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This Person Turned Random Snapchat Photos Into Real Masterpieces (20 pics)

This artist has a very special gift. He’s able to turn random Snapchat photos into works of art. Some of these are so good that you won’t believe your eyes when you see them.


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Artist Imagines What Disney Animals Would Look Like If They Were Humans (16 pics)

Pugletto is an artist from Wisconsin that’s getting a lot of attention thanks to her recent project. She recreated many iconic Disney animals but this time around she made them humans. She recently explained to Cosmopolitan that she used the ethnic backgrounds of the characters as inspiration for their looks.



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Mad Max And Adventure Time Come Together In This Awesome Mashup (6 pics)

Illustrator Ryan May, of City of Pyramids, took the characters of “Adventure Time” and put them in the world of “Mad Max.” It turns out this crossover worked perfectly. Now if we could only get a movie based on these illustrations.


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Designer Creates Half White, Half Griffiti Filled Hotel Room (6 pics)

Ukrainian artist Pavel Vetrov has created a hotel room unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Two completely different worlds collide in this room as one side is white, while the other side is covered in graffiti.


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Tumblr User Gives Pixar Characters Normal Faces (13 pics)

Tumblr user The Nameless Doll has been editing pictures of popular Pixar characters by making their faces more realistic. Pixar characters are known for having a very cartoon like look but it turns out they look pretty awesome with normal faces.


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Artist Paints The Women From Game Of Thrones As Pin Up Girls (15 pics)

Moscow illustrator Andrew Tarusov has created a new series of paintings which features the women from “Game of Thrones” as pin up girls. It’s no real surprise that even as paintings they all look gorgeous.


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5 Things Disney Movies Taught Us About Sex (5 pics)

Who needs sex ed when you learn everything you need to know from Disney movies?


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This Artorias Cosplay Is Extreme (11 pics)

This guy is a big “Dark Souls” fan and he put together his own version of Artorias’ armor. It’s safe the say that he totally nailed it.


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The Most Creative Costumes From London Comic Con 2015 (13 pics)

The ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centre recently hosted the 2015 MCM London Comic Con Cosplay Masquerade and the costumes were very impressive. These people proved that dressing up isn’t just for kids because adults are actually way better at it.


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Fun And Interesting Facts You Probably Don’t Know About The Simpsons (15 pics)

It’s been on the air for almost three decades now but how much do you really know about “The Simpsons?” Today you’re going to learn some rare facts about the world’s favorite yellow family.


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Illustrations That Bring One Of A Kind Words To Life (10 pics)

NeonMob is a series created by artist Marija Tiurina. She’s been using illustrations to show the English meaning behind words of a different language and her work really gives you a sense of what they mean regardless of what language you speak.


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Man Builds A Sculpture And Leaves It In The Ocean To Get Covered By Corals (5 pics)

This man works as a Reef Conservation Instructor and Sculptor in Thailand and he recently spent 4 months building a new sculpture. After it was completed he placed it 5 meters deep in the ocean with the hopes that colorful corals will eventually cover it and turn it into something beautiful.


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Whatever You Do Don’t Move (6 pics)

Photographer Frenki Jung, caught something incredible in Indonesia. He got a photo of a wasp that landed on a frog and if you look closely, you can see fear in the frog’s eyes.


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Proof That Art Definitely Isn’t For Everyone (20 pics)

When it comes to creativity and art you’ve have to let it flow. You can’t just try and force it.


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If Game Of Thrones Characters Appeared In Disney Movies (10 pics)

Disney movies and “Game of Thrones” are two very different types of entertainment. But it’s kind of surprising how natural the characters from “Game of Thrones” look when you place them in scenes from Disney movies.


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