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Archaeologists Discover An Incredible Mosaic In Israel (7 pics)

You just never know what you’re going to find when you move a little dirt around. Archaeologists recently discovered a 1,700-year-old Roman-era mosaic in Israel that measured 36ft by 42ft. It was found in the courtyard of a villa and no one even knew it was there.


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The Internet Is Photoshopping Ronda Rousey After Her Loss To Holly Holm (18 pics)

Ronda Rousey got knocked out by Holly Holm on Saturday night and even though she may no longer be a UFC Champion, she’s still an Internet sensation.


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The Internet Is Having Way Too Much Fun Photoshopping Bill Nye (14 pics)

Bill Nye recently took a bad ass looking photo while filming a new series for National Geographic called Explorer: Bill Nye’s Global Meltdown. Once the photo hit the web the Internet had a field day and immediately started photoshopping Bill Nye into some of the coolest posters ever.


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British Baker Creates A Cake That Looks Exactly Like Prince George (10 pics)

British baker Lara Clarke of Tasty Cakes has entered the 2015 Cake International competition this year and it will be a shame if she doesn’t win. She’s entered the contest for the past three years and this year she made a lifelike cake of Prince George and it’s impressive to say the least.


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Photographer Uses Childhood Celebrity Photos To Make New Movie Posters (13 pics)

Photographer Leo Lardy came up with a great idea when he decided to use childhood photos of celebrities to recreate their famous movie posters. It’s a whole new look at some of Hollywood’s most famous movie posters and album covers.


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Painter Gunduz Aghayev Imagines A Perfect World For Children (9 pics)

Painter Gunduz Aghayev is known for famous illustrations such “Holy Selfie,” “World Leader“, “Global Police” and “Just Leaders,” and he’s captivating the world once again with his new project called “Imagine.” This time the illustrations focus on what the world would look like if it was a perfect place for children.

Children in Vietnam


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Matt Christensen Turns Disney Princesses Into Zombies (8 pics)

Action figure creator Matt Christensen wanted to give the Disney Princesses a new look. He searched through various thrift stores, rounded up the best figures he could find and turned them into zombies.


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Japan Takes Halloween To A Whole New Level With A Parade (16 pics)

Almost four thousand people attended the parade in honor of Halloween in Kawasaki. With the parade Japan proved that they really know how to take Halloween and make it terrifying.


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What World Leaders Would Look Like If They Started Wearing Man Buns (7 pics)

The talented people at DesignCrowd decided to see what the world would look like if some of our most powerful leaders decided to become hip and get man buns. The results are pretty hilarious.

George W. Bush


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Kate Upton Doing Squats Gets The Photoshop Battle Treatment (18 pics)

Someone snapped a picture of Kate Upton doing some squats under the supervision of her trainer and once the picture hit the Internet, all hell broke loose.


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When You Delete Men From The Photos This Is What Politics Looks Like (18 pics)

This photos are undeniable proof that as of right now, politics is a man’s world.


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Sexy Gandalf Is One Of This Year’s Hottest Costumes (4 pics)

Tjitske Van Vark from Melbourne, Australia decided to dress up as “Sexy Gandalf” for her school’s “Muck Up Day.” Now everyone is freaking out over her awesome costume and it’s become a huge hit on the Internet.


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Mom Transforms 2 Year Old Daughter’s Scribbles Into Art Masterpieces (5 pics)

These scribbles aren’t much to see at first. But it’s a different story after mom is done with them.


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Hilarious Snapchats That Make Historic Art So Much Better (18 pics)

Sure this artwork was impressive before but thanks to Snapchat, every sculpture, portrait and painting has become a masterpiece.


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Donald Trump In Famous Horror Movie Scenes Is The Scariest Thing Ever (12 pics)

The people at Designcrowd decided to photoshop Donald Trump into famous horror movie moments. The results are more terrifying than anything you could ever imagine.


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