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How To Make A Japanese Fart Canon (23 pics)

If you really want to tear the house down with your farts, you’re going to need one of these.


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Woman Turns Herself into a Silicone Monster (18 pics)

38-year-old Blondie Bennett spent around $42,000 to look like a 50-year-old silicone monster.


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Marius the Giraffe Killed at Copenhagen Zoo (13 pics)

A Copenhagen zoo in Denmark killed a young giraffe named Marius with a bolt gun and fed its meat to the lions Sunday, saying the animal was “unwanted.” Marius was given its favorite meal of rye bread by a keeper – and then shot in the head by a vet. The death of Marius, an 18-month-old giraffe considered useless for breeding because his genes were too common, was followed by his dissection in front of a large crowd, including fascinated-looking children, prompting outrage and protests around the world. Copenhagen zoo carried out the killing despite a small group of protesters at the gates and an international petition which garnered more than 27,000 signatures, as well as offers from several zoos to rehouse the creature. Yorkshire Wildlife Park, near Doncaster, which offered to take Marius, said it was saddened to learn of his fate. The animal was killed with a bolt gun so that its meat could eaten, which would not have been possible if anaesthetic had been used.
When a storm of protest broke over the news that the giraffe was to be killed – the small gene pool among European zoos meant there was a risk of inbreeding if it was allowed to reproduce – the zoo posted a detailed justification on its website. It explained that as part of an international programme, only unrelated animals were allowed to breed: “When breeding success increases, it is sometimes necessary to euthanise.” The zoo also said that giving Marius contraceptives would have had unwanted side-effects and represented poor animal welfare, and that there was no programme for releasing giraffes into the wild.

Killer Zoo Link

Warning! Graphic images!


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Original Fairy Tale Endings (6 pics)

ery disturbing original fairy tale endings.


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North Korea Claims to Have Landed on the Sun (5 pics)

This news is a fake but a funny one.


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The Worst but Still Nice Self Made Yacht Ever (17 pics)

All you need is a van, old sofa and a boat. And a vision, of course.


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People Who Are Entirely Too Close With Their Family (10 pics)

Doesn’t look right, does it?


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Art History Snapchats (24 pics)

Inappropriate art history snapchats.


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Justin Bieber’s Fan (8 pics)

Meet Toby Sheldon, 33, from Los Angeles who is a real Justin Bieber’s fan.


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Sex Dolls (12 pics)

Sex dolls producers say that the modern dolls don’t only look like real women, they also feel real.

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Foot Undeez (4 pics)

Foot undeez or dance paws. They make barefoot dancing easier.

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BBQ Crocodiles (4 pics)

Young crocodiles cooked on a grill.

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A Beauty Mask That Will Make You Instantly Gorgeous (12 pics)

Chinese designer Zhuoying Li has created the Uniface Mask as a solution to every woman’s desire to be beautiful without the need for makeup and plastic surgery. The mask uses a bionic skin technology that is very thin and breathable. It sticks to human skin with “cell-bending” glue and is able to move with the face muscles to allow the wearer to make facial expressions. Fortunately the mask is only a design project at The New School for Design in New York and thankfully we don’t have to worry that this is the new beauty craze…yet!

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Unusual Smartphone from China (5 pics)

Looks strange but can be useful.

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What The FACTS??? (9 pics)

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