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Stupid Questions Asked By Very Stupid People (16 pics)

They say that there are no stupid questions, only stupid people. But these are clearly stupid questions that were thought up by stupid people.


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Creepy Guy On The Bus Reading Someone Else’s Texts Gets Trolled Big Time (5 pics)

We’ve all been there before. You’re trying to have a private conversation in public but some nosy person keeps looking over your shoulder trying to read your texts. If you want to get rid of them quickly, this is how you do it.


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Zoo Staff Are Re-Creating “Jurassic World” With Their Animals (19 pics)


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When Game Of Thrones Goes To War With Autocorrect (10 pics)

When it comes to texting about “Game of Thrones” it’s clear that autocorrect is the one true king.


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Funny Guy On Twitter (22 pics)


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Mainstream Movies and TV Shows Get a Porn Film Makeover (24 pics)


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Meet The Wild And Rowdy Class Of 1911 (9 pics)

Spokane High’s Class of 1911 had some pretty impressive hobbies and some wild dreams. One man says he liked to climb greased poles for fun and a woman let the school know it was her goal to marry a dwarf. Just keep in mind, some of these people could be your great grandparents.


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This Guy Fell Asleep At Work So His Colleagues Turned Him Into A Meme (20 pics)

When this guy woke up from his nap, he found out that he didn’t just nap on the couch, he napped in many different places all around the world thanks to his co-workers and a little help from photoshop.


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Times When People Blindly Missed All the Sex Signs (22 pics)


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This Guy’s Ex Fiance Is A Total Psycho (7 pics)

This cheating ex-fiance was trying to get her man back but she ended up reaching a whole new level of crazy while she was doing it.


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More Facebook Wins And Fails To Give You A Good Laugh (18 pics)

People on Facebook are hilarious even when they don’t know it. Watch what you post on Facebook or you could become just another Facebook fail.


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Photos That Sum Up What It’s Like Trying To Get Through The Week (7 pics)

Everybody’s working for the weekend.


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Funny And Random Shower Thoughts That Make Perfect Sense (14 pics)

These shower thoughts might seem silly at first, but when you take a second to think about them, they actually make a lot of sense.


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Man Tries To Prove He’s Not Insane By Texting With His Cat (4 pics)

A recent study has found that the parasite Toxoplasma gondii, could be infecting 60 million Americans. The parasite is transmitted to humans from cats and has been known to cause mental illness and schizophrenia. To prove he isn’t insane, this man started texting his cat Poncho.


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Sometimes The Internet Makes Some Excellent Points About Movies (15 pics)

Sometimes the Internet just sees movies in a way that we were never able to see them before.


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