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Is This A Trout Or A Swiss Army Knife? (5 pics)

Someone found this trout swimming around in Switzerland but it doesn’t look like any normal trout. This one has a swiss army knife in its back. What’s going on here?


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What You Should Be Using Your Refrigerator’s Ice Dispenser For (4 pics)

This will change your life for the better.


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Creepy Stories That Will Make You Sleep With The Lights On (24 pics)

You’re going to hear a lot of scary stories this time of year, but these ones are different. The scariest thing about these stories is that there’s actually some truth to them.


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Brazilian Miss Bum Bum Contestant Poses At The Eiffel Tower (9 pics)

Indinara Carvalho was one of the main contenders for the 2014 “Miss Bum Bum” contest held in Brazil. She decided to flaunt her goods in front of the Eiffel Tower until the police kicked her out. She didn’t let that stop her though. She went out of her way to find a more discreet area around the tower so that she could continue this sexy photo shoot.


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The Most Dad Things In The History Of Dads (10 pics)

Mallory Ortberg recently asked her Twitter followers about the most dad like thing their dad had ever done. The responses are simply amazing.


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21 One Line Jokes You Need To Memorize (5 pics)

You never know when you’re going to need a good one liner.


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Woman Breaks ATM (7 pics)

This ATM ate a Chinese woman’s card and as you can see, she got her revenge.


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The Famous Actors Who Voice Characters On Avatar (6 pics)

We’re willing to bet you never knew “Avatar” had such a famous roster of talent when it came to voice actors. Some of these names might surprise you.


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True Facts About Crime All Over The World (25 pics)

Every country has crime. No matter how hard the police fight it, it will never truly go away. Still, some of these acts of crime make for awesome stories.


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Candid Photos From The Bohemian Grove Meeting (15 pics)

When Alex Jones snuck into the Bohemian Grove Meeting a decade ago and took pictures, conspiracy theorists had a field day. When the world’s most powerful leaders meet every July deep in the woods of California, it’s hard not to believe there’s a conspiracy going on here. What are they doing, and more importantly what’s with the giant owl statue?


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Wrigley Field Is Getting Torn Apart And Put Back Together (16 pics)

Wrigley Field in Chicago is undergoing some renovations. The famous baseball park is getting some sections taken down so they can be put back up with more seats. The field is going to look a lot different on April 6th when the Cubs have their opening game against the St. Louis Cardinals.


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5 Abandoned Asylums That Have Terrifying Stories Behind Them (5 pics)

It’s one thing to just be a creepy abandoned asylum but it’s a whole other thing to be a creepy abandoned asylum with an even creepier backstory. Find out how these asylum when from home for the insane to the type of place you would see in a horror movie.


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The Truth About Music Festivals (11 pics)

When people talk about music festivals they say one thing and mean another. Find out what they’re really talking about when it comes to experiencing a music festival first hand.


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Facts About Beer That You Need To Know (25 pics)

Beer is amazing. Everyone loves it and everyone drinks it. But there’s a lot about this tasty beverage you need to know. Do you know which beer has the most alcohol in it? Do you know which country drinks the most beer? You’re about to find out.


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Bad Translations Of American TV Show Names (12 pics)

Sometimes the names of your favorite TV shows get lost in translation. Luckily James Chapman is having a field day with the bad translations by adding illustrations to them to really drive the point home.


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