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Universal Studios Has Recreated The Simpsons’ Hometown Of Springfield (20 pics)

Springfield is one of the most iconic towns in the history of television as it’s been home to “The Simpsons” for many years now. On Wednesday Universal Studios Hollywood will open a new attraction that brings Springfield to the real world so that people can finally see what it’s like to live in this fictional town.


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How To Turn Your Favorite TV Show Into A Drinking Game (15 pics)

Are you getting a little bored with your favorite TV show? Don’t worry, any show can be turned into a drinking game and here’s how it’s done.


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Godzilla Made Out Of 2500 Balloons (18 pics)

Godzilla is one of the scariest monsters of all time but when he comes in the form of 2500 balloons he’s straight up terrifying.


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These Parents Are Having Way Too Much Fun (20 pics)

Parents aren’t supposed to have more fun than their kids do. Isn’t that against the rules?


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Parents Reveal Baby’s Gender in a Fun Way (5 pics)


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Runner Finds an Interesting Way to Make Marathon Run Fun (10 pics)

Kelly Roberts wanted to stay motivated during her last half marathon in New York City and came up with this great method.

She frequently stopped to take selfies with attractive men along the way.


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Fun Facts (24 pics)

Interesting facts.


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Fusion of Colors (14 pics)


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Fun Fact Fox Meme (58 pics)

Let’s learn something new today.

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Viral Grandpa (12 pics)

72-year-old Liu Xianping from China just wanted to show his granddaughter on how women’s clothing should be worn. The girl posted the photos to the China’s most popular retail website, and the grandpa became an online sensation.

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Having Fun with HTML and Pictures (35 pics)

Well, this is fun!

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How Some Classic Video Games Got Their Names (13 pics)

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WTF Signs (29 pics)

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Toy Shining (25 pics)

Created by UK based artist Kyle Lambert. He painted this amazing combination storyline of “Toy Story” and Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” using his iPad.

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Photoshop LvL : Master (10 pics)

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