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This Is The Most Epic Sexting Prank Of All Time (9 pics)

This poor guy Dre thought he was sexting with a girl. He was hoping to get some provocative pictures but instead he got trolled big time.


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This Chinese Mother Went Psycho And Tried To Eat Her Baby (4 pics)

Apparently this woman doesn’t understand that just because there is such a thing called baby food, that doesn’t mean that babies themselves are food.


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This Is How You Know You Have Good Friends In Your Life (24 pics)

If your conversations with your friends look anything like this, you’ve got some good friends.


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This Is What Happens When A US Naval Ship Bumps Into Canadian Authorities (4 pics)

Hey, what’s that aboot?


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Europeans Trying To Name The 50 States Is Just Hilarious (15 pics)

Americans are often criticized for not knowing their geography when it comes to European countries. If these maps are any indication, Europeans could definitely use a geography lesson themselves.


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Sarcastic Amazon Reviews For The Most Expensive TV Ever (12 pics)

For $120,000 you could buy a house somewhere, or you could buy this Samsung TV. The choice is yours.


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Thanksgiving On Pinterest And In Real Life (12 pics)

Thanksgiving is just never as good in real life as it is on Pinterest.


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This Is Why Lawyers And Engineers Shouldn’t Compete (3 pics)

This obviously isn’t a fair fight.


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Christians Make The Most Awkward Books About Sex (3 pics)


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The Funniest ‘Now Hiring’ Signs You’re Ever Going To See (14 pics)

These people want you to apply for a job at their place of business. But before you do that, they want you to laugh.


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Sometimes Google Just Totally Nails It (20 pics)

Sometimes Google just nails it and gets it right first try. These are those times.


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The Differences Between Men And Women Explained (6 pics)

Men and women might as well be from different planets.


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A Great Use For IKEA Doll Beds (15 pics)

Some clever Japanese cat owners have hacked their IKEA doll beds. The dolls have been kicked out and the cats have taken over.


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The Most Hilarious Moments To Ever Happen On Instagram (13 pics)

When it comes to Instagram, it just doesn’t get any better than this.


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This Girl Has A Really Creepy Obsession With One Direction (4 pics)

We understand that some people become obsessed with celebrities but this girl is taking it to a whole new level.


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