the coolest thing ever.


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Website Owners That Became Rich Before Age 25 (10 pics)

Becoming a multi-millionaire is everyone’s fantasy. These people all did it and they all did it before the age of 25.


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Burglar Gets Busted For Logging Onto Facebook (7 pics)

If you’re going to break into someone’s house your probably shouldn’t use their computer to sign onto Facebook.


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This Is How You Pack A Cow In Your Truck (4 pics)

This driver hit a cow while he was driving over 100 mph. Luckily the cow landed right in the bed of the truck. Looks like he’s having steak for dinner.


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8 Signs That You Might Be Seeing In The Future (8 pics)

The future is going to be quite the place. When you think about how far technology has come in the last 10 years it’s scary to think about how far along it will be in the next 10 years. All of these signs could very well become real someday.


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When A Car Takes On A Truck The Car Will Lose (6 pics)

This is why you need to look before you change lanes. Luckily the woman who owned the car made it out of this without any major injuries.


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6 Million Dollar Yacht May Be Worth A Little Less Now (11 pics)

Apparently somebody forgot to tell these people that you should be extra careful when handling a $6 million dollar yacht.


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Florida Woman Bit By Shark, No Big Deal (5 pics)

This Florida woman got bit by a shark but to her it’s no big deal. Just a little scratch.


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The Coolest Robot Hand You Will Ever See (9 pics)

The robotics industry has made some huge progress over the past few months but this may be the coolest looking robot hand we’ve ever seen. Where can we get one?


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Amazing Solar Powered Plane (13 pics)

This is the Solar Impulse 2. It’s as large as 747 and powered by 17,248 solar panels. The plane is scheduled to fly around the world in 2015 and you can see in these pictures that it’s one incredible achievement.


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Death By School Locker (2 pics)

This girl almost lost her life to a locker at school.


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The Dragon V2 Is The Only Way To Travel To Space (10 pics)

SpaceX is making some serious progress when it comes to space travel. The Dragon V2 is designed to transport a crew to the International Space Station and back and it’s also able to land with the same accuracy as a helicopter. On top of that, it looks really cool and comfortable.


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Apple Has Come A Long Way Since Designing These (16 pics)

Apple is currently at the forefront of technology. They set the standard and everyone else tries to catch up but as you can see in the pictures below, they started from humble beginnings.


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The Autobiography Of A Sick And Twisted Man (16 pics)

Elliot Rodger recently went on a killing spree in California tragically taking the lives of 7 people and injuring many more. He left behind a 141 page documentary explaining how he felt about the world and it doesn’t take long after reading it to figure out that this guy was very sick and twisted.


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