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These People Got Dumped For Bizarre But Hilarious Reasons (21 pics)

Sometimes people do that one thing that pushes your buttons the wrong way.. Even if they don’t know they’re doing it.


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Shocking Facts About Human Trafficking And Modern Slavery (10 pics)

Unfortunately slavery is very far from a thing of the past. Everyday new people are sold into slavery against their will, waiting for a chance to break free.

The modern slavery is known under the name “human trafficking” and refer to illegal immigrants that cannot walk away from work their “masters” provide them with


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Wikipedia Definitions That Tell You Everything You Need To Know (24 pics)

Wikipedia is a source of great information. It might leave out some important details, but really these definitions will get you up to speed on all the important stuff.


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Generous Stranger Helps Out A Pregnant Woman Who Was Being Abused (4 pics)

We all need a little help from time to time.


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Police Officer Distracts Little Girl After She Lost Her Dad In A Car Accident (3 pics)

This heroic police officer from Brighton, Colorado took the time to comfort a little girl after she lost her father in a tragic car accident. There were 6 people involved in the accident and 4 children were thrown from the vehicle but only the father died. The vehicle spun out of control on I-76 after one of the rear tires blew out.


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Amusing Truths That You Just Can’t Argue With (12 pics)

Get ready for a strong dose of undeniable truth.


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Man Moves Into Fort Kick-Ass After Girlfriend Calls Him Childish (4 pics)

This man’s girlfriend called him childish so he did what any grown man would do in that situation, he built a fort. He’s currently looking for roommates to move into Fort Kick-Ass. Applicants with pizza go to the front of the line.

A man has put up a craigslist ad trying to find a roommate for Fort Kick-Ass. His girlfriend has been kicked out because she wanted to have a conversation about “being too childish”.


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Shower Thoughts That Will Still Make Sense After Your Dry Off (19 pics)

A lot of brilliant ideas go through people’s minds while they’re standing in the shower. But it’s the ones that still make sense after they get out of the shower that really matter.


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Comedians Use Twitter To Let The World Know What Parenting Is Really Like (19 pics)

If you’re not a parent yet, you might not want to have kids after reading these tweets. But at least they’ll make you laugh.


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Self-Help Book (2 pics)

One guy found it in his granpa`s self-help book.


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The Dong Tao Chicken Has Legs Like A Dragon (14 pics)

The Dong Tao chicken is a rare Vietnamese breed that’s know for its delicious tasting meat and thick legs. Their legs are often compared to dragon scales and can grow to be the size of a human wrist. This breed is in high demand and a pair of Dong Tao chickens can sell for up to $2,500 dollars.


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Fun And Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Google (18 pics)

Google is the world’s most powerful and popular search engine and today you’re going to learn a lot about it. The best part is that you won’t even have to Google these facts to learn them.


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Company Has Awesome Response To Man’s Complaints About Crooked Bread (6 pics)

David Walker bought a loaf of crooked bread slices from Morrisons and he wasn’t happy about it. Morrisons wanted to keep their loyal customer happy so they hooked him up with a little something extra.


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These Two Hotties Are A Good Reason To Watch True Detective Season 2 (4 pics)

The second season of “True Detective” is one of this summer’s most anticipated shows. The cast already looked pretty good, but it looks even better now that we know Adria Arjona and Leven Rambin are going to be a part of it.


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A Tribute To Celebrity Dads And Their Hilarious Tweets (12 pics)

It turns out celebrity dads go through all the same things that regular dads go through. The only difference is that celebrity dads make it seem a lot funnier.


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