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A Public Parisian Sculpture That Is Causing Pandemonium (16 pics)

An 80 foot monument has been erected in Paris and is work by Paul McCarthy. Simply called “Tree”, the sculpture is meant to be a Christmas tree but it actually resembles a giant “butt plug” and is generating lots of online commentary from people who are quite shocked at its appearance. McCarthy is actually known for his art being sexual in nature and this new work is no different.


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A Desk You Can Actually Carry around with You (13 pics)

A New Zealand design team has come up with this cardboard table concept called “Refold” that acts as a very portable desk for people on the move.


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The Man Who Has a Bizarre Connection to Cars (24 pics)

Edward Smith is a man who loves cars but he actually has a weird fascination about them that makes him react in quite an interesting way.


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Snapchat Users Who Post the Funniest Things (20 pics)


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Men and Women Really Couldn’t be More Different (7 pics)


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An Exploding Samsung Galaxy S4 (8 pics)


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New Ambulances in Dubai are Some of the Top Luxury Cars (29 pics)

Medical services in the United Arab Emirates have introduced some of the fastest “super cars” as their emergency transportation. The latest cars to be used for this job are the Lotus Evora and the Ford Mustang, which are able to travel two to three times faster than normal coach ambulances and are reportedly able to reach a patient in less than four minutes. The cars are equipped with medical supplies such as oxygen bags, cardiac defibrillators, means for applying plaster casts and are doctors will be trained on how to drive these cars safely.


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Giant Vending Machine From 1948 (10 pics)

At one point Kedoozle was supposed to be the grocery store of the future. As you can see customers could select what they wanted through a series of windows and the items would then be dispensed to them via a vending machine. Pretty far our stuff and we’re glad it didn’t catch on.


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This Woman Hates Disney World (25 pics)

Last spring this woman decided to visit Disney World and Universal Studios. Judging from the look on her face, it’s probably safe to assume she hated it.


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The Goodyear Inflatable Plane (16 pics)

Wouldn’t it be cool if someone created an inflatable airplane? Yes it would be cool, that’s why Goodyear already did it. During World War II the United States military was trying to find a way to solve the problem of soldiers having their plane attacked and then falling to their death. The answer was the inflatable plane.


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The 10 Most Bizarre Neighborhoods On The Planet (10 pics)

There are a lot of strange places in this world, but these neighborhoods are definitely some of the strangest.


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People Who Survived Important Historical Events (12 pics)

Everyone hopes to make history at some point in their lifetime but these people did it. Not only did these individuals create history, they also survived it.


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Strange Competitions You Won’t Believe Really Exist (22 pics)

We’re sure there are quite a few teenage girls that could win the cellphone throwing competition.


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How Rich People Party In New Jersey (20 pics)

Every year the New Jersey elite party it up at the Far Hills horse race. This year over 32,000 people came out to party with their friends, have a good time and completely forget about the fact that they were supposed to watch a horse race.


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Hilarious Fights That Ended A Relationship (14 pics)

When you’re in a serious relationship anything can start a fight. Even the simplest little thing can turn into an all out war. These are the stupid but hilarious fights that ended a relationship.


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