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How to Fry Eggs with Your PC (8 pics)

Frying eggs with your PC looks easy.


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Girls Get Bored at Work (31 pics)


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As Suicidal Man Closes Highway, Stranded Drivers Take Selfies (7 pics)

The LA 105 freeway selfies became an Internet hit.


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Infinity Box (16 pics)

Infinity Box is a very cool device that amazed everyone who sticks their head in it. Let’s see why.


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Parents Reveal Baby’s Gender in a Fun Way (5 pics)


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460,000 Bees (12 pics)

34-year-old Chinese man sets the new world record. His body was covered by 460,000 bees that weigh 100 lbs (45 kg).


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Funny Text Message Prank (8 pics)

One of the best we had in a while.


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Unusual Animals (20 pics)

Very strange animals.


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World’s Most Dangerous Prisons (10 pics)

Some of them look like hell on earth.


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Confessions of a Meth Dealer (7 pics)


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Chinese Barbie Girl Yun Tang (14 pics)

Meet a new Asian Barbie Girl. Her name is Yun Tang and she is 19 years old.


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Creepy Bookcase (5 pics)

DIY coffin bookcase.


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Skin Books from Harvard (4 pics)

These strange books were found in Harvard’s library. They have a creepy secret.


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Very Interesting Historical Facts (25 pics)


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Hawaii Stairway to Heaven (14 pics)

The Haiku stairs on Oahu aka the Stairway to Heaven has 3,922 steps lead up to the stunning Puu Keahiakahoe summit. The stairway was originally wooden and was installed during World War II so the military could access a radio station antennae 2,000 feet up the mountain. In the 1950s, the stairs were replaced with steel steps that led to a newly established Coast Guard navigation station. The navigation station has been closed since the 1980s and the hike is also off-limits now; a security guard sits at its entrance for most of the day and the Honolulu Board of Water Supply — which has jurisdiction over the hike — requires that anyone who goes up it sign waivers and present a $1 million liability insurance policy.


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