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People Reveal The Most Awkward Things They’ve Done While On A Date (18 pics)

These people aren’t likely to forget about these awkward moments anytime soon.


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The Difference Between Remembering Star Wars And Rewatching It (7 pics)

Sometimes it’s best to just leave your favorite films in the past so that you keep your cherished memories in tact.


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25 Bizarre But True Tabloid Magazine Headlines (25 pics)

The Tumblr blog Really Real Life has been sharing some really ridiculous tabloid headlines with the rest of the Internet. The headlines are beyond strange they only become even more bizarre when you realize that they’re all true.


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In Uruguay There’s A Circular Bridge With An Unforgettable View (5 pics)

At the end of 2015 a circular bridge between Rocha and Maldonado was built on the southern coast of Uruguay. The bridge took 12 months to complete and it’s meant to slow all of the cars down so that they can enjoy the view.


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Surreal Pictures Turn Istanbul Into Something Out Of Inception (10 pics)

At first glance these might look like pictures from the movie “Inception” but they’re actually modified photos of Istanbul. Here’s Istanbul like you’ve never seen it before.


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It’s Almost Impossible To Tell Which One Is The Real Taylor Swift (20 pics)

Kietra Jane is a 21 year old student from the University of Utah and she looks almost exactly like Taylor Swift. She’s built up a big following online thanks to her good looks and she can even sing too. She shares such a distinct resemblance to Taylor Swift that it’s become really difficult for people to tell them apart.


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Ditch The Flowers And Get Your Date A Star Wars Bouquet For Valentine’s Day (10 pics)

Flowers are a thing of the past now that Think Geek has invented the Star Wars bouquet. Make sure you do right by your date this year by getting them one of these epic bouquets because the force is strong with this gift.


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Bar Owner Has A Great Response For An Unhappy Customer On Yelp (3 pics)

Next time you’re going to post a Yelp review of a bar, maybe you should read the description first.


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Adressa Damiani Is Brazil’s Human Barbie Doll (9 pics)

Andressa Damiani is often referred to as Brazil’s human Barbie doll. She has a 20-inch waist and 32F bra size and she wears contacts that give her a blank stare. Some people find her scary but she’s become famous in her home country where people on the street call her Elsa thanks to her resemblance to the “Frozen” character.


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It’s Hard To Believe That There’s Six People In This Picture (6 pics)

Australian woman Kimberley Tucci is currently a mother of two but she’s got more kids on the way. Kim recently took part in a photo shoot to show off her baby bump. It might not look like it, but there’s actually six people in this photo because Kimberley is pregnant with quintuplets.


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Car Crash Survivor Turns Her Back Brace Into Steampunk Armor (5 pics)


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On Snowy Days This Polish Statue Transforms Into Darth Vader (3 pics)

Jakub Wejher founded the town of Wejherowo in 1643 and now a statue stands in that town in his honor. But he had no idea that he would transform in the Sith Lord known as Darth Vader every time it snows.

This is Jakub Wejher, the founder of a Polish town called Wejherowo


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The Truth About NBA Players And Groupies (9 pics)

NBA players seem like they’ve got the life. They’ve got a cool job, money and girls always trying to get with them. But these guys have to be careful because the ladies that want to get with them really just want to get with their money. These women are always trying to make up lies in hopes that they can get a little bit closer to their favorite NBA star.


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The Oldest Hotel In The World (8 pics)

The oldest hotel in the world has been operated by the same Japanese family for over 1,300 years. 52 different generations of descendants have cared for and operated the inn.


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Guy Creates Best Dating Profile Ever With Help From Google Autocomplete (2 pics)

When Twitter user @TechnicallyRon decided to make a new dating profile, he allowed Google autocomplete to fill in the answers for him and the results were hilarious. He’ll definitely be scoring some dates with this profile.


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