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Hilarious Stoner Tweets That Will Make You Rethink Life (12 pics)

Some of these stoners actually have some pretty good points that will make you look at things differently. They probably also have the munchies.


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These Might Be The Best Fortune Cookies Ever (18 pics)

Fortune cookies can be hit or miss sometimes. For every good fortune cookie you get, you end up with ten bad ones. These ones however are all good.


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Innocent Phrases That Have A Different Meaning When You’re Naked (24 pics)

Be careful what you say when you’re not wearing clothes.


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Ridiculous Amazon Reviews For A Sexy Women’s Costume (10 pics)

This sexy doctor costume for women is causing quite the commotion in the Amazon reviews section.


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Daughter Lets Dad Know Mom Is Having An Affair (3 pics)

This man’s daughter let it slip that mommy was having an affair. What happened next is just hilarious.


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21 Things You Need To Be Ready For When You Live With A Girl (21 pics)

Living with a girl is an adventure, so you need to be ready for it.


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Robert Downey Jr’s Trip To The DMV Is Now A Meme (11 pics)

Robert Downey Jr. recently took a trip to the DMV and he’s created the Internet’s newest meme. Is there anything this man can’t do?


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Moms Give Stock Photos A Serious Dose Of Reality (20 pics)

Stock photos are photos of real life that aren’t real at all. Some moms recently added some captions to stock photos in order to make them more realistic and they completely nailed it.


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When AT&T Interrupts Your Dinner You Troll Them Hard (8 pics)

A telemarketer from AT&T interrupted this poor man’s dinner so he turned the tables and made them the victims in a hilarious fashion.


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The Most Dad Things In The History Of Dads (10 pics)

Mallory Ortberg recently asked her Twitter followers about the most dad like thing their dad had ever done. The responses are simply amazing.


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21 One Line Jokes You Need To Memorize (5 pics)

You never know when you’re going to need a good one liner.


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Bad Translations Of American TV Show Names (12 pics)

Sometimes the names of your favorite TV shows get lost in translation. Luckily James Chapman is having a field day with the bad translations by adding illustrations to them to really drive the point home.


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Using Someone Else’s Grandma To Troll (10 pics)

This guy has a secret weapon, it’s a grandma.


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Snapchat Users Who Post the Funniest Things (20 pics)


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Men and Women Really Couldn’t be More Different (7 pics)


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