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Popular Album Covers Made Instantly Terrifying By The Addition Of Furbies (14 pics)

The tumblr blog Furby Living has released a new series of photos which places Furbies on classic album covers. The results are disturbing to say the least.


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The Internet Is Photoshopping Ronda Rousey After Her Loss To Holly Holm (18 pics)

Ronda Rousey got knocked out by Holly Holm on Saturday night and even though she may no longer be a UFC Champion, she’s still an Internet sensation.


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The Internet Is Having Way Too Much Fun Photoshopping Bill Nye (14 pics)

Bill Nye recently took a bad ass looking photo while filming a new series for National Geographic called Explorer: Bill Nye’s Global Meltdown. Once the photo hit the web the Internet had a field day and immediately started photoshopping Bill Nye into some of the coolest posters ever.


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Photographer Uses Childhood Celebrity Photos To Make New Movie Posters (13 pics)

Photographer Leo Lardy came up with a great idea when he decided to use childhood photos of celebrities to recreate their famous movie posters. It’s a whole new look at some of Hollywood’s most famous movie posters and album covers.


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What World Leaders Would Look Like If They Started Wearing Man Buns (7 pics)

The talented people at DesignCrowd decided to see what the world would look like if some of our most powerful leaders decided to become hip and get man buns. The results are pretty hilarious.

George W. Bush


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Kate Upton Doing Squats Gets The Photoshop Battle Treatment (18 pics)

Someone snapped a picture of Kate Upton doing some squats under the supervision of her trainer and once the picture hit the Internet, all hell broke loose.


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When You Delete Men From The Photos This Is What Politics Looks Like (18 pics)

This photos are undeniable proof that as of right now, politics is a man’s world.


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Donald Trump In Famous Horror Movie Scenes Is The Scariest Thing Ever (12 pics)

The people at Designcrowd decided to photoshop Donald Trump into famous horror movie moments. The results are more terrifying than anything you could ever imagine.


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Unhappy Girl Holds An Owl, The Internet Reacts Accordingly (17 pics)

It’s hard not to notice just how unhappy this little girl looks as she holds a friendly owl. The original photo appeared on Reddit last month and now the Internet is doing what it does best and making it go viral.


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Kim Jong-Un And Photoshop Just Go So Well Together (17 pics)

People might argue with how Kim Jong-Un runs his country, but no one is ever going to argue with the fact that he’s appeared in some pretty awesome photoshop.


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Couple Kissing On The Beach Asks The Internet For Photoshop Help (18 pics)

A woman posted this photo online and asked the Internet to use photoshop and remove the boy playing with a ball in the background. This is what she got in response.


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John Kerry And His Crutch Gun Got The Photoshop Treatment They Deserve (22 pics)

John Kerry and his crutch gun are the latest image to be given the photoshop battle treatment on Reddit. The results from the battle are something truly special. Check them out below.


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These Girls Asked For Photoshop Help And The Internet Had A Field Day (27 pics)

These girls asked the Internet to photoshop their picture and make it so that they were looking at a beach instead of a field. As you can see the Internet was more than happy to help.


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Guy Gets Hilarious Response After Asking The Internet For Some Photoshop Help (14 pics)

This guy thought it was a good idea to ask the Internet to photoshop this picture of his girlfriend holding a fish. He wanted to see her holding a bigger fish but he got so much more than he asked for.


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Baby Weasel Hitches A Ride On A Woodpecker’s Back (17 pics)

Martin Le-May is a hobby photographer from East London and he happened to be in the right place at the right time when he snapped this photo. Martin came across a woodpecker fighting with a baby weasel. The weasel grabbed onto the woodpecker before it took flight and both creatures flew right past Le-May.


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