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This Is What Happens To People Who Share Their Names With Celebrities (8 pics)

Humans of New York recently shared a picture o a girl named Beyonce who talked about how tough it can be living with the same name as a celebrity. After she told her story many people left a response letting her know she wasn’t alone and some of their comments are hilarious.

On Saturday, ‘Humans Of New York’ shared a photo of a girl named Beyoncé:


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Mother Isn’t Happy When Daughter Pulls Cruel Text Prank (4 pics)

Convincing your mother you’ve been kidnapped is a pretty bad idea if you want to stay on her good side.


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People Who Called 911 For The Wrong Reasons (19 pics)

Calling 911 and asking them to connect you to Domino’s probably isn’t the best reason to call emergency services.


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How To Handle A Guy Sending You A Nude Selfie (6 pics)

Guys no one wants to see your nude selfies. That type of thing works for chicks but definitely not for dudes. If you send nude selfies this is what’s going to happen to you.


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Walter White From Breaking Bad Tells The Best Dad Jokes (6 pics)

I’ve got my ion you.


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Television’s Most Controversial Episodes Ever (16 pics)

Television shows are known to push the envelope in order to get ratings but these shows pushed it a little bit too far.


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How Top Gear’s James May Used A Magazine To Troll People (5 pics)

Top Gear’s James May is no stranger to getting fired. Back in the day he pulled off a genius prank while working for a car magazine that cost him his job. But it was totally worth it.


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How Women Really Feel About Period Sex (16 pics)

Women recently confessed their true feelings about period sex on Whisper. Some of their opinions might surprise you.


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Facebook Had A Field Day When Groupon Introduced The Banana Bunker (18 pics)

Is it just us or does the Banana Bunker kind of remind you of something?


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What Your Cat Is Really Trying To Tell You (14 pics)

If only cats could speak, these are the things they would say.


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Tweets That Made Celebrities Look Really Stupid (17 pics)

Thank god these people get paid to be famous because if they got paid to sound intelligent they would be flat broke.


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What Pickup Lines Would Sound Like If Women Used Them (15 pics)

Pickup lines would be so much sexier if women used them instead of men.


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Snapchats That Only Book Lovers Will Understand (14 pics)

Sometimes all you need to make yourself feel complete is a good book.


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This Duck Accurately Describes What Adult Life Feels Like (21 pics)

Brian Goron is the creator of Fowl Language Comics and he’s been using a duck to express his feelings about life as an adult. If you’re an adult you’re going to be able to relate to these comics and if you’re wondering what it’s like to be an adult, you’re about to find out.


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What The Cast Of Top Gear Is Up To Now That The Show Is Canceled (7 pics)

After a few issues with the cast and crew BBC has pulled the plug on “Top Gear” and canceled the show. The cast is trying their best to keep busy but they seem to be finding it difficult to adjust to life after the show.


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