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People In Boston Will Do Anything To Keep Their Parking Spots (17 pics)

The east coast of the United States has been buried by snow and it’s became almost impossible to find a parking spot in Boston. With all the snow creating fewer parking spots, Bostonians are doing battle with each other trying to find good parking. If you live in Boston and steal someone’s parking spot, you better be ready to suffer the consequences.


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The Most Ridiculous And Over The Top Baby Names Of 2014 (27 pics)

If you named your child any one of these names, you owe them a pretty serious apology.


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Proof That The Brazzers Logo Can Make Anything Look Dirty (28 pics)

Most of these scenes are harmless and innocent but they turn into something else entirely with the simple addition of the Brazzers logo.


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This Is Husband Logic At Its Finest (14 pics)

Ladies if you want something done right, definitely don’t ask your husband to do it.


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Shoppers Who Have No Idea How To Use Shopping Baskets (5 pics)

Reddit user gatorb888 recently posted a photo of a woman dragging her Target basket along with the rack on the site when people started to notice a scary trend. It’s not just her, a lot of people are doing it.


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These Hilarious Office Notes Make Work Worth Going To (27 pics)

Let’s face it, work isn’t always fun and it’s not supposed to be. But you can still have a good time around the office by putting up some passive aggressive notes that are sure to get a good laugh.


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The Reason Why This Man Lost His Last Name Will Crack You Up (4 pics)

It’s Fred, just Fred.


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What The World Looks Like Through The Eyes Of A Dog (7 pics)

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a dog? These pictures sum it up perfectly.


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David Spade Tells The World Why He Doesn’t Like Kanye West (9 pics)

People usually have mixed opinions when it comes to Kanye West. Either they love him or they hate him. David Spade was on the fence but apparently Kanye’s recent actions pushed him over the edge.


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Do You Have One Of These Non Sexual Fetishes? (32 pics)

If you have one of these fetishes, don’t worry, you’re not weird. Not all fetishes are sexual and it’s totally ok to love something and as you’ll see below, there’s probably even a word for whatever it is you love.


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These Comedians Have The Best And Most Honest Relationship Advice (9 pics)

If you want to keep your relationship healthy, it’s time to start taking what these comedians say seriously.


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Wrong Number Text Turns Into A Wonderful Conversation (5 pics)

Sometimes you just need advice from a stranger.


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Kid Says He’s Too Smart For The First Grade, The Principal’s Response Is Priceless (3 pics)

It looks like this kid is definitely a future world leader.


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An Honest Guide To What Men Know About Women (4 pics)

There’s just so much truth on these pages.


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Woman Gets Lonely In A Hotel Room, What Happened Next Is Hilarious (3 pics)


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