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Artist Burns Famous Movie Characters Onto Wood (14 pics)

Rick Merian is an artist that specializes in pyrography which is the art of wood burning. He’s got some pretty serious talent as he’s brought the image of many famous movie characters to life with his art style. His attention to detail is uncanny.


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Danny Quirk Reveals What’s Under Human Skin With Paint And Markers (13 pics)

Artist Danny Quirk has been getting a lot of attention recently for his anatomical illustrations. He uses acrylic paint and a special set of markers to draw on the human body and make it look as if the skin has been ripped away. It’s an interesting look at what goes on underneath the skin of a human.


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Artist Uses Fibonacci Ratios To Create Breathtaking Glass Sculptures (19 pics)

Fibonacci ratios are mathematical relationships expressed as ratios that are derived from the Fibonacci sequence. Artist Jack Storms has managed to use Fibonacci ratios and glass to create some incredible art.


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At This 3D Art Museum In Philippines You Become A Part Of The Art (17 pics)

At the Art In Island museum in Manila, Philippines you are just as much a part of the art as everything else around you. Visitors are encouraged to interact with the art around them and take pictures. It’s an interesting concept and definitely makes a trip to the museum a much more interactive experience.


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This Clock Is A Work Of Art (7 pics)

This piece of art is simply named The Clock. What you’re seeing is a blown up and more detailed version of what a microchip looks like inside of a wrist watch. This piece of art is complex and visually stunning but it’s also capable of telling time.


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Teacher Uses Amazing Chalkboard Artwork To Inspire His Students (7 pics)

Reddit user Nate100100 has been posting these incredible chalkboard drawings he draws for his students as a way to motivate them. He’s a middle school art teacher from Wyoming and he seems to be making a big difference in the lives of his students. When asked how he feels about the art being erased, Nate seemed okay with it saying “There is something kind of nice about knowing that it will be erased. I don’t fret over supplies, paper, whether or not I should keep it… Kids see it and then it disappears.”


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This Artist Created Something Incredible With 20,000 Teabags (9 pics)

Artist Red Hong Yi likes to make art out of unlikely materials. Her latest portrait is of a “teh tarik man,” or a tea seller. The catch this time around is that she made the portrait using 20,000 teabags.


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This 4 Sided Art Changes As You Move It (10 pics)

Jacek Yerka is a Polish artist who has a certain skill. He creates art that has four sides and changes as you move it so that it’s always a new picture.

Four Seasons


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How To Create A Painting From Start To Finish (18 pics)

Have you always wanted to become a painter? As you can see patience and practice are what it takes to become the best you can be.


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Artist Paints Portraits Of Famous World Leaders Going Number 2 (9 pics)

Italy-based artist Cristina Guggeri is out to remind the planet that world leaders are people too with her project Il Dovere Quotidiano, or “The Daily Duty.” She’s trying to humanize some of the most powerful people on the Earth and it looks like she definitely succeeded.


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Making Art With Her Double D’s (12 pics)

Keri Ayn Varszegi uses her 38DD breasts to paint. She puts the paint on her breasts and applies it to the canvas to come up with some interesting paintings.


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Zaria Forman Is Raising Awareness About Climate Change With Art (11 pics)

Zaria Forman is an artist and she’s very motivated when it comes to raising awareness about climate change. Her recent set of finger paintings are astonishing. If you didn’t know that they were paintings beforehand you would be forgiven for thinking that they’re real life photographs.


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Giving Your Car A New Paint Job With A Sharpie (14 pics)

If you’ve got a sharpie and some free time, why not give your car a new paint job.


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Floating Building Optical Illusion (6 pics)

Alex Chinneck is the master of illusion. This 40-foot art installation in London’s Covent Garden Market has many people confused. The building appears to be floating, but how is that possible?


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This Jurassic Park Inspired Wall Is A Masterpiece (25 pics)

It takes a lot of talent to look at a wall and see the potential for a masterpiece. That’s exactly what this graffiti artist did when he created this amazing Jurassic Park inspired work of art.


MadC Dino Wall. Photo: Marco Prosch
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