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These Giant 3D Gummy Bears Aren’t Quite What They Appear To Be (5 pics)

Dutch street painter Leon Keer has baffled pedestrians with his new art display he created for the Malta Street Art Festival. From above these drawings look like giant 3D gummy bears but when you get up close and personal with them, you see that they’re flat and harmless.


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Man Hires Workers In China To Paint A 900 Foot Cliff Green (4 pics)

A man in China named Yang Zhigang recently hired some workers to paint a 900 ft cliff green because he said the original white color was affecting his fung shui. It took over a week for the workers to paint the cliff and some local residents aren’t happy about the color change.


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Blule Turns Pop Culture Characters Into Amazing Art (17 pics)

Clementine is an illustrator who owns a brand called Blule based out of Sydney, Australia. She loves to take inspiration from famous pop culture characters and turn it into beautiful looking art. Check out some of her work below.


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Weird Modern Art That’s Worth A Small Fortune (15 pics)

These modern art pieces seem so weird and simple but you would need to spend millions of dollars to take one of them home.

Blood Red Mirror by Gerhard Richter – $1.1 Million


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Artist Uses Herself As A Canvas To Create Mesmerizing Body Paintings (13 pics)

Corie Willet is an artist with a unique set of skills. She creates art but uses herself as the canvas.


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Artist Turns Thousands Of Beer Bottle Caps Into Something Truly Amazing (13 pics)

Artist John T. Unger created something truly special for the 2015 Stagecoach Music Festival in California. Budweiser and Goldenvoice hired John to create an American flag made out of beer bottle caps and he more than delivered.


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Workers Used Pressure Washers To Create This Stunning Mural On A Polish Dam (6 pics)

The Polish Energy Group recently hired a team to create a mural that covers 4.9 thousand square meters of the Lake Solina Dam in Poland. The mural was created by the team as they used pressure washers to remove dirt from the side of the dam creating beautiful images in the process.


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This Person Turned Random Snapchat Photos Into Real Masterpieces (20 pics)

This artist has a very special gift. He’s able to turn random Snapchat photos into works of art. Some of these are so good that you won’t believe your eyes when you see them.


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Mad Max And Adventure Time Come Together In This Awesome Mashup (6 pics)

Illustrator Ryan May, of City of Pyramids, took the characters of “Adventure Time” and put them in the world of “Mad Max.” It turns out this crossover worked perfectly. Now if we could only get a movie based on these illustrations.


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Designer Creates Half White, Half Griffiti Filled Hotel Room (6 pics)

Ukrainian artist Pavel Vetrov has created a hotel room unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Two completely different worlds collide in this room as one side is white, while the other side is covered in graffiti.


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Illustrations That Bring One Of A Kind Words To Life (10 pics)

NeonMob is a series created by artist Marija Tiurina. She’s been using illustrations to show the English meaning behind words of a different language and her work really gives you a sense of what they mean regardless of what language you speak.


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Proof That Art Definitely Isn’t For Everyone (20 pics)

When it comes to creativity and art you’ve have to let it flow. You can’t just try and force it.


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Man Turns Trash Into Treasure With This Pallet Desk (14 pics)

DIY projects are usually quite impressive and this one is no exception. This man took some old pallets and turned them into something he can keep around forever.


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Man Takes Trash From The Shores Of Mexico And Turns It Into Art (10 pics)

Alejandro Duran is an artist from Brooklyn that has been creating art using trash that washes up along Mexico’s Carribean coastline. He says the project is meant to show the tension between the natural world and increasingly overdeveloped world.


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She Created Something Really Cool Out Of An Old Grocery Bag (10 pics)

Ananda at A Piece Of Rainbow is known for coming up with awesome DIY creations. Her most recent project saw her take an old grocery bag and turn it into a lampshade. She took some old trash and made it into a cool looking new treasure. diygrocerybag1 Read more…