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Hilarious Standup Jokes (13 pics)


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Simple Illustrated Puns That Never Stop Being Hilarious (14 pics)

It’s amazing how some puns can be so simple but yet so funny.


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Artists Put Together Simple But Hilarious Puns (25 pics)

Monika is a US-based artist behind the Tumblr “Pundemonium.” Her puns are simple but funny and they’re quickly spreading across the Internet.


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Life Is Tough When You Grow Up With Siblings (25 pics)

Growing up with siblings is an adventure. It’s one big, long, annoying adventure.


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Man Makes Woman Pay For Her Own Coffee After Their Date Goes Bad (4 pics)

This woman recently went through a tough breakup so she got back on Tinder in hopes of finding a date. Well, she found one but it didn’t go very well. When the date took a turn for the worst and the guy couldn’t get a second date, he decided to ask for his money back.


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These Are The Most Awkward Things People Have Ever Said After Having Sex (20 pics)

These brave people revealed the most awkward things someone has said to them after sex. Nothing kills the mood like telling your lover you’ve got a dead rabbit under your bed.


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Things You Can Do To Annoy Your Friends And Family (19 pics)

These pranks are perfect for those moments when you just feel like messing with someone for no reason.


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Japanese Girl Cooks A Meal That Looks Like It Was Possessed By A Demon (3 pics)

It’s safe to say that this girl should probably never cook ever again.


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Teacher Comebacks That Burned Students Down To The Ground (10 pics)

These students try to be clever but when their teacher unleashed a comeback they got burned, bad.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger Hid A Clever Message In One Of His Letters (3 pics)

Arnold Schwarzenegger was the Governor of California for a staggering 7 years and it wasn’t easy. He ended his run with record ow approval ratings of 23%. Over the course of his 7 year tenure as Governor he had to deal with a lot of hate. Lucky for him he knew exactly how to handle it.


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The Cat’s Guide To Sleeping With Your Human (10 pics)

Something about cats just makes them want to sleep in the most difficult positions.


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The 6 Types Of Annoying Pedestrians You’ll See On The Street (6 pics)

Walking can be very difficult when you see these people coming down the sidewalk.


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This Dude Had The Perfect Response When He Got Spam Texted (6 pics)

Maybe next time the spammer will think twice about trying to scam people via text messaging.


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Artist Uses Celebrity Pun Names To Create Awesome Illustrations (15 pics)

Australian illustrator Justine Morrison decided to have a little fun and a put a new twist on celebrity names.


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Comedian Anthony Jeselnik Explains Who He’s Really Making Fun Of On Twitter (5 pics)

Comedian Anthony Jeselnik catches flack sometimes for making fun of tragedies on Twitter so he wanted to clear things up and let everyone know what he’s really making fun of.


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