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Indian Girl Marries a Dog (13 pics)

Mangli Munda is a 18-year-old Indian girl who is believed to carry a curse. Mangli married a stray dog named Sheru as her family believes this is the only way to break the curse.


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Drunk Bridesmaid (5 pics)

Drunk but cute bridesmaid photobombs the wedding photos.


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Guy Gets Trolled Trying To Buy Gym Equipment (9 pics)

This poor soul just wanted to buy some workout equipment. Unfortunately for him, the negotiations went in a completely different direction.


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The Funniest Tombstones This World Has To Offer (23 pics)

Normally tombstones are kind of morbid and creepy. These ones however, are the complete opposite, these ones are hilarious.


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These Pranks Are On A New Level Of Awesome (17 pics)

When it comes to pranks, it doesn’t get much better than these ones.


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How To Turn Your Favorite TV Show Into A Drinking Game (15 pics)

Are you getting a little bored with your favorite TV show? Don’t worry, any show can be turned into a drinking game and here’s how it’s done.


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People Who Are Just Too Awkward To Use The Internet (22 pics)

You can’t hide anything on the internet nowadays so you better watch what you type.


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When Sexting Goes Wrong (12 pics)

Sexting is never easy. In order to sext correctly you need the right partner and as you will see below, sometimes the person you want to sext with just isn’t in the mood.


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You’ll Never Believe How Much This Garage Sold For (4 pics)

This rundown London garage doesn’t look like much but apparently someone thinks it’s special. A person recently purchased this garage for $600,000. That’s right, $600,000.


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People From Popular Memes Then And Now (8 pics)

Have you ever wondered what Bad Luck Brian is up to nowadays? Well, you’re about to find out.


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Problems Only Women Will Understand (14 pics)

This is everything men have ever wanted to know about what it’s like to be a woman. It’s scary.


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How Things Would Be If Real Life Was Like Porn (25 pics)

Life would be a whole lot cooler if it was more like porn.


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True School Teacher Confessions From The Whisper App (16 pics)

These people are educating our children. That’s definitely not a good thing.


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How To Get Revenge With Alcohol (3 pics)

A few years ago this man’s friend gave him a bottle of rum that was welded inside of a cage. It took him a little while but he finally found the perfect way to get revenge. His friend can look at this bottle, but he can never touch what’s inside.


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That Awkward Moment When Siri Lets You Down (20 pics)

Maybe it’s time we all realized that we just expect a little too much from Siri.


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