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Inappropriate Captions That Will Change The Way You See Disney Movies (30 pics)

You better be prepared because after you read these captions and see these images, you’ll never look at Disney movies the same way again.


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Famous Pop Culture Characters Get The Simpsons Treatment (24 pics)

Adrien “ADN” Noterdaem is an artist based out of Brussels who loves to “Simpsonize” popular characters. As you can see he’s got quite the imagination and he’s really, really good at what he does.


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Matt Christensen Turns Disney Princesses Into Zombies (8 pics)

Action figure creator Matt Christensen wanted to give the Disney Princesses a new look. He searched through various thrift stores, rounded up the best figures he could find and turned them into zombies.


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What Disney Movies Would Be Like If They Had Cops (6 pics)

The storylines would be altered drastically if law enforcement was introduced into the world of Disney movies.


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See The Real Life Model That Inspired Alice In Wonderland (11 pics)

Kathryn Beaumont might not be a household name like Alice in Wonderland, but the character owes a lot to her. She voice the character of Alice in the film and also modeled for Disney’s animators giving them the inspiration to create the now iconic look we’ve come to know and love. In 1998 Kathryn was recognized as a “Disney Legend” and rightfully so.


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Comic Artists Draw Characters With Their Eyes Closed (10 pics)

Back in 1947 LIFE magazine conducted an experiment. They invited 10 comic artists to try and draw the characters they drew the most with their eyes closed. See how close they came to getting it right.


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This Is How Much It Would Actually Cost To Live In Springfield (12 pics)

Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to live in the Simpson’s hometown of Springfield? Well, you’re about to find out.


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If Cartoon Characters Got Old (10 pics)


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Hidden Gems in Disney Films (27 pics)


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This Is What Disney Princes Would Look If They Were Real (8 pics)

Jirka Väätäinen is a Finnish artist from Melbourne and he recently reimagined some of Disney’s most famous princes. He took these iconic characters and made them look like real people.

Prince Eric, The Little Mermaid


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Artist Imagines What Disney Animals Would Look Like If They Were Humans (16 pics)

Pugletto is an artist from Wisconsin that’s getting a lot of attention thanks to her recent project. She recreated many iconic Disney animals but this time around she made them humans. She recently explained to Cosmopolitan that she used the ethnic backgrounds of the characters as inspiration for their looks.



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Mad Max And Adventure Time Come Together In This Awesome Mashup (6 pics)

Illustrator Ryan May, of City of Pyramids, took the characters of “Adventure Time” and put them in the world of “Mad Max.” It turns out this crossover worked perfectly. Now if we could only get a movie based on these illustrations.


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Tumblr User Gives Pixar Characters Normal Faces (13 pics)

Tumblr user The Nameless Doll has been editing pictures of popular Pixar characters by making their faces more realistic. Pixar characters are known for having a very cartoon like look but it turns out they look pretty awesome with normal faces.


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Artist Paints The Women From Game Of Thrones As Pin Up Girls (15 pics)

Moscow illustrator Andrew Tarusov has created a new series of paintings which features the women from “Game of Thrones” as pin up girls. It’s no real surprise that even as paintings they all look gorgeous.


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5 Things Disney Movies Taught Us About Sex (5 pics)

Who needs sex ed when you learn everything you need to know from Disney movies?


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