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Hidden Portrait Of Jules Verne (2 pics)

This artist has hidden a portrait within a portrait. When placed in a normal position this looks like a portrait of a shipwreck but when it’s placed in a cylinder, it’s a portrait of Jules Verne.


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The Best Dr. Octopus Cosplay Ever (4 pics)

This kid’s dad helped him make this Dr. Octopus costume for DragonCon and it’s amazing. As small as this kid is, his costume probably looked better than most of the adult costumes at the convention.


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Art Created By Fire (10 pics)

Cai Guo-Qiang is a New York-based artist who’s doing something completely different to create his art, he’s lighting it on fire. He uses porcelain and gun powder to create his pieces and they look like nothing you’ve ever seen before.


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If Disney Movie Posters Were Honest (19 pics)

Sure the stories are cute and all, but if they were honest their titles would look more like this.


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Hilarious Babysitter Photoshops (5 pics)

When you’re getting chased by a T-Rex while babysitting you really have to wonder if it’s worth the money.


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Store Sells Only Stitched Products (8 pics)

Lucy Sparrow is taking art to a whole new level. You can find pretty much anything inside of this store that you can find in a regular store. The only difference is that Lucy stitched these products together with her bare hands.


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The Simpsons Predicted The Future So Many Times (10 pics)

The creators of The Simpsons may very well be psychic because they’ve become pros at predicting the future.


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Model Transforms Into A Tarantula (6 pics)

Tarantulas are some of the creepiest creatures on the planet but this is just amazing.


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Chinese Man Builds Giant Transformers Replicas (9 pics)

We can guarantee you’ve never seen Transformers like this before. Some of these replicas are 52 feet tall and if you want to buy one you can, they only cost $16,000.


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Strangers Were Asked to Photoshop a Photo of a 6-Week-Old Child (17 pics)

This one is tragic and touching. Nathan Steffel from Ohio asked strangers on Reddit to photoshop a photo of his 6-week-old daughter after she passed away. He wanted her medical tubing to be removed.


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Larger Than Life Versions Of Everyday Products (19 pics)

CJ Hendry is taking boring old products and making them fun again. This isn’t photography, this is art.


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150 Year Old Sand Art (15 pics)

Andrew Clemens was a deaf mute artist from the 1800′s who had a lot of talent. The fact that he created art like this out of sand is just remarkable.


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If Game Of Thrones And Family Guy Did A Crossover (12 pics)

Don’t you think these two shows would go great together?

Peter Griffin as Eddard Stark


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Anime Mascots For Your Favorite World Cup Teams (32 pics)

The World Cup is so popular someone even made it into an anime.


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You’ll Never Guess What These Sculptures Are Made Of (11 pics)

Those cookies look delicious don’t they? We don’t recommend sinking your teeth into them because they’re made of stone.


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