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Japan Takes Halloween To A Whole New Level With A Parade (16 pics)

Almost four thousand people attended the parade in honor of Halloween in Kawasaki. With the parade Japan proved that they really know how to take Halloween and make it terrifying.


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Sexy Gandalf Is One Of This Year’s Hottest Costumes (4 pics)

Tjitske Van Vark from Melbourne, Australia decided to dress up as “Sexy Gandalf” for her school’s “Muck Up Day.” Now everyone is freaking out over her awesome costume and it’s become a huge hit on the Internet.


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Abs And Boobs For Cosplay (8 pics)

This is how it’s done.


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DIY Batman Armor (9 pics)

French cosplayer, NightCold Créations, has created an incredible batman armor from Batman Beyond.


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Spider-Man Reacts To Drunk Uncle Ben (9 pics)

This guy decided to go to Comic Con as “Drunk Uncle Ben” this year. His goal was to pass out and die in front of Spider-Man as many times as possible. He had a good time with it but the same can’t be said about Spider-Man.


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This Artorias Cosplay Is Extreme (11 pics)

This guy is a big “Dark Souls” fan and he put together his own version of Artorias’ armor. It’s safe the say that he totally nailed it.


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The Most Creative Costumes From London Comic Con 2015 (13 pics)

The ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centre recently hosted the 2015 MCM London Comic Con Cosplay Masquerade and the costumes were very impressive. These people proved that dressing up isn’t just for kids because adults are actually way better at it.


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This Hottie Nailed It With Her Supergirl Cosplay (5 pics)

It’s safe to say that Supergirl has never looked so sexy.


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This Mad Moxxi Cosplay Is Beyond Hot (5 pics)

Many people have tried to pull off the Mad Moxxi cosplay but no one does it quite like Mono Abel does in this shoot.


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How To Make Your Own Knight Costume (12 pics)

There’s never a bad reason to wear a knight costume but you might want to think about making your own if you’re going to wear one. If you’re going to put a knight costume together, these are the steps you need to take.


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This Girl Rocks A Transgender Halloween Costume (10 pics)

This girl decided she was going to be “the douchebag you see at the gym” for Halloween and she totally nailed it.


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MechWarrior Halloween Costume (11 pics)

MechWarrior Halloween costume for a baby and his dad.


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Amazing Homemade Army Men Costumes (7 pics)

Redditor BritishGreenRacing and his girlfriend went as plastic army soldiers for Halloween last year. If you didn’t know any better you might think that these were just life sized replicas of actual army men. They went on to win ‘best costume’ at the Halloween party they attended and it’s not hard to see why.


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The Best Dr. Octopus Cosplay Ever (4 pics)

This kid’s dad helped him make this Dr. Octopus costume for DragonCon and it’s amazing. As small as this kid is, his costume probably looked better than most of the adult costumes at the convention.


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Very Hot Darth Vader Cosplay Costume (9 pics)

This is the sexiest Darth Vader I have ever seen.


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