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Comics That Sum Up The Experience Of Being A Girl (23 pics)

Artist Augustina Guerrero recently tried to capture the experience of being a woman with these illustrations and she totally nailed it.


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Depressing Comics That Will Make You Want To Curl Up And Cry (14 pics)

These comics won’t make you laugh but they will make you shed a tear, or many, many tears.


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Comic Artists Draw Characters With Their Eyes Closed (10 pics)

Back in 1947 LIFE magazine conducted an experiment. They invited 10 comic artists to try and draw the characters they drew the most with their eyes closed. See how close they came to getting it right.


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Jesus vs. God (7 pics)


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Why Anxiety & Depression Are So Difficult To Fight (16 pics)


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Reasons To Love Autumn (10 pics)

Catching up on all the reading


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Dumbledore Shows Off His Sassy Side In These Funny Harry Potter Comics (15 pics)

Harry Potter fans know Dumbledore as one of the greatest and most powerful wizards of all time. But one artist from Germany decided to put together some comics that show a very different side of Dumbledore.


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This Is What You Do When Your Parents Are Ghosts (3 pics)

Ever wondered what you would do if your parents turned into ghosts? This posts shows you how to deal.


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Funny Comics by Jeremy Kaye (30 pics)


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The Greatest Invention Ever (4 pics)

It could be useful.


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Married Kama Sutra (10 pics)

Married Kama Sutra is the strangest and funniest Kama Sutra you will ever see.


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Follow Rabbit’s Many Escapades (11 pics)



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The League of Extraordinarily Awful Teenagers (7 pics)

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Pixar Franchises in Infographics (10 pics)

Pixar in infographics.

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Modern Problems Even Superman Can’t Defeat (5 pics)

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