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Woman Uses Her Breast Implants To Try And Smuggle Cocaine (5 pics)

This 22 year old woman tried to use her breast implants to smuggle 3 pounds of cocaine. As you can imagine, it didn’t end well.


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Fan Makes Working Replica Of The Pip-Boy 3000 From Fallout (16 pics)

Fallout fans will recognize the personal digital assistant Pip-Boy 3000 that this fan is wearing on his wrist. He built it himself and based it around the computer system Raspberry Pi. Not only does it look cool, it actually works as well.


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Driver Gets Lucky After A Giant Saw Blade Crashes Into His Car (3 pics)

This man was driving through western China to the city of Chongqing when something massive collided with his car. A giant saw blade fell off a nearby truck and got stuck in his engine. Luckily the saw blade didn’t make it all the way to the driver’s seat.


Circular saw blade slices into car after falling off truck, Chongqing, China - 17 Jun 2015
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Photos of Dylann Storm Roof (16 pics)

Photos of Dylan Storm Roof, a 21-year-old a Columbia-area resident who shot nine people dead at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston. The patches on his jacket appear to match the flags for Apartheid-era South Africa and Rhodesia. The photos were taken from Dylan Storm Roof’s Facebook and Twitter pages.


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This 1980s Computer Controls Heat And AC For 19 Public Schools (4 pics)

This Commodore Amiga is a dinosaur in the computer world but it still serves a purpose. The computer controls heat and AC for 19 different public schools in Grand Rapids, MI. The people at the school say it would cost close to $2 million dollars to put in a new system which is why they still use this old thing.


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RealDoll Is Working On Artificial Intelligence For Their Sex Dolls (5 pics)

As technology advances, sex dolls become more and more real. RealDoll is a company that’s currently working to make their sex dolls more animated and more intelligent. RealDoll CEO says his goal is to make it so that the dolls arouse people on an emotional and intellectual level as well as physical.


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20 Year Old Inventor Creates Device That Will Help The Ocean Clean Itself (10 pics)

Boyan Slat is a 20 year old inventor from the Netherlands and his new device is going to make the ocean a much cleaner place. The Slat’s Ocean Cleanup Foundation has found a way to use the ocean currents and use floats to skim garbage from the ocean’s surface. It’s estimated that the device could clean up 70,320,000 kg worth of waste over the next ten years and it’s currently being tested in Japan.


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This Is What Happens When You Combine A Car With A Bike (9 pics)

Not too long ago a company called The Future People debuted this vehicle at the North American Auto Show in Detroit. It’s what you get when you combine an electric bike with a car body and it looks like it would be a lot of fun to drive.


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Horrible Accidents That Happened On Famous Movie Sets (9 pics)

Sometimes making a movie can be dangerous work.


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These Testicles Will Keep Cyclists Safe At Night (5 pics)

Heather and Scott are the founders of Bike Balls. They launched a Kickstarter a few weeks ago and surpassed their funding goal in only three days. Their goal is to keep cyclists safe at night by using something that gets the attention of drivers. These Bike Balls will make cyclists more visible and probably make quite a few people laugh in the process.


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9 Gadgets That Prove The Future Is Now (9 pics)

These devices used to be the type of things you would read about in science fiction. But you can forget science fiction because these gadgets are quickly becoming science fact.


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This Big Rig Is Road Legal And It Can Drive Itself (15 pics)

Freightliner recently unveiled the Inspiration Truck atop the Hoover Dam. This truck is the first self driving big rig and it’s street legal. Not only can this massive truck drive itself, it has also found a way to reduce CO2 emissions by 5 percent.


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9 People That Are Blurring The Lines Between Humans And Cyborgs (9 pics)

The line between man and machine is getting thinner and thinner with each passing day.

Nigel Ackland sports the most advanced cyborg arm on the planet. He can control each finger just like on a normal hand, and can even perfectly pour a glass of water.


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This Family’s Car Got Crushed By Elephants (4 pics)

Czech photographer Jakub Kotas was traveling through Africa with his wife and daughter when they stopped to take a nap in his car. They awoke to a stampede of elephants crushing their car. They managed to escape and climb a tree for safety but compared the incident to something you would see in Jurassic Park.


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Before And After Photos Of Nepal Show The Effect Of A Deadly Earthquake (5 pics)

Nepal was recently hit by a deadly earthquake that changed the landscape of Kathmandu. Some of the most famous landmarks have been all but destroyed after the catastrophic event.


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