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Guy Goes Out Of His Way To Convince His Friend He’s Sleeping With His Sister (13 pics)

Ben Mars wasn’t happy when he found out that his sister Gina would be sleeping over at his friend Rick’s house. Gina and Rick were going to the same music festival in the morning but Ben was adamant that they don’t engage in any sexual activity. Naturally Rick and Gina decided to troll Ben by trying to convince him that they were sleeping together.


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The Internet Had The Perfect Reactions To HBO’s Sesame Street Announcement (18 pics)

HBO recently announced that they would be producing “Sesame Street” for the next 5 years. The Internet reacted accordingly.


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This Guy Pretended To Be Forrest Gump On Tinder And No One Caught On (4 pics)

This guy made an entire Tinder profile based on the life story of Forrest Gump. He did the character justice with his messages but the girls seem to be missing the joke.


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Get Your Team Name Ready, Fantasy Football Season Is Almost Here (15 pics)

Football season is almost here which means fantasy football season is on the way. You’ve got a few more weeks to think of a good team name and in the meantime you can use these awesome names as inspiration.


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The Most Ridiculous Lies Parents Have Told Their Children (20 pics)

When it comes to lying to their kids and manipulating them for the sake of fun, these parents have no shame.


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Spider-Man Reacts To Drunk Uncle Ben (9 pics)

This guy decided to go to Comic Con as “Drunk Uncle Ben” this year. His goal was to pass out and die in front of Spider-Man as many times as possible. He had a good time with it but the same can’t be said about Spider-Man.


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Kirby Jenner Has Dedicated His Life To Trolling Kendall Jenner (12 pics)

Kirby jenner has been working hard to convince people that he’s Kendall Jenner’s twin and some people actually bought it. But it turns out he’s just some random dude with a dad bod and an awesome mustache that loves to spend his time trolling Kendall Jenner.


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You Won’t Believe The Things That People Say In Court Rooms (9 pics)

Usually you hear people say some pretty dumb things in court but these quotes are full of so many wins and fails.


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This DIY Shoe Box Organizer Is The Perfect Gift For Your Girlfriend (8 pics)

This DIY shoe box organizer is cheap and easy to make. It’s every girl’s dream gift. They just don’t know it yet.


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Movies That Tell A Different Story When You Watch Them In Reverse (21 pics)

When you watch these movies in reverse the plot becomes something else entirely.


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Icebreaker Texts That Are As Smooth As Silk (10 pics)

You get one chance to make a first impression and if you want to get it right you’ve got to be smooth about it.


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John Kerry And His Crutch Gun Got The Photoshop Treatment They Deserve (22 pics)

John Kerry and his crutch gun are the latest image to be given the photoshop battle treatment on Reddit. The results from the battle are something truly special. Check them out below.


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The Laziest Foreign Language Translations You’ll Ever See (24 pics)

Learning a foreign language isn’t easy but judging from these pictures you don’t even need to learn a foreign language to be a translator.


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Fun Facts To Help You Up Your Knowledge Game (18 pics)

It’s time to take your knowledge game to the next level.


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The Internet Had Some Hilarious Things To Say About The Ashley Madison Hack (15 pics)

The infamous dating website for cheaters, Ashley Madison, has been hacked leaving a lot of unfaithful people exposed. In the wake of this event the Internet reacted accordingly.


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