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Guy Has An Epic Response For His Cheating Ex (5 pics)

This might be the most well thought out and insulting response ever.


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This Man Is A Master Troll And He Totally Owned His Girlfriend (4 pics)

It can’t feel good to get burned like that.


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Clever Way To Leave Tips… (4 pics)

if you are poor or greedy.


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Husband Live Tweets Trip To Victoria’s Secret With His Wife (11 pics)

Every guy out there has been on an awkward trip with a woman to Victoria’s Secret at some point. This guy managed to describe exactly what it feels like through a series of tweets.


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These Hangover Horror Stories Will Make You Want To Stay Away From Alcohol (16 pics)

There’s just no easy way to deal with a hangover.


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This Man Is Introducing The World To Igor His Ridiculous Brother In Law (11 pics)

This man shared a few posts about his brother in law Igor on Reddit and now Igor has his very own fan following. It’s not hard to see why. He’s one of a kind.


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The Funniest Things People Have Ever Written On Wikipedia (34 pics)

Wikipedia might not be the most reliable source of information, but it’s definitely good for a few laughs.


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Jokes That Are So Bad They’re Good (21 pics)

Sometimes bad jokes are the best jokes.


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These TV Shows Turn Into Something Very Different When You Change One Letter (25 pics)

The Internet recently discovered that your favorite TV shows turn into something else entirely when you change only one letter of their names and they everyone a field day.


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A Bag Of Air From Kanye West’s Yeezus Tour Sold For Big Money (5 pics)

We all know Kanye West is popular, but this is a little extreme.


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This Is Why It’s A Bad Idea To Blindfold Your Girlfriend (3 pics)

Well, it’s safe to say that this didn’t go as planned.


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These People Are Just Too Good At Snapchat (14 pics)

These people are like the world champions of Snapchat.


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How To Troll Wine Drinkers At The Local Store (8 pics)

This guy took trolling to a whole new level and when wine drinkers come across his cards they’re sure to either find it really funny or really offensive. Either way it’s awesome.


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These Snapchats Only Speak The Truth (13 pics)


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This Wrong Number Text Got Out Of Control (5 pics)

This is what happens when an angry woman wrongfully texts an innocent man.


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