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10 Big Differences Between How Mothers And Fathers Take Care Of Kids (10 pics)

Who do you think does it better, mothers or fathers?


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Universal Studios Has Recreated The Simpsons’ Hometown Of Springfield (20 pics)

Springfield is one of the most iconic towns in the history of television as it’s been home to “The Simpsons” for many years now. On Wednesday Universal Studios Hollywood will open a new attraction that brings Springfield to the real world so that people can finally see what it’s like to live in this fictional town.


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Shaq Took A Dive On ESPN And Now He’s The Internet’s Favorite Meme (13 pics)

Shaq is a big man and he recently took a big dive on the set of “Inside The NBA.” Now the Internet is having a field day with Shaq’s unfortunate fall.


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Profound Philosophical Thoughts You Can Read On Public Toilets (17 pics)

There’s just something about the toilet that fills humans with so much wisdom.


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Terrifying Tales From The Friend Zone (17 pics)

Very rarely do people ever escape the Friend Zone. It’s a terrifying place you never want to go.


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This Is Why People Love Family Feud (6 pics)

You just never know what people are going to say when you watch “Family Feud.”

Something You Pull Out: Steve Harvey’s face says it all.


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Perfect Superherhero Pickup Lines (17 pics)

If superheroes used pickup lines, this is what they would sound like.


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People Who Totally Know How To Kill The Mood When Sexting (23 pics)

Sometimes you can send someone a sext and they’re into it. Then other times it turns awkward, very awkward.


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This Guy’s Kate Upton Parody Picture On Tinder Is Working Wonders (9 pics)

This guy knew he had to do something fun and original to get matches on Tinder so he decided to pose like Kate Upton in the snow. His parody picture is really working out for him because now he’s getting an insane amount of Tinder matches. You’re going to kick yourself for not thinking of this one first.


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This Is Why You Should Always Log Out of Your Facebook Account (29 pics)

It’s safe to say that if you forget to log out of your Facebook account, someone out there is going to mess with you.


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This Is What Superheroes Would Do If They Worked For A Living (16 pics)

Have you ever wondered what superheroes would do for work if they weren’t out saving the world all the time? It turns out many of them are actually a perfect fit for normal jobs. Find out what your favorite superheroes would be doing if they ended up in different careers.


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This Tinder Conversation Ends With An Insane Plot Twist (22 pics)

After you get to the end you will never trust Tinder again.


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Awful Spelling Errors That Made People Look Like Idiots (24 pics)

Who is this Barracco Barner character you speak of?


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This Is A Weird Prank To Pull (2 pics)

Why would you want to put loaves of bread in the toilet?


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Ikea Has The Best Responses To Customer Questions On Facebook (13 pics)

Ikea Singapore recently introduced their Facebook fans to the ‘Shelf Help Guru’ and he’s the master of awesome puns.


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