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Crazy Laws You Won’t Believe Still Exist In The United States (20 pics)

You better be careful next time you’re in Alabama and suddenly get the urge to wrestle a bear.


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Builders In China Screw Over Residents With Epic Fail (5 pics)

Three families chipped in to have this building renovated and they returned to find a big surprise. Contractors placed a cord in a very inconvenient spot of the building. The residents were told that if they want the cord moved they’re going to have to give the contractors more money.


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Man Makes Woman Pay For Her Own Coffee After Their Date Goes Bad (4 pics)

This woman recently went through a tough breakup so she got back on Tinder in hopes of finding a date. Well, she found one but it didn’t go very well. When the date took a turn for the worst and the guy couldn’t get a second date, he decided to ask for his money back.


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Japanese Girl Cooks A Meal That Looks Like It Was Possessed By A Demon (3 pics)

It’s safe to say that this girl should probably never cook ever again.


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Chewbacca From Star Wars Gets Arrested For Campaigning On Election Day (5 pics)

It looks like Chewbacca from Star Wars has turned to the Dark Side. Chewy was recently arrested in Ukraine for bringing Darth Vader to a local polling station in an attempt to canvas votes for Lord Vader. Chewbacca was then arrested for violating a law which forbids campaigning on election day. The Wookie was unable to pay the funds to make bail because he claims his money in currently being stashed in an intergalactic bank.


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Fake Halloween Costumes That Are Funny And Terrifying (11 pics)

Someone recently took it upon themselves to add these fake Halloween costume options to their local costume store. It looks like they were on to something though because some of these costumes are creepy in ways that you could never imagine.


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Chinese Company Forces Staff To Crawl When They Don’t Meet Sales Goals (5 pics)

An unnamed company in the city of Zhengzhou, central China recently punished their staff in a very peculiar way. The staff didn’t meet their sales targets so they were forced to crawl out in public by their bosses who hoped that they would feel humiliated.


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News Headlines That Will Make You Say WTF (15 pics)

Good luck trying to keep a straight face as you read these ridiculous news headlines.


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Girl Unleashes The Crazy When Her Date Says He’s Going To Be Late (3 pics)

A reddit user posted these pics online that he got from a friend who was apparently dating a crazy chick. The man told the girl that he was going to be an hour late to their second date and she went off the deep end right away with a very long response.


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FedEx Did Not Handle This iPad With Care (2 pics)

The moral of the story is, if you’re going to get an iPad delivered to your house, don’t use FedEx.


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Plastic Bag Photos Is A New Trend In Asia (6 pics)

Crazy trend in Asia has people posting photos in nothing but a plastic bag.


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Disgusting Foods That Were Found In The Office Refrigerator (16 pics)

If the fridge at your office needs to be cleaned, you better hope you’re not the one that has to clean it.


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This DIY Shoe Box Organizer Is The Perfect Gift For Your Girlfriend (8 pics)

This DIY shoe box organizer is cheap and easy to make. It’s every girl’s dream gift. They just don’t know it yet.


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Bizarre Things Washed Ashore (10 pics)

There were a lot of questions about these bizarre things washed ashore.


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Girl Discovered a Ghost In Her Selfie (3 pics)

Bethany was spending some time with her baby nephew at home when she decided to send a Snapchat selfie to her friends. Bethany’s sister decided to jump in the background, so she captioned the picture with “Photo bombed!” She thought this was an appropriate caption, but Harvey had no idea how right she was…


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