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These Stock Images Get A Healthy Dose Of Reality (18 pics)

This man spent years as an art director going through hundreds and hundreds of stock photos and then one day he decided to photo shop himself into these stock photos. As you can see the results were a shockingly hilarious dose of reality.


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How To Create A Painting From Start To Finish (18 pics)

Have you always wanted to become a painter? As you can see patience and practice are what it takes to become the best you can be.


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Artist Paints Portraits Of Famous World Leaders Going Number 2 (9 pics)

Italy-based artist Cristina Guggeri is out to remind the planet that world leaders are people too with her project Il Dovere Quotidiano, or “The Daily Duty.” She’s trying to humanize some of the most powerful people on the Earth and it looks like she definitely succeeded.


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Cartoonists Honor The Victims Of The Charlie Hebdo Shooting (28 pics)

The recent tragedy that was the Charlie Hebdo shooting has sent shockwaves throughout the world. These cartoonists are doing everything they can to make the situation a little bit better.


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This Mad Moxxi Cosplay Is Beyond Hot (5 pics)

Many people have tried to pull off the Mad Moxxi cosplay but no one does it quite like Mono Abel does in this shoot.


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Disney Hid Mickey Mouse In Their Movies, Can You Find Him? (14 pics)

Disney recently revealed that they’ve hidden Mickey Mouse throughout their animated movies. Do you know where to find him?


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Making Art With Her Double D’s (12 pics)

Keri Ayn Varszegi uses her 38DD breasts to paint. She puts the paint on her breasts and applies it to the canvas to come up with some interesting paintings.


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Zaria Forman Is Raising Awareness About Climate Change With Art (11 pics)

Zaria Forman is an artist and she’s very motivated when it comes to raising awareness about climate change. Her recent set of finger paintings are astonishing. If you didn’t know that they were paintings beforehand you would be forgiven for thinking that they’re real life photographs.


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Brazilian Artist Shows How We’re All Similar But Unique (19 pics)

Brazilian photo artist Angelica Dass and his new project aim to show humans that deep down inside we’re really all quite similar even though on the outside we may look quite different.


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How To Make Your Own Knight Costume (12 pics)

There’s never a bad reason to wear a knight costume but you might want to think about making your own if you’re going to wear one. If you’re going to put a knight costume together, these are the steps you need to take.


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Amazing Moments From History Captured In Photographs (18 pics)

Thanks to the power of photographs you can now relive some of the most important moments from human history.


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You Don’t Want To Run Into These Animals At Night (5 pics)

Photographer Larry Lynch thought it would be a good idea to take pictures of a swamp at night. Apparently the alligators didn’t think his idea was all that great.


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This Is A Real American Horror Story (15 pics)

Seph Lawless is a photographer who’s trying to expose the creepiest parts of America. His series of pictures titled “13: An American Horror Story,” will take you on a haunted journey like none you’ve ever experienced.


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This Secret Engagement Photo Shoot Is A Great Idea (13 pics)

Adam wanted to surprise his girlfriend Bailey by proposing to her but he also wanted to get pictures taken. He didn’t want to blow his cover so he had the photographer hide in a trash can. What a genius idea.


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Fun Facts You Probably Don’t Know About South Park (20 pics)

Did you know that the creators of South Park originally planned to kill of Kyle? That’s just one of the fun facts about ‘South Park’ that you’re about to learn.


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