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It’s Hard To Believe That There’s Six People In This Picture (6 pics)

Australian woman Kimberley Tucci is currently a mother of two but she’s got more kids on the way. Kim recently took part in a photo shoot to show off her baby bump. It might not look like it, but there’s actually six people in this photo because Kimberley is pregnant with quintuplets.


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Funny Couples That Took Their Wedding Photos To The Next Level (20 pics)

Wedding photos are usually fun but they can be kind of boring sometimes. These couples decided to break up the monotony by adding some humor to their pictures and it worked like a charm.


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Inappropriate Captions That Will Change The Way You See Disney Movies (30 pics)

You better be prepared because after you read these captions and see these images, you’ll never look at Disney movies the same way again.


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It’s Amazing What Some People Can Create With Simple Stones (10 pics)

To most people these are just simple stones, but to others, they’re tools.


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Romanian Artist Illustrates The Everyday Problems That Women Experience (20 pics)

Cassandra Calin, a Romanian artist currently based in Montreal, Canada recently decided to voice her frustrations with some honest illustrations. Women have to deal with a lot of problems that men just wouldn’t understand but these pictures tell it like it is.


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Dude Creates Epic Snapchats As He Takes His Imaginary Date To See Star Wars (17 pics)

This dude on Snapchat decided that he didn’t want to go see “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” alone so he took an imaginary date instead. Unfortunately for him, the date didn’t go so well.


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An Artist Made A Stunning Sculpture Of A Train Out Of A Pencil (5 pics)

American artist-sculptor Cindy Chinn created this incredible sculpture of a train and she made it out of a pencil. You won’t believe how much detail was put into her work.


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Artist Turns Scrap Metal Into Animals (13 pics)

JK Brown lives in rural West Wales and he ends up picking up a lot of scrap metal. He decided to use all that scrap metal for something cool and he’s started crating metal sculptures of animals. The sculptures are surprisingly accurate and look very close to the real thing, besides the fact that they’re you know, metal.


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Popular Album Covers Made Instantly Terrifying By The Addition Of Furbies (14 pics)

The tumblr blog Furby Living has released a new series of photos which places Furbies on classic album covers. The results are disturbing to say the least.


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Artist Uses His Incredible Memory To Draw Detailed Cityscapes (14 pics)

Stefan Bleekrode has a special ability. He’s able to draw detailed illustrations of entire cities with accuracy using nothing but his memory. Most people have a tough time remembering where they left their keys let alone trying to remember what an entire city looks like.


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Artist Spends 50 Hours Drawing A Portrait Of Morgan Freeman With Colored Pencils (5 pics)

This artist dedicated 50 hours of their time to creating this stunning portrait of Morgan Freeman. The only thing they used to create the portrait was colored pencils but the finished product looks less like a drawing and more like an actual photo of Morgan Freeman.


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Rob Ferrel Makes Amazing Celebrity Portraits Out Of Salt (10 pics)

Rob Ferrel, known to some as Rob The Original, is an artist from Texas that can do incredible things with salt. He uses the salt to create incredible celebrity portraits and once you see them your jaw will drop.


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Students Use Snow To Create A Massive Portrait Of Marilyn Monroe (5 pics)

Two students in China decided to use the snow at the Changchun University of Technology in Changchun to create something special. It took a little while, but when they were finished with their project the showed off a massive portrait of Marilyn Monroe for the whole world to see.


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Comics That Sum Up The Experience Of Being A Girl (23 pics)

Artist Augustina Guerrero recently tried to capture the experience of being a woman with these illustrations and she totally nailed it.


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Famous Pop Culture Characters Get The Simpsons Treatment (24 pics)

Adrien “ADN” Noterdaem is an artist based out of Brussels who loves to “Simpsonize” popular characters. As you can see he’s got quite the imagination and he’s really, really good at what he does.


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