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Hilarious Babysitter Photoshops (5 pics)

When you’re getting chased by a T-Rex while babysitting you really have to wonder if it’s worth the money.


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Strangers Were Asked to Photoshop a Photo of a 6-Week-Old Child (17 pics)

This one is tragic and touching. Nathan Steffel from Ohio asked strangers on Reddit to photoshop a photo of his 6-week-old daughter after she passed away. He wanted her medical tubing to be removed.


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If Video Game Titles Were Completely Honest (18 pics)

All too often video games are not what they’re advertised to be.


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When Yearbook Photos Turn Into Movie Posters (22 pics)

The students at Shandong University did something everyone has wanted to do for their yearbook. They made their photos epic.


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Sad Batman Is Pretty Much The Greatest Thing Ever (28 pics)

It didn’t take long for Ben Affleck’s Batman to become an internet sensation. He’s been dubbed Sad Batman and Sad Batman has been photoshopped into every hilarious scenario you could ever hope to see him in.


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Photoshop Helps Create Some Magical Moments (19 pics)

The power of photoshop is pretty incredible. You can take a regular picture and make it into something that it was never supposed to be. See how these people have abused the power of photoshop.


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A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Not So Far Away (24 pics)

What if Star Wars happened in our world.


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North Korean Officials Get Photoshop Totally Wrong (10 pics)

A photo from the Nov. 18 issue of North Korea’s labor magazine forgot to give these soldiers shadows. It wasn’t the first time Photoshop failed the officials of Pyongyang


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Collection of Celebrity Animorphs (14 pics)

The best of Celebrity Animorph memes.


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Displeased Bill Clinton Meme (31 pics)

Photoshopped pictures of displeased Bill Clinton.


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Unnecessary Sports Censorship (20 pics)


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Replace it with Squirrel (24 pics)

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Famous Film Characters Get a “Manga” Makeover (16 pics)

This is what movie characters would look like if they were drawn in this Japanese style of illustration.

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Offensive Comic Book Covers (15 pics)

Vintage comic book covers that look offensive nowadays.

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Girl Gets Owned by Photoshop Trolls (37 pics)

All this girl really wanted was the background of the photo to be changed…

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