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Find Out Why These Creepy Sculptures Have Appeared On A Beach In Alaska (4 pics)

On Point Woronzof, near Anchorage created by artist Sarah Davies. The sculptures are supposed to represent her battle with mental illness and help raise awareness so that others can get the help they need.


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Man Builds A Sculpture And Leaves It In The Ocean To Get Covered By Corals (5 pics)

This man works as a Reef Conservation Instructor and Sculptor in Thailand and he recently spent 4 months building a new sculpture. After it was completed he placed it 5 meters deep in the ocean with the hopes that colorful corals will eventually cover it and turn it into something beautiful.


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This Giant Cocaine Snorting Oscar Statue Has Taken Over Hollywood Boulevard (7 pics)

There’s probably not enough cocaine in Hollywood for this statue to get its fix. Street artist Plastic Jesus is trying to raise awareness about drug abuse in Hollywood and he’s certainly got everyone’s attention thanks to this giant cocaine sniffing Oscar statue. He placed the statue on Hollywood Boulevard at La Brea Avenue on Thursday morning which is where the street will be closed off for the big awards show. In recent years Plastic Jesus has pulled similar stunts even going so far as to showcase an Oscar statue with a heroin needle in its arm.


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This Sculptor Adds Fingers And Mouths To Ceramics (18 pics)

Ronit Baranga is a sculptor and his latest work is unique to say the least. He’s been adding fingers and mouths to ceramic pieces making them seemingly come to life. You can decide if it’s cool or creepy.


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How to Make a Mermaid Sculpture (10 pics)

The creation of a mermaid sculpture.

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Nelson Mandela Sculpture (5 pics)

It’s a stunning monument of Nelson Mandela with an interesting symbolic meaning. The statue was created by a South African artist Marco Cianfanelli to recognize a 50-year anniversary of the imprisonment of Mandela and put at exact spot where Nelson Mandela was arrested. This prominent peace activist was captured by the apartheid policy in 1962 and spent 27 years in prison. The monument is constructed out of 50 separate steel bars to represent 50 years since the capture.

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Gollum Statue (7 pics)

New Zealand airport gets giant 43 ft (13m) tall fishing Gollum statue

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Giant Bronze Statue of a Pregnant Woman (12 pics)

Damien Hirst’s 66 ft (30 m) bronze statue of a pregnant woman was placed in North Devon, UK.

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Walk – A – Coaster (12 pics)

Designed by Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth. Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain is the first ever walkable rollercoaster located in Duisburg, Germany.

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WTF Sculpture (4 pics)

Located in front of the office in Sazka, Czech Republic. As you can see in these photos, the man is holding a betting leaflets and a bundled money lying on the bench next to him while a women is begging not to do betting.

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Awesome Pumpkin-Carved Portraits by Alex Wer (8 pics)

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Amazing Pumpkin Sculpture Carving (8 pics)

Located at New York Botanical Garden. This amazing pumpkin carving is created by Ray Villafane.

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Amazing Sculptures by Adam Beane (54 pics)

What a skillful artist. Great sculptures!

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Venus de Milo Statue Made of Excrements (3 pics)

Zhu Cheng, one of China’s most famous and talented sculptors, has helped nine of his art students to create a replica of Venus de Milo out of excrements.

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The Bizarre Human Ashes Sculptures of Wieki Somers (5 pics)

Dutch artist Wieki Somers pushes the boundaries of recycling in her project “Consume or Conserve”, which plays with the idea of turning our loved ones’ ashes into everyday household items.


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