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Giving Your Car A New Paint Job With A Sharpie (14 pics)

If you’ve got a sharpie and some free time, why not give your car a new paint job.


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Amazing Homemade Army Men Costumes (7 pics)

Redditor BritishGreenRacing and his girlfriend went as plastic army soldiers for Halloween last year. If you didn’t know any better you might think that these were just life sized replicas of actual army men. They went on to win ‘best costume’ at the Halloween party they attended and it’s not hard to see why.


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Movie Posters Made Better By Adding Mike Tyson (25 pics)

Whenever Mike Tyson makes a cameo in a movie the film always gets an upgrade in quality. The same can now be said about movie posters. These posters we ok before but they’re not legendary thanks to the addition of Mike Tyson.


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Classic Moments Featuring Linda From Bob’s Burgers (15 pics)

Bob’s Burgers is back for a 5th season so we figured it was time to revisit some of Linda Belcher’s finest moments. No one but her could get away with these things.


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Floating Building Optical Illusion (6 pics)

Alex Chinneck is the master of illusion. This 40-foot art installation in London’s Covent Garden Market has many people confused. The building appears to be floating, but how is that possible?


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This Jurassic Park Inspired Wall Is A Masterpiece (25 pics)

It takes a lot of talent to look at a wall and see the potential for a masterpiece. That’s exactly what this graffiti artist did when he created this amazing Jurassic Park inspired work of art.


MadC Dino Wall. Photo: Marco Prosch
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Giant Pumpkin Gets Transformed Into A T-Rex Head (8 pics)

Sculptor Chris Vierra of the renowned Villafane Studios is extremely talented. He just took pumpkin carving to a whole new level as he transformed this pumpkin into a lifelike T-Rex skull.


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Unraveling The Disney Timeline (5 pics)

Have you ever wondered what time period Disney movies take place in? All of your questions are about to be answered.


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These Posters Are The Epitome Of False Advertising (12 pics)

If you paid to see the girl on the poster, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.


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Why South Park Is The Most Controversial Cartoon Ever (8 pics)

South Park has been on television for a long time now and it only seems to stir up more controversy the longer it goes on. When it comes to cartoon controversy, South Park is without a doubt the king.


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How To Fake Travel Like A Boss (11 pics)

Zilla Van Den Borne made ​​people believe on social media that she was traveling in Asia, but that was a total lie. As part of a university project she got handy with photoshop and took a few pictures in the right places. She never even left her home country of Amsterdam but these pictures are pretty convincing.


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Hidden Portrait Of Jules Verne (2 pics)

This artist has hidden a portrait within a portrait. When placed in a normal position this looks like a portrait of a shipwreck but when it’s placed in a cylinder, it’s a portrait of Jules Verne.


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The Best Dr. Octopus Cosplay Ever (4 pics)

This kid’s dad helped him make this Dr. Octopus costume for DragonCon and it’s amazing. As small as this kid is, his costume probably looked better than most of the adult costumes at the convention.


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Art Created By Fire (10 pics)

Cai Guo-Qiang is a New York-based artist who’s doing something completely different to create his art, he’s lighting it on fire. He uses porcelain and gun powder to create his pieces and they look like nothing you’ve ever seen before.


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If Disney Movie Posters Were Honest (19 pics)

Sure the stories are cute and all, but if they were honest their titles would look more like this.


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