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Amazing Scientific Discoveries That Happened In 2014 (8 pics)

We may be a few months into 2015 but 2014 was a revolutionary year for science. Here are a few of the incredible scientific discoveries that you might have missed last year.


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Larry Dixon Walks Away From A Brutal Crash In Gainesville (5 pics + video)

Top Fuel driver Larry Dixon crashed close to the finish line during his qualifying session at the Amalie Motor Oil NHRA Gatornationals. His car was totaled but the amazing this is that he was able to walk away from the incident under his own power.


NHRA: Gatornationals-Qualifying
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ISIS Amputates Hand Of A Motorbike Thief (8 pics)

Suspect was apparently convicted after a trial at an Islamic State court. He was doused in sterilising fluid from a water bottle before having his hand hacked off on a chopping board.


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Well That’s One Way To Destroy Your Ferrari F430 (10 pics)

This guy has the worst luck ever as he managed to land his Ferrari F430 in a Chinese river. It’s going to take a lot of money to get that thing back on the road.


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Olympic Heroes Killed During Helicopter Crash In Argentina (10 pics)

Gold medallist swimmer Camille Muffat, Olympic boxer Alexis Vastine and champion sailor Florence Arthaud have passed away after being involved in a tragic helicopter crash in Argentina. Two helicopters were flying over the mountains in the La Rioja province filming footage for a television show called “Dropped” when they collided. The accident claimed 10 lives and unfortunately there were no survivors.


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Harrison Ford Crash Landed On A Gold Course To Keep Others Safe (10 pics)

There has been a lot of information going around about Harrison Ford’s now infamous plane crash and some people may be wondering how he ended up at the Penmar Golf Course in Santa Monica. When Ford realized his engine had failed he had to make a quick decision on where he was going to land. He had to choose between a crowded neighborhood or a golf course and he chose the golf course so that he wouldn’t injure anyone other than himself.


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Just Another Reason Not To Drink And Drive (3 pics)

Some people just don’t understand the damage they can do when they drink and drive. What might be a fun little cruise for you could end up turning into the worst night of someone else’s life.


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This McLaren Was Worth A Lot Of Money Now It’s Worth Nothing (14 pics)

On Feb. 21, 2015, in London’s Belgravia a McLaren 650S Spider collided with a Saab. The McLaren is worth over $400,000 but we’re guessing the retail value just went down on this one.


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A Venezuelan Teen Was Gunned Down During A Protest Now His Family Mourns (12 pics)

The family of Kluivert Roa is mourning after he was shot by police during a protest. The governor of Tachira, Venezuela authorized the use of deadly force during protests and these are the results. He promised to resign if any protesters were show, so why hasn’t he resigned yet?


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Photographer Captures Incredible Frozen Ocean Waves Off The Coast (5 pics)

Jonathan Nimerfroh is a photographer and surfer who says he’s obsessed with the ocean. He happened to be in the right place at the right time recently while walking along the coast of Nantucket. He happened to capture some waves that were nearly frozen and he managed to snap a few unique pictures. The temperature on this day was 19 F and -7 C which caused the waves to freeze but not completely.


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Police Intercept A Cocaine Shipment Worth $60 Million (6 pics)

Colombia’s National Police recently intercepted a shipment of 3.3 tons of cocaine that belonfed to the Colombian Usuga Clan crime gang. The shipment is worth an estimated $60 million and it was bound for Mexico before the police got a hold of it. One thing’s for sure, that’s a lot of cocaine.


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This Clock Is A Work Of Art (7 pics)

This piece of art is simply named The Clock. What you’re seeing is a blown up and more detailed version of what a microchip looks like inside of a wrist watch. This piece of art is complex and visually stunning but it’s also capable of telling time.


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This Man Became A Minor Celebrity In China Thanks To A Stolen iPhone (24 pics)

You might remember the guy who wrote an article that recently went viral titled ‘Who Is This Man And Why Are His Photos Showing Up On My Phone.’ Well it turns out that wasn’t the end of the story. He ended up becoming somewhat known in China thanks to his stolen phone. You can get all the details below.


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The Beetle Looks For A Mate, A Nature Story (9 pics)

These are the types of things you learn about while watching David Attenborough’s ‘Life.’ You will never look at nature the same way again.


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How To Log Into Any Admin Account On Any Computer (14 pics)

This trick is the skeleton key of computers.


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