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The Difference Between Remembering Star Wars And Rewatching It (7 pics)

Sometimes it’s best to just leave your favorite films in the past so that you keep your cherished memories in tact.


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25 Bizarre But True Tabloid Magazine Headlines (25 pics)

The Tumblr blog Really Real Life has been sharing some really ridiculous tabloid headlines with the rest of the Internet. The headlines are beyond strange they only become even more bizarre when you realize that they’re all true.


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Guy Creates Best Dating Profile Ever With Help From Google Autocomplete (2 pics)

When Twitter user @TechnicallyRon decided to make a new dating profile, he allowed Google autocomplete to fill in the answers for him and the results were hilarious. He’ll definitely be scoring some dates with this profile.


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Memes That Were Made To Tickle Your Funny Bone (28 pics)

Don’t be afraid, it’s just a little tickle.


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Important Things You Need To Know About Deadpool Before You See His Movie (16 pics)

It’s been a long wait, but the “Deadpool” movie finally hits theaters next month. If you’re not familiar with the character you will be by the end of this post. Here’s some fun information about Deadpool that will help make your viewing experience a little bit better when you go see his movie on the big screen.


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How To Trick Someone Into Thinking They’re Eating A Delicious Meal (9 pics)

If you really want to go out of your way and prank someone that’s hungry, this is the way to do it.


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Son Tricks His Mom Into Thinking He’s Flying To New York City (3 pics)

This poor mom nearly had a heart attack when she read these text messages from her son.


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How To Make Your Wife Happy When She Says She Wants A BMW (3 pics)

This guy’s wife told him she wanted a BMW but what he gave her instead is way cooler.


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Owners Shaming Their Pets Is The Most Hilarious Punishment (20 pics)

If only these pets could read they would be laughing too.


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When People Call 911 For All The Wrong Reasons (19 pics)

This is definitely not how 911 works.


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Twitter Is Being Taken Over By This Dirty Old Man (14 pics)

This old grandpa knows how to turn things up on Twitter.


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Meet The Cat That Takes Better Selfies Than Most People (8 pics)

Manny the cat has become an Instagram celebrity thanks to his awesome selfie taking skills. Manny figured out how to use a GoPro camera after playing with it for so long and now he’s perfected the art of taking a selfie. You might notice that he has quite the posse in some of the pictures and that’s because his owner @yoremahm says that he’s the “boss of the dogs.”


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Guy Gets The Ultimate Revenge After Ex Girlfriend Steals His Phone (11 pics)

This girl got exactly what was coming to her. She tried to steal his phone and ended up with a coaster.


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Funny Couples That Took Their Wedding Photos To The Next Level (20 pics)

Wedding photos are usually fun but they can be kind of boring sometimes. These couples decided to break up the monotony by adding some humor to their pictures and it worked like a charm.


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Crazy Laws You Won’t Believe Still Exist In The United States (20 pics)

You better be careful next time you’re in Alabama and suddenly get the urge to wrestle a bear.


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