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Pixel Underwear (12 pics)


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Women Trying To Hold Pens Under Their Breasts (15 pics)

A new trend has hit Chinese social media. Thousands of women trying to hold pens under their breasts to show they’re buxom. And we definitely love it.


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Hayden Panettiere Stepped Out In A Sexy Dress At The Critics Choice Awards (6 pics)

Actress Hayden Panettiere recently attended the 21st Annual Critics’ Choice Awards and she looked more stunning than ever as she showed off some skin in a sexy dress that was both classy and revealing.


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Kelly Rohrbach Cast As The New CJ Parker In The Rock’s Baywatch Movie (18 pics)

The Rock has been promising big news when it came to the casting of CJ Parker for his upcoming “Baywatch” movie and he did not disappoint. The role which was once made famous by Pamela Anderson will now be played by blonde bombshell Kelly Rohrbach and she looks like she’s a perfect fit.


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College Professor Accidentally Sends Sexy Selfies To Her Student (4 pics)

This college professor messed up big time when she sent some sexy selfies intended for her boyfriend to the wrong number. One of her students gave her his number so that the two could text back and forth about class, but she got it mixed up with her boyfriend’s number. In the end this lucky student got something way hotter than an education.


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No One Should Ever Have To Read These Dinosaur Erotica Books (16 pics)

We’ve heard of some strange fetishes over the years, but dinosaur erotica is a whole new level of weird.


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This Model Might Have The Longest And Sexiest Legs In The World (15 pics)

Chase Kennedy is a 22 year old from California and she believes she’s the owner of the longest legs in America. She stands at 6’5″ and she’s got 51 inch legs. She recently beat out the currently record holder, Holly Burt, who has legs that measure 49.5 inches long. Although her legs may look sexy, Chase has said they’ve hurt her modeling career because she’s been deemed to tall for the runway.


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Hot Girls Washing Cars In Costume Is A Dream Come True For Star Wars Fans (7 pics)

The force is definitely strong with these ladies.


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MMA Fighter’s Breasts Get Her Bumped Up To A Heavier Weight Class (5 pics)

MMA fighter Brye Anne Russillo is beyond gorgeous and she’s got a busty chest to boot. Brye has been following her dream but her breasts are so large that they’ve forced her to fight in a heavier weight class. She’s currently fighting in a weight class that’s 155 pounds and above but she says she hopes to drop down to 135 pounds.


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Paralyzed Woman Shows That People Will Disabilities Can Still Be Sexy (6 pics)

This is Rachel Friedman and she was unfortunately left paralyzed after a freak accident that occurred during her bachelorette party. Since then she’s become an advocate for disability awareness and she wants people with disabilities to know that it’s ok to embrace their sexuality. She recently did a lingerie photo shoot to show the world that just because she’s paralyzed that doesn’t mean she can’t be sexy.


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Flirty Model Anett Pikula Arrested (10 pics)

Anett Pikula’s over-the-top flirting tipped off federal border patrol officers, who discovered $134,000 in cocaine hidden in her Mercedes Benz. Officers thought Anett Pikula seemed “overly talkative” when she was stopped on July 19 at an Arizona crossing.


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Playboy Model Sent Back To Bosnia After Being Linked To Murders And Robberies (7 pics)

Former Miss Bosnia Slobodanka Tosic, 29 recently returned to Bosnia after being arrested in Croatia. She’s been linked to several murders and robberies and things aren’t looking very good for her future.


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Alicia Arden Shows Off Her Butt In Bottomless Jeans (6 pics)

Baywatch actress Alicia Arden recently did a photo shoot wearing bottomless jeans and she made them look amazing. Xpoz Jeans recently told Styliete that they plan on selling these jeans before 2015 is over. They look great on Alicia, but if these jeans were around the wrong waist, it could be a disaster for everyone’s eyes.


Alicia Arden's sexy photo shoot for backless XPOZ Jeans campaign
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Jessica Alba Looks Hotter Than Ever As She Shows Off Her Body In A Bikini (10 pics)

Jessica Alba just keeps getting hotter as time goes on. She recently did a photo shoot where the showed off her bikini body and it’s absolutely perfect.


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Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders Get Wet And Wild For A Bikini Photo Shoot (13 pics)

The Tennessee Titans cheerleaders recently took a trip to Panama City to take part in a hot bikini photo shoot. These ladies look good on the football field but they look even better on the beach.


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