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FedEx Did Not Handle This iPad With Care (2 pics)

The moral of the story is, if you’re going to get an iPad delivered to your house, don’t use FedEx.


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Plastic Bag Photos Is A New Trend In Asia (6 pics)

Crazy trend in Asia has people posting photos in nothing but a plastic bag.


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Disgusting Foods That Were Found In The Office Refrigerator (16 pics)

If the fridge at your office needs to be cleaned, you better hope you’re not the one that has to clean it.


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This DIY Shoe Box Organizer Is The Perfect Gift For Your Girlfriend (8 pics)

This DIY shoe box organizer is cheap and easy to make. It’s every girl’s dream gift. They just don’t know it yet.


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Bizarre Things Washed Ashore (10 pics)

There were a lot of questions about these bizarre things washed ashore.


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Girl Discovered a Ghost In Her Selfie (3 pics)

Bethany was spending some time with her baby nephew at home when she decided to send a Snapchat selfie to her friends. Bethany’s sister decided to jump in the background, so she captioned the picture with “Photo bombed!” She thought this was an appropriate caption, but Harvey had no idea how right she was…


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Plane Gets Flooded With Urine After The Toilets Overflow (6 pics)

Passengers of this Jet Airways flight are fighting to get their money back after having a very uncomfortable trip. During their 6 hour flight from Delhi to London the toilets overflowed leaving the floors covered in urine and all of the passengers unhappy.


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A Bag Of Air From Kanye West’s Yeezus Tour Sold For Big Money (5 pics)

We all know Kanye West is popular, but this is a little extreme.


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This Man Licked The Toilet (5 pics)

The young man rubbed his senior officer the wrong way so he was ordered the clean his room. When his senior officer came back and decided it wasn’t clean enough, the man got down on his knees and licked the toilet to prove it was indeed clean.


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15 Bizarre Sex Laws You Won’t Believe Exist In The United States (15 pics)

Yes, these laws are strange. But the weirdest part is that all of this stuff had to happen in order for these bizarre laws to even be considered.


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Man Spends £100,000 To Look Like Kim Kardashian (20 pics)

Jordan James Parke has spent £100,000 on cosmetic surgery and designer clothing in an effort to look like Kim Kardashian. Well, now he looks even better.


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This Chinese Mother Went Psycho And Tried To Eat Her Baby (4 pics)

Apparently this woman doesn’t understand that just because there is such a thing called baby food, that doesn’t mean that babies themselves are food.


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This Spider Is The Size Of A Puppy (4 pics)

Most normal people are afraid of spiders and with good reason. They’re creepy, they’re weird looking and some of them can kill you. This guy however is not afraid at all and he was thrilled to come across this gigantic spider.


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How To Make A Meal With The Condom Cookbook (4 pics)

It turns out that condoms are a pretty useful cooking tool in Japan. Who knew?


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Indian Girl Marries a Dog (13 pics)

Mangli Munda is a 18-year-old Indian girl who is believed to carry a curse. Mangli married a stray dog named Sheru as her family believes this is the only way to break the curse.


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