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If Game Of Thrones Characters Appeared In Disney Movies (10 pics)

Disney movies and “Game of Thrones” are two very different types of entertainment. But it’s kind of surprising how natural the characters from “Game of Thrones” look when you place them in scenes from Disney movies.


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Every Female Character In Disney Pixar Films Shares The Same Face (9 pics)

Someone recently noticed that the female characters in Disney Pixar films look quite similar. When you look close you notice that they definitely share a likeness, but do they really have the same face?


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Did Homer Simpson Discover The Higgs Boson? (4 pics)

Homer Simpson has a reputation for doing brilliant things on accident from time to time. It looks like Homer’s greatest accomplishment happened 14 years ago when he actually correctly predicted the mass of the Higgs Boson. Homer is officially an idiot savant.


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Disney Couples Get Kinky And Act Out Scenes From Fifty Shades of Grey (9 pics)

The phenomenon known as “Fifty Shades of Grey” made its way to theaters this weekend with a movie release. An anonymous DeviantArt illustrator got really creative and decided to mash up Disney characters scenes from the sexy novel and the results are surprisingly hot. These Disney characters are done being innocent. They want to get their freak on.


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The Truth About Your Favorite Disney Movies (12 pics)

It turns out that below the surface your favorite Disney movies aren’t as kid friendly as you might think.


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Cartoonists Honor The Victims Of The Charlie Hebdo Shooting (28 pics)

The recent tragedy that was the Charlie Hebdo shooting has sent shockwaves throughout the world. These cartoonists are doing everything they can to make the situation a little bit better.


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Disney Hid Mickey Mouse In Their Movies, Can You Find Him? (14 pics)

Disney recently revealed that they’ve hidden Mickey Mouse throughout their animated movies. Do you know where to find him?


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Fun Facts You Probably Don’t Know About South Park (20 pics)

Did you know that the creators of South Park originally planned to kill of Kyle? That’s just one of the fun facts about ‘South Park’ that you’re about to learn.


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Classic Moments Featuring Linda From Bob’s Burgers (15 pics)

Bob’s Burgers is back for a 5th season so we figured it was time to revisit some of Linda Belcher’s finest moments. No one but her could get away with these things.


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Unraveling The Disney Timeline (5 pics)

Have you ever wondered what time period Disney movies take place in? All of your questions are about to be answered.


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Why South Park Is The Most Controversial Cartoon Ever (8 pics)

South Park has been on television for a long time now and it only seems to stir up more controversy the longer it goes on. When it comes to cartoon controversy, South Park is without a doubt the king.


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If Disney Movie Posters Were Honest (19 pics)

Sure the stories are cute and all, but if they were honest their titles would look more like this.


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The Simpsons Predicted The Future So Many Times (10 pics)

The creators of The Simpsons may very well be psychic because they’ve become pros at predicting the future.


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If Game Of Thrones And Family Guy Did A Crossover (12 pics)

Don’t you think these two shows would go great together?

Peter Griffin as Eddard Stark


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Anime Mascots For Your Favorite World Cup Teams (32 pics)

The World Cup is so popular someone even made it into an anime.


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