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Very Interesting Photos (15 pics)


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Friday the 13th Engagement Shoot (15 pics)


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9 Months of Pregnancy in One Series of Puictures (10 pics)

Proyecto Pyokko is a set of ten selfies made by an Argentinian photographer when she was pregnant.

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Great White Shark Silhouette (7 pics)

Great white shark silhouette by an Irish photographer David Jenkins.

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The Remarkable Stories Behind a Few Interesting Photographs (29 pics)

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Abandoned House in the Woods Taken Over by Wild Animals (20 pics)

Finnish photographer Kai Fagerström presents unique photo series, where he captures wild animals making themselves comfortable in abandoned houses in the woods of Finland.

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Guns Replaced with Nintendo Zappers (29 pics)

Guns from the movies and tv series replaced with the iconic orange Nintendo Zapper.

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Don’t Believe Your Eyes (2 pics)

Do you see two pictures stitched together? Don’t believe your eyes. It is one single image. Great eye manipulation art by photographer Bela Borsodi. The second photo will show you how it’s done.

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6 Year Old Debuts Photography Skills in a Stylish Photoshoot (12 pics)

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Zombie Wedding (18 pics)

Zombie weddings are a popular trend lately. Here are photos by Adolfo Lopez from Bea and Alex’s wedding shoot.

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Momentous Moments from the Past (36 pics)

Important stories and photos from history.

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A Legendary and Awesome Photobombing Dog (6 pics)

A Chicago family listed their apartment on Craigslist and used their dog to make the photos more appealing to interested viewers.

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A Look Inside the World of Train Travellers (19 pics)

This project entitled, “A Period of Juvenile Prosperity” by Mike Brodie, takes a look inside the world of train travellers.

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Sad Then and Now Photos (7 pics)

It’s the saddest then and now post ever.

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Inside the Most Expensive Private Jets (14 pics)

For over 30 years, Nick Gleis has shot private jets of presidents, dictators, queens and kings, billionaires. Here are some of the most beautiful and expensive private jets.

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