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Andrea Calle May Be The Hottest Journalist Ever (11 pics)

It’s not often that you think of a journalist as a sex symbol but Andrea Calle is the exception.


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Candid Behind The Scenes Photos By Jeff Bridges (17 pics)

Jeff Bridges has been taking candid behind the scenes photos while shooting all his movies since the 1980s. Take a look around, there’s some gems in here.


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The Most Ridiculous X-Rays You’ll Ever See (22 pics)

Seriously though, how do these people get these things inside of themselves?


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13 Tips That Will Help You Sleep Better (13 pics)

There are quite a few people out there who have trouble getting a good night of sleep but these 13 tips will not only help you get better sleep, but you’ll feel rested when you wake up as well.


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The Simpsons Predicted The Future So Many Times (10 pics)

The creators of The Simpsons may very well be psychic because they’ve become pros at predicting the future.


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A Custom Version Of The Nintendo Gameboy (10 pics)

The Nintendo Gameboy is a modern classic and the classics never go out of style. But this gamer felt the need to give his classic Gameboy a modern twist.


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Different Hat Styles From Around The World (7 pics)

You can tell a lot about someone by the hat they wear.


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Australia Has A Friendly Spider (2 pics)

This Australian spider is more friendly than he is harmful.


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A Great Bathroom Prank Anyone Can Use (10 pics)

This prank is great just keep in mind that whoever you use it on might not be very friendly with you after you do it.


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Custom Built DIY Swimming Pool (20 pics)

These people decided to build their own swimming pool and it ended up looking a lot cooler than any swimming pool they could have purchased.


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World War II Bombs That Left Holes In The Earth (8 pics)

When the bombs were dropped in World War II it wasn’t just people that had to suffer. The Earth itself still has scars from the devastation.

Henning Rogge, “#45 (Bulau)” (2013), Analogue C-print, 24 x 29 1/8 inches


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See The Inside Of Japanese Love Hotels (21 pics)

Japanese “Love Hotels” have become quite popular. Over 40,000 of them exist today and people are putting them to good use. When couples want to get romantic these are the rooms they rent.


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10 Deadly Futuristic Weapons (10 pics)

Forget the future, these deadly weapons may seem futuristic but they’re close the becoming a reality than you might think.


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Handmade Suspension Bridge In Peru (22 pics)

Every year the citizens of Cuzco, Peru dedicated three days of their lives to rebuilding this 30-meter-long suspension bridge over the River Apurimac. They work hard for 12 hours a day three days straight and this has been a tradition for centuries now.


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Model Transforms Into A Tarantula (6 pics)

Tarantulas are some of the creepiest creatures on the planet but this is just amazing.


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