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Artist Burns Famous Movie Characters Onto Wood (14 pics)

Rick Merian is an artist that specializes in pyrography which is the art of wood burning. He’s got some pretty serious talent as he’s brought the image of many famous movie characters to life with his art style. His attention to detail is uncanny.


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15 Different Cultures That Say Hello 15 Different Ways (15 pics)

People and their cultures are unique so if you’re going to be traveling the world anytime soon you’re going to need to know to greet people in different countries. This is how it’s done.


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Larry Dixon Walks Away From A Brutal Crash In Gainesville (5 pics + video)

Top Fuel driver Larry Dixon crashed close to the finish line during his qualifying session at the Amalie Motor Oil NHRA Gatornationals. His car was totaled but the amazing this is that he was able to walk away from the incident under his own power.


NHRA: Gatornationals-Qualifying
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Man Invites Everyone Over For A Surprise Party To Catch Cheating Wife (6 pics)

If you’re going to catch your wife cheating you might as well go big.


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Plane Gets Flooded With Urine After The Toilets Overflow (6 pics)

Passengers of this Jet Airways flight are fighting to get their money back after having a very uncomfortable trip. During their 6 hour flight from Delhi to London the toilets overflowed leaving the floors covered in urine and all of the passengers unhappy.


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Amazing And Entertaining Facts That You Can Feed Your Brain (34 pics)

These facts are brain food and your brain is hungry.


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Science Fiction That Is Now Science Fact (25 pics)

There was a time when people thought the technology we use today would never be anything more than science fiction. They were wrong, so very wrong.


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People Try To Smuggle Things In The Weirdest Places (10 pics)

We’ve heard some pretty crazy smuggling stories before but hiding crack rocks in the foreskin of your penis? That’s just insane.

A 27 year old lady from Scranton, Pennsylvania proved to have an impressive treasure trove in her vagina. It contained 54 bags of heroin, 31 empty baggies, 8.5 Xanax pills, and $51.22.


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ISIS Fighters Flee Battlefield Dressed as Women (3 pics)

Iraqi forces caught the men who tried to escape northern Iraq in dresses and make-up.


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The Funniest Jokes From The Roast Of Justin Bieber (25 pics)

Comedy Central’s Justin Bieber roast doesn’t premiere until March 30 but a lot of the jokes have already hit the Internet. Some of them are pretty brutal as the roasters held nothing back when they ripped on Justin Bieber.


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What Your Hands Look Like After They Get Frostbite (7 pics)

If you don’t know what frostbite looks like you’re about to find out. But we’re warning you, these images can’t be unseen.


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Strange But True Facts About Adolf Hitler (13 pics)

We all know that Hitler was a strange guy. He’s responsible for the death of many people and he went mad with power as he tried to take over the world. But the truth is that he was even weirder than you thought.


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Smuggler Gets Caught With $200,000 Worth Of Cocaine In Her 46D Bra (4 pics)

Nola Williams recently got busted with $200,000 worth of cocaine after her flight arrived in Gatwick. She tried to stash it in her bra but really she should have known better. If you’ve got a bra size of 46D people are going to be looking at your chest.


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Life’s Lil Pleasures Is A Tiny Book With A Big Heart (10 pics)

Evan Lorenzen is a Colorado based artist and he’s just released a tiny book called “Life’s Lil Pleasures.” The book is smaller than a thumbtack but it has a whole lot to say. It serves as a reminder that sometimes the little things in life can also be the most beautiful.


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Guy Has An Epic Response For His Cheating Ex (5 pics)

This might be the most well thought out and insulting response ever.


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