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Famous Inventors Who Were Killed By Their Inventions (10 pics)

Getting killed by your own invention is the epitome of irony.


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Google Facts Prove They Own The World (13 pics)

Google isn’t planning to take over the world, they’ve already done it.


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Dumb Science Questions That Need Answers (25 pics)

You’ve always been told that there’s no such thing as a stupid question, but whoever came up with these questions proved that wrong.


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Hilarious Drinking Game (4 pics)

If you have a projector this is the perfect way to setup a drinking game.


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10 Funny Dating Jokes For The Bachelors Of The World (10 pics)

These are 10 funny jokes from The Everything Big Book of Jokes that every guy can relate to. Dating isn’t easy, but hang in there. Love is a battlefield.


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This Cardiologist Is A Total Heartbreaker (17 pics)

Trainee cardiologist Maja Pavlovic, 23 is breaking hearts everywhere. Every man wants to date her but she doesn’t have time for that. She recently won the medal in the European leg of the Women’s Bikini Fitness Contest in Spain. She’s also a medical student and an aspiring politician.


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Bootylicious Contestants Hoping To Be Miss Bum Bum (27 pics)

These 27 ladies are all part of the Miss Bum Bum competition in Brazil. You know you have a nice bum when you get invited to be in this competition.


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Awesome Fun Facts (34 pics)


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These Birds Are Natural Born Killers (11 pics)

If you come across any of these birds, stay away from them. They don’t like you.


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Arab Super Mercedes (4 pics)

This super Mercedes was flown from Kuwait to London for the low price of $33,000.


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Crazy Food Found On The Streets Of China (14 pics)

Chinese people eat some weird stuff.


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The Evolution Of The American Flag (27 pics)

The American flag has gone through many changes throughout the years. See where it started and how it became what it is today.


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See The Inside Of A Bear Den (3 pics)

Have you ever wondered where bears go when they hibernate all winter? Take a look at the inside of a bear den.


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How To Use Hot Girls To Sell Car Parts (40 pics)

This has to be the best marketing tactic ever.


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How To Make A Steampunk Handgun (4 pics)

Have you ever wanted to make your own steampunk handgun? Well this is how it’s done.


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